Life is fucking weird and I wish I could take a break.
It’s just like when the bad things happen, they just pour down.
And when the great things happen, it all comes at once.
I just need some form of stability in my emotions.
I need some stability in my home life, in my work, in my studies etc.
I hope this is all apart of God’s plan.

110G	EXT. OCEAN - DAWN							110G

	The pteranodon falls away from the helicopter, catching wind
	just before it hits the water.

	It circles and flies back to Isla Sorna.

	As horrifying as the creature was a moment ago, it's suddenly
	beautiful again. Each motion of its giant wings is a small


	Sitting between his parents, Eric looks back at the island in
	the distance.

		What do you think is going to happen with the

		The population will Stabilize eventually.
		They'll adapt to fit different roles.


		Either that, or the government will firebomb
		it back to the Stone Age.

		I would completely support that.


	looking back at the island.

		I hope they don't. I want to come back

	And Dr. Grant realizes...

		So do I.

The helicopter flies away across the ocean, leaving the island behind.

				   THE END

This is the ending scene of the original Jurassic Park III script.

This is actually really beautiful and I just want to accept that this is what actually happened instead of the fuckfest the movie was.


“If someone is able to show me that what I think or do is not right, I will happily change, for I seek the truth, by which no one was ever truly harmed. It is the person who continues in his self-deception and ignorance who is harmed.”
Marcus Aurelius🌀

I rarely rest in high lunge very often because I love sinking as deep as I can into poses, but I need to keep reminding myself to rest even when I feel much more room to go into - it’s in these moments that our muscles are strengthened and our stability and balance increased!

Good things about this long weekend:
-we went camping and didn’t even get eaten by one bear
-we saw Jurassic World (again)
-I did yoga and drank coffee with yogapizzabeer and it was so sweaty and good for the soul
-I made the most brown butter chocolate chip cookies
-I finished reading a coworker’s PhD thesis on hopping and beer stability and I am basking in Knowledge
-I ate a lot of cheese

Bad things about the long weekend:
-I ate a lot of cheese and now my intestines are death. Worth it.

a promised to give you guys my brushes a long time ago, but i totally forgot! so, here are my favorites and the ones i use on almost all of my pieces!
i favor the first and last ones for line art and the fourth and first for coloring.
my stabilizer is always set at 7

hope you all enjoy!

OHOHGDHJGDJKHGDJHDG I got an interview with the manager tomorrow I’m freakin my ass out ( .__.) I passed the phone interview 

It’s gonna be informal … I have to go through security and everything and get a badge.. I’m excited though

If I get hired I’m pretty much saying goodbye to internet until evenings lol

I think it would be really awkward though ………working in the same company as my father……

A FireAlpaca trace of my drawpile Sucy. The pixel spread on Drawpile is really weird for drawing without AA. I’m still weirdly proud of the Drawpile version tho despite how small/sloppy/doodley it is (this one isn’t much better honestly) mainly because I drew it without any sort of pen stabilizer, which is damn near impossible for me when it comes to digital art.


Just a little fic about Loghain having PTSD- but it kind of got away from me, whoops. Hope you like it!


He had trouble sleeping.

He always had, ever since he was a teen. When he was in his father’s camp he would patrol the borders, trying to keep the images from his mother’s death out of his mind’s eye. During the Rebellion he’d keep himself busy with army plans. When he was in Gwaren Celia would be there to calm him down. She knew his moods better than anyone else had. The last few months…well there had been nothing to soothe him, not really. In hindsight he could see it reflecting on his actions, his stability.

Well, it was over now either way.

He sat in the night air and watched the stars, unwilling to go back to his nightmares. His nightshirt was damp with sweat. He ran a hand through his hair, watching the fireflies make circles under the stars. They were traveling through the heart of Ferelden, where Loghain knew the land like the back of his hand. He’d lived and fought here a long time ago. The very grass he sat on was stained with Orlesian blood.

“Are you okay?”

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Hiatus Notice

This is my official hiatus notice. This goes for all my blogs. My mental state has not improved much, and I’m not sure when it will. Hopefully my doctor can prescribe some medicine for me to help with things, but until my mood stabilizes and I don’t feel so depressed then I’m afraid I need to take a break from this place. It’s really toxic for me and only helps with the negative thinking. Not sure when I’ll be back, but I’ll try to check in from time to time. 

i need food advice

(#food cw, this is not a post about #ed but it is possible it could trigger someone so #eating disorder just in case)

here we go time to embarrass myself

so i really hate that i have to write this but here i am. this is the reality of my life and for once i feel well enough mentally to reach out and get help.

long story short, my financial situation was utterly wrecked in 2013-2014. i am only just now starting to stabilize, and my finances are precarious enough that any blip (like dropping my phone and demolishing the screen and having to replace it last month) can completely fuck up all my careful planning and drain my miserable savings. one of the consequences of this is that i do not go grocery shopping very often, and when i do go i don’t buy enough food to last me all the way till the next time i shop. sometimes, i just forget to eat, but i also make the conscious decision not to. on average, i eat maybe 10 meals a week. i keep going by snacking a lot, which is fine, because honestly i don’t always have the energy to cook dinner and i rarely have the time to eat breakfast. 

the issue is, the snacks i know to look for, the cheap stuff i grew up on which was only ever meant to be snacks and not to sustain someone on a day to day basis–those aren’t going to cut it nutritionally. i’m tired all the time, i feel sick pretty easily, and i know a good portion of this feeling can be contributed to not eating a balanced diet. i didn’t grow up in a place or an environment that paid attention to nutrition all that much, so i don’t really know what to do.

basically, i’m asking if anyone has advice on affordable, healthy snacks i can start working into my routine. stuff that will provide energy and at least some nutrients. i want to feel better, but i still need to watch my bank account. anything i can get in bulk that won’t go bad quickly would be great–especially stuff that requires minimum prep. i don’t have any food allergies (but i hate nuts, except peanuts, which i know are technically legumes but whatever), so almost anything goes. even if u can just point me in the direction of bloggers or whatever who specialize in this stuff.

please, i know this sounds silly, and if u wanna judge me for being almost 24 and apparently not knowing how to feed myself you are more than welcome (altho u are also welcome to eat your own asshole for all i care), but i really do want help. and if u think you can do that, i would very, very much appreciate it.

missmarjoram asked:

(im kind of far in my dash rn so?? idk how recent this was sorry) but in regards to the push straights/pull curves to improve writing that you tagged "#does this work for drawing too": it does! It's because when you "push" your hand is usually more steady because more of your hand is on the page/other surface to stabilize your pen. "pulling" results in smoother curves because your hand is looser going down because you AREN'T stabilizing on the surface.

duuude this is really cool!!

poetryandoldermen asked:

<333333 for john love, just not sure about one thing - you say you think he was a better father than a husband? o.O (me thinks it should be the other way around)

I do love John <333 It took a while because I was so overwhelmed with the popularity of John-hate that coming up with my own thoughts took a while.  But I do love him <3

I know it’s a bit strange, but I really do think so.  Obviously it’s debatable, but during Dean’s flashbacks and whatnot in “Dark Side of the Moon” and even based off of some (probably looking way too hard at things) stuff in the Pilot, I just never saw a lot of stability in John and Mary’s relationship.  Then the stuff with Cupid happened, talking about how it was all arranged so Sam and Dean were born, and I just wonder how much was sincere and how much was in control by the angels.  

Despite his setbacks as a father, he did love them and he trained them so he didn’t have to worry about losing them - something he probably feared every day - and so they wouldn’t have to worry about losing someone in the future.  It was tough-love, but it was love and it was as real as love a father has for his sons can be.  

As I said, debatable, but something I’ve just thought about.
Pony Express Road July 4th 2015
West from White Pine County Road 1 to Overland Pass then down Telegraph Canyon to County Route 101. Music: Chris Zabriskie -The Life and Death of a Certain K...

C and I went to Nevada for the holiday weekend. We drove on some great unpaved (and practically non-existant) roads. THIS is the best of them: this is part of the Pony Express Trail. We tried to stabilize the video, and it worked … a little. Also, the number in the bottom right corner is our actual speed. The video is 8X speed. 

It was LOADS of fun and I can’t wait to do it again.

C drives a diesel Jeep Grand Cherokee, with the trail rated accessories, including aftermarket rock rails, which get mostly used as a step for me to get in, but which are intended as a way to protect the car’s belly from rocks. They bolt onto the side/bottom edge of the car and act as stiffeners and as guards: they’re just lower than the body enough so that if we drop onto a rock, unless it’s dead center of the car (where there’s underbody shielding anyway), the rock will hit the rail before it hits the body. In the two days we were out in Nowhere Much, our car got filthy. Honest dirt, don’tcha know. 

However, on the drive home, we passed four Jeep Rubicon types, all tricked out with the latest and greatest of off-roading toys. They were *pristine*, perfectly clean, all shiny and glittery … and we cruised by them, reveling in our dirty SUV-looking Jeep. Yours might look pretty, but OURS gets used. :D