stabbing myself to sleep

“Under this gentle glow…”

Similar works:

“And then there was light…” 
“A place in the sun…” 
“Run, run, run…” 

les amis as things that have been said or done by my friends in our group chat
  • Enjolras: “I have not properly slept in four days”
  • Combeferre: “I AM A MOTHERFUCKING RAVENCLAW” “YOU CAN’T TAKE THIS FROM ME” (sent as two separate messages like that.)
  • Courfeyrac: “Tfw you like certain scenes that make you seem aggressively heterosexual but you like them for different reasons”
  • Joly: “*secretly freaking out*”
  • Bossuet: “I ate a bowl of soup for a hour”
  • Grantaire: changed the group names to “sack o’ existential problems”
  • Jehan: “I do everything out of morbid curiosity?”
  • Bahorel: everybody constantly calling each other out for basic things
  • Feuilly: “I’m ready to stab myself with a sleep dagger”
  • BONUS: Tons of other characters
  • Montparnasse: “Should I spend imaginary money or break and enter?”
  • Marius: sends shit in different languages all the fricking time
  • Eponine: “It was a demon rummaging through my makeup”
  • Cosette: sends “tag yourself” memes
  • Javert: me, never really contributing to the chat but showing up every once in awhile and confusing everyone
  • Valjean: also me, making this post but not telling any of them, knowing some of them have Tumblr, and hoping they don’t find this post

astrology folk - does the eclipse fuck things up? is there something happening in the stars? i’m high key anxious as all things and my bad luck has been super concentrated over the past half week.

anyways ive never been so completely betrayed before in my life and i really legitimately want to stab myself several times now so im going to finish crying myself to sleep and hope i dissociate through work tomorrow