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the-dandy-cowboy  asked:

I love the video clips of your (?) horses in their pasture. I've been conditioned to believe that pastures should not have any water in them (the horses will drown themselves) or trees (they'll injure themselves on branches) or any plants other than grass (they'll poison themselves). How true is this?

Thanks!  I love watching them move around too.  This is an interesting question.  I know a lot of people probably struggle with this, and I guess it’s a legitimate concern.  Technically speaking it’s not untrue that they can hurt themselves.  But I think the biggest problem isn’t that they’ll hurt themselves, it’s that we don’t give them enough credit for their capacity to learn from their mistakes.  So instead we bubble wrap them so that nothing ever hurts them, they start to believe they’re invincible, and then when they do go out they kill themselves.  

Horses are incredibly fast learners.  But in order to learn at all they must be given the opportunity to do so.

This is going to be a novel and I’m precoffee so it’ll likely be a ramble:

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