staci child

  • Emily: [looking out the window] Oh, look! There's stacie and aubrey! [starts yelling] Hey! Hey, you guys! Hey!
  • [stacie and aubrey start taking each other's clothes off]
  • Emily: [eyes widen] Ohh!! Ohh! Ahh-ahhh!!
  • Beca: What?!
  • Emily: [screaming] Ahhh!! Stacie and aubrey!! Stacue and aubrey!!
  • Beca: Oh my God!
  • Chloe: OH MY GOD!!!
  • Emily: OH!! MY EYES!!! MY EYES!!!!
  • Chloe: Em!! EMILY!! It's okay!! It's okay!!
  • Emily: NO! THEY'RE DOING IT!!!
  • [beca and chloe looking at each other with worry]
  • Beca: they broke our child.

i kinda feel like people who say they dont like rory/jess is because they dont like the “bad guy turns good bc of the love of a good woman” trope are missing the point? like that sounds bad but honestly that didn’t happen. if that trope had applied to them, then jess wouldn’t have failed out of school and he wouldn’t have left and he wouldn’t have had substantial emotional problems until we see him again in season 6. he doesn’t turn his life around for rory. yeah, obviously they show that her belief in him helped him get his life on track “i just wanted to show you that and tell you i couldnt have done it without you.” and don’t get me wrong, i do love the idea that he kept rory’s voice in the back of his head telling him “you could do more.” but i dont actually think she’s the reason he “got better” (so to speak). tbh, like, if that trope really applied to them then it wouldve happened on screen and it wouldve happened when they were still together. maybe im just reading into things or w/e but i would say that a lack of a “good woman” was what changed him. it wasnt the presence of rory in his life, it was the lack of it. and there were a lot of other things going for jess for him to really settle down and get over his teenage angst. i actually think that they make it pretty clear that luke was the main reason jess got his life together, especially when we have multiple scenes of jess explicitly thanking luke for caring about him and trying to pay him back. jess wanting the people he loves to be proud of him isn’t the same as him changing because of them.