The New Atomic Clock Will Be Accurate for 15 Billion Years

The world’s most accurate optical atomic clock is now three times more precise than it was a year ago, thanks to engineers and physicists at the National Institute of Standards and Technology and the University of Colorado’s JILA lab.

Said clock could keep time for 15 billion years, the approximate age of the universe, and be assured of never gaining or losing a second.

In terms of stability, or how close one tick matches the next tock, this is an improvement of about 50 percent over last year at this time, when the JILA clock set the previous world record. Now, the clock is capable of detecting shifts in gravitational effects—per relativity, gravity distorts time—that result from lifting it a mere two inches above the Earth’s surface.

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A U.S. Air Force A-10 Thunderbolt II pilot assigned to the 354th Expeditionary Fighter Squadron looks back from the cockpit of his aircraft before taxiing on the runway during a theater security package deployment at Campia Turzii, Romania, April 14, 2015. The aircraft will conduct training alongside NATO allies to strengthen interoperability and demonstrate U.S. commitment to the security and stability of Europe. (U.S. Air Force photo by Staff Sgt. Joe W. McFadden/Released)

confession:I really think police departments across this nation need to focus more on mental stability and make it a point for applicants to not only be physically capable but mentally stable as well..there are too many young people dying every day in situations that clearly could’ve been deescalated. If these people screening prospective students for academy focused more on whether or not these people can effectively assess a situation before jumping to conclusions and firing their weapon it would be night and day. These police departments have to do a better job with the screening process instead of giving out badges to every tom dick and harry with an affinity for dead bodies and an eager trigger finger. If these police academies focused more on critical thinking skills and how to relate to the people they serve daily you’d have a better rapport between cops and communities and a hell of a lot less dead men and women of color being buried before their time.

April 25th, 2015 Taurus Horoscope

There could be some wrestling with the fine balance between your personal goals or desires and the demands of your home life. As well, obligations to friends could come into play. If you feel something is holding you back from going after what you want, perhaps it’s wise to wait for a more confident time to go forward. This afternoon, smoother energy is with you. You’re more deliberate and decisive, and possibly quite grateful for time spent alone or with family. Stability is appreciated now.


So just had a legit panic attack in the middle of the library sitting here thinking about everything I have to do and how much time I don’t have. And the girl across from me kept giving me concerned “are you dying?” glances so I stumbled over to a secluded corner where I could freak out without freaking people out. Thirty seconds later she came around the corner and asked if I was okay, I tried to smile and nodded, unconvincingly as I sat there hyperventilating/shaking/sweating and she sat down next to me just kept telling me I was going to be okay and to just breathe with her and it was both horrifying (because talk about embarrassing) and wonderful because having someone else there actually made it a lot easier to calm down. Anyway after I became capable of coherent speech/thought I was mortified and she was just like “I would actually me more concerned about the emotional stability of someone who didn’t have that happen at least once in their grad school career” I laughed in spite of everything because like TRUE STORY and asked how she knew I was in Grad School to which she responded “Who else is sitting in the library surrounded by piles of research chugging coffee at 8:00 on a Saturday night?” So this chick managed to get me to laugh twice within 5 minutes of having a panic attack and I think she might be a Jedi.  So I guess this is making friends grad school style. Also definitive proof that Psych students are the best.


[In Development] Seafire FR.47 & Sea Fury FB 11

Today we will introduce to you two new vehicles, perhaps the most interesting aircraft that we are adding to the british tree in the upcoming “Weapons of Victory” update. A Seafire FR.47 with a unique “contra-rotating” propeller, which neutralizes the flow “swirl” effect which is present in other single-engine aircraft where stability and torque effect is not so critical. We’ll also show you a Sea Fury FB 11, which was one of the fastest production piston aircraft in existence.

Me in a text to a friend this morning after he told me that his new relationship is over:

“It just makes sad that everyone lets everyone go all the time. Precarity and chronic melancholy have made everyone emotionally inert and estranged. Now that all the previously stabilizing and organizing structures (however false, oppressive, manufactured, and unsustainable) have been eroded by late capitalism, we need to create internal structures of love, devotion, sustainability, and stability. Otherwise, we’re all doomed. Ok, will stop texting about all these serious things now.”

So much for spring, he wrote back. It’s true, so much for spring. But so much for spring (the idiom and the actual time) can also be turned around.

There is so much for spring.
Spring is so much.
Much can be made from spring.


I went to a training class today for emergency treatment and stabilization of injured wildlife today, and got to practice doing figure-eight wing wrapping on this gorgeous (dead) juvenile bald eagle!

dat schnoz doe

This poor boy has a rather sad story. He was brought to a vet’s office for some treatment or another. The staff, it seems, weren’t emotionally prepared to handle an eagle and were all terrified of him. So terrified that they wouldn’t come close enough to feed him or provide him with drinking water. For four days. He died in their “care”.

And in case anyone was wondering what eagle feathers feel like, the answer is soft. Insanely soft. Oh my god, I could not stop stroking his sweet head.

they are a melding of souls,
a mix of coherent thoughts and nonsense love,
nothing has to make sense here,
they defy all possibilities and build their own.

they are the signs of compassion and stability,
dreams and moonlit corridors,
it’s true that things are rough,
it’s true that it almost doesn’t matter.

these signs have endured too much together,
fallen too madly in love,
to do anything but stay together,
to stick it out.

you don’t love someone that much just to leave them.

they throw their efforts at each other,
wielding them like weapons,
find me a better way to do this,
help me make this work.

they love each other,
and when you love someone so much that breathing in,
tastes like their skin on your tongue and their scent in your bones,
when you love someone so much that they burrow into your bones?

you do not give up on them.

—  bump in the road; l.m.
Mod Organizer and Nexus Mod Manager (0.60 alpha build) users have no choice but to pirate paid mods if they want to manage them with MO and NMM properly

The biggest flaw in Steam’s Paid Mods is that Nexus Mod Manager users and Mod Organizer users have no choice but to pirate the mods in order to use them properly with mod managing tools.


Downloading mods from Steam installs them directly into the Data folder and leaves them unmanageable, something that advanced modders are NOT fond of (especially because of profiling) for many reasons (stability, compatibility, safe and manual updating, etc.) and is the main reason why NMM and MO users abandoned Steam Workshop and the Steam Launcher completely unless they wanted a specific mod that was only available on Steam Workshop. (e.g. Faction: Pit Fighter)

Previously MO and NMM users could just simply cut the mod’s files (e.g. .esm, .esp, .bsa and any other files in the texture folders, etc) out of the Data folder and package them into a .zip folder and then install the mod with those mod managing tools (Or let Mod Organizer do the job) and then unsubscribe from the mods on Steam Workshop to avoid the launcher from downloading and installing the mods again or unwillingly updating the mods without the user’s consent.

See: Gopher’s video on how to install Steam Workshop mods properly with Mod Organizer

But what about paid mods? You can’t just simply click “refund” after getting the mod files… That’s piracy!

The same process still applies, and works (This might change anytime soon), but now instead of hitting the “unsubscribe” button, people have to click on “refund” within 24 hours of paying for the mod, in other words, the mod author gets no money but the MO/NMM users get to keep the mod– MO and NMM users that will do this are literally pirating mods, but they HAVE NO OTHER CHOICE if they want to use the mod properly with MO and NMM. THIS IS A MAJOR FLAW that some NMM and MO users are fully aware of and are sure to exploit.

A plea to ALL mod authors that are selling their mods on Steam and are removing their mods from Nexus Mods or leaving “inferior” version of their mods on Nexus Mods:

Please allow us to download your mods for free on Nexus Mods and allow us to donate to you, while keeping the paid mods on Steam for those who want to buy the mod and support you this way… and Valve/ZeniMax. This will make both sides of the community, that has sadly been split on the 23rd of April, 2015, happy. Furthermore, you will avoid having to deal with people pirating your mods (Which is bound to happen) and maybe even distributing them on other sites.
Alternatively, you could also try the highly recommend Patreon!

We will NOT be angry if you remind us to donate to you.
We WANT to support you and pay you for your works.
We DO NOT want to pirate your mods because there’s no other option for us to manage them with MO and NMM.
We DO NOT approve of Valve’s methods.
We DO NOT want to see that 75% of what we pay will be delivered to Valve and Bethesda, those who DID NOT make the mod.
We want to PAY YOU and NOT THEM.
We WILL NOT allow Valve’s and ZeniMax’s greediness to ruin the modding community.

A plea to Nexus Mods:

Just like the endorsement reminder, Nexus Mods should make a “Donation reminder” whenever a user endorses or votes for a mod that has the donation option enabled.

To everyone also disagreeing with Valve’s implementation of paid mods and wish that instead there should be a donation button, please sign this petition!

Kenya, Rwanda compete to be East Africa’s potential medical tourism hubs

As they compete to become East Africa’s medical tourism hub, these countries will see enhanced interest from private sector participants to construct hospitals. Overall, higher domestic and external investment is expected in these markets due to macroeconomic stability, market-friendly reforms, and the successful debut Eurobond issuance in Kenya.

anonymous asked:

hi! could you gimme some advices? I mean, I love to draw, and I do have a pen tablet ( a genius g-pen f350) but I don't know how to use it properly or if I am a bad or the tablet is a crap help please Nora sama! ;A;

I dont have a “genius g-pen” but from what I can see is a very nice tablet, I don’t know what problem you are having, is it your first tablet? If you are using SAI maybe you need to adjust the stabilizer, it help alot with lineart

Normally I use 14 but I can get up to S-4 sometimes.

Hope I’m being helpful, if you need more info message me! :)