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Had a dream your Hyde and I went to some sort of fair and he got a murder necklace and a smoothie container filled with cheese and then we had to run from a copper and a man pushing a baby carriage who may have been another Hyde but the long and short of it is that was the best dream I've had in weeks thank you

I’m not usually one to draw people’s dreams but this is just so good

I’m so sorry my boy intruded on your dream space but also thank you for showing him a good time!!

and I know that when you say Murder Necklace you probably meant like an evil talisman or cursed amulet or something but I couldn’t get the image of Hyde wearing a big ole ‘MURDER’ chain around his neck out of my head

For the royal navy AU I came up with (detail here), mainly to get some idea what they’d look like in uniform. They’re supposed to be in their early twenties here and are newly promoted lieutenants. Thing is, back then you’re supposed to be clean shaven in the service and I just can’t imagine Gabe without his facial hair haha.

~LawLicht One Shot~

Before Lict went out of the house, he strictly instructed Hyde not to get out of the backpack or he’d get smacked.

Naturally, Hyde immediately decided to slither out as soon as he had the chance.

He wasn’t sure where he was brought,but as the backpack was being placed into the locker, it was almost too late. Hyde managed, with a high leap and a battle squeak, to jump out of the backpack and through the door, which was quickly being closed by Licht.

Hyde tumbled over and fell onto the tiles, next to Licht’s boot. The boy didn’t seem to notice his hedgehog falling out, and he simply proceeded.

Hyde still didn’t know where he was, so he made sure to stay close to Licht. As he observed, he slowly realized where they were.

The answer especially struck him when Licht took the microphone and started to sing. It was a pop song in German, which Licht sang very passionately.

Hyde was impressed.

He also had a strong urge to tease his Eve, bu something was holding him back. Maybe the fact that he could see how much it all meant to Licht. He sang with his eyes closed, completely captivated by the song. He clearly knew all the lyrics without looking at the screen.

Licht’s voice couldn’t exactly be described as ‘angelic’, but definitely pleasant.

Hyde changed forms, without Licht noticing. He sat on the armrest of the small couch in the room to have a better view of his Eve. He crossed his arms and legs, watching with a small smirk on his lips. He didn’t take his eyes off of Licht until the song was finished.

Hyde sarted clapping. The small applause was genuine enough, but Licht’s face showed horror. Then it turned into anger. He turned around.

“I told you to stay in the backpack, you shitty hedgehog!”

Hyde’s smile only grew. As sincere as he was at the moment, Licht’s rage always amused him.

“You can’t expect me to stay in there for very long, Angel-chan. I don’t like being trapped. On another note, I loved the song! You should have told me that you were a fan of karaoke!”

Licht didn’t say anything. Instead, he moved forward and lifted his leg, preparing a strong kick for Hyde.

He was having none of it and dodged before Licht made contact.

“Relax, Licht-chan! I won’t tell anyone, jeez!” Hyde chuckled. “I really liked your singing, you know. My dear Angel really is multitalented.” He smiled, maybe a bit less teasingly.

Licht watched him carefully, trying to deicde whether or not Hyde was just mocking him.

“If you tell anyone,” he spoke at last, “I’ll break your legs.”

“Your secret’s safe with me!” The Servamp assured, grinning. “I truly just want to listen to you sing. I’m so happy to have you as my Eve!”

Licht was already used to Hyde’s compliments and he always discarded them as empty flattery. But something about the last comment made the heat rise to his cheeks.

“Oi,” Licht called for Hyde’s attention and tossed him a microphone.

Hyde caught it, slightly confused. The confusion soon faded and a grin returned to his face.

“Is Angel-chan proposing a duet? I’m honoured!” He glanced at the screen. “But I can’t read German.”

Licht huffed as if he was about to say something mean, but instead he just muttered:

“That’s fine, you can choose the song..”

Hyde chuckled and approached Licht. He decided to do something dangerous: to hug him. Tightly. Lift him off the ground a bit. To Hyde’s surprise, Licht didn’t complain, other than lightly shoving the Servamp once he was on the gorund and out of the embrace.

Based off of this.


( @just-servamp-trash you wanted to see this? it’s not the one we talked about, but I’ll post that one soon cx )