stable dweller

On Red Eye

If there’s one thing I hate more than absolute evil, it’s wasted potential.

I know I should hate Red Eye. I should really hate him. But I can’t. I’ve tried. But it’s not in me to hate someone with good intentions. I can hate their results, hate the things they messed up on, but I can’t hate them.

The thing with Red Eye is that he was so different from anyone else. He knew what was wrong. He knew what to do to fix it. His methods were atrocious though. But even that he knew! He never pretended to be a “good guy”. Instead, he seemed to take Scootaloo’s idea of making yourself a villain to do the right thing to heart. He wanted the best for us. But he couldn’t put his faith in us, so instead he tried to turn the tables and convince us to put our faith in him…or else suffer under the lash. He sacrificed his morals in order to achieve what were arguably noble ends. And he admitted to it.

And then Littlepip came, and showed him an out. Yes, he played head games with her. But I think he really did admire her, and really did see her as a way to finish what he started without his own cruelty. He saw what he knew he should have been. And I think, by wanting to assimilate with her as the new God, he wanted her to cover his own sins with her goodness. By this point though, he had fallen too far, and the way he played with the Stable Dweller just made her an enemy instead of the ally he thought he found.

And that whole story is a tragedy to me. Red Eye could have done so much good for the Wasteland, and instead caused so much pain.

That said, he was right about Littlepip. She did complete his work, without resorting to his tactics to do it. And wherever his spirit went, I think he’s taking a certain level of smug satisfaction in that. Perhaps, he’s even teasing Autumn Leaf right now, or the Overmare of Stable 101, or anyone else that doubted him, and waving a hoof in their face and saying, “Didn’t I tell you she is something special?”