stacey hale


Summary: the reader is awoken in the middle of the night to a false fire alarm and is stuck outside her apartment building for a little while with her new, mysterious neighbor, Derek Hale

Note: I am extremely sorry for not posting! I’ve been having a bit of a hectic two months. I’m hoping to start updating this account more frequently and possibly start another writing account on the side for other fandoms once I get back on my feet again. Thank you to everyone who has sent me nice asks and fan mail complimenting my writing and asking how I am. You guys have literally made everything so much more bearable xoxo

“We don’t know what tripped the alarm, but there’s apparently no fire.” Mr. Stromm hesitantly reported, “We’re still waiting on the fire department to get here. We cannot re-enter the building until they’ve cleared it.”

 “Awesome.” I grumbled quietly. No one took any notice of me; they were all too busy voicing their own complaints. I didn’t blame them. It was around two in the morning, butt-cold, and most of us have work in a few hours. This was the kind of set-back no one wanted on a Monday.  

Sighing, I plopped down on the cement curb. The chill bit my tender skin, but the tree behind me provided shelter from the wind. I could tolerate it for a few minutes.

 A tall figure sat down to my right. Studying my chipped toe nail polish, I murmured, “This sucks.”

 I didn’t expect an answer. So when a gruff voice responded, “I’ve had far worse Mondays.” I sat up straighter. Cautiously, I tucked a strand of hair behind my ear as I glanced over at my new companion.

 He was the new guy down the hall from me that had moved in a few weeks ago. My friend Stacey lived directly across from him, and had told me all about him over lunch the other day.

 “His name is Derek Hale,” she had revealed. “He’s from some small town called Beacon Hills.”

“How do you know all this?” I asked her. He didn’t seem like the type to fall for Stacey’s fake charm.

“The mailman accidentally gave me his mail, so I searched his name on Facebook.” She said it as if it were the obvious thing to do, as if she were proud. Then she sighed and propped her head on her hand. “He’s so dreamy.”

Stacey was right. Derek Hale was dreamy- if that was how you wanted to put it. I had my doubts at first, being that I had only had one look of him before now, and he had been scowling then. But now, under the street lights, I could see his brilliant eyes for the first time. Were they green? Hazel? I couldn’t tell. Derek Hale’s eyes were a kaleidoscope of woodsy colors.

 His dark hair looked as though he had run his fingers through it several times, and his five o’clock shadow was extremely pronounced.  He had a decent build. I tried not to look too terribly long, as he was in his boxers.

 That’s when I remembered that I was only in panties and a thin camisole. I hugged my knees closer to my body as I asked, “Why do you say that?”
Derek gave me a look that clearly said ‘duh.’ “Because I’ve had worse Mondays.”

 “Oh.” Was my thought-provoking response. Cheeks burning, I quickly adverted my gaze from him. I felt like an idiot. Hell, he probably thought that I was an idiot. Oh well. It wouldn’t matter in a little while. We would go back inside when the apartment was deemed ‘safe,’ and I would more than likely never speak to him again. I doubted this insignificant conversation would cause him to want to get to know me.

 “What’s your name?”

 Confused, I squinted at Derek Hale. “Y/N.”

 He hummed under his breath as he nodded his head in acknowledgment. “Derek.”

 I nodded too, and then added, “You’re new, right?” It was obvious and stupid for me to say, but it was my pathetic attempt at continuing the conversation.

 “Yes,” he licked over his lips. “I just moved in on the second.”

 “How do you like it so far?” I sent him a kind smile.

 Derek Hale smirked as he admired the building. He brought his attention back to me and remarked, “It’s promising.”

His answer was strange, but I didn’t question it. I felt like it had some sort of deeper meaning that I wasn’t supposed to know about. “That’s good.”

“Y/N?” I liked the way he said my name. “Do you know any good restaurants in town?”

 “Yeah,” I admitted. “There’s a few…”  If I were Stacey, I’d ask him if he had a girl. But I’m not bold, so I didn’t ask why he wanted to know about decent restaurants at two in the morning.

“Good.” Derek Hale stood up. It was then I noticed that many people were re-entering the building. “Because I would like to take you out to dinner.”

 “You… what?”

 Derek Hale looked at me in such a way that I no longer felt the cold. “I would like to take you to dinner.” He stated very clearly.

 “Oh.” I tucked the same strand of hair behind my ear once again. “Then I would like to accompany you to dinner.”

He flashed his white teeth. “Great.”