Tokyo Ghoul Re: Chapter 40: “Morau” Raw Text Translation

Chapter 40: Morau (Cover)

Sasaki’s squad are walking in a car park at night

Urie?: I wonder how the other group’s search is progressing?

Sasaki?: I don’t think it will be a lot of work. Since the video went live, the ghouls have also been cautious.

Shirazu: So like, is Kijima-san just waiting to get attacked?

Suddenly a masked person appears in front of them. It’s Kanae.

Urie: …! That guy… he was at the auction-

Suddenly, Kanae runs off. Urie and Shirazu chase him.

Sasaki: …! Urie-kun! Shirazu-kunnn!


From the rooftop, four figures can be seen.

Figure A: So the young master has made his move.
Figure B: We should go now too.


Shirazu: *heavy breathing* I’m gonna catch him!

They appear of have moved up the multi-level parking lot, and stop.

Urie: (The perfect time to test my new skills)

He approaches Kanae.

Kanae: Hmmph (he came after all) (saved by that idiot) Are you okay without your babysitter? (Borg! (Pigs!))

He attacks with his sharp kagune, and dodges Shirazu’s attack.

Kanae: (Alright, let’s see how these guys work)


Back with Sasaki’s group.

Mutsuki: Sensei, I’m sure that guy is…
Sasaki: One that we fought at the auction. The one who saved him is a member of Roze, so he probably is too…

They are following after Urie and Shirazu, but haven’t caught up. Then, two ghouls appear.

Hooguro: Is this them?

Sasaki: …..!?

Hooguro: Look, Shousei.

Sasaki’s group: ….! (White suits…)

Hooguro: -the heck? Is this it? Is this all of them? And to think we called Torutoru and Little Bin out here.
Shousei: Hooguro, this is a very important job to us. Even over-preparing is just fine.

Hooguro/Shousei?: In place of Naki Aniki, we will do this without fail! (they crack their fingers and attack)

Saiko: Maman…

Mutsuki: It’s okay, sensei will handle it. We should go help Shirazu’s team…!

Torso:: Tooru… you came.

Torso suddenly appears and Mutsuki and Saiko stop.

Torso: Long time no see. Huh, did you change you hair style? It’s so cute, it really suits you. Very nice. Do you want to go for a drive with me? Driving is fun…

Mutsuki: Saiko-chan… (Saiko crouches behind Mutsuki) Go hide somewhere! (He takes out his two quinques)

Torso: Not again, Tooru…. huh? Tooru? (Something seems different to before. They are strong… no,  they became strong?)

Mutsuki’s attack continues, and he appears much better at fighting than before. We see what Torso is thinking throughout the attack.

Torso: (Ahh, so good, so good! My Tooru is definitly the best! After recovering their strength, I want to make them into a “Still Life”. Ah, we are bound together by knife-play? Oh, even that arouses me more! Good, Tooru, lets become more connected! Stab stab stab stab STABSTABSTABSTABSTABSTAB)

Someone interrupts the battle and appears to have come to save Torso. They easily dodge Mutsuki’s attacks.

Mutsuki: (That’s not… a kagune!? That’s a… quinque!?)

Hakatori: Are you okay, Torso-san?

Mutsuki: (Just as sensei said…)

Narration: “Yes, it’s a trap…”


The scene changes to a flashback of Kanae’s deal with Aogiri. The members are introduced.

Yamori Clan: Shousei and Hooguro
Tatara’s direct subordinate: Hakatori
Driver: Torso

Kanae shows them a picture of the 4 investigators he wants killed.

Hooguro: Four Doves hmm… what about Shikorae?

Shousei: … we don’t need him. His pace is crazy.

The ghoul Hooguro is holding the wad of cash from Kanae.

Hooguro: (Is this all of it… who is this nouvaeu riche guy?) Won’t you pay more? Aogiri’s fighting power isn’t cheap you know. (I’m gonna try to wring more out of him)

Kanae: Don’t say such stupid things

Kanae: This is just an advance. I’ll pay you the same amount for each Dove that you kill. (Shuu-sama, Kanae will make the time that you need. Kill the Qs!)


Back with Urie and Shirazu fighting Kanae.

Shirazu starts the attack with his ukaku attack, which Kanae dodges. Urie moves in closer. In the middle of this, Kanae’s rinkaku kagune cuts off Shirazu’s kagune at the base.

Shirazu: (He fucking pin-pointed my kakuhou! Now I can’t use my kagune!)

Urie: What the fuck are you doing you blockhead? (Use your fucking Quinque!)

Shirazu: Oh yes… my quinque…

However, as soon as Shirazu goes to open the quinque case, Nutcracker’s phantom appears and torments him so that he can’t continue what he’s doing..

Urie: !? (What a useless team leader!!) Trash!! (No wait, shit!!) (Fuck Shirazu, I’m gonna exterminate him by myself!!)

Kanae: What the FUCK?

He attacks Kanae strongly, which surprises both Kanae and Shirazu.

Urie: (Did I miss? Don’t think I’m the same as before)

Kanae: (Each hit is so strong! How can he have improved so much in just half a year!?)

Urie’s attack continues, and as Kanae brings his arms up to guard himself from the quinque, he slashes across both and grabs him strongly around the neck with his right hand.

Urie: (I’m gonna break his neck)


Next they show a map of where everyone is.

2F Sasaki and the White Suits
3-4F Mutsuki and Hakatori
5F Urie, Shirazu and Kanae
Behind the building: Saiko

Saiko: Although I was told to hide… When should I leave I wonder… Is Mucchan really okay by himself… but Saiko would probably only get in his way. Everyone would be happier if I just stay here… Ah, but I should still move soon…

Suddenly, a ghoul appears at point-blank range in front of her.

Shikorae: Wow.

Saiko: … Oh?