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Why Regina is wearing pink this season? We need to remember pink is the color of love. Regina really is the love in the narrative, in season 5B Zelena said the heart in the time spell was for love. And we thought all this time Reginas color was purple( we know she loves Black, but I mean her true color) bc of her magic. Also she wears a lot of blue and red, the colors what makes purple.

But so in season 5, we have this:

And now:

So her color is pink close to purple? Or is it that her love is pink? We all know Regina is bisexual, right?

We saw her with the nurse:

With Emma:

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With Mal:

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So the bisexual colors, look to this.

The pink is for woman, means the person loves women, and the blue is for man, means the person loves men, so she become purple bc loves both. You got it? So we start with Daniel, Reginas first love:

His color was blue, and so Regina did wear blue bc she loved him.

Bc she was in love with a man. And so we have Mal.

Who Regina loved too. Pink/red/purple, Regina crossed the line with Mal.

When Regina met her, Regina was wearing this:

And so in season 5 Regina wanted to save Emma, so she get all this pink things, in season 6 we saw Regina turn into prince to save Emma. Princess Emma who was wearing:

A super pink cute dress. So Regina is really bi and into blondes :P. Shes using pink bc shes loving a woman. In neverland arc, season 3a, Regina wears this:

Look to our bisexual queen.

And in season 3B she wears this:

But i was why the two colors?Right she bisexual, but so we have this:

Yeah this is Emma as Daniel. She must have realized she loves Emma the same way she loved Daniel.

And so in season 4 and 5 Regina wear yellow whats Emmas color.

She likes yellow, okay? And also Regina did wear red while she tried to save Emma in season 5.

Whats Emmas color too.

And now:

And people can be like this means nothing. Fine, but what about this?

This is the portal to Cupid’s realms, the portal Evil goes through. Cupid’s realm is the realm of love, just look to this, purple, blue, pink, red and yellow. The big colors are pink blue and purple. Come on.

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Also this season we have this:

The Queen in the promo using the two moons, the two moons  is a bisexual symbol too.

And also we get Emma doing the colors with her magic in season 4 after she accepts her magic, if Regina uses Emmas color, or the colors of the people she loves, and magic is emotion, this must means Emma did accept her feelings for someone, a bisexual person.

Maybe you think this is all bullshit, but i think Regina can show us the truth:

While we talk about teen actors being used for flashbacks in Once…

Imagine how much more heart wrenching Daniel’s murder would’ve been if he had been portrayed as a teen. I love Noah, don’t get me wrong.

But watching Cora rip the heart out of a kid, crushing it so her equally young daughter could marry an old man…the scene already hurts, but the possibilities.

Under the Floorboards {OQ}

My wildcard for @oqfixitweek day 5. This fic is based off an episode of Jane the Virgin where she tries to find a letter from her husband after he died. I thought it might be fitting for OQ. I hope you enjoy it.

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Honestly, there was nothing Robin loved more than listening to a good storm. He didn’t know how it started but ever since he was a child nothing had relaxed him more than the sound of rain pattering against his windows, wind howling through the air and lightning slashing through the dark sky. His mother said he was only three when he sat through his first big storm. She thought he was going to be afraid but he’d just pulled a chair up next to the window and watched in awe as the wind and rain tore through their neighborhood. Sadly, this love of mother nature’s dark side didn’t pass along to his son.

A storm was blasting outside the Locksley home that night. It rolled with thunder and flashed with lightning. Robin stoked a warm fire while his son watched from the sofa, swaddled in blankets as he trembled, warily, at the sounds outside their door. Eyes trained on the window, he asked, for the fifth time that night, “But papa what if the glass breaks?”

Robin bit back a chuckle.

“The windows aren’t going to break, sweetheart,” he kindly reassured him. He turned to his son with a sympathetic smile. “I promise they’re just as solid as you or me.”

Another flash of lightning lit up the sky and Roland covered his eyes, scared. “I miss our old house,” he mumbled.

Robin’s heart clenched. He’d forgotten that this was Roland’s first storm in their new home. Perhaps that why he was so anxious.

Sitting next to him on the sofa, Robin rubs his son’s shoulders through his blankets. “Hey, why don’t we drown out all this noise with some music?”

Roland looks up at him with his wide brown eyes. “Can I listen to mama’s songs again?”

Robin smiled at him. “Of course you can. Always.”

Sighing, he pulled out his iphone and clicked on the music app. He taps into his favorites and there they are. Roland’s Lullabies. Helping his son get situated with the headphones, he taps play, pleased to see a satisfied smile appear on Roland’s face. Just as it always does when he listens to his mother’s voice.
They weren’t high quality. Not all. They were rapsy, short little ditties that she’d recorded on her phone in the solitude of their old bathroom. He still remembers the day he found her doing it. Roland was barely three months old and she was about to leave for a two day trip the next morning. He’d thought she was overreacting, the way she vehemently claimed there was no way their son would be able to sleep without the sound of her voice next to his ear. Oh how wrong he’d been. Those lullabies had been a godsend then and now. Especially now.

His son is five years old and those lullabies are all that he has of his mother’s voice.

Roland starts to softly sing along with her and Robin smiles as he leans back into the sofa, with his arm still around his son’s shoulders.

“…you are my sunshine, my only sunshine, you make me happy when skies are gray…”

God, he misses her voice. She used to sing through everything. Through the mornings and the nights. The car rides and the walks. The good times and the bad. He could depend on her voice through it all. In a way, he supposed he still could.

Sighing, he listens to the sound of the rain against his windows. Its steady pitter-patter calming him from inside out. Even with the thunder and the lightning it still brings him serenity.

Looking around the room he finds himself pleased. It’s been four months since they moved in and the new house was finally starting to look like a home. Pictures were hung, walls were painted. It was starting to feel less like a stranger’s place and more like his own every day.

This was right move, he told himself. A fresh start away from all the sadness. It was exactly what they’d needed.

Thunder rumbled outside, shaking the windows. Roland covered his ears and curled further into father’s side. Robin pressed a kiss to the top of his head and rubbed his shoulders comfortingly.

“It’s just thunder, sweetheart,” he says. “There’s no need to be afraid.”


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A Better Place

- My first entry for @oqpromptparty
- Regina and Robin go look for Daniel’s grave and they happen to find both his and Marian’s stone. Both tipped over and Regina and Robin share an emotional moment.

Her heart is thumping hard in her chest, so hard she’s surprised he can’t hear it as they walk side by side through the graveyard. She passes her father’s stone, managing the smallest of smiles at the sight of it broken in two and laying flat on the grass - she’s sure her mother’s looks just the same but she pushes that thought from her mind, she’s said her goodbyes to her parents - startling a little when Robin’s hand catches hers and he squeezes reassuringly at her fingers.

There are three possible outcomes to this and she’s not quite sure which it is that she’s hoping for.

Still, she walks on with Robin by her side, her frown deepening with every cracked stone that they come across. From what they’ve seen so far, she’s not quite sure she has the strength of imagination to even begin to think of a place worse than this. She feels as though she hasn’t taken a proper breath since they’d arrived here and though they were all practically dead on their feet - no pun intended in the slightest - sleep was a mere memory at this point.

The air tastes of ash and she’s never quite hot enough nor is she ever cool enough. It’s an awful humidity that has the hairs on her arms standing up constantly. She cannot wait until they are able to get out of here to the sweet relief of home.

Robin’s gasp pulls her from her thoughts, has her wide-eyed and nauseas as she whips her head around to find his eyeline. Her stomach flips as he pulls her towards the stone, eyes tracing over the block capitals of Marian’s name. It’s broken cleanly in two and laying on a patch of grass.

His fingers slip from hers only when he reaches the stone and leans down to touch the harsh lettering. There are tears shining in his eyes but a gentle smile curling his lips when he lifts his hand to press a kiss to his fingertips before pressing them to the stone once more and standing.

She watches the deep breath he inhales, his eyes closing and head tipping back to bare his face to the faux Underbrooke sky as he takes another long moment.

He’s had to say goodbye to Marian so many times - too many times.

Regina holds out a gloved hand when he begins making his way back to her, swiping away a stray tear and returning her sympathetic smile as he catches her hand once more.

“You okay?”

He nods, “She’s at peace.” He leans in to press a quick peck - more for comfort she thinks - to her lips and entwines their fingers before he tilts his head and encourages her forward.

Her heart is thumping harder the further they move through the graveyard, her eyes blearily scanning each new headstone they come across until all breath is pulled from her lungs and she lets loose an almost inhuman sound of grief because there it is…

Daniel Colter

It’s just as simple as Marian’s was and it to is laying flat on the ground, broken clean in two from the bottom but her fingers tremble as she slips from Robin’s grip and moves to kneel beside the stone, tracing her finger along the great crack that runs diagonally through it.

She isn’t sure how long he leaves her to cry for but she finds she’s grateful both for the space and for his instinct to comfort when Robin comes to kneel beside her with a palm curled around her shoulder.

“He was in so much pain,” she whispers, shaking her head as tear drops dampen the hard stone and her chin trembles.

She’d told Robin of Daniel’s resurrection once before, when he’d spoken of the pain of seeing Marian again to find out it never truly had been her and he’d listened greedily, desperate to share that hurt so she’s unsurprised he remembers when he replies, “But you set him free, Regina.”

She nods. It still hurts to see the effect Whale had on her first love but she finds comfort in the knowledge that he’s gone on to a better place now and that, perhaps, she had something of a hand in that.