stack attack

While experimenting with the Sneakstrike, I calculated that to kill a Silver Moblin in a single hit, you would have to use a weapon that does 135 damage. Since the best weapon I’ve found does 106 damage, I thought that it was probably impossible… until I remembered the Barbarian gear, which raises attack power.

I actually don’t know how anything about how this armor set works, aside from the fact that each piece has an Attack Up effect. I’ll also be testing just how much of a boost it gives you.

Of course, there’s no telling whether the attack boost stacks with the Sneakstrike’s x8 multiplier in the first place. As I discovered, the critical hit from
a weapon breaking doesn’t, so who knows. I decided to test the same way as before, with the Spring-Loaded Hammer and its attack power of one.

I chose this Silver Moblin at the base of the Hateno Tower as my test subject, since at 1080 it has the highest HP of anything you can Sneakstrike, and because 1080 is a nice, fairly round number. I saved near it so that I could load before every test, to keep it at full HP and make the math easier.

Ba-boom! That did, uh… eight damage? Huh. I tried with two pieces of the set, then all three, and got the same result. Looks like it doesn’t stack after all!

However! I’m always careful to double-check things, so tried out a 60 damage Royal Broadsword as well. If the Attack Up doesn’t stack with Sneakstrike, then this should do 480 damage. I put on the full Barbarian set, attacked, then quickly put on the Champion’s Shirt to see the Moblin’s HP.

That… was 720 damage! The heck! That’s a 50% increase over what it should’ve been, and doesn’t reflect the Spring-Loaded Hammer results at all! With further testing, I found that one piece of gear is +20%, two pieces is +30%, and the full set is +50%. What about the hammer results, though? My first thought was that, since it’s a joke item and is meant to be used to send enemies flying, maybe it’s locked at one damage no matter the user’s attack power. While that’s definitely possible, and I might test it out in the future, I arrived at a simpler explanation.

In my testing I’ve found that the game always rounds damage to the nearest integer, with decimals of .5 and lower being rounded down. If the calculation for the Barbarian gear is done before the calculation for the Sneakstrike, and the full set is +50% the weapon’s base damage… for the Spring-Loaded Hammer that’s only a total damage of 1.5, so the game rounds it down to 1. Maybe that’s not the best weapon to use as a baseline for testing after all.

Anyway, it’s time to finally do what I came for: kill a Silver Moblin in a single hit! By my calculations, a Sneakstrike with this 106 damage Savage Lynel Crusher while wearing two pieces of Barbarian gear should do 1102 damage.


FFXV Scenarios - Ignis/Retainer!Reader (pt. ii) 

i / ii /iii

Bumpy road trip is finally a go, folks! Seeing how big of an idea this is to me, there is definitely going to be a couple more parts to this and maybe even a drabble or two in the future?? We’ll see how it goes  ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

These points cover Chapters 1-6 of the game so if you don’t want to spoil yourself too much just remember to keep that in mind while you read this.

For now, please enjoy!

  • All is well for the first few hours, you’re smushed between Gladio and Noctis in the back while Ignis and Prompto are in the front. 

    “Nice driving, Prompto! Keep up the good work!” 
    “Awww thanks (Y/N) you’re too ki- what’s that sound??”
  • You don’t want to say that Ignis is giving you a look but he’s giving you the look for your impeccable timing and you’re pushing the car along with the others. Gladio asks why you aren’t in the driver’s seat, keeping the car in line and you reply that it’s better if Ignis does it. Who knows what else could happen with both you and Prompto in this magical trip. 
  • You’re trying your best not to get distracted by the sights around because this is probably the first or third time you’ve been out of Insomnia, and there’s just so many great landscapes that you want to take in and maybe take pictures of with your phone. You’re very tempted to let the others do the heavy pushing, but you know that Prompto and Noctis are probably thinking of letting Gladio do it all by himself so you push through it. 
  • “Why does your family have black as its official color. I’m dying in my fatigues here.” 
    “Don’t ask me, ask my ancestors.”
    “Fuck your ancestors for wanting to be edgy, but thank the Six that they have you and your dad.”

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Hi! It’s me. Your local Zed-obsessed tumblr user here to do a whole lotta speculation from a whole lotta nothing. This is all very disconnected and kinda a bunch of thoughts written down as they come to me. It’s way too long, as is tradition for me. Enjoy.

(If you read anything please read the large bold bit at the end + the misc questions.)

  • I’m thinking that Zed’s ult change in the assassin update is now reflected in lore. 
  • PASSIVE - REAPER OF SHADOWS: Scoring a takedown with/while Death Mark is active permanently grants Zed non-stacking bonus attack damage (he always keeps the highest value between his current bonus and his latest takedown).”

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 Okay, but the WAA playing Risk.

Phoenix always loses so this time he brought Edgeworth. Edgeworth has glasses and is a master of logic, so everyone teams up against Team Boss.

Trucy convinced Klavier to come, who is trying to take Africa. Apollo always takes Africa. Apollo’s now trying to decide whether he should join Team Boss since technically he owns his own firm and he really wants to take Klavier down.

Trucy takes Australia and uses it as her base. 

Phoenix wants to take Europe (for no other reason besides the fact that it’s blue) and Edgeworth says, “No, Asia is worth more points.” Apollo realizes they are both awful at this game. Phoenix takes a few territories in Asia and ends his turn.

“Prosecutor Gavin. If both of us stay in Africa, we’re both going to lose our armies,” Apollo reasons. “If you let me have Africa, I’ll let you take South America.”

“Why don’t you move to South America, then?” After a game of rock-paper-scissors, Klavier agrees to move to South Africa. 

Athena’s turn. She decides to try and take over North America, asking for a truce with Klavier. Klavier tells her the whole alliance thing would be useless if he can’t help attack Team Boss. She begrudgingly goes for Europe instead.

But Edgeworth wants Europe. They begin to squabble. 

Meanwhile, Phoenix is trying to spread through Asia. He keeps getting close, only to have Apollo attack from below. He focuses his troops downwards, and Klavier travels through North America to attack from the top. Trucy has been making small attacks against Asia every turn, but Phoenix always takes this back.

Klavier proceeds to take over most of North America, which makes Athena feel betrayed. She declares war on Klavier, which earns her no friends. She’s completely wiped out by Edgeworth the next turn.

Edgeworth takes over Europe and tries to invade North America. Apollo attacks from Africa, so Phoenix attacks Apollo. Trucy makes a World War I joke about conflicting alliances.

Klavier pushes into Europe, and Apollo and Klavier’s combined efforts force Edgeworth to attack Asia. Phoenix doesn’t like this plan, but Athena tells him not to burn his bridges, so he continues to attack Africa.

Apollo stacks all of his armies in Europe and (with a few lucky dice rolls) manages to completely take it over. This completely destroys Team Boss’s alliance. Edgeworth loses pretty quickly. 

At that point, everyone remembers that Trucy is still in the game. She invades the horribly defended Asia and takes down her dad, ultimately taking over Africa and part of Asia in a massive campaign. 

Apollo gears up to attack her. “Polly!” she pleads. “Prosecutor Gavin has half the map! If you attack me now, he’s going to win.”

“But they can’t break their alliance!” Athena butts in, still highly invested in this game. “It’s adorable!”

“What do you mean, adorable?” Apollo raises his eyebrows.

“He’s had his arm around you for two hours now,” Athena points out. Realization dawns on both of them, who both seem flustered.

“I-I’m not breaking alliances. I’m, uh… just going to build up my troops in Europe.” 

Klavier and Trucy fight over Asia, and once Apollo’s armies recover, he takes back control of Africa from Trucy. 

The logical decision for Apollo would be to attack South America. But to do that would be to break his pact with Klavier, which he doesn’t want to do. So instead, he attacks Trucy’s dwindling territories. It’s not long until she loses. 

This entire time, Athena has been debating with Phoenix and Edgeworth as to whether there can only be one winner. “No, we aren’t changing the rules. Don’t you remember how that worked in the Hunger Games?”

“But they each have two continents. If they don’t end the game now, they’ll be fighting for another three hours,” Trucy points out. 

“They can rule the world together!” Athena sings. “They don’t have to live in FEEEEEEEAAAAAAAAAARRRRRRR!”

“I guess it’s their choice,” Phoenix decides. “Just get her to stop singing. Please.”

“Truce?” Klavier asks. It’s Apollo’s decision. 

“…Rock, Paper, Scissors.”

a7xjoker33  asked:

I'm curious, Jay. As a big doggo/wolf/fox fan, Hazoret's design had me hooked when her art was released. Problem is, despite my red soul, my heart is black and my only mono-color deck is Drana. Knowing you to be a mono-red gobbos proponent, have you had any ideas about our jackal goddess or how to utilize her hellbent-esque restriction?

Without getting into specific cards, there’s enough out there to support the theme. Do card searches for red cards and artifacts with “no cards in hand”, “or less cards in hand”, hellbent, madness, “discard a card:”, flashback, embalm, delirium, unearth, “in your graveyard”, and threshold. If you can get a bunch of wheels, use them after combat for funsies (remember, you only need your hand mostly empty when declaring attackers).

Stack your deck with cheap mana rocks (nothing fancy) to power out Hazoret early and then discard to her ability later. Same with cheap auras to pump her up early. The nice thing about her is that there’s never a dead card in your hand with her.

That’s all I can think off offhand without researching her some more and peeking at builds. There might be something magical I’m missing. Usual red recommendations apply, especially blood moon and punishing your opponents.

When someone equates Islam with terrorism, and deems all Muslims extremists:

Remind them of a few facts they’ve conveniently forgotten.

If you are speaking to an atheist: 

  1. Napolean Bonaparte
  2. HITLER (let’s see.. concentration camps and gas chambers to name a few)
  3. Benitto Musolini (was an atheist, so you must be pro nazi huh? He indulged in poison gas, bombing hospitals, concentration camps, mass execution via shooting, public executions, burning victims alive).
  4. Mao Zedong (Large scale death Camps killing 5 million, with 36 million mass tortured. 1970s)
  5. Alfred Kinsey (mass encouragement of pedophilia - encouraged pedophiles to sexually violated 317-2035 infants and children for “research”. including oral and anal sodomy, genital intercourse and manual abuse. Sexual torture of infants: subjects as young as 5 tested for 24 consecutive hours for an alleged 25 orgasms.).
  6. Than Shwe (Burmese dictator, child soldiers, torture, etc. 2015 yall).
  7. Jeffrey Dahmer (brutal murders, cannibalism, necrophilia, 1991).
  8. Jim Motherfucking Jones (mass murder via poisoning with his Church of Atheism,1978, killed 909 people, the largest loss of life in the US until 9/11).
  9. Kim Jong II (torture, so much torture. Damn. 2015 yall).
  10. Craig Hicks (Chapel Hill, North Carolina -multiple murders by gunshot to the head.  VictimsDeah, Yusor and Razan,2015)

If you are speaking to a Christian: 

  1. The friggen crusades
  2. the friggen spanish inquisition for God’s sake  (…and when they say it was “so long ago” …)
  3. Andres Breivik (mass murder, bombing and terrorism in Norway 2011)
  4.  Wade Page (Wisconson Sikh Temple Massacre, Aug 2012)
  5. Scott Roeder (an anti abortion terrorist who who murdered Dr Tiller in 2009 - how’s that for imposing ones views)
  6. Joseph Stack (Suicide Attack via flying a plane into the IRS building, Feb 2010) (… and when they say it’s only individuals, not like ISIS or Al Qaeda)
  7. Christian Terrorist Militia in Central African Republic (targetting non Christians - read: muslims - through public beheadings, hunting down victims, bombings. 2015 - today yall).
  8. Lord’s Resistance Army (mass slaughter of thousands of non Christians, raping women and children, creating and trafficking sex slaves, 2015).

Point is, don’t let anyone tell you the source of terrorism is exclusively Islam. You hate ISIS? You hate Al Qaeda? what a surprise, MUSLIMS HATE THEM TOO. And if they affiliate a Muslim with terrorism just because of a shared ideology, they should affiliate themselves with terrorism too. 

teapirate replied to your post “teapirate replied to your post “I just recently hit lvl 72 on galaxy…”

Dooku, salty grandpa who is adamant about not being here dammit. it is w/ MUCH REGRET the emperor is beyond me rn but i have Sidious! w/ Ben n Vader (all those combo debuff +Vader’s throwing attack can stack nicely). kind of want Grievous as sort-of salty grandpa? if only bc apparently he counts as a DROID??? the game is throwing such shade (and yes we def need padme like yesterday)


i regularly heck up on getting the event units that require certain teams , like;;;;;;;; i will get most of the shards but that last battle is JUST NOT HAPPENING. 

That debuff stacking sounds GLORIOUS. I feel like I’m missing out on huge opportunities, like ;;;;; the obvious thing should be to pair Ben and Vader??? especially for me?? But I’m so impatient and both Vader and Ben’s attacks don’t seem to hit hard;;;;; so I don’t very often use either of them haha .__. I don’t play very clever

YES THOUGH, I LAUGHED FOR LIKE NINE YEARS WHEN I REALIZED GRIEVOUS WAS CATEGORIZED AS A DROID!!!!!!!! I feel like he doesn’t so much count as a salty grandpa, but as their annoying younger nephew or something, that’s just the feel I get from him lmao

like, grievous would get overly ambitious and excitable and go charging off and the rest of the team is just like “ ;;;; sigh ………

no one is as salty as mace is tho

likealeafonthewind replied to your post “I just recently hit lvl 72 on galaxy of heroes which is the next ‘new…”

                   ahhh, you have chaze? i’m so jealous. i’m working on chirrut now but it’s slow going. i’ve decided to start focusing more on gear and mods than leveling up my characters (except for red silk guy) but i’m not sure how that’s working out for me in the long run. but it’s hard because i’ve been trying to get anakin and lando too and i just don’t have enough energy or sim tickets for all of that.                

YES!! I got Chaze!!! It’s annoyingly hard to get shards for them though since they only cycle thru the stores occasionally – which —— which I guess I get; they’re OP as HELL together. If I hadn’t gotten lucky and been gifted Baze by one of those quadpacks, I still wouldn’t have them

working on mods and gear for the characters you do have is a good strategy tho, since at the levels you’re at, you can’t be competitively viable without them. Even though I’ve fought pass the most recent Barriss shard level, if I don’t pay attention when I play that battle, I can still get my butt handed to me. I do take a day off from grinding shards to check and see if I can at least gear up anyone - but I tend to have my characters at their highest gear level reasonable; I’m constantly waiting on the really highleveled purple gear to drop and get most of it from challenges or raids anyway.

literally so many of my characters need the MK IV purple laptop thing!!!!! why!!!!!!!! DEAR CHARACTERS, WHY DO YOU NEED 50 MK VII GLOBES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I HAVEN’T UNLOCKED A SINGLE BATTLE FOR THEM YET!!!!!

The only thing with mods, is you kind of HAVE to use them, but eventually you’re going to get better mods, so then you have to replace them. Prioritizing that, plus all the credits that get sunk into it …… ouch :(

I hear you about the energy and sim tickets. Most of the time I can just auto thru shard battles when I can, but on busy days and when I’m at work, you really only have the time to sim thru them. And if you’re gearing up characters, that can easily eat thru several days worth of energy since they’re not guaranteed drops :\

loverofcake replied to your post “teapirate replied to your post “I just recently hit lvl 72 on galaxy…”

                   I actually find Dooku super useful! Even though leveling him up is taking me FOREVER. I’m 17 shards off 5 stars with him and at that I’ve been doing 6 fights daily for his shards since not long after I started playing. I have found his force lightning and flawless riposte VERY useful though :D                

ITS;;;; A CONSPIRACY????? Because you unlock his shard battle so fast!! how can he actually be this hard to upgrade??? wtf????

I always secretly though he’d be pretty useful, but facing Darth Nihilius a lot just makes everyone else look pretty pitiful in comparison. I never worry too much about facing a darksider team unless it has Darth Nihilus. BTW. FUCK DARTH NIHILUS.

Dooku did terrorize me for a while, though - at least until everyone got Sidious, and then I leveled up to where all the people who had Nihilus were. I was so annoyed about his Force Lightning and counters.

You know who else is really annoying to get shards for? Barriss. I have two regular battles unlocked for her, and one cantina battle. I never get shards from the regular battles, just the cantina one! wtf!!!

So I’m reworking my main dnd oc caschar to be a ‘devilslayer’ themed build: battlemaster fighter 8/evocation wizard 9/oath of vengeance paladin 3 

He’d have the elemental adept feat, which allows you to ignore resistances/immunities to certain types of damage, so he’d choose fire damage and deal it right back to devils with searing smite and fire spells 

I can stack a maneuver attack from fighter, a smite spell as a bonus action, and a divine smite all together onto a greatsword and that’d be 2d6 + 4 strength modifier + 1d8 precision attack maneuver + 1d6 searing smite + 2d8 (3d8 if it’s an undead or fiend) divine smite with just ONE attack, not including if I decide to use more spell slots to increase the divine smite damage.

MH4U: Attack+ Effect Stacking

I get a lot of questions on which attack boosting skills stack. Here is a list. If things are in the same group, they do not stack. You can get an idea how defense boosting effects work in a similar fashion.

REF: More about “base” power:


Group A
Powercharm: base+6

Group B
Powertalon: base+9

Group C
Demon Drug: base+5 (until you die)
Mega Demon Drug: base+7 (until you die)
Attack up S (felyne): base+3
Attack up M (felyne): base+5
Attack up L (felyne): base+7

Group D
Might Seed; base+10 (3 min)
Might Pill: base+25 (20 sec)
Demon Horn: base10 (3 min)
Demon Shot: base+10 (10% sharpness up as well)
Cool Cat: base+15 (for 30 sec if you ‘kick back’)

Group E
Felyne Booster base+3 (10 min)

Group F
Attack Up S (Skill): base+10
Attack Up M(Skill): base+15
Attack Up L (Skill): base+20
Attack Up XL (Skill): base+25
Honed Blade base+20, sharpness+1

Group G
Adrenaline+2 attack 30% up (when under 40% health)
Felyne Heroics attack 35% up (when under 10 health)

Group H
Attack up S Song (HH) attack 10% up
“” encore attack 15% up
Attack up L song (HH) attack 15% up
“” encore attack 20% up

Group I
Fortitude attack 10% up
Fortitude (2nd) attack 20% up

Group J
Challenger > Peak Performance  / Prudence > Latent Power 
*Left skills override the right


Happy hunting!

JPN REF:【MH4】攻撃力アップ系アイテム・スキル・旋律の重複可否まとめ一覧

Caffeine - DP

Because I keep seeing headcanons about Danny being addicted to coffee. And because I can’t, in good conscience, post the story I’d been writing the last few days. ^^;


Danny was sitting at the kitchen table, nursing his second cup of coffee - and therefore understandably not quite awake just yet - when there was a horrible bang right next to him. Danny jumped, spilling the remainder of his hot coffee all over his lap, taking three whole seconds to realize it wasn’t a ghost. It was his mother, and a very large stack of papers she’d just dropped onto the table.

He swore in his mind (not quite stupid enough to do it aloud) and pushed back from the table to stare down at the steaming liquid soaking into his clothes.

“Oh, sorry Sweetie.”

“It’s fine,” he muttered, noting the coffee already dripping onto the floor. Knowing he’d already have quite a mess to clean up, he simply let the coffee phase through him and the chair to splatter on the ground. He levered himself to his feet and walked over to the counter for a rag and to refill his cup.

“I finally figured it out!” His mother was practically vibrating with excitement when she danced over and took the rag from him.

“Good for you,” he said, filling his cup and slinking over to a chair less likely to be attacked by stacks of paperwork. He drained most of the cup before he realized his mother was gazing at him expectantly.  Keeping back the sigh that wanted to leak out of his mouth, he asked, “What’d you figure out?”

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Minute To Win It Game Challenge

Hey guys! I thought it would be fun to play a game called “Minute To Win It”

I copied some game ideas on sites that I’ve found and pick the ones that’s easy and safe for you all.

Choose any and enjoy with family and friends:

1. Caddy Stack
This is a simple game that will require around 3 golf balls. The contestant has to stack the 3 golf balls on top of each other, and ensure that they stay in place for about 3 seconds.

2. Bubble Challenge

Though this task sounds very easy, it is anything but, ‘cause it is very hard to blow a bubble that is big enough to do this. Once you’ve blown the bubble, the contestant has to blow it from point A to point B, and through a large ring of some size to make it more challenging.

3. Face the Cookie.

Each person had a cookie placed on their forehead and had to get it into their mouth without touching it with their hands.

4. Dicey

This is a very simple task that will require immaculate balance. The contestant needs to hold out a spoon or a Popsicle with one end in his/her mouth. 6 dice must be balanced on this by stacking them one on top of the other.

5. Kick Off

This is another great game that is very easy to emulate at home. All you need is a large empty bucket and 3 - 5 empty cans. Keep the bucket on its side — the contestant has to simply kick the cans into the bucket from a suitable distance.

6. Stack Attack.
Stacking 36 cups in a pyramid and then back down into a single stack.

7. Pop Top
With the help of a single thumb, a contestant has to flick at least one of the 48 bottle caps kept on a round table, into a cup placed in the center of the table.

8. Wet Ball
A balloon has to be transported across the stage into a trash can with the help of spray bottle. The balloon has to stay in air and if it hits the ground, the contestant has to start over with another balloon.

9. Suck It Up!
The contestants must transfer M&Ms or any candy of your choice from one plate to another using a straw.  

10. Pencil Backflip
The contestants must place pencils on the backside of your hand, then flip them into the air and catch them with the same hand you flipped them with.  Start with one pencil and add an extra one each time you successfully catch them

P.O.S. - Get Down (ft. Mike Mictlan)

Lungs like smoke stacks | young black terror attack | hair on their neck raised | scarin them back | keepin my Kerouac first rate | they in the first grade | beggin like babies | gimme gimme wah | we too dirty man | shimmy shimmy ya | skinny bars, naw | all cents no penny jar | snub a star | celebrity fed | no meals worth mentioning | all unsettling | nihilist | anarchist | mind set reddening | need what? | fuck meds | all dead everything | these cats | on that | all hail | petty things | ready with the cheat | imma beat em in they sleep | as soon as the door open | they hittin the floor hoping | to get to the front row | my shows are so lightning | where ever we go | the team steadily grows | man who knows | they figure we do it right, but | no one gives a fuck about shit | so fuck your shit | we fuck shit up | cause shit’s fucked anyway | shit is run into the ground | (i know right) | I don’t wanna think about it | I just wanna get down | get down get down | until we come up | I don’t wanna think about it | I just wanna get down | get down get down | cause shit’s fucked | get down get down | I ain’t tryna hear that | I just wanna get down | untill we come up | (MIKE MICTLAN) | it ain’t nothin but a Doomtree Goon thang | get your looks peeled back homeboy Uday Hussein | barehanded rippin em beware citizen terror got a new face class war hooligan | gimme what you want |show me what you got | let me fix your market crash your stock | bad credit no credit shoulda never paid back | banks selling guns and farmers hunt in grey slacks | Maybach’s chopped off mounted with the Gatling | Beverly Trillbillies treasure trunk rattling | we settin up Fight Clubs, you hang at night clubs | passin out cocktails the kind that light up | everybody in the back get risky | burn the clerb down if you’re spending more than fifty | and if we ugly up the scene? | I don’t wanna think about it I just wanna Get Down! | get down get down | until we come up | I don’t wanna think about it | I just wanna get down | yeah I don’t wanna think about it, chea | it’s all bad | I ain’t tryna hear that | I just wanna get down | get down get down | until we come up

anonymous asked:

funny how the memory of his mother's death is what made Bruce stop fighting Clark, but that very same thing caused Toony Stack to start attacking Borky even though he knew Bulky had been mind-controlled. yet somehow the DCEU is the one that's ~dark~ and lacks hope

actually what’s really funny is back in the Day when they did the justice league/av*ngers crossover, the dc characters were horrified at how barbaric and dark the 6//16 was. And the av*ngers were so shocked that the people in the dc universe actually LIKED and respected their heroes that they thought the planet was under a superhero dictatorship like…..

Which Heroic Set?!

Note: The Heroic Set I am talking about here is strictly Lv. 90 Unique Heroic Set from Heroic Dungeon Hell Mode

Hi! Welcome to my 2nd installment of.. Which ___ Set?! Guide, and I’ve written a rather lengthy guide on Which Secret Dugeon Set?! here. Also, if you haven’t checked out already, please check out my Guide to Equipment Sets here if you are baffled by this whole journey.

Heroic Set is divided into three groups

  • 격노 - Fury
  • 총명 - Intelligent
  • 통찰 - Insight

and the following are the set options

I really highly recommend against going for the “full” set of one particular group. Look at the 2 piece option. 5% Phys/Mag Attack! Now if you wear 2 piece of one group and another 2 piece of another group… that’s 10%.

That, my friend, is why YOU DON’T NEED TO GRIND FOR THE 4TH DIM SET. The best option out of all the other crap options that 4th dim has is the 10% Phys/Mag Attack and you can get it easily. And with the options I will mention below, you’ll see why you don’t want to waste your time with henir.

Fury and Intelligent are the most popular, and Insight is the least popular. 

For each heroic equipment, you get three different options that are all random:

  • Rank (1~29)
  • Options (Will list below)
  • Any Character Any Skill Damage +10%

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anonymous asked:

Could you write a luke imagine where you and him can't have children for medical reasons so you adopt a fifteen year old boy b/c him and luke had a connection. After living with you for a month he starts to open up and tells you guys how much he loves you and appreciates you guys. sorry it's so long.

i swear…you all are plotting my demise with such emotional blurb suggestions…p.s. none of you listen to ed sheeran’s small bump while reading this because that was my first mistake…

your fingers were interlocked with your husband luke’s who was gnawing on his bottom lip as you sat perched atop the paper-covered examination table - both waiting in anxious anticipation for the doctor to come trekking through the room with heavy, orthopedic sneaker-clad feet and that infamous clipboard, which your husband was quick to point out was decorated with kitten stickers on the back in hopes that it may break the uneasy tension that lingered in the air - but then she entered the room with a somber look on her face and the words “i’m sorry” fell from her lips the same way a deluge of tears rolled down your cheeks; all luke could do was let out a small gasp and wrap his arms around your shoulders - since your face was tucked in your hands since you originally pulled away from his embrace - and whisper softly before pressing gently kisses to the top of your head because there was nothing his mind was able to conjure that could the situation in any way he saw possible. it took several months of constant hospital visits for psychiatric and medical help before you both - though mostly you - were able to cope with the facts that stood in front of you before you and your spouse agreed to visit an orphanage in hopes of finding a child you could call your own - one that wouldn’t leave you with he potential dangers of childbearing or childbirth - so you went from room-to-room meeting young children, some with so much energy you thought could power the energizer bunny and others that remained quiet and out of sight, that each intrigued you both. after a while, though, you excused yourself to the nearest restroom whilst luke continued to roam around one particular room absentmindedly until he heard the careful acoustic strums to one john mayer that left him pausing in place before he found the melody coming from one fifteen-year-old boy whose dark eyes bore him both with caution and innocence but as soon as an equally innocent question out of sheer curiosity left the young boy opening up to him about his favorite music - how he originally learned guitar to have a back-up plan as a musician if he could never find a family before leaving the orphanage and how he self-taught himself the majority of the songs he knew with anything and everything by ed sheeran something he loved to play for the toddlers so they were able to fall asleep at night. the longer their stories were exchanged, the more your husband found himself opening up to the kid - maybe because he saw a bit of himself there or maybe because it was something else that left him yearning to spend more time with the boy - the harder he hoped you were open to having a teenager wandering around your home rather than the pitter patter of a toddler rummaging through drawers. nonetheless, you agreed and thus began your first month with your ambitious son derrick who eyed everything - rather than with suspicion - with an open mind that questioned quite a bit but often times the nights were the most stressful with him distancing himself from either of you or his scream-filled nights of absolute terror while you raced to his bedroom to console him at three in the a.m. but you didn’t mind. you loved the mornings with him attacking the stack of homemade waffles you decided to make for no reason in particularly or him letting you twirl his mass of curls around your fingers on lazy sunday afternoons or him and your husband strumming away in the basement with luke explaining how to write music or showing him the chords to some of his own favorite songs. even though it had been a month with derrick living with you two, you didn’t expect him to open up so suddenly - he was a teenager and you respected his privacy and it was the first time he had a family since he was abandoned at birth - but it was a friday evening when you both arrived home from work where he dragged you both to the basement with the laptop your husband insisted to give him for a late birthday gift and with several clicks you heard this foreign tune that hummed throughout the room and derrick’s careful voice singing gently about home and happiness with riffs that brought a sense of pride to luke; before the song could replay, your son was quick to pause the melody and wait for your reaction - though he wasn’t prepared for you to embrace him so tightly with tears staining your cheeks or luke mumbling how proud you both were of him - but then again, you weren’t prepared for his choked whisper “i love you guys” that brought you more to life than you’d been in such a long, hellish time.