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What to do with an empty Notebook

1. Make a diary

2. Make a scrapbook

3. Make a journal (with journal promts)

4. Make a dream journal (keep it next to your bed so you can write down your dreams right in the morning)

5. Make a “Future me” journal (write letters to your future self once a year)

6. A “keep track of your money” journal

7. A drawing/sketching/doodling journal

8. A journal with quotes/song lyrics 

9. A “friend book” (give all of your friends the book, let them write/draw/glue in/on one or two pages!)

10. Make a Bucket list!

11. Make a goal journal 

12. Make a Travel Journal

13. Make a Picture journal

14. Make a creative writing book (short stories, a novel, poems or song lyrics you thought of)

15. Make an “Every day use” journal (with lists of birthday gifts, recipes, phone numbers ect.)