stacey cook

okay but hear me out… a marvel ‘couples come dine with me’ au.

natasha romanoff and clint barton: cook fairly basic but really nice meals- clint has a great way with handling herbs and spices that always seem to border on perfect. nat is always impressed with how clint manages to find the perfect seasoning, and in turn, clint never fails to be amazed by nat’s spot-on souffles. 

pepper potts and tony stark: tony wants something extravagant as always but doesn’t know the first thing about cooking. pepper does most of the cooking whilst tony’s in the background like “i can do this pepps, please let me do something”. “Fine, you can help with some of the pudding”. “how much of the pudding?”. “12%”.

peter parker and gwen stacey: cook homely meals like cottage pie, and homemade chocolate ice-cream (“Sorry it’s not a chocolate house, Gwen”) and make a complete mess of the kitchen in the process, and in all the behind the scenes they’re just really cutesy like feeding each other tasters off the spoon. peter ends up spitting some out because he burns his tongue. 

charles xavier and erik lehnsherr: they’re fluid with each other around the kitchen, in perfect sync. charles is sometimes too small to reach pots and pans so erik fetches them for him aand kisses him on the cheek before continuing to make some fancy dish that charles wrangled from the cooks whilst erik adds small touches from what he remembers about his mother’s cooking

bucky barnes and steve rogers: they make all the old-time dishes from back in their time. steve recalls cooking for bucky when they lived together and the food he likes; bucky is a disaster in the kitchen and it takes five broken plates, a melted spatula, three small fires, and a “BUCKY STAY AWAY FROM THE MICROWAVE” before they emerge from the kitchen with their undoubtedly scrummy meals

the only problem is: who would win?