Rude studios brand new tattoo and body modification studio opening January 2013. This will be our big sister shop offering a massive range of body jewellery, 1000’s of designs including Diablo Organics, Neometal, Anatometal . Services will include, Tattoo, Body piercing, Implants, Tongue splitting, Ear pointing, ear re-construction, Scarification, Branding, Laser tattoo removal. ALL YOUR BODY MODZ UNDER ONE ROOF! Info contact Rude 0113 3180451

This is the new shop that Luke will be working at once it’s open. So pleased he managed to talk his boss into stocking some awesome brands of jewelry!

Saturdays and Sundays are the days that facebook is littered with posts about how hungover people are. Some people think it was worth it and others not so much.

I’m happy that I’m now at the stage that I do not miss being drunk at all and I certainly don’t miss my hangovers!

I like being sober and I’m happy I managed to do it. Props to Stabbyluke for supporting me and doing it too!