Who said this had to be healthy?

The redhead sat with his back against the sword, his head bowed. He was tired and weary, blood drying along his injuries. He’d fought and won. Barely. He’d been stabbed through the chest with the other’s sword. Despite his injuries, he’d summoned the strength to lift his own sword and driven it through his enemy’s chest. The feeling was starting to fade from his limbs.

His eyes slowly slid open as a noise alerted him to the presence of another. His companion. So the other had survived. That was good. He felt the warmth of healing magic on his flesh, closing the gaping wound in his chest. Once feeling had returned to his limbs, his companion moved away. His eyes slid closed once more, his head still bowed. He knew his companion was healing his enemy, he didn’t need to have his eyes open to tell. That’s just the way his companion was. Even after they had been betrayed, his companion would still heal their enemy. It was what had lead to their betrayal in the first place.

A soft thud reached his tired ears. His companion must have fainted. Healing the two of them must have required a lot of strength. Footsteps began to draw near, the rasping sound of metal hissing in the field. Ah… so that was how it would end. He kept his eyes closed, staying slumped against the sword.

A soft breath left his lips as the tip of his enemy’s sword dove into his chest. The remaining strength left him, the sensation in his fingers slipping away, his senses leaving him one by one…

bitethelipandforgetthebleedingx asked:

Do you know anything about katanas?

You might want to grab something to drink…I’d recommend some whiskey.

My knee jerk reaction to questions concerning weapons, such as: swords, knives, axes, throwing thingies, sharp and stabby thingies, is a quick, smart ass meme with the message “Nope” delivering this in the most clever of satirical techniques.  Although I feel the moment to dive into this topic as I assume such a question comes from the simple observation that I can and demonstrate the ability to forge metal, thus I must either a) shoe horses OR b)make sharp pointy, stabby things such as swords, katanas, knives, etc. It must be so fun to create such things and people must be just giving me money hand over fist…well they aren’t and that world doesn’t exist.  Really why would I share anything else on this profile than such items I have created, none of which have been swords.  

For example: 800 hours into a chandelier that hangs next to another one just like it, that also has 800 hours of my life into it, in a private residence located in Montana that cost just about as much as I owe in college debt; though does not impress nor cause some to even bat an eye because the item is not seen as “interesting” created by someone who grew up in a shop his whole life. Its a chandelier…right? What could be impressive about a big lamp? Though the “appeal” is often fed by a mislead audience that seem to think metal work revolves around sharp, pointy things.  You know I could just fuck around and make weapon props where I combine various comic universe items into one weapon, grind on that fucker -aka stock removal- and go through three grinders, couple hundred bucks of abrasives and maybe…just maybe…get someone to slow down and be interested; just to quickly be thrown to the side when the price of such items are in the thousands of dollars…but hey…isnt that cool?  “Isn’t that cool” doesn’t pay the bills. 

I have never worked so hard in my life that every year, every summer, every winter I say to myself “This is it. This is the most you have done” yet it feels like my head is just barely above the water. Then every fuckin “break” we get is just another disappointment; yet I go back every damn day and I try again. I try to get faster, better, stay after work and practice.  I dream about it, I think about it, I draw it, I talk about it. I even started a small business selling shirts about it…and why? Because I love this craft. I love working with my hands, the smell of it, the taste of it, seeing what others do with it. 

And then lets add the cream to this pie: some hold that “passion” against me. Some think Im out to rip them off, steal their idea(s) or better yet…I share too much; which gives the impression I must be doing better then them since you know…I shared a damn picture of what I was working on. Yet this lesson has taught me that some support you as long as you don’t do better than them…wtf…Really?

I realize that the given question is not to assume the mass audience perspective is the same across the board, yet I get the damn question all the fuckin time.  Whats the point of sharing projects if these items are never seen? Does it look like I know anything about katanas? Anything about how they actually create the iron themselves, forge it, heat treat it and how much of a ceremony of techniques that come together in a beautiful dance orchestrated by a MASTER who has been doing just that for a lifetime? So much so the damn sword has a name! I mean come on.  They treat it like its a creature of it’s own self awareness and identity. And dont get me wrong, it deserves that. Though the next set of firedoors I will forge will be forgotten 6 months from now.

Yet…no. Our western media will continue to shove sparks, misleading information and perceptions of the craft and those who part take on it leaving me to deal with the scrap ends of: do you shoe horses or do you make swords. Its ok I will watch some grinding on the history channel of shiny knives.  I might actually be impressed with one or two of them…or even better let me watch someone who fuckin mig welds the shit out of some “found object” and call themselves a Master fuckin blacksmith…

I grew up watching the professional “giants” in the smithing world setting the standard. Where have they gone? Now everyone wants to be a damn “artist” or fucking “sculpture” and missing the point of manipulating metal.  That there is so much more to explore and show…

Do me the favor and look at who you are asking a question to. Look at their website, their portfolio and then you will see your answers you are searching for. They obviously took the time to create such a tool to help inform and educate those interested…why not par take in the process? Oh wait..I remember why…its just easier to ask.

So to you answer another redundant question referring to my knowledge about katanas: 

I know a little. 

Can I make one? Not the way they should be made. 

Do I want to make one? No…not really.


((So. I’m looking over things Dri’s been doing lately and just

   -Basically turned Hotaka into his puppet
   -Hasn’t personally done much to Cecilia yet but hemightbeplanningtoImsorry
   -’Helped’ the trio figure out that Naoki wasn’t human. Via stabbing.
   -Convinced Seto to use his power on Kano and finally learn about what he’s been trying to keep secret
   -Burned down another building, and framed a poor kid for that
   -With Reese’s help, got Mitsuo pissed and probably into trouble for shit he didn’t do
   -Possibly pissed off an Izaya but idk
   -Left Kenji annoyed and suspicious– but that’s not really anything new
   -And finally issued his usual brand of childish/ mostly harmless shittiness to whoever is nearby. Usually Yasha.

It’s been like. A week. Not even a full week.

He needs a time out.

My fusion of my gemsona, Malachite (on the left) and the lovely Cat’s Eye Moonstone by thistle-thorns - making Blue Goldstone! It’s not clear from the link, but while CEM’s weapon is a khopesh, Malachite’s is just stabby arm-things. Together, they have bladed tonfa’s for a weapon. Badass.

I did two versions - one with pants and one with a skirt-thing, because I wanted more lighter colours. I personally like the skirt better, so you can see this one first!

I took part in the GIANT WOMAN CHALLENGE with littlemure we had an hour to draw a fusion of our gemsonas and then post them at the same time without looking!! 

Dendritic Agate is a fusion of her Obsidian and my Moonstone. Weapon is a fountain pen???? I had to work with a book and a stabby thing shush. 80s power suits rule tbh

This is littlemure’s fusion 

bayareabeliever asked:

Ship thing for Stabby!!! :)

-Who worries about how they will look when they’re older
Neither of them seem seriously worried about it. Abby says her ass will probably get bigger and saggy and Stuart says his eyes will probably go so it’s all good.

-Who makes the mix tapes/cd’s
Abby’s mixes are upbeat dance mixes or slow dance driving songs and as much as Stuart complains, he secretly loves them.

-Clings to the other during scary movies
Neither. They just try to scare one another until they wrestle into spooning. 

-Gets into the shower with the other randomly
Stuart gets brave some days after Abby leaves him in the bed after teasing him thoroughly. 

-Flashes the other when they walk by after taking a shower alone
Abby is an endless tease but Stuart teases her in other ways. 

-Initiates hand holding while the other is driving
They both do. Abby does it more because so she can rest her head on his shoulder and stroke his hand while he drives.

-Secretly tries to touch the other in naughty places during public/family events
Stuart will never do that in front of Billy because of what happened on his birthday but Abby dislikes Stuart’s father enough to try and rub one out of him while sitting at the table. After that, it became sort of a competition. 

-Asks weird questions in the middle of the night
Abby constantly asks weird questions once he gets the job at google, as if Stuart himself is GOOGLE. Sometimes he’ll answer and other times he’ll tell her to go to sleep and he’ll google it in the morning. 

-Asks “what are you thinking about?”
Abby gets scared of what Stuart thinks sometimes and he’ll see her worrying and tell her what’s on his mind. Stuart has to ask Abby or else she’ll explode. 

-Always has to be touching the other, (if either of them do)
Abby likes to have her hands on Stuart. She doesn’t know why she just likes to have her hands on him. Holding his hand, rubbing his shoulders, drawing circles into his chest and kissing his eyelids and neck lazily. She just likes touching him. 


[[ meet fluorescent wollastonite! The fusion between moonstone and citrine. Wollastonite looks like a semitransparent stone, however in certain lighting it can shine in a variety of colors- namely yellow and orange!
She’s about 10 feet tall and very strong. Intimidating too- but namely bubbly and energetic! She’s full of passion and can’t stop moving.
And her weapon isn’t an earth weapon, surprisingly. It’s more of a strange-stabby-thing than anything else, good for intimidation and also skewering things.

And her fusion song, if it were instrumental like in the show, would probably be v-pop or elements by Lindsey stirling! But if it had lyrics it might be tigerlilly by laroux or young volcanoes by fob ]]