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Starring Ayomide Fatunde as Riri Williams, and I can confirm that she is exactly this badass in real life. 

The Last Book I Loved: Brown Girl, Brownstones

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My dreams, for so long unrestrained by land, air, or even death – and frequently including scenes of me tumbling through the air on glossy black feathered wings or jumping into an abyss with a smile on my face – now generally take place in a building with four walls and a roof. I dream of houses. I dream of owning a home, post-Great Recession, and despite the weight of federal student loans on my back. I am frequently visited by visions of curtains that open up to reveal a cold sunlight in the morning, of a cubbyhole library, perhaps in the attic, and of backyards that lend themselves to Slip ‘n Slides and crisp autumnal leaf piles. I would dream of brownstones, except I’m in the wrong tax bracket. Crippling pragmatism happens sometimes.

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“In order for life to have appeared spontaneously on earth, there first had to be hundreds of millions of protein molecules of the ninth configuration. But given the size of the planet Earth, do you know how long it would have taken for just one of these protein molecules to appear entirely by chance? Roughly ten to the two hundred and forty-third power billions of years. And I find that far, far more fantastic than simply believing in God.”

The Ninth Configuration, 1980 (dir. William Peter Blatty)



Jasper ‘Jazz’ Dent - Dylan O’Brien
William ‘Billy’ Dent - Michael Fassbender
Howie Gerston - Kodi Smit-Mcphee
Conscience ‘Connie’ Hall - Tiffany Boone
Gramma Dent - Ellen Burstyn
G. William - Stacy Keach
Deputy Michael Erickson - Will Estes
The Impressionist - Alexander Skarsgard
Melissa Hoover - Wendy Crewson
Doug Weathers -  Damian Louis
Virginia Davis - Tatiana Manslay
Lana - Alexandra Daddario
Mr. Hall - Russel Hornsby
Mrs. Hall - Taraji Henson
Wisdom ‘Whiz’ Hall - Tyrel Jackson Williams
Janice Dent - Holly Marie Combs (for flashback purposes)

I’ll keep you safe. -Luke Hemming Imagine

A/N: This is a little Spy!Y/N imagine cuz i suck and am kinda inactive. Enjoy, Request anything. I also do Halsey Imagines cuz she’s bae. 

“Y/L/N, we have a new mission for you. You in?”

“Yes Mr. Brooks.”

“Be in the lower side conference room in 5 then.” I get up from my desk and start making my way to the conference room on the -12 floor. The mission has to be important if I’m going to the lower side of the building. That’s all undercover operations and special intel. I live in that part of the building.

Not literally though, I have an apartment on the east side of manhattan.

I put my master key in the lock inside of the elevator and the panel flips to reveal the hidden lower side numbers and I hit the -12 key. I can feel the elevator drop the 32 floors and they open to show the -12 floor. Four guards are by the door, like always, and I make my way through to the conference room, not being stopped being due to the familiarness of my face on these floors.

I take my seat at my chair at the long conference table and wait for the director to arrive.

Jordan Williams, Stacy Martin and Jake Richards walk in and take their place on the same side of the table as me facing the large TV screen, per usual, but before any words are exchanged the Director comes in with Mr. Brooks and they hand us our files.

“Goodmorning Everyone.” The Director says with a smile looking at all of us with a large smile.

“Goodmorning Director,” we all say in a creepy synchronised way.

“We have picked you guys for this assignment due to its Urgency and how your individual expertise will all be volatile in this operation.” He picked up the tiny remote to the screen behind him and the photo of a Middle Aged man with brown hair appeared on the screen.

“As you know, James Siebert has been terrorizing multiple countries and harming many people as well as putting the general public in danger. All of our attempts to subdue the suspect have been unsuccessful thus far. That’s why we have brought this case to you four.” Mr. Brooks explained and looked at the Director. A silent request for him hit the next button on the remote.

The Direct seemed to understand and the screen the were standing on each side of changed to the photos of four boys. Next to each boy was their full name, height, weight, nationality and occupation.

“These are Sieberts next suspect. They are a band called 5 Seconds Of Summer. Siebert is threatening the band in many ways during their upcoming tour. You four’s job is to go in and protect the boys until Sieberts attack. If you open up your files you will see your new persona and the individual boy you will be personally be responsible for, as well as the other boys information.” The Director finished and motioned to our files in front of us. He looked nervous and was sweating. I wonder why though. I better keep and a trained eye on him.

I opened my file and see the photo of one of the boys on the screen. ‘Luke Hemmings’ It read. 6’ 4, blue eyes, blonde hair, Australian, 19 years old.

I flip the page to see a photo of me. I look over the page and I’m guessing I get to keep my real name for this mission. I don’t have a new name on the paper and I give Mr. Brooks a  silent eyebrow raise.

“You will all be keeping your names for this assignment. Please finish reading on the plane. It leaves in an hour for LA where you will meet the boys. You mission begins immediately, that is if you accept.” Mr. Brooks finished.

“I accept,” all of us said at the same time which make the Director chuckle.

“Good. Collect your bags from your offices and meet at the plane as soon as you have them.”

Skip to plane ride

I sit on the plane and pull out my cellphone and earbuds. I put on my music and open my file while placing its contents on the table in front of me. I reread over the information and go to the mission report. It goes over Siebert and then goes into detail that I will be playing Luke R. Hemmings girlfriend. It says that Stacy will be a stylist and is assigned Calum T. Hood and Jake will be a guitar tech and will be assigned to Michael G. Clifford. Jordan will be playing Ashton F. Irwins Bodyguard.  It then went into detail as to why we were set with our counterparts. Jake was great with computers and would get along great with Michael due to his love of computers and video games. Jordan loved fitness and would work well with Ashton due to this. Stacy was very funny and personable so they concluded her and Calum would be two peas in a pod. Then there was Luke and I. It said we were both quiet but were smart and got along good with people.

With my abilities I can see passed the company’s bullshit and see what they really mean. Jake was actually the best computer hacker in the U.S. and could get passed any firewall you gave him. Jordan was 6’ 6 and had arms the size of boulders and could run a 7 minute mile. Stacy is one of the best actresses and one of the best intel agents around. She could act circles around anyone and make up an entire backstory without a blink of an eye. The only one she couldn’t bullshit was me. I can read people like no one’s business. I can tell if someone’s lying, up to something, did something or if anything’s off with them, I guess my biggest weapon is my brain.  We are all trained fighters and have grown up together. We know each other and work well together, which makes up one of the most deadliest teams in the United States.

We get off the plane and are brought straight to a black SUV with tinted windows. We sit in silence as Mr. Brooks and the man who met us with the SUV talk in the front seat. “The boys have been told about the situation with Siebert but not about the rolls you will play when with them. We will introduce that when you first meet. We should be at their recording studio within the hour.” The man who picked us up said.

When we arrived we pulled around the back of the building and were escorted straight into the building into a large room. The boys were sitting on a couch with two men in suits standing in front of them. The boys looked scared and unsure, but weren’t saying a word. The two men were stone cold and wearing sunglasses inside. Ew.

“Agents, meet your assignments.” Mr. Brooks said as we walked inside and stood in a straight line behind the two men, who then exited the room.

We looked straight forward and put our hands behind our back. I took my opportunity to observe the room. Large, white walls, one couch in the middle where they boys were set facing away from the door.

“At ease soldiers, make yourselves comfortable.” Mr. Brooks chuckled and we all relaxed some. “This is Luke, Calum, Ashton and Michael. Boys this is Y/N, Jordan, Stacy and Jake. They will be with you all for the time being.” Mr. Brooks pulled out 4 files from his briefcase and handed them according to the names on the front.

The look of astonishment on Luke’s face made me almost start laughing. He must have found out I’m his new girlfriend. Two men in suits came back in carrying our bags and set them in front of each of us, then left immediately. “Everyone can go get some rest tonight and get ready for the tour to start tomorrow. Except you Y/N. Oh and you Luke, you two have your first public appearance as a couple tonight.”

Pharrell Williams

My dear it seems we’re here again
So much for effort
Isn’t it clear we’re here again
Our thing right where we left it
A delusion is a flight, first class to no where
While a dream is a blueprint, a plane to go there
To go there

And I, I promise on all existence
If it breathes then it is our witness
We have unfinished business
You and I
And so my word is that I’ll cross those bridges
With zero regret for limits
And distance, you and I

My dear it seems we’re here again
Was there a glitch in my method
Isn’t it clear we’re here again
Let’s get new GPSes
So next time you see this place remember we we’re alone
We’ll bring our children from home
That’s right, ohh yeah, I’m gonna go there

The Amazing SpiderMan 2 <3