Imagine Granny Riddleton and Stachenscarfen

- Being the clairvoyant lady that she is, Granny R gives Layton hints about his daughter’s future. Layton just assumes she means Flora - but no, she’s talking about both his daughters. 

- Granny R telling Kat loads of stories about her puzzle dad

- “Oh, your father solved that one two minutes flat!”

- She gives Kat beauty tips 

- Meets Flora for tea and biscuits every Tuesday and they talk about St. Mystere 

- Granny Riddleton introduces Kat to her granddaughter, Puzzlette and Beasley and Keats, who still hasn’t aged a day. No I refuse to believe the puzzle cat dead

- Sherl and Keats are best friends

- She and Stachenscarfen may or may not be a married couple, but they like to mess with people

- They probably had to say goodbye to some of their old friends who have passed away. 

- Stachen coughs even more now in his old age

- “Keh! Your father always had time for my hint cont lectures!”

- “Back in my day….!” 

- Kat tells him hint coins have gone out of style and Stachen gets sad

- Stachen has collected dozens of scarves over the years.  

- Try as she might, Granny R can’t entice Alfendi with puzzles. (”Are you sure he’s a Layton?”)

elementalram  asked:

#6, 10, 32 and 42!

6. Favorite antagonist?

aesthetically, descole, but don paolo is like… My Son whomst i’ve known for years so…………. and clive has been my crush for forever

10. First impression of Layton?

why r his eyes so small haha (i was like 10 ok ;_;)

32. A character you relate to.

mmmm this is a hard one buti think i sometimes feel like arianna before she met the professor

42. Aldus or Stachenscarfen?

stachen!!!!!!! :D

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