• Captain Swan: *are given development that keeps their fans happy*
  • Snowing:
  • Captain Swan: *have several scenes over multiple episodes showing them in love*
  • Rumbelle:
  • Captain Swan: *are canon*
  • Swan Queen:
  • Captain Swan: *are both alive*
  • Outlaw Queen:
  • Swanfire:
  • Gremma:
  • Stable Queen:
  • Captain Swan: Why do the writers hate Captain Swan so much??

New video is up! It’s Regina’s story set to “Not The Villain” by S. J. Tucker (as requested very persistently by @freifraufischer ;)).

It has a little bit of everything including Regal Believer, Outlaw Queen, Swan Queen, Snow Queen, Stable Queen, etc. Just all the ships basically!

riverregal  asked:

Because I am mildly sadistic at times, for the drabble meme ask thingamobobish thing, Regina and Wanweird.

Thanks everyone! If you want to send me any, the full words list can be found here.

I’m mildly masochistic, so I’ll happily oblige.

Wanweird (n.)- An unhappy fate

Once upon a time, there lived a girl named Regina. She enjoyed riding horses and playing in the vast estate. Her mother disapproved, calling these pursuits unladylike, and each time she was caught, Regina would suffer. Their world had magic, and so each night before she went to bed, Regina would say a whispered prayer to the fairies, wishing fervently that they would rescue her from this suffering. No one heard her. Maybe she didn’t deserve to be rescued.

One day, the stable boy caught her eye when from the corner of her eye she saw him feeding sugar cubes to the horses and stroking their manes kindly. His blue eyes sparkled when he realized she was watching him. Her brown eyes lit up when she realized he felt the same way.

Regina found love with Daniel; moments of reprieve from her mother’s endless tyranny, stolen kisses under the tree on the hill and minutes lingered in the stables after her lessons had concluded. He had loved her, and Regina knew then that true love was happiness. Maybe she deserved this after all.

A scream tore through the air as a young girl bounded through the meadow on a spooked horse. Regina grabbed her without a second thought, reassuring her after seeing the fear in her eyes. The girl hugged her eagerly, thanking her for saving her life. Perhaps Mother was wrong. Perhaps Regina was good.

Daniel promised to give her his life and was forced to give it immediately. Regina wondered why her happiness was not allowed to last. Maybe she didn’t deserve a happy ending.

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