• nadaya: so this one time i was in the middle of a raid when-
  • aradia: one moment, nads, im just going to stop you right there for a second. everyone- everyone come gather round for a minute, you have to see this… look at the way the mid-day sunlight is hitting nadaya's face. his cheekbones just stabbed me in the jugular, that’s how sharp they are. look at his gorgeous eyebrows, and how sometimes he raises one, just one! (how does he do that guys) in the air without even realizing. *sigh* okay continue

“I see such beauty, such beauty you have brought me… You must wed again. You must love again.”
“I can’t I will never, I will never love anyone, the way, I love you.”


Andrew Lincoln Appreciation Week: Day 5
Favorite Acting Moment → The Walking Dead 3.04 ‘Killer Within’