stacey jones

Caricature of Intimacy

Pairing: reader x Brendon Urie
Warning: fluff, smut

   *Tick tock* *tick tock* You tapped your pencil eagerly on your desk as you watched the clock. Only one minute and forty-five seconds till the day is finally over. You looked at the clock back to your notebook. You smiled at the stupid little hearts and doodles of Brendon all over the page where your algebra work should have been. You looked back up at the clock. *tick* thirty-five seconds *tock*. You closed your spiral notebook and shoved it just inside your binder. You hurriedly put all of your things away just in time to hear the ringing of the bell. You jumped up at lightning speed and threw your backpack over your shoulder. You slipped through the other students and bounced out the door. You smiled as you turned the corner and saw your boyfriend, Brendon, and his friends Brent and Ryan. Ryan was the same age but didn’t go to school with you guys. He lived in Nevada and would drive over to visit on breaks. Brent was the first one to notice you approaching and nudged Brendon. He stopped conversing with Ryan and turned to look at you. He grinned and opened his arms wide as you began running towards him. You jumped into his arms and wrapped your legs around his waist. He chuckled as you jumped down.
   “I missed you.” You said kissing him softly. He smiled down at you and rested his forehead on yours. 
   “You get more beautiful every time I see you.” He said wrapping his arms around your waist and pulled you up on your toes and kissed you again. You heard Brent groan and you pulled away. You turned to Brent and Ryan and put your hands on your hips.
   “What?” You asked rolling your eyes. Brent mimicked you and put his hands on his hips and rolled his eyes, making sure to exaggerate every movement.
   “You’re being that couple.” He said. You groaned and reluctantly hugged him. He laughed and grinned. “You know I’m kidding. You guys are cute together.” He said giving you a squeeze and releasing you. You turned to Ryan and squealed. You rushed into his arms and he held you tightly. 
   “George Ryan Ross I’ve missed you more than anything.” You said holding him out at arm’s length and looking him over. From his short brown hair to his dark soft eyes and his boyish face. “Just as adorable as I remember.” You said pinching his cheeks playfully. He swatted away your hands.
   “Stop it.” He whined. You laughed and threw your hands up in defeat. Brendon cleared his throat abruptly and snaked his arms around your waist. 
   “We should get going before-” He was cut off by an all too familiar group of malicious laughter. You groaned and Brendon pulled away. 
   “Look it’s the loser squad.” You heard one of the school’s football players tease. You clenched your fists and Brendon and Brent exchanged mortified looks. Brent grabbed your upper arm gently.
   “Don’t”. He said calmly. You shook him off and marched away from your friends up to the group of five or six jocks. 
   “Hey, asshole!” You yelled. The jock who’d spoken turned around in surprise. He smirked and walked up to you.
   “What was that?” He towered over you but you didn’t back down. You saw out of the corner of your eye Brendon being held back by both Brent and Ryan. You focused back on the guy in front of you. His friends had now gathered around and you tried to hide the fear wracking through your body. You glanced at Brendon one last time before looking the jock in the eyes. 
   “You heard me, asshole. What’s your deal? Every day you fuck with us for no reason. You need to lay off.” You said shoving him as hard as you could. He stumbled backwards slightly. Even just out of the corner of your eye you could see all of your friend’s jaws hanging open. You knew you’d fucked up but there was no going back now. When he regained his balance he grabbed your arm tightly and pulled you up to face him.
   “Don’t talk to me like that or you will regret it.” He said through gritted teeth. His grip tightened and you could practically feel the bruises forming. But you still decided to argue. 
   “I’ll talk to you any way I want to dumbass. Now get your fucking hand off me.” You growled trying to pull away. He grabbed you impossibly tighter and you could swear you feel the circulation in your arm cutting off. 
   “Feisty. I like that. You know instead of hanging out with those fucking losers you could hang out with us.” He purred. You scoffed in disgust and finally ripped your hand from his grip. 
   “Nice try. But you’re disgusting. And If you don’t mind, not that I care what you prefer, I’ve got to get back to my boyfriend.” You said sweetly turning on your heels and starting to walk in the direction of the boys. You saw them all visibly loosen up but you heard another jock start talking.
   “Whatever Virgin Mary.” He yelled. You stopped dead in your tracks and looked over your shoulder.
  “I might still be a virgin but at least I didn’t get crabs from Stacey Jones.” You sang out before sauntering back to Brendon. You heard him say something else but you knew you’d won the argument. When you reached Brendon he was furious.
   “What the actual hell were you thinking?” Brendon said pulling you into a bone crushing hug. You shoved him away and laughed. 
   “Chill out I just got a little bruised. What’s the big deal?” You asked shrugging and rubbing over your sore arm.
   “The big deal? The big deal is that you always do dumb shit like that and one day it’s gonna backfire!” He said throwing his hands up in frustration. You shrank back from him closer to Ryan. He looked at you and every ounce of anger left his eyes. 
   “Sorry. I just worry about you and that mouth of yours. You don’t have a filter and sometimes I love it but it’s gonna get you in trouble.” He said pulling you into a hug. You laid your head on his chest and played with the drawstring of his signature lavender hoodie. 
   “I’ll try to stop.” You said softly. 
   “I think we should go now.” Ryan said quickly. Everyone voiced their agreement and you all grabbed your things and headed to Brent’s car.
   “Let’s go back to my place. My family’s gone for the week.” Brendon suggested
   “Perfect. Who’s riding with me?” You said leaning on your car parked next to his. 
   “Can I? We still have to catch up.” Ryan said opening the passenger door next to you.
   “Okay, then we’ll meet you guys there. That cool?” You asked fishing the keys out of your jacket pocket.
   “Yeah, that’s fine.” Brendon said hugging you and pecking your lips quickly. 
   “Alright let’s go Ry.” You said as he got in the car. He closed his door and you gave Brent and Brendon a little wave before heading around and getting into the driver’s side. You started the car and glanced over at Ryan.
   “So how’s Nevada? Nice and cold?” You asked.
   “The weather’s more like slightly sarcastic.” He said chuckling. You smiled.
   “Man, I missed you, Ryan. Besides Brent and Brendon I don’t really talk to anyone. And those two can really get on my nerves sometimes.” You said playfully. 
   “Yeah I hear you. But at least we have the next week together.” He said excitedly.
   “Yeah, that’s true. What’d you want to do?” You asked. He shrugged
   “Nothing really. Just hang out with you guys.” You stayed quiet and mulled over a thought. You didn’t want to bring up Brendon but you were itching to hear what he said about you when you weren’t around. You noticed you were already a few houses from Brendon’s. You pulled into the driveway and sighed. Ryan reached for his door handle but you held his other arm. 
   “Wait. Can I ask you something?” You blurted out. He looked at you and nodded.
   “Of course. What?”
   “Does Brendon ever talk about me?” You asked sighing. Ryan threw his head back and cackled.
   “He never stops. It’s always ‘she’s so cute’ or ‘I think I love her’-” Ryan stopped when e saw your shocked expression. “What?” 
   “He said he loved me? Like, loved me?” You asked in bewilderment. Brendon had never said that to you.
   “Oh jeez was that something I wasn’t supposed to say?” Ryan said face palming.
    “No no no. We’ve just never said that to each other. Like ever. We haven’t even gone past third base.” You said practically yelling. Ryan giggled and you rolled your eyes. “Ha ha ha very funny. That was pretty TMI. Sorry.”
   “We should go in they’re probably waiting.” He said. You nodded in agreement and grabbed your stuff and silently headed to the door. Before you could even knock the door swung open and Brendon’s smiling face greeted you.
   “Bout time you two came in. Thought I’d lost my girl.” He said pulling you into a tight hug. Ryan threw his hands up defensively. 
   “Wouldn’t dream of it.” He said following you both inside. You headed to the kitchen to find Brent with a mouthful of Chinese food. You shook your head. 
   “Typical.” You said sarcastically. He stuck his tongue out reveal a mush of Chow Mein. You scoffed in disgusted and punched his shoulder. “You are absolutely disgusting.” You groaned opening the fridge and pulling out a half-empty pizza box. You opened it and got a slice of the cold cheese pizza. You put the box back and left Brent to his food. You expected to see Ryan and Brendon in the living room but they were nowhere in sight. You ventured down the hall and ate your pizza. You stopped outside of Brendon’s door to see it cracked open and the soft glow of the light cast their two shadows on the wall. Brendon was pacing and you could hear Ryan laughing.
   “Sorry. Well, I think you should wait till like 10 or something. Then I’ll make up and excuse for me ‘nd Brent to leave. And then I guess just go for it?” Ryan suggested. 
   “That works.” Brendon reply. They both stayed quiet for a few moments and you thought they were done until you heard Brendon speak up.
   “Ry I’m scared.”
   “Why? I’m sure the plan’ll work.” Ryan said cheerfully. You heard Brendon groan. 
   “You’re impossible. I’m scared because what if something goes wrong? Or-” Brendon asked quickly getting worked up.
    “Dude. Chill out. You know what they say. Ain’t nothin to it but to do it.” Ryan said trying to make him laugh. You heard Brendon chuckle.
   “Yeah I guess. We should go back out they’re probably wondering where we are.” Brendon said. That was your cue to race back down the hall as quick but as quietly as possible. You flung yourself on the couch next to Brent which startled him and brought his attention from the tv.
   “What the-”
   “Shhh! If they ask I was here the whole time.” You hissed. He raised his eyebrows but didn’t question it. He shook his head and looked back to the tv. You slowed your breathing as you heard the two pairs of footsteps approach. Brendon dropped down next to you and pulled you tight to his side.
   “What were you two up to?” You asked nonchalantly. Brendon and Ryan exchanged quick glances over your head and Brendon smiled.
   “Band stuff.” He said casually. He never lied to you. But he had this time. For a second you felt anger wash over to you. He just lied to you. But you quickly pushed that thought away and tried to push him further.
   “Without Brent?” You asked. 
   “It was just some chords we needed to fix.” Ryan said quickly. Now Ryan had lied. You grudgingly kept your mouth shut.
   “Oh. Well is it cool if I crash here tonight?” You said through gritted teeth. You wanted to play into his plan.
   “Of course.” He said kissing your forehead.
   As the night wore on debates were had, movies were watched and slowly but surely the clock struck ten. When the fateful chimes of the grandfather clock back down at the end of the hall rang out you tensed up. As if on cue, Ryan stood up from his spot in the worn armchair. He gave Brendon a knowing glance.
   “I think we should head home Brent I’m tired.” He said stretching. Brent yawned and nodded.
   “I guess we could leave. You two good?” He asked getting to his feet. 
   “Fine.” Brendon said a little too quickly. Brent raised his brows and shrugged.
   “Well, then we’ll see you tomorrow then.” Ryan said quickly pulling Brent towards the door. 
   “Yeah I guess-” Brent said as Ryan began pulling him out the door. You heard him ask ‘Why are you both being so weird?’ as the door shut. You and Brendon stared at each other for a moment before he cleared his throat.
   “I um…can I say something?” He asked meekly looking down at his hands. Something he only did when he was nervous. You nodded mortified of what he had to say. Was he breaking up with you? Did the whole jock thing really make him that mad? Is that why he made Brent and Ryan leave? So he wouldn’t embarrass you? “I love you.” He said quickly. You stared at him silently. You hadn’t anticipated this. Ryan had told you he’d said this but hearing the words knocked the wind out of you. They held so much more. 
   “I love you too.” You said without a second thought. He looked up in shock 
   “Really?” He asked. “Then I have a question.” He said. You grinned and nodded. “Let’s do it. Tonight. Go all the way I mean.” He said unsure You replied by smashing your lips to his. You took him by surprise and managed to push him down on his back. He chuckled and you pulled away.
   “I’d be glad to.” You said grinning. He beamed at you.
  “Then let’s take this to my room.” He said getting you both to your feet and practically dragging you down the hall. He slammed his door shut and in one swift movement you removed your shirt. Brendon’s gaze lingered on your chest and moved to your bruised forearm.
  “Are you sure you’re okay?” He asked reaching and touching the bruise gingerly. You nodded and chuckled.
  “Yes I’m fine.” You brought your hands up to cover yourself but he stopped you.
  “No sorry I’ve just been wanting this for so long I can’t believe this is happening I just want everything to be perfect.” He said finally stripping away his shirt.
  “Nothing’s happening yet dingus.” You said laughing. He grinned.
  “Not yet.” He said pushing you back on the bed and hovering over you. You stared into each others eyes for a moment and he leaned in for a slow kiss. You managed to rid yourself of your jeans and started to unbuckle Brendon’s. He pulled away and helped when he noticed you struggling. You both chuckled and Brendon kicked away his pants. The situation became crystal clear when you saw his straining erection and the slowly growing pool of precum gathering on the front of his boxers. Here you were, both almost naked. This was finally happening. You moved up to the headboard and he climbed between your legs.
  “Are you sure about this?” He asked dragging his fingers down your side making goosebumps arise. 
   “Hell yeah. Are you?” You asked noticing how visibly nervous he was.
   “Yeah. Yeah of course.” He said not moving. You giggled and pushed him back.
    “Then put on a condom.” You said. 
    “Condom. Yeah right. Hold on.” He said reaching for his bedside table. He pulled out the foil package and ripped it open. With shaky hands, he pulled off his boxers and rolled on the condom. You laid back down and he climbed over you again. He paused for a moment. Like he hadn’t even planned to get this far. You didn’t really know what to do either. After moments of hesitation, Brendon smiled and positioned himself between your legs. He ran his fingers down to your heat. 
   “God you’re so wet.” He purred trying to hide a grin. You outright cackled.
   “You don’t have to dirty talk.” You said giggling. He eased slightly. 
   “Thank god I wouldn’t have even known what to say in all honestly.” He said laughing. You smiled and pulled him closer to you.
    “I love you.” You whispered. That was all the encouragement he needed to slowly slide into you. You winced and tried your best to suppress a cry of pain.
   “W..wait please.” You said taking a deep breath and gripping his shoulders tightly. The look of pain must have read easily on your face because Brendon stopped.
   “Did I hurt you? Do you want me to stop?” He asked frantically. You shook your head no.
   “Just give me a second.” You said calmly. After a few seconds, the burning pain subsided into an unfamiliar pleasure as you adjusted to his size. “Okay go.” You said. He started with slow, unsure thrusts. You could tell by the pure look of concentration he was trying to hold back. “You can go faster I’m fine.” You said reassuringly. He nodded and started faster. But yet they were still awkward and uncomfortable You put your hand on his chest and stopped him.
   “You need to loosen up B.” You said softly.
   “Okay okay. Sorry.” He said adjusting his position. He became visibly more relaxed and his thrusts became faster and less stalled. The feeling was so amazing you could suppress your moans.
   “Oh god Brendon.” You moaned clawing at his back. He couldn’t help but smile pridefully at you. 
   “You’re so hot.” He groaned leaning down to suck and bite at your exposed neck. You could only moan in response. The awkward tension began to evaporate as Brendon kept hitting a particular spot that made your eyes roll back and your toes curl.
   “Y/n.” Brendon moaned.
   “Me too.” You breathed out tangling your hands in his hair. You felt like you were going to explode. Then a feeling of absolute bliss and euphoria encompassed your entire body. “BRENDON!” You screamed as you felt a wave of pure pleasure wash over you.
   “F-fuck. Oh god, y/n.” Brendon groaned as he came. You both panted heavily as you came down from your highs. Brendon let out one last harsh breath and got up and threw away the condom. He returned and laid down next to you. You both stayed quiet as you caught your breaths. You stared up at the ceiling and closed your eyes. 
   “Y/n?” Brendon asked quietly. 
   “Yeah Brendon?” You asked turning to look at him. He turned over and smiled.
   “I love you.” He said. You grinned and leaned closer to him and planted a soft kiss on his lips.
   “I love you too.” After that, there was a long silence. Then Brendon cleared his throat.
    “Are we just gonna sleep…like…naked together?” He stuttered. You laughed and sat up. 
   “Oh yeah. I forgot.” You said rolling out of bed. You went to his dresser and pulled out two pairs of his boxers and on your way back you picked up your bra. You tossed him one pair and slid on the other. You put on your bra and hit the light switch. You walked over to the window and opened the curtains to reveal a full, vibrant moon while he got decent. You jumped back into bed and laid your head on his chest. 
   “I’m so tired. Goodnight Brendon.” You said pulling the blanket over the both of you. He wrapped his arm around you.
   “Goodnight baby.” He said kissing your forehead. He softly ran his fingers up and down your arm. He stopped just above the bruise and sighed.
   “Are you sure you’re fine? I can go get you an ice pack.” He said shifting to get up. You pressed yourself firmly against him and pinned him to the bed.
   “No Brendon. I’m perfectly fine. Please relax.” You both laid there in the dark until he spoke up again.
   “Was it good? Like did I do well?” He asked. You sighed and rolled your eyes playfully.
   “It was perfect. Now please let me sleep I’m so tired.” You said grinning. You waited for him to speak again but the sound of his soft open mouthed snores assured you he was done. You closed your eyes and the sleepiness from tonight’s activities lulled you to bed.