stabbing in china

Japan Character Facts

🇯🇵He has erotic woodcuts in his home. He disguises them between his non pornographic books.

🇯🇵He prefers animated girls to real 3D girls

🇯🇵He has bought Shonen Jump before

🇯🇵He wants to touch the Italy’s curls because they look like vegetables

🇯🇵He hates cockroaches so much, he cries over them. 

🇯🇵He adores soft and fluffy animals

🇯🇵He draws manga and makes soba

🇯🇵He once stabbed China with a katana

🇯🇵Prussia comes to his house often

🇯🇵He once tried to harpoon Russia

🇯🇵Hima says if he had known Hetalia would be so popular, Japan’s design would be completely different.

🇯🇵He suffers from high blood pressure and has hip pains

🇯🇵He is ambidextrous, but was originally left handed

🇯🇵He can imitate others voices surprisingly well

🇯🇵Japan’s original design had more shaggier hair, soulless eyes, and a plain appearance.