NEW Chapter of That ‘70s Show FanFiction- If You Ever Did Believe

Hi everyone! I’ve posted up the next chapter of ‘If You Ever Did Believe’ I hope if you check it out, you like it!

Here’s the info:

Chapter Title: (I Guess That’s Why) They Call it the Blues

Character Pairings: Jackie and Red (Family/Friendship) Hyde and Jackie, Eric and Donna, Kelso and Brooke, Red and Kitty

Summary: The Formans and the group of friends, who grew up in their basement, are living their everyday lives in the new decade of the ‘80s until something happens that turns everyone’s world upside down. Soon it becomes Jackie’s mission to help everyone, especially Red, mend broken bonds, get answers, and hopefully find peace again. JH,ED,KB,RK,F?

Rating: K+


And here’s a little peek inside the chapter: (Sorry I forgot to include one last chapter)

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poetdameron  asked:

I've been thinkin about this for a while and we once talked about it on AO3, but I have to ask, how do you think an in character reaction to Pam Burkhart, from Hyde would had been? I will be forever pissed at the writers for putting him so ooc when the woman returned, it's one of the, sadly, many things that make me want to throw a shoe to the TV while watching.

Hiiii. :D

Hyde would’ve been furious at Pam for abandoning Jackie. Not only did it mirror his abandonment by his own mom, but Pam left 16-year-old Jackie to deal with the bank’s foreclosure on the family ski cabin. To deal with the family’s financial problems. To deal with the loss of her father to prison. To fend for herself. To do what no 16-year-old should have to do. Hyde would never find the woman who did all this to the girl he loves attractive. He’d despise her. 

In Those ‘70s Comics, Hyde will definitely be staying in-character during the Pam Burkhart storyline.