Endlich habe ich mal wieder getroffen, dann auch noch zuhause. Das war ich den Fans schon lange schuldig. Ich habe in dieser Saison nicht so stabil gespielt, das hat mich gewurmt. Umso mehr hat mich dieses Tor gefreut. Ich hoffe, dass ich diese Form bis zum Saisonende beibehalten kann.
—  Shinji Kagawa

∆ Daring ∆ by thomasconrad Sharks are actually shy. This female came in really close. I held my breath and only moved the camera very slow. When she filled the frame I pressed the shutter. As soon as I exhaled some bubbles she was gone.

Sharks play an important role in reef health. We should stop killing over 100 million sharks per year mostly for the consumption of shark fin soup. This threatens already the stability of the marine ecosystem
which contributes up to 85 percent of the oxygen we breathe.

Our Nature and Oceans must be preserved!

anonymous asked:

do you have any knowledge on other dimensions that you can share with us? i mean, other than that pocket dimension you got yourself trapped into, some time ago...

I do, but it is quite scarce. Other dimensions aren’t particularly common. After all, the one you mention has collapsed now. It would have been interesting if it could be stabilized and entered and exited at will to allow one to study its magical properties as well as the preserved history inside, but with lives at stake such concerns were a luxury one could not afford.

It is very typical of other dimensions to be ephemeral, or at least that one’s visit to them is very brief and for a specific purpose. Which makes them hard to study.

There was the one I visited when I became an alicorn. A very strange place. It had a very cosmic aesthetic to it. A void decorated with stars and colors reminiscent of the aurora borealis. And there was Celestia of course, and her name means “of the heavens” in ancient Unicornian, which is quite fitting in this context.

I recall there being a perfectly solid surface to walk on, but one couldn’t actually see it. I don’t think there was a physical floor that just happened to be completely invisible, but rather something which provided the normal force and friction a floor would provide.

Unfortunately I was too distracted by what was happening to do some surveying. Otherwise I might have gathered some very interesting data, even without my equipment.

Though if I were to venture a guess, I would say the place was a manifestation of thought rather than a material place. It looked the way it did because of cultural references pertaining to magical and mystical places (much like Star Swirl the Bearded using celestial object for his attire). The surface to walk on was there because we’re so used to having one that our minds have a difficulty imagining and processing something else.

One can wonder if, given the above is true, that place even exists now that nopony is occupying it. Usually I would argue for philosophical realism; if a tree falls in the forest it still makes a sound because there’s an objective material world that persists even when we don’t perceive it. However, if a place is a manifestation of thoughts, can it even exist if nopony is perceiving it?

Of course, one may also ask oneself if the place was actually real, but that is semantics and philosophy far beyond the scope of this letter.

Budapest vegtelen

Nem vagyok budapesti. Ez stabil csaladi hatteret es egy egeszseges hozzaallast jelent az elet problemaihoz.

Valamennyire el is kenyeztettett a szerencses videki kozeg.

Nekem Budapest mindig a vegtelen lehetoseget jelentette. Vegtelensok ember. Tudom, hogy veges, de egy ember szempontjabol vegtelen.

Es kurvara kevesen kepesek ezzel elni.

Hazavihetsz egy lanyt kobanyarol es a Svabhegyrol. Egyet videkrol, egyet oshonos vii. keruletikent. Az egyikhez mindig szolt a reklam, a masiknak egy alomvilag volt. Mindketto elesett a te szemszogedbol.

Ezt szerettem mindig ebben a szarkazalban. A tobbi huszadrangu. Hogy hova jar eppen az uj metro, hogy hol uszkalnak capak, hogy hol van starbucks. Ez nem budapest.

Belekostolni egy orszagon beluli orszagba a nokon at, ez Budapest. Csokolni egy not, aki ugyanugy egesz eleteben a Balatonra jart, mint te, bar a szulei nyaralojaba Zamardiba, es csokolni egy not, aki sose lathatta a Balatont, es amikor vegre megtehette volna, megijedt.

Budapest vegtelen.

my hormones are stabilizing. finally.

i can tell because i’m not having random sex drive spikes and i don’t smell like guy sweat and it’s been like that long enough for me to notice which means a few days minimum.

thank the goddess.

I Love This Bar || Kione and Shay

Shay had finally decided to get a job. She was running out of funds for this great cross-country jaunt and well…maybe it would do her some good to have some stability for a while. 
So she had found a job at a local bar and spent her nights mixing booze, talking to the customers and generally bringing all sorts of business in till the wee hours of the morning. Wasn’t like she was going to sleep then anyways.

Shay was cleaning the bar when she heard footsteps and got a whiff of the familiar scent of one of her co-workers. Shay grinned to herself, she liked the waitress from the little time they had spent together. And she especially liked that with her own enhanced sense of smell and hearing, she could hear the waitress long before she actually came into the room which made for a few fun moments. 

“Good morning Kione!” Shay hollered as she worked, smirking slightly to herself.

Alright, I was tagged by neverregretthyfall thank you ♥ So here are some facts about moi. 

1 Insecurity

I feel extremly insecure about my future epecially now that I almost finished school. //

2 Fears

Making phone calls // Starting conversations //

3 Turn-Ons

When someone gets really exicited about something (doesn’t matter what, could be quantum physics for all I care) // politeness // curly hair //

4 Life goals

Write a book // Learn another language // find a job I like that offers me relative financial stability // learn how to play another instrument //

5 Things I like

 Singing when nobody’s listening // Latin // Mumford & Sons // mable syrub // Greece //

6 Weaknesses

Shyness // Impatience // my sense of rhythm (that is leaning towards none) // approaching people // being organized // endurance for things that take more than three days or so to finish //

7 Things I love

 Reading books I love again after some time // drizzle //  being home alone // Les Mis // Shakespeare // England // mangos //

8 people to tag

r-o-s-s-y-j musicalsandtea goldfishsocks roses-and-clouds fleuur-de-lys flaviamarquesa

rt, you and everyone else who wants to do this consider yourself tagged


This is really fucking with my emotions and mental stability

anonymous asked:

Nora! I read somewhere on your blog that you're studying pharmacy? You're such an amazing writer, I thought you were a lit major! What brought you to medicine??

ahh thank you anon! you’re very kind lol i’ve been feeling pretty down about my writing lately so i’m very honored you think this way! as for your question, here’s my honest response:

yes, i’m studying pharmacy! but –it isn’t necessarily my ‘dream profession’. my dream profession would maybe be a voice actress, a singer, or even better–a published, acclaimed novelist with multiple books under my belt. but i’ll be honest–and many people may disagree with what i’m saying next, but this is just my personal opinion, coming from my background.

i grew up in an immigrant family living in the US. my family placed an enormous priority on the idea of stability. and i completely agree with them. personal stability is the foundation for one to move forward, towards prospering, to self-actualization and ambition. in this life, or this country, at least, i believe you need to be pragmatic in order to move to the top.

i want to make this clear: do not do not do not give up on your dreams. EVER. but i had to be realistic, because of my situation, and my own ambitions. i want to be an author. but in this day and age, i’d say a HUGE percentage of published novelists had or still do have a day job to complement their literary endeavors. there is no guarantee you’ll get published, no guarantee you’ll get a book deal or become famous. i know that sounds awful. but it’s the cold truth that many people who share my dream have to face. that does NOT mean you should ever give up on your goals. it simply means you need to keep your mind and options open. i went for a scientific degree because i knew i’d be able to support myself, if the going got tough and my dreams didn’t pull me through. is it my favorite thing? no. but it’s stable, and it can help other people. and i’m okay with that. 

i’m not saying a science degree is better or more prestigious than a liberal arts degree. but in my situation, with my parents paying for my education, i wanted them to feel as if they were putting their money into something they felt i was safe with. once i’m off on my own, i actually plan to apply for a masters program for creative writing (fingers crossed!). i plan to finish editing my book by next year, and find some way of getting published someday soon. it all depends on your situation. this is simply mine. i’m not very old or wise by any means, but i tried to situate my life in a way i felt would make the most sense.

a lot of people may disagree with me on here, and i’m okay with that! this is just specific to my own goals, and the realism behind them. i honestly believe that  everyone was born with the potential to flourish in certain areas. for some people it’s science. for some people it’s art. for some people it’s music. for some it’s writing. i believe you should always always always follow your passions, your potential, and your dreams. but sometimes it isn’t so easy along the way, and you may have to work twice as hard at it when someone else might get an easier route. but as long as your dream is your end goal, you will be able to persevere! i’m sorry for this long ramble lol. this is just my pseudo-intelligent 20-year-old perspective. i hope this might help someone!

En son ne zaman tam anlamıyla koştun.
Sınırlarını zorlayacak kadar.
Nefesin kesilene kadar.
Hayatımız bir koşuşturmaca ve biz bu zaman diliminde stabil kalmak için elimizden geleni yapıyoruz.
Newtonun eylemsizliği gibi.
Hayat bizi ileri itmeye çalıştıkça biz olduğumuz gibi kalmaya çalışıyoruz.
Ve bu fark arttıkça deliriyoruz,bi yerden koşmaya başlamak lazım yetişemesek bile,bizi etkileyen kuvvetin az olması için.

I Love Fluorite for cleaning up Chakras!  Towers are spectacular specimens that are great for grids, energy work and to have in your sacred space. Our Fluorite Towers are multiple colors, while some are a solid single color such as Emerald Green or Deep Purple.
Fluorite heightens mental abilities, assisting in rapid organization and processing of information, and can bring mental clarity and stability to an otherwise chaotic situation. It absorbs negative energies from the environment and is effective at Auric and Chakra cleansing. Fluorite can also shield the user from psychic manipulation. Fluorite should be cleared often.
**Please note that fluorite should not be kept in direct sunlight, as the colors will fade.
Blessings, Callie~

I love broken sentences,
fragile words and poor expressions,
they are raw,
they are rich
and they are real,
they slayed sense and stability,
they fought a war to get out of a maddened mind.                                                                                                                                              
            They suffered.
                     They survived.
                              They were spoken.


He staggers backwards, then stabilizes, turning around to try and get a good look at his brand-new passenger. “Binh! The fuck?” He’s trying to be indignant. Really, he is. But that tone’s a little too amused.

“Are you really transferring?” Chin digs into the space between his friend’s shoulder and neck, giddiness clear on Binh’s face if they could even get a look at him.

“You’re staying? Why not tell me?”