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“The Choice Is Yours” - Brooke Cheek, Metropolitan Dance Center, teen contemporary solo, Showstopper Northern Finals, Sandusky OH, June 2017
★ Choreography by Stacey Tookey
A Glacier ~ Peter Broderick


Craig’s dad returns, JT’s hot for teacher…

Degrassi: The Next Generation season two is now on !

I am a (somewhat bad) Artist!

Remember a few hours ago when I said I was working on something?




So, I saw asimlishpixel’s sprite edit of Bonnie, and I was like

“damn that’s cool”

and then I was like

“hey, you know what would also be cool?”

“Making pixel art for everyone”

And so many hours later (seriously, I started this at like 10am and it’s now almost 8pm (granted I did take quite a lot of breaks lmao)) it’s done! Everyone! Pixels!

You can probably see that some went better than others


I don’t really like how I display how many students are remaining, so I’m gonna switch to using these li’l guys and like in the game how they’re coloured in pink/black when they’re dead and there’s like a little pixelated counter underneath (I’m specifically thinking of the second game, partly because that one’s cooler) so I’ll do that… Some day. Not today, I’ve done a lot today


“How can you be so sure?” Melissa asked, looking over at Stacey. “I mean, if she was acting weirdly, could she not have been the real Masae?”

“There is the possibility, but according to the MonoKuma file, the only person who could have pulled off Masae convincingly enough was long gone.” Stacey shut down that theory pretty quickly. “No one else could do it as well. I mean, sure you’re the Ultimate Illusionist but…” Stacey trailed off, glancing over at Mikey.

The blood on the first-floor corridor scared those who weren’t expecting it. “Woah! Where’d all this blood come from?!” Melissa asked, startled.

“I don’t know, there’s got to be some clues behind it somewhere. If I had to guess, I’d say the killer did it.” Elettra mumbled, dodging out of the way so she didn’t step in it. It was disgusting and creepy that it was suddenly all over the floor. Where did it even come from?!

anonymous asked:

Did you have any ideas for Alternate Executions for victims that didn't get to happen?


*whispers to self* act casual liv act casual

*leans casually on a wall* Hahahaha hey, what up? Thanks for stopping by gosh so many people want to ask me stuff hahahaha

You know, it’s kinda funny because I’ve thought a lot about DRSE alternative stuff (like who would be friends and who wouldn’t be), but I’ve actually not thought too far about this. I’ve thought of a few so I’ll list them below a read more tag thing and come up with some on the spot too.

because i’m not very creative, there are partial spoilers below the tag (also referencing original executions. I don’t mention many names specifically, at least to do with cannon game executions)

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Noma East Village Walkup

Stacey Brook imagines a twelve-course meal using ingredients foraged from her New York City studio apartment:

Course One: Freshly uncanned tuna on a rehydrated cracker.

Using one of the apartment’s most plentiful resources, our chefs will infuse a serving of (dolphin-safe) Chicken of the Sea with Hellman’s reduced-fat mayonnaise. A small dollop of this mixture will be served  on a stale cracker revived in a flash bath of New York’s finest tap water. A simple amuse-bouche to open the palette and set expectations low.

Illustration by Roman Muradov