The one thing that always makes me sad is that Daniel went to heaven because he didn’t have unfinished business. Regina took his advice and loved again, so there was no need to wait for her.

And then they killed off Robin.

CSers can be happy all they want but I’m not impressed at all. Like at all. They keep screaming about how they waited “years” and it’s finally happening, but Emma and Hook’s relationship is built on vanity, absolute vanity. Kissing, and cuddling, happy glances and saying “I love you” over and over and it’s not…

Remember when Snow had to lie to Charming? Or when they said “I will always find you?” for the first time after Snow got her memory back. How she said, “you found me,” after the curse broke? Meeting up to read books?

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How Neal and Emma stole a freakin car and joked about it, wanted to find Tallahassee? How he wanted her to be happy regardless? Him giving her that charm?

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Belle flirting with Rumple in the castle, talking with him, hugging him…flirting with him but in a way where Rumple was a little nerd about it? Sassing each other? Him getting her a library, teaching her about ketchup?

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Red and Frankenstein having that heart to heart about being monsters? Or more recently Red calling Dorothy “Kansas” as a nickname?

Grumpy and Nova wanting to give up everything to be together? But not in a desperate way? 

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It seems like….every other couple on this show, hasn’t had to prove their love. Not Emma and Neal, not Regina and Daniel, not Rumple and Belle (she may have told him it was true love when she first kissed him, but she wanted to know if he loved HER) not Emma and Regina, not Grumpy and Nova, not Snow and David. And I know I’m leaving out plenty of other couples, but my point is NO other couple has been pushed as hard as Captain Swan, and no other couples have had to prove to THEMSELVES that they were true love. Loving each other was enough. They didn’t have to prove it by kissing every episode, they didn’t have to prove it by staring at each other, they didn’t have to prove it by constantly shoving their love in everyone’s faces, they just were. I didn’t have to be told, “yeah they’re true love alright” 

It seems cheap, like cheating. 

I don’t care if they plaster “Emma and Hook have True Love” on my TV screen every week, you haven’t shown me love. You’ve shown me googly eyes, and kisses, and desperation. 

I’m not gonna believe their true love, cause they’re really not, just because Adam and Eddy want me to believe they are.