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Pop punk problem #30
  • Trying to sleep the night before a gig is like a kid trying to sleep on Christmas eve.

Megacon Friday Photos (part ½) (Part 2)

all of you lovely people were freaking amazing! Friday was amazing and i’m almost out of business cards. Thank you all for the freaking awesome response to my Steve cosplay! You all are awesome (if you see yourself in these photos or someone you know, let me know so i can tag them!)

Vivi - spoopyvaporeon
Lewis - vmprsm
Gogo - cosplaywithteaj
Evil Queen - steelrosesandburntwings
Korra and Friends - livelifetolovesomeone

5479. In an alternate universe, Starfire became leader of the Titans after the death of Nightwing. When Spider-Man lost his girlfriend Gwen Stacey to the Green Goblin, he was driven mad with grief; this allowed the Tribunal to take over him and make him into a Revenant, one of their cybernetic enforcers. Spider-Man was sent to destroy the Titans, which now comprises of Starfire, Cyborg, Beast Boy, Raven, and their three new members: Alphonse, a wise alchemist trapped in a suit of armor; Elsa, a sorceress queen wielding ice magicks; and Josuke, a martial artist who can manifest his soul into a powerful warrior called Crazy Diamond.

Submitted by modredrum