stabbing in the back

everybody knows and jokes and complains about how hands are hard to draw, but the real enemy?? feet

see with hands it’s just drawing them over and over for years so at some point it becomes a lot less hard, but feet are usually drawn with either shoes or socks on, so when a rare occasion comes up you’re mortified that you can’t fucking draw feet, but you draw them so rarely every time is like being stabbed in the back by yourself

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if you got a golden ticket to willy wonkas chocolate factory, in what ironic candy-ass manner would you be killed

i try to disseminate marxist literature to the oompa loompas and wonka stabs me thru the back with a candy cane sword

Everybody isn’t your friend. Just because they hang around you and laugh with you doesn’t mean they’re for you. Just because they say they have your back, doesn’t mean they won’t stab you in it. People pretend well. Jealousy sometimes doesn’t live far. So know your circle. At the end of the day, real situations expose fake people, so pay attention.

Its really sucks you know,
being the person who always gives too much. the one friend who deals with everyone’s issues no matter the time or day, the girl who will stand by her friends and hold her ground for them.

And then to turn around and feel absolutely no support, to be surrounded by people who take everything from you and offer nothing in return.

I am through being used by fake friends who will throw you under a bus to better themselves the moment they have the chance.

Full list of references in Taylor’s LWYMMD music video (in order)
  • Nils Sjoberg gravestone - The pseudonym she used when ghostwriting TIWYCF with Calvin Harris
  • Bathtub full of gems - Referencing what Taylor said about her persona in Blank Space music video (“like she jets sets around the world, collecting men and she can get any of them but she’s so clingy that they leave and then she cries in her marble bathtub surrounded by pearls’”)
  • Single dollar in bathtub - Sexual assault lawsuit trial against David Mueller where she countersued for $1 and won 
  • Throne of snakes - Kimye/Famous phone call incident, aka “Taylor Swift is #Exposed as a snake” 
  • Et tu brute? - Reference to Shakespeare when Julius Caesar was betrayed and stabbed in the back by someone he thought a friend (Katy Perry & stealing dancers incident?)
  • Car crash scene - (“Driving a Maserati down on a dead end street”) 2014 Grammy’s when she was made fun of for thinking she won Album of the Year (aka Red should’ve deserved a Grammy)
  • Car crash outfit/look - Resemblance to Katy Perry; reference to her feud with Katy (plus, a possible dig at her having 0 grammy’s while taylor has 10)
  • Robbing a bank called “Stream Co” - Taylor’s battle with Spotify/streaming services, for which she was called “money hungry” and “greedy”
  • Army of mannequins scene - Criticism of her group of famous friends aka “girl squad” being a cult of all skinny, pretty white girls/models
  • I <3 TS Shirts of Male Dancers - Referencing Tom Hiddleston wearing a I <3 TS shirt; referencing the media mockery of her relationship with Tom Hiddleston


  • Her Surprise Face (“stop making that surprised face, it’s so annoying” “you can’t possibly be that surprised all the time” ) - Reference to people making fun of her for looking so surprised/shocked at award shows
  • “What’s with that bitch?” “DON’T CALL ME THAT” - Reference to Kanye’s “Famous”; how she was never told that he would refer to her as “bitch” in the song
  • “Oh, stop acting like you’re so nice, you are so fake” - Reference to criticism of Taylor being “fake” and not the friendly/nice/sweet girl she “poses” as
  • “Oh there she goes, playing the victim, again” - Reference to common criticism of Taylor always “playing the victim” 
  • “Getting receipts, gonna edit this later” - Reference to Kim K’s (clearly edited) recording of phone conversation between Taylor and Kanye 
  • “I would very much like to be excluded from this narrative” - Reference to Taylor’s response to Kim K’s recording 

Something that makes me laugh is the fact that Thor is telling the story of when Loki stabbed him when they were 8 and he’s just so concerned with telling the story of how Loki knew he loved snakes and scared him anyway and then tacks on the “and then he stabbed me” at the end so flippantly.

Like how often has Loki been stabbing Thor in their childhood for Thor to just be like  ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ “Yeah I think he stabbed me that sounds right anyway though bACK TO THE SNAKES” it’s just the funniest thing to me true sibling solidarity is when you’re more upset about being scared than stabbed 

Ok remembered old idea of mine

So Coran gets captured by Haggar.

And Haggar out of spite and she evil puts Coran through the robeast transformation to fight against Voltron.

Voltron comes along to try to save Coran but comes against a robeast. So far from the other robeast they’ve encountered this one is odd (even Haggar and the robeast creation department found the design unusual. is it cause they used an altean this time?). Voltron is really having difficulty fighting this robeast, it’s legit doing close up combat and melee.

And they just barely stop it from taking out the castle ship. Allura’s in the castle ship and eventually senses and realises the robeast is Coran (is the beast? Inside it? how the fuck do robeast actually work?) so know they gotta figure out how to stop Coran without destroying the beast, which is tough cause he’s kicking Voltron’s ass.

Allura exits the castleship on a small ship to get closer to Coran to attempt to get him regain his senses. Before the robeast can take the final blow on Voltron, is distracted by Allura, destroys the small ship, but Allura has ejected and is now on the robeast (this bit has a very strong Hogarth and battle-mode Iron Giant vibe. damn love that film). Allura tries to connect to Coran through quintessence and talking to the robeast.

After some close calls. Coran regains his senses or seems like it. The robeast becomes non hostile towards Allura and Voltron and HO BOY, Haggar and the Galran ships high tail out of there. They ain’t got enough firepower to fight against 2 giant mechas today.

The battle is won, is it? Cause Coran is still in robeast form and acts more like machine And the gang have no idea how to reverse the transformation.

That’s as far as I got. Next is the gang trying to figure out how to turn Coran back.

First design attempt at robeast Coran I picture in my head.

damn! dat one slick robeast 👀

Things I loved in Thor: Ragnarok

- the fight scenes were extremely epic
- all the things said by Korg, he’s hilarious
- Loki’s expression when Odin called them “My sons”
- Thor always throws stuff at Loki to see if he was really there
- Bruce Banner cosplaying as Tony
- Get help!  “Classic”
- Steven fucking Strange
- Thor taking selfie with random girls
- Des and Troy
- Valkyrie walking off her ship like a badass but then falls because she’s drunk af
- That story about Loki transforming himself into a snake because he knew Thor loves snakes and then suddenly transforming back and stab him when they were like 8
- the sun’s getting real low
- but giant monster!
- *Hulk appears in the arena* Loki: “I have to get off this planet”
- strongest avenger
- Loki acting like a total diva when he says “Your saviour has arrived!”
- ‘i would hug you if you were here”
- “i’m here”

Quotes from Thor Ragnarok

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Thor: Hold on! Let me come around! I swear I’m not even moving! I feel like we were connecting there!

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Thor: Loki’s alive, can you believe it? He’s up there! LOKI! LOOK WHO IT IS?

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(Sees Hulk)

Loki: I need to get off this planet!

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Thor: Hulk in a hot tub.

(Hulk gets out)

Thor: OH! That’s naked! Now it’s in my head.

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Thor to Hulk: I prefer you more than Banner. He’s like numbers and blah blah blah

Thor to Banner: I prefer you more than Hulk. He’s like URGHHHHH

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Loki: Surprise!

(Throws a bottle)

Loki: OW!

Thor: Just checking!

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Val: He tried to kill me!

Hulk: same.

Thor: Me too! When I was 8, I saw a snake and Loki knows I love snakes. I picked it up and held it, until Loki transformed back and stabbed me😬

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Thor: Its great! It works every time!


voltron family as roommates
  • most mornings they watch the news together still in their pjs and messy bedheads, groggily staring at the TV, eating bowls of cereal on the couch
    • except for Shiro who is a morning bird and exercises at like 4 AM on a daily basis
    • because he’s always the first to wake he will also sometimes cook breakfast for everybody if hunk doesn’t
      • they’ve even got aprons to go together with one saying “watch me whip” and the other: “watch me nae nae” 
  • When they go grocery shopping, they usually all go together 
      • [Keith inserts almond milk into cart]
      • [Lance] ha you love nut milk
      • [Keith removes almond milk out of cart]
    • and when they bring back the bags to the apartment, they gather everything
      • [Allura] THIS. IS. A. ONE. WAY. TRIP. LETS HUSTLE !1!!!1!!1!!
      • [meanwhile everyone is groaning and struggling to carry all these bags up 3 flights of stairs to get to their apartment]
  • and ofc the garrison trio + Matt geek out a lot
    • they’ve all got a thing for star wars. Allura will walk in them having a SW marathon, not understanding their obsession
      • *chewbaca says something* 
      • [Hunk] that line. That line. Right there. you never forget that line. That was the best written line. Never forget.
    • they love all video games, but the one thing they don’t understand are dating sims so they buy one to make fun of it
      • they end up becoming too emotionally invested and root for the underdog of the love triangle rather than their character
        • [Lance] you know what you may have stabbed my back in the beginning but if thats what it takes to get the happy ending you deserve i will gladly hand you the knife and face my back towards you again
  • Keith’s usually entering the apartment at the weirdest times
    • one time he hesitated to bc inside he heard yelling and screaming and picked up words like: “finish what you started” “Don’t do this please I’ll do anything” “I love you but this is too much” “put it down don’t do this for the love of super saiyan goku don’t do this-” “this is what’s best for all of us somebody has to do it” “I’m on my knees I’m begging-”
      • and when he hears them start shouting, he bursts into the room to see it’s just Pidge finishing a huge chocolate cake with half of them cheering her on and the rest pleading her to stop
    • another time he found everybody sitting outside the door, having a deep conversation with the pizza delivery guy because they all forgot their keys and were locked out, casually eating pizza as they waited for keith to return and let them in
      • [pizza guy] “…so yeah i guess the moral of the story is that life is too short to be straight kiddos”
      • [lance] oh speaking of gay experiences keith’s back
    • their shoe rack’s also a mess so whenever they go out to take out the trash or get the mail they wear random shoes that seldom ever match
      • he catches pidge wearing his and hunk’s boots
        • [pidge] oh hey keith
        • [matt walks by with the mail in his hands and allura’s heels on his feet] oh welcome back keith

how the zodiac signs will die

(This is meant to be funny and by no means offensive)

Aries: from a heart attack because they got too angry and couldn’t calm down anymore

Taurus: their enormous wardrobe falls over and crushes them beneath it

Gemini: forgot to eat, drink and sleep for weeks because they were too caught up in other things

Cancer: gets overwhelmed by their own feelings and jumps off a bridge

Leo: dramatically pretends to die on stage, falls over and breaks their neck (they look so convincing in their role that everyone claps and thinks it’s part of the show)

Virgo: gets strangled by someone they criticized

Libra: heartbreak 💔

Scorpio: their soul gets taken by demons. fights ruthlessly until the end and kills a couple of them, but gets stabbed in the back by someone they trusted

Sagittarius: “hey, let’s go bungee jumping on this mountain that doesn’t look dangerous at all with these old ropes I found in the garbage yesterday”

Capricorn: one day, they just disappear. no one knows if they are actually dead but it’s obvious that they will never come back

Aquarius: dies heroically after leading a successful revolution. they gave their life for a peaceful coexistence of aliens and humans in the universe.

Pisces: Bakes pizza muffins and accidentally replaces the oregano with weed and the salt with crystal meth, eats them all at once and dies from an ovedose