stabilo boss


biology, again…….. i’m trying to revise at least a chapter a day so that i can finally move on to chemistry whoop go me!!!! (๑˃̵ᴗ˂̵) ๑

also i was searching for some new highlighters to buy and i found mildliners (for the first time in my life omg lol) but they were expensive so i ended up buying these stabilo boss highlighters instead, they’re slightly cheaper c:


This is my one-page-summary for algebra!
Along with the pastel highlighters form stabillo boss that I bought for myself recently as a motivational gift for the exams!

(For those of you who look closely, the mildliners are not in the correct order, but I prefer them like that for my color codingsystem ☺️)

8.17 | some notes I took for my sociolinguistics class :)

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100 Days of Productivity {1/100} 

AP European History has been killing me with the summer homework assignment! We had to read “The Prince” by Machiavelli (pictured above) and complete a full chapter out of our textbook! Good thing I finished my AP Lang homework in July ;)  


August 27th, 2017

After a couple of extremely stressful weeks (end of Pediatrics rotation and final exam, first presentation of my masters degree project and the only presentation I have during the Ob/Gyn rotation) I am free!

Stiil have some homework and the final presentation of my project, plus a kind of shelf exam for a subject called ICB, but definitely I am more relaxed now. I have to manage my time very wisely so I can finish all of this on time and also take some time to go to the gym, read some non medical books and spend time with my family and friends.

One of my priorities for the rest of this 2017 is to start studying 1 hour everyday for the ENARM, which is the exam all med students in Mexico have to take in order to choose a speciality. Here is my schedule:

  • Mon, Wed, Fri, Sun: The Johns Hopkins Internal Medicine Board Review + Pocket Medicine.
  • Tue, Thu, Sat: First Aid for Step 1 + Crush Step 1.

And for Ob/Gyn I’ll be using Blueprints Ob/gyn + Case Files Ob/gyn.

I’ll try to post more often, at least once a week. I find it kind of difficult because I’m a bit of a perfectionist and I take too long, but I like the idea of keeping a record of my last years in med school (I wish I had done this since the beginig).

Here are some of my notes for my presentation on Physiology of contraction (or parturition). 

The New - Interpol


23.07.17: Stationary Shopping

I went out to get my new stationary over the last couple of weeks and I’ve finally collected (nearly) everything I’ll need for the fall term. I’ll still have to buy some squared notebooks, but the ones use are boring, plain old squared notebooks and they’re also not particularly pretty, so I’ll probably just buy them a few days into the semester..

The first thing I got were the Stabil Boss Pastel highlighters and they’re gorgeous. I had the Pilot Frixion ones last semester, but I don’t use them anymore since they dried out extremely fast and got lighter and lighter, until they were really hard to see on paper. 

I also got some gel ball point pens in various colors which I’ve grown very fond of. They’re not from any particular brand, I just got them in a french supermarket called Super U since they were really affordable. They write really smoothly and without ever drying or leaving drops of paint at the beginning of a letter, which is something really important for me in ballpoint pens.
I also got two 0.7mm Gel Point pens in black (only one’s in the pictures). They’re a little thick, as I should have anticipated, but they write really smooth and I like my handwriting with them, so I’m probably going to use them at some point.

The pink and grey notebook is also from Super U. It’s squared inside and otherwise some generic little notebook I’m gonna use to write myself a study guide for developmental psychology next semester. 

Lastly, I got a pink folder with a floral design and a big blue envelope with feathers on it to hold my notes before I put them into my big binder. Since I don’t use separate binders for every subject anymore that I carry around, I only take the notes I really need that day and keep them all in a folder. Keeps my bag lighter. :) 
The envelope will also hold printed journal articles, scripts or other stuff I’ll need. And it has a REALLY CUTE BUTTON to hold it closed! I LOVE IT!!! 

German Brands: STABILO Fineliners. Schwan-STABILO makes pens for writing, coloring & cosmetics as well as markers & highlighters for office use. It’s the world’s largest manufacturer of neon highlighters, named Stabilo Boss. The company was founded in Nürnberg in 1855 alongside other large German pencil manufacturers such as Staedtler and Faber-Castell as the area was surrounded by graphite and clay mines. In 1909 the Dermatograph cosmestic pen was created which was primarily used by surgeons and medical staff for marking skin. The company headquarters is in Heroldsberg. They have 3 production subsidiaries: in Weißenburg/Bavaria, in Johor Bahru/Malaysia, and in Český Krumlov/Czech Republic. You will probably be able to find them on your local Amazon.