stabbing in the back
Into the Badlands is the perfect cure for your Iron Fist blues
Last weekend, Marvel premiered Iron Fist, its latest live-action Netflix show. To the disappointment of many fans, the series isn’t very good. Fortunately, there’s a solution if Iron Fist’s dull plot, poor characters, and Finn Jones’ single confused facial expression left you with a craving for some serious martial arts mayhem: AMC’s Into the Badlands.
By Chaim Gartenberg

So I binged the first season of Into the Badlands the other day, and wow… think southern gothic post-apocalyptica meets wuxia badassery. The martial arts are physics-defying and showy as heck, the scheming and back-stabbing rivals Game of Thrones (all of the power-play machinations, none of the gratuitous rape!), and the small character moments can be surprisingly affecting given how off-the-wall some of the world-building can be.

Also, Daniel Wu is reeeeeeaally easy on the eyes. Just sayin’.

It’s on Netflix right now, so give it a shot!

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Penny anon again: I don't stick around fandoms a lot in tumblr, so I'm unaware of what markiplier's effect actually is. I know he has a big following, but have never seen his fandom personally. If what you're saying is true then why are you not complemented by this? It may seem like the fandom's trying to be elitist, but to me it seems they just care about the well being of discussion and content, seeing how they're not complaining and are instead asking your opinion.

I’m happy that people care about the game! but please, try to understand… I’ve seen months of “please don’t let OneShot be popular” “please let it just stay hidden”-type comments on social media, and I can’t help but feel like people are trying to… sabotage us?

And… I’d hate to make this comparison, but I’ve seen a lot of “pro-artist” sentiment on this site that will turn around and stab the artist in the back the moment the artist is perceived as having any chance of success. Not to mention the (related phenomena?) where the hate on “big fandoms” seem to more magnified if the big fandom in question is one person (or a small team)’s passion project. 

Like I said, we do not mind a fandom of any size… big, small, we love you all the same. if you play our game and enjoy it, then thank you! That means we have done our job :) we just don’t want the newer players to be bullied out of playing it by members the older community who try to claim it as their own thing already… please do not be mean!

Respect The Artist

I just… I’ll be really… sad? Pissed? Angry? Devastated? Embarrassed? Disappointed… if anything from any of the lads solo albums gets leaked…
I mean…

Leaks destroy artists. It’s a serious thing. Sometimes leaks come from inside, which means stabs to the artist’s back and that’s just… despicable… rude… unacceptable… i don’t have any other words it’s just a big fat no. And those that are external are a total invasion of privacy and very very very nasty.

Harry (specifically harry in this case) has worked his arse off to keep things on the lowest of lows. Another man dropped on us like a bomb, he made sure to surround himself with a team that kept his artistic views a secret, just how he wanted it. And it was better that way, i can assure you. The fact that it dropped on us made it that much special. You can tell he’s fighting to keep things how he planned them, and it would break me in half if something got leaked, if he felt like someone broke his trust.

Fine, i am not harry styles, therefore i have no control over who he tells things to, or what he feels, but as a person that loves him and wants to support him and his art, i would hate it if things didnt go his way and just the thought, the imagination of him possibly feeling sad about a leak, is enough to make me so very disappointed. Sad. Angry. Etc.
Just imagining that he could be feeling like his work went to crap, makes me feel like crap.

It may not look it but i mean this for ALL of the 1D boys (and any artist out there) Let them surprise us, let them do the things how they planned, it’s not that hard to be respectful of their material, their feelings, their hard work. We’ve waited very long for something, let’s not ruin it by trying to make the process quicker. If it’s good today, it’ll be good tomorrow when it was supposed to be released. Tomorrow always comes. Treat this as it deserves. Something special. If the lads are that special to you and you go around screaming about how much they mean to you, so should their work. So treat this as the special thing you’re claiming it is.

This is NOT a jab at anyone. These are just words that have been spinning around in my head… For a long time. This has always been my stance when it came to leaks. These words might mean nothing to you but to me they do. It’s my silent prayer that we can have something special, something wonderful, and some patience. I want to get this wonderful material ASAP myself. But ASAP is and will always be ASATWT. - As soon as they want to. -

Anyways. You may not agree. You may think I’m talking nonsense. You may ignore this. I just… this is my blog, it sounds rude but, if I can’t speak my mind here, then were? We can make this extra special.

Respect the artist’s vision. Respect the exhausting hours of work. Respect their plans. Respect their material. Respect their decisions. Respect their privacy.

Respect the artist.

My thoughts on this whole Jon Tron deal

Okay I just recently found out about this whole Jon Tron controversy surrounding Yooka Layee. Granted, I didn’t even know Jon was actually in the game until this happened and I will say the general overreaction from people on this has been downright disgusting. Generally I do agree that it’s important to accept and respect others opinions. Playtonic is no different in this regard but as a company it’s perfectly within their right to disagree with Jon both morally and legally as well as sever ties with him if they feel he could potentially damage their image. Them cutting out Jon Tron is simply their way of saying “We don’t want any part in your mess.”

It’s funny really people give Playtonic crap for supposedly not respecting Jon’s opinion yet they can’t seem to accept and respect Playtonic’s view on things and act like they stabbed them all in the back simply for wanting to distance themselves from a potential scandal. Funny enough that Jon from what I hear has handled this really well and said he respects Playtonic’s decision while his fans on the other hand throw a massive tantrum and act like overly self entitled children. Looking at some of the things Jon said, it’s not too surprising why they decided to let him go. If you said the sort of stuff Jon said, don’t expect to keep your job for much longer. 

Ultimately Jon has no one to blame but himself. He should have known very well what he was getting into when he started talking politics. As a general rule, personal opinions on race are best kept to yourself if you want to maintain a good public image. Freedom of Speech is not the same as Freedom from Consequence. Jon didn’t watch his mouth and he said some pretty stupid shit and now he is suffering the consequences for it.

I am still very excited for Yooka Laylee and I am not going to let the removal of some guys voice affect my enjoyment or purchasing decision. At the end of the day Playtonic is a business. They aren’t your best friend and they have their own views on what is considered acceptable in their company. It’s their game and they have the right to change or remove something if they feel it could be detrimental to their product, 

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Aries//Horned Serpent?

I feel that the combination of Aries, Slytherin and Horned Serpent makes for great leaders, especially on the larger scales. In general Aries Slytherins make fabulous leaders if they make sure their advisors are good with money and who won’t stab them in the back politically.

 Slytherin / Aries / Horned Serpent:

  • Potential to be the strongest in the house due to:
    • Intensity 
    • Drive 
    • Brilliant visionary dreams 
    • Leadership potential 
    • Innate charism 
    •  Profound sense of self 
    • Non conformists, despite their love of rules, categories and order,
  • They have a lot to learn in Slytherin in terms of:
    • Politics 
    • Whom to trust and who not to, 
    • When to keep their mouth shut 
    • When to not act on impulse (in order to gain the most of a situation) 
    • Easily manipulated by their more cynical and shrewd housemates
  • Charismatic and enthusiastic, 
  • Can be impetuous and have a hot temper, 
  • Every ability to be underhanded if it suits them, 
  • Hate faking anything, they have incredibly honest faces
  • Will call people out on bullshit, they don’t like bullshitting themselves, unless its to get out of trouble, 
  • Can be egocentric, tactless and careless which can come across as cruelty at times if they’re not careful 
  • Loves order, structure, categories and rules, 
  • Courageous; in the sense that they will go for what they want and not hold back, especially when their ambitions are involved,  
  • Yet if they manage to learn who to trust, how to navigate politics, when to stay quiet and when to not act on impulse then they will go far. 

forgive me father
for i have sinned
broke more hearts than bones
if all the people i’ve hurt
stabbed me in the back
i could bleed out on the floor
and the mess i’ve made
could be a gravestone
not a legacy.
maybe when the cage of my ribs
snaps and splinters
the ache of my destruction
will fly out like crows
but for now they fester
corrode at the soul
that’s long been corrupted.
you offer me salvation
but i’d rather burn
in the hell that i created
than live with your lies.
so forgive me father
for i have sinned
and i will sin
and i shall never repent.

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Just a reminder that the Ides of March has pagan roots



Hello! Sorry I’ve been inactive for the past week – I’ve been coming home tired and feeling sluggish and I don’t know why ;;v;; I think I should try getting some proper sleep this weekend (usually I only get 3-5 hours a night) ;;v;;

I’ve received recent asks about the Zen Feels Train – please know that it will be updated after the holidays ^o^ Thank you for your interest ♥ I’m also working on some holiday artworks that I hope to finish before the month ends :D ((It’s super fun I hope you guys will like it ^__^))

I’m sorry for letting the messages pile up – I’m trying my best replying privately to some and I’m compiling the others for posting • v •;;; Feel free to resend your ask && tell me if you want a reply right away! I really appreciate all your messages and I’d like to thank you all for taking the time to brighten up my day ♥ ♥ ♥ Please give me a bit more time! Thank you!

Everybody isn’t your friend. Just because they hang around you and laugh with you doesn’t mean they’re for you. Just because they say they have your back, doesn’t mean they won’t stab you in it. People pretend well. Jealousy sometimes doesn’t live far. So know your circle. At the end of the day, real situations expose fake people, so pay attention.

Black transgender subway rider stabbed after offering a woman his seat

  • Ijan Jarrett, 44, was taking the NYC subway home Sunday when he was stabbed by a woman who didn’t want to sit next to him because he was black, the New York Post reported.
  • Jarrett, who identifies as transgender, told the Post the woman stormed over to him, punched him and stabbed him under his left eye, on the back of his hand and on his left arm. 
  • The woman, identified as Stephanie Pazmino, was charged with assault as a hate crime, the New York Daily News reported. Read more

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Some Facts on Emotional Manipulators

1. They can’t be trusted. No matter what you say, they’ll turn the situation round so they seem like they’re a victim, and have been unfairly judged.

2. They leave you feeling crazy, or mixed up and confused. They’ll twist your words and motives so you feel misunderstood - and they rationalize their actions so you seem unreasonable.

3. They’re great at making you feel guilty or “bad”. Nothing you can do or say is ever right to them. No matter what you try, you know it always will be wrong.

4. They are passive aggressive. They’ll smile to your face and they’ll stab you in the back … and they’ll gladly talk about you … and pass along mean gossip.

5. They have the ability to manipulate the emotional climate in a group. So, if they’re feeling happy, and life is going well, they’re the life of the party and everyone must smile. But when their life is tough then they’ll moan, groan and complain … and they’ll make sure everybody feels miserable as well.

6. They are self-absorbed and a law unto themselves. Life is always by their rules - and everything revolves round them. They’re not accountable - and they will always please themselves.