stacey battat
5 Behind-the-Scenes Secrets of The Beguiled From Costume Designer Stacey Battat
Colin Farrell's pants caused a lot more problems than any of the actresses' frilly dresses.

McBurney’s pants were more complicated to put together than any of the women’s dresses. “There were probably 10 pairs of Colin’s pants,” says Battat. “There were three pairs of [the ones Miss Martha] cut off. Then there’s the pair that he shows up in that’s sewn together, because they mend his uniform when he comes to dinner. Then they get cut again. Then he is one-legged. So Colin had a lot of pants! When Colin came for a fitting, we talked about which leg he felt more comfortable with being the one that would eventually get cut off. [Ager and dyer Julia Gombert] put the holes in the pants, then put some paint on just as a preliminary distress. We wanted the blood to look wet, so we added additional blood and dirt on set right before he shot it. Colin also kept his leg folded up [during shooting]; we folded it up with a contraption that tied around his waist and hooked around his foot. It was my first time making something like that. You’re like, ‘Oh, I never thought I’d be making a rig to hold up someone’s leg, but here I am.’”

Colin also had special green-screen leg warmers in case the leg had to be digitally removed. “I made him these socks out of CGI material,” explains Battat. “There’s the CGI green and the CGI blue, and then there was a black one. The idea was that when we figured out what we were doing, we would switch out the sock in case we needed to have his leg down. There was a lot of 'We’re shooting outside, is the green too complicated to remove?’ We had all three colors, but in the end, he just had his leg tied up.”