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Shit Zombies - Sam Winchester

Part of Harley’s Movie/TV Drabble Celebration TV Show: The Walking Dead Smut Requested By @samgirlcarmen Warnings: blood, violence, language, smut

Sam was were hunting a vampire nest when the world turned to shit and the dead started walking the earth. Dean was on his own hunt for a witch, two cases had popped up at the same time. Sam against his better judgement left the hotel and went to help anyone he could. I mean what else is a hunter supposed to do in a zombie apocalypse. He had his gun in his hands and his knife was near if he needed both. He heard a woman screaming and he ran towards her. He saw her cornered by two zombies he shot the one in the head, she was blocking his shot at the other one. He pulled it off her and stabbed his knife thru its head. “Are you ok” he asked her, “physically yes, what the fuck are those things” she said. He chuckled and said “I can’t believe I’m saying this but they’re zombies”. “Fuck” she said, “yeah about all that can be said” he said, “I’m Sam” he said, “I’m Y/n” she said. “Is there anywhere I can help you get to” he said, “no my family is all in Florida, besides I’m sticking with you, if that’s ok” she said. “Yeah it’s ok I’d like the company” Sam said, “besides I still have to thank you for saving my life” she said. They were going back to his hotel, while Sam gave her the all monsters are real talk. About a block from his hotel they were caught in the middle of a herd of zombies, “Sam” she screamed he guarded her with his body, “just stay close it will be ok” he said. Sam shot the ones he could, that’s when two men showed up and helped Sam kill all the zombies. The two men looked like they fell out of the movie Deliverance, two rednecks, one with a crossbow. The other man had a rifle, and a buzz cut with dirty clothes. The other, the one with the crossbow had short brown hair, blue eyes and the same dirty clothes. “Hey, thanks a lot guys” Sam said, “no problem guys, I’m Merle and this is my brother Daryl” he said. A second later more zombies were across the street and Merle and Daryl ran over screaming to kill them. “That was interesting” she said, “yeah that’s the word for it, let’s get inside” Sam said. They got inside Sam’s room and closed and locked the door, Sam barricades the window using the table. Sam’s phone binged and he looked at it Dean texted him “as soon as I can reach Cas we’ll come to you”, Sam texted back “ok good, I’m not alone I’m with a girl Y/n and we’re safe”. Y/n was sitting on the bed listening to the news saying it’s a virus that affects behavior, “yeah right, their zombies you fucking moron” she said. She turned the TV off and turned to Sam “I still haven’t thanked you properly for saving my life” she said. Sam got closer to her and she got on her knees and unbuckled his belt and unfastened his pants. She slid her hand in his boxers and pulled his already hard cock out. She licked the head getting the pre cum that was already there, she licked up his shaft. She licked the prominent vein at the back of his cock and he put his hands on her head, telling her to hurry. She took him in her mouth and sucked while he thrust his hips gently fucking her mouth. “Shit Y/n you are so good with your mouth, it’s my turn I wanna taste you” he said. She popped his cock out of her mouth and stood up and Sam took her shirt off and then her bra. He unbuttoned her pants and pulled them down her legs along with her panties. “Lay down and open your legs” Sam said caressing her cheek as he took in the sight of her naked body. She laid back on the bed and opened her legs for him and he could see her arousal glistening from her pussy. He licked his lips and buried his head in her pussy, he licked a stripe up and down her slit she moaned softly. He opened her pussy with his fingers and he licked at her entrance collecting the wetness gathered there, “Sam fuck” she said. He licked circles on her clit and she put her hands on his head and fisted his hair and screamed his name. He slid a finger in her entrance and pumped it in and out, she moaned incoherent words. He added a second finger, the combo made her orgasm rip thru her, her legs tightened around his head. She screamed “Sam yes fuck Sam”, he licked up her pussy juice, his eyes on her as he worked her through her orgasm. When she was done having aftershocks he kissed her stomach, up to her breasts and kissed over each one. He stopped at her nipple sucking it into his mouth and sucked and nibbled it. He kissed to the next nipple and gave it the same attention, while she ran her hands thru his hair. He kissed up her neck and sucked a hickey onto her pulse point, she screamed “yes”. He kissed her lips and she pulled him down and kissed him passionately, tasting herself all over his mouth. She broke the kiss, “Sam fuck me please” she said, “my pleasure baby” he said. He positioned himself between her legs and slid his large cock slowly in her entrance. She bit her so hard it bled but she didn’t care, she had never been fucked so good. He gave her a minute to adjust to his huge cock filling her pussy. “Fuck me Sam” she moaned he began thrusting into her pussy “shit your so tight” he growled. He thrust into her harder and harder than before, she moved her hips trying to keep up with his thrusts. “Shit Y/n are you close, I’m almost there” Sam said, “harder Sam go harder and deeper that’ll make me cum” she said. He put her legs over his shoulders and pounded into her, while she rubbed circles on her clit. Sam lost it and exploded his hot seed deep inside her, which was enough to make her cum. “Sam fuck yes fuck” she scratched her nails down his back, as she came Castiel zapped himself and Dean into the room. “See Cas I told he’d fuck her” Dean said.

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RIP Stronk

(Some backstory to help here)
Our Dnd group had found that the city had research to some dodgy stuff. Upon investigating, we found a man who had large spikes stabbed into him which we were told that the spikes were carefully placed into the mans body parts in order to make him incredibly strong. So they basically had the power to advance certain aspects.

Our groups goblin had the stats of 2 (he couldn’t even speak properly, he only yelled “STRONK” and “BASH”)

Friend (plays Stronk): So, with this spike, if I was to stab it in my head, would that make me incredibly smart?

DM: you have absolutely no knowledge of how to place it in your head, you will most likely die

Friend (plays Stronk): but like, is there a chance?

DM: I can assure you that you will most likely just stab yourself in the head and die

Everyone else: If the DM is telling you this, its most likely true. Don’t.

Friend (plays Stronk): I would like to stab the spike through my skull

DM: *rolls a fail* you fucking stab yourself in the brain and die instantly

Rest in peace Stronk.

“But you know as well as I, patriotism is a word; and one that generally comes to mean either my country, right or wrong, which is infamous, or my country is always right, which is imbecile.”

- Master and Commander by Patrick O’Brian

Relevant to the current state of the world.

  • Hermione: I have a date this afternoon.
  • Ginny: Who are you going to destroy now?
  • Hermione: I beg your pardon?
  • Ginny: I would appreciate it if you'd just throw back the men you don't like without maiming them.
  • Hermione: I haven't maimed anyone. And my date is with Draco.
  • Ginny: You almost drowned Viktor Krum, you scared my brother into heart palpitations, you stabbed Cormac McLaggen with a fork, and you hit Terry Boot over the head with a bottle. And they still ask you out.

Some favorite Sharp Zero quotes in no particular order:

  • “I don’t be have to be a romantic to know that necromancy is dumb" 
  • “This is where I got stabbed by a crackhead head at McDonald’s- weird Tuesday”
  • “Man do I love gender discussions in the Hell tunnel” 
  • “Hopefully, he’s not banned from another IHOP-2 is excessive enough as it is”
  • “I have an ass now?! The fuck is this Illuminati bullshit?!”
Herd // Carl Grimes

So I’m going away for 4 days on a holudays but I wanted to have something up before I left, this is awful but I hope ya’ll enjoy.

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“Carl stop” You giggled as his hands wrapped around your waist and neck, knowing exactly were all your ticklish spots were.
“No, I like hearing your laugh” He grinned and tickled you more
“You’re s-such a jackass” you say in between giggles
“You love me though” His hands left your waist, grabbing your hands in his instead.
“I do love you, jack ass”

“You can’t be serious”
You looked over at the large gates seeing walkers flooding in, eyeing up the Alexandrians like thanksgiving dinner, which to the walkers they probably were.
You needed to get to safety. Knowing exactly what to do in a time like this after doing it multiple times you stabbed a walker in the head, grabbing its dead and rotting body and dragging back to the nearest house which happened to be Jessie’s. Rick and Carl saw you, doing the same to a walker each before heading towards the same house. You kept looking back making sure they were okay.
“Ron get all the knives from the kitchen” you ordered dropping the corpse as the other two ran in.
Once you guys had the knives you began slicing open the corpses while Jessie and Sam watched in horror, Jessie looked as if she could throw up at any second. In fact she looked as pale as the walker you were cutting open.
“Y/N knows exactly what we have to do. We’re going to cover ourselves in the walker guts, it will cover our human smell and as long as we stay quiet the walkers will think we’re one of them and we can make it to safety” Rick instructed already getting started on his… masterpiece.
You looked over at your boyfriend, Carl hoping all of you could get through this and move on. Only hours ago everything was going perfect.
“We’re going to be okay” he whispered to you before giving you a quick kiss and wiping blood on his bare arms and clothed chest.
Ron kept glancing at you too, an angry glint was visible in his eyes and to be honest it kind of scared you.
After five minutes everyone was coated head to toe in blood and guts. Gross right.
“Everyone join hands, we can do this but remember to keep your heads down and don’t say a word” You told everyone
Sam and Jessie’s conversation was cut short as the door opened and the group of you began walking down the steps. Carls hand was squeezing yours every few seconds reminding you it was going to be okay and that he was there every step of the way.
The walkers limped past you lot clueless, every few walker stopping to sniff one of you before moving on.
You were almost there, almost at safety when the whole group came to a halt. Jessie was begging Sam to move and telling him it was going to be okay but it was too late. Sam was bit and Jessie screamed, getting bit along with him.
“We have to keep moving” Rick said in between cries
“I-I can’t” you said quietly yet the worry was defiantly shown in your voice. You tugged harshly at your wrist which was held tightly by Jessie’s hand. That was sure to leave bruises.
Rick spun around with an axe he had under his shirt and after two hits Jessie hand hit the ground, the 4 of you could keep walking now.
Apparently nothing wanted to go your way today as you were suddenly pulled into Ron’s arms, his arm around your shoulders and gun pressed against your temple. Any movement and you’d be dead.
Carl spun around not feeling your hand in his anymore and fear took over you both, as well as Rick. Only yesterday Carl was saying how he couldn’t lose you.
“You got everything! You probably don’t even understand true pain so now I’m going to show you, by taking away one thing I know will fuck you up” Ron said and you felt the gun being pressed harder.
You looked into Carls eyes one last time and mouthing an ‘I love you’ seeing him cry harder.
“Y-you don’t have to do this-“You started before suddenly Michonnes Katana was pushed through Ron’s skull, killing him instantly. There was a gunshot but it didn’t hit you.

You watched as the boy you loved more than anything got shot in the eye. It all seemed to go in slow motion from there foreword.
“D-dad?” Carl muttered before hitting the ground
You jumped up, shoving Rons dead body away and seeing it get eaten by walkers.
Carl was lying next to you practically lifeless.


In the silence
after we finished fighting
you grabbed your notebook

and in an hour,
drew a picture
of a girl
with a big black
ball of scribbles
for a head.

You stabbed her
with your finger
and you said

“Look, look,
this is me.

I am all tangled up.
I am messy,
I am a mess.

I cannot sort myself out.
I don’t know the way out
of this labyrinth head,”

and then you
threw your notebook down
and went to bed,
you left me to flip
through your sketches,

trying to think of a way
to tell you my poems
are self-portraits
with scribbles for heads, too.

Imagine Logan letting it slip that you died in future

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‘They’ve breached the school,’ You thought to Charles, who was miles away with Kitty Pryde, who was passed out unconscious from her last escapade of sending Blink into the past.

‘Come to me safely, my love,’ he prioritized you above the students. He knew it was bad, but he needed you to stay with him, especially since Raven died. 

‘I’ll tr-’ you looked down as a sentinel stealthily stabbed you in the abdomen. You could hear Charles’s screams in your head as you died.

“Kitty, you have to send me back to last week,” Colossus begged his friend. He had been very close to you while you were alive; you took him under his wing. He, like Charles, blamed himself for your death. “Kitty, please, I need to save her.”

“Piotr, I can’t send anyone that far back without tearing their body apart. Please, don’t ask me again. I already have to face the Professor.”


“Charles, my love, where -” you walked down the stairs of the mansion, wondering where your husband had wondered off to. “Oh, we have a guest. Hank,” you turned accusingly to the young scientist, “why didn’t you tell me we had a guest?”

“Holy shit,” Logan took off his glasses. “(Y/N), you’re alive.” He started to walk over to you, preparing to envelope you into a hug.

You stepped back, unaware of who this man was.

“Hank?” you looked over to the Beast hidden in plain sight, your voice wavering. He stepped in front of you and Charles, blocking you from Logan’s view. 

Logan sighed, backing off.

“How can you possibly sit there and tell the woman I love that she dies in the future thanks to some stupid government project to eradicate mutants?!” Charles yelled at Logan.

Masterlist Request things!!


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“I hate him.” Christina said with her usual brutal honesty, he thinks being ranked first makes him better than everyone-”

“And if he’d earned first place fairly than it would make him better,” Will added, winking at Christina as he did so. You let out a loud sigh that gained the tables attention. “Problem, Y/N?”

“I just-” You didn’t know if you should have even started defending Peter. Of course you wanted too, but Peter had been telling you it would never be a good idea because it would cause so much drama. You looked at him and spotted him from cross the dining hall, he sent you a smile which you returned half-heartedly. “You guys need to change the subject, you’ve become borderline obsessed.”

“Are you actually defending him?” Christina scoffed, ignoring you when you shook your head to say no. “He stabbed Edward in the eye! He needs to be stabbed in the eye!”

“Will you shut up?” You huffed angrily, standing up from your seat and preparing to walk way but you decided to say a few choice words. “There is no evidence yet that it was him, and even so, maybe if you got to know him and stopped bitching about him every chance you got then you might find he’s actually a pretty decent guy.” By the end of the sentence you were furious and had to walk out before you started punching everything.

You didn’t notice Peter had followed you until he grabbed your hand and tugged on it slightly, “are you okay, do I need to go punch someone?”

“No, I just had to defend your honour.” You huffed.

He pulled you into a amorous hug, “ah, that must have been very painful for you.” You nodded your head whilst it was in the crook of his neck. “I told you that you shouldn’t bother defending me.” He sighed, though he was still acting gleeful in hope to avoid making you feel any worse.

“I wanted to,” you defended, looking up to see his reaction. It was obvious he’d rather you felt happy than have his honour intact, and that’s why you knew he was a good person. It just took someone willing to look really, really deep within his soul.

[S]o often we say ‘I love you if’, y'know, 'I love you when’, 'I love you but’ and that’s not real love. Love is 'I love you even if you kick me in the head and stab me in the back, I love you’ or I love you, just unconditionally.
—  George Harrison on “Learning How To Love You,” promotional interview for Thirty-Three & 1/3, broadcast 22 November 1976 [x]
82. “I was in the neighbourhood.”

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Been watching SMTM5 really closely recently (just have to say this is personally my favourite season thus far) and Simon D has been giving me weird fluffy feels all over my eyes literally turn into hearts but nothing has been inspiring me tbh which is why I haven’t posted anything despite announcing that I’m back some time ago (rly am so sorry about it stab me in your head if you wish I ttly understand) BUT then I chanced upon @daeizbae‘s entries and I felt that the ‘100 ways to say I love you’ would be fun so I figured hey why not and tada haha so yeah you guys could send in requests for that, and other requests if you’d like and I guess I’ll slowly try to start my writing game again god it has become so bad pls forgive me but yeah! Hope you guys enjoy this short little drabble! :-)

Half a year into dating this man and it was still quite a feat to manage the butterflies in your tummy on days where you woke up knowing that a date awaited you. Maybe it was the one month you practically lived with your phone in your hands, awaiting text messages, snaps, calls or anything for that matter as he was away on tour and caught up with work but the thought of meeting him had you waking up way earlier than you had originally planned to, already touching up your make up hours before the set meeting time.

Meanwhile, Kiseok wasn’t holding it in any better either. Call it the honeymoon period or whatever, but he was already at your doorstep grinning from ear to ear, eliciting a giggle from you as you watched him through the intercom camera having heard the doorbell.

“I know you’re in there and having a ball of a time watching me stand miserably out here,” Kiseok laughed. “You gonna let me in or?”

In response you unlocked the door and for a while the both of you stood there finding this little meetup at your doorstep 3 hours earlier than the scheduled time pretty amusing.

“Good morning,” He greeted nevertheless. “I see you’re…ready.”

“Well you too,” You replied in your defense, then stepped forward to give him a hug that he had missed way too much. “What brings you here this early, shouldn’t you be sleeping in on days when you can?”

“Could say the same for you,” He smiled, placing his hands on top of yours that were cupping his face, your thumb gently tracing the dark circles under his eyes.

“I was in the neighbourhood,” He lied, not caring if it was obvious he was lying from the way he couldn’t stop blinking and that lopsided smirk that he couldn’t help but let out cos damn right, he fucking missed you and he wasn’t embarrassed of letting you in on that.

You smiled appreciatively at him, giving him a light peck on the lips, “Is that so?”

“Mhmm,” He nodded. “Now go get dressed and maybe I could be a little more romantic and squeeze in a stroll after brunch or something.”

Your one-bedroom apartment wasn’t anything much, just enough for you but with your schedule becoming equally as busy as his, you had to admit that it was indeed becoming a little messy with your paperwork scattered not only on the dining table but also all over the living room while an extra blanket graced the parquet flooring. He glanced up at you as he saw the mess, squinting his eyes at you to which you responded by giving him a look that went a little like ‘don’t’ before running off to your room.

“There is order in the mess, I swear,” You exclaimed once you were out of his sight and as he stared into the hallway you disappeared into, he sighed a short laugh, following behind you.

“Really? In that kind of mess?” He asked, flopping onto your bed while he watched you pull several outfits out of your wardrobe.

You rolled your eyes at him, then diverted the conversation topic, “Floral print or basics?”

“Basics. Easy.”

“Skirt or jeans?”

“I’d pick the denim skirt actually.”

You raised your brows at him, expecting him to choose the latter but was satisfied with his choice anyway, “That’s new.”

“Just felt like I needed to see more of your skin,” He winked. “Plus, it’s more convenient, if you know what I mean cos the brunch place is kind of really near my place and we could always-”

“AIGHT let’s go,” You interrupted, shutting him up as you threw a cushion towards his direction.

He chuckled, “Why did you think I came early then?”

“So much for being romantic. And in the neighbourhood.”

He chortled, jumping out of your bed to give you a back hug. His gently rubbed his cheek against yours, peppering the side of your face with kisses until you were unable to hold that smile in any longer, “But I really did miss you, so what do you say we spend some quality time after brunch, hm?”

First Date (Qrow x Reader)

Pairing: Qrow x Reader

Reader Gender: neutral


You suddenly jumped back to avoid being stepped on by the Grimm, that was way too close, you could hear your heart pounding in your ears it almost made it too hard to concentrate on your surroundings, but you had no time for that, you didn’t have time to not concentrate. You jumped onto the top of the Grimms head and grabbed your spear that had been put away in your belt, it extended ready for you to use, you tried to stay balanced as the creature ran around trying to get you off it, you stabbed it in the neck, it flung it’s head back with a screech, throwing you off, making you hit your back hard on the mountain.

Spear still in hand, you grunted as you hit the ground. Your legs felt weak and your back ached as you got up, “You know when you said a night on the town, I didn’t think this is what you meant.” You called out the the man who was gracefully jumping off the Grimm, taking a swig of his drink.

“Hey, I didn’t think this would happen,” Qrow defended, walking over to you, making sure you were okay, “I just… attract trouble?” He said, trying to defend himself.

“I’ve noticed.”

The Grimm stalked their way to you, the two of you, you tried to back up as much as you could before both your backs met the mountain.

Qrow paused for a moment before looking over at you with a slight smirk, “Ready for a little teamwork?” He asked.

You pulled your spear apart pressing a button on then making them both turn into flintlock revolvers, “I think I can do that.” You smirked.


He smiles back on that memory, even after all these years. It was the first time he had taken you on a date, it was meant to be just a calm walk in the forest that soon turned to something else. Never would he had thought then that he would still be in love with you. And that the two of you would still work together through everything, partners in crime or justice, whatever it was, he didn’t care. Ever since that attack from the Grimm the two of you became much closer than he would have thought. He didn’t know what it was but something about fighting to protect each other brings people together.

Sometimes, he wonders what would have become of you two if you had never met the Grimm that night.

INFP and INTJ talking
  • INTJ: I could kill you right now.
  • INFP: Do it. Honestly, I would do it. I'm so annoying.
  • INTJ: See, I have a pencil, so all I have to is stab you. Or beat you over the head with your backpack. Or your laptop.
  • INFP: I would use my laptop to kill me. If you use the backpack you'll get it messy and then you can't use it. Use my laptop and then keep my backpack.
  • INTJ: Good idea, I really like your backpack.
  • INFP: You could also push me under a car. Then it's easier to claim it was an accident.
  • INTJ: I was actually thinking of strangling you with your charger cord.
  • INFP: You should push me under a car, then you can say it was accident. You'll have to get rid of the murder weapon if you strangle me.
  • INFP: ...
  • INFP: Did I just help you plot my murder?
Chameleon; Chapter X [PT. 2] (svt gang au)

My oh my, this part is good! It’s kind of angsty? Oh well, serious shit goes down in this part! Thank you all for being patient with me updating! <3

Chameleon has a total of 97 pages and 46,797 words! omf that’s a lot

Per usual, story ideas were created with the help of @say-the-name-mounteen !

CH.I | CH.II | CH. III | CH.IV | CH.V | CH.VI | CH.VII | CH.VIII [PT. 1 ] | CH. VIII [PT. 2 ] | CH. IX [PT. 1] | CH. IX [PT. 2] | CH. X [PT. 1 ] | CH. X [PT. 2]CH. XI

Warning: Violence, blood, language and overall gang stuff

          Recovery was a slow process for you; after all, you did get stabbed and had your head slammed against a wall repeatedly. You still wondered how you managed to survive all of that. No matter, you were thankful you got to live another day.

The first week, you laid around in bed while the wounds healed a little. SVT started off slowly with your rehabilitation; at first, they just had you take long walks through the subway tunnels with one of the members. As the days progressed, they started putting you through fighting scenarios again. Of course, you fought with either Wonwoo or Soonyoung; you were happy they went exceptionally easy on your aching body.

Days turned into weeks and those weeks turned into a month yet, Seungcheol still had managed to avoid you. It almost had seemed like he dropped off the face of the earth. You wondered if he left the gang or if he was extremely mad at you for running after Moonbyul. You ruled out that he probably did not leave the gang and was just mad at you. You would be lying if you said you didn’t care that he was avoiding you. Seungcheol had brought you into this gang and kept you safe until you got on your feet again.

The welcome SVT gave you different greatly from the welcome BTS gave you. SVTs practically welcomed you with arms wide open and accepted you instantly. BTS on the other hand, made your first few weeks with them rough (with the exception of Hoseok). You often wondered what made SVT accept you so easily. Was it because you were already part of another gang? That theory seemed more logical than the rest. SVT didn’t know you were a cop so of course, they would accept you.

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Wait but can't anything really be a weapon/sharp object, I mean you can gouge someone's eyes out with a spoon if you really wanted to, or choke someone with a blanket, so what are you gonna do with colored pencils -.-

“you can stab an eyeball out of someone’s head. Orrrr stab a doctor.” An idea pops into Edd’s mind. Edd laughs a bit. “I got something for that dumb doctor.” He laughs a little ore. A laugh to make shrivers go down your spine. He stops and clears his throat. “Ahem never mind that”