I think this is the best and most under rated scene in this entire movie.

So. I was listening to the 80s station on the way to work (and got here early, hi!), and I started thinking about the character of Stacey Jaxx, because I’m an unapologetic Rock of Ages fan, both stage and screen.

Stacey was changed a lot for the movie, given more plot and redeeming characteristics, partly to comment on the fame machine and partly to give Tom Cruise a meatier part (and partly so they could make Sherry/Drew more sympathetic, I’m sure). That’s fine. I enjoy Stacey in the movie; Tom Cruise, for all his personal flaws, can be hilarious, and he was great in the part.

In the stage show, Stacey is an unrepentant dick, however- and that’s awesome. In life, some people just suck, to put it plainly. When writing a character, it’s really tempting to want to give them some redeeming quality or sympathetic factor, because we want people to like our characters and because we’re attached to them and have invested time in them. But it’s great to have characters that are just flat out awful, too, because that’s how the world really is. People like that aren’t fun to deal with in reality, but they make terrific characters to read in fiction and rp.

Don’t be afraid to write a Stacey Jaxx.

I’ve personally played Fenrir Greyback and Alecto Carrow, and while they were layered and I put a lot if thought into their development, they didn’t have a redeeming bone in their body. They didn’t have to. They were straight up villains.

Embrace the villains. They’ll make the plot richer in the long run.