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You Understand Right? (Part 4): Broken Promises

Characters: Dean Winchester x Sister!Reader / Friend!Reader, Sam Winchester x Sister!Reader / Friend!Reader

Length: 989+ words

TW: Nothing in this chapter! 

A/N: This is a pretty short chapter, but I wanted to split this chapter, and the next chapter up. Also, this is part of @kas-not-cas 2.5K Writing Challenge! Honestly, whenever I do challenges, I prefer writing a separate fic that’s not a part of a series, but it just went to so well with this chapter that I couldn’t help myself! I know I got your permission to use the Prompt in a series, but if you want me to write another oneshot separate, I can totes do that! 

Prompt: “I’ve lost count of the promises you’ve broken.”


“Hey, sweetheart,” Dean greeted lowly as not to scare her. 

Her gaze was stuck to the ground, her body not moving an inch.

“We’re not going to hurt you. Do you remember us?” Sam questioned kindly, bending his knees to meet her eyes.

She nodded slowly, looking unsure of her surroundings. 

“You’re not in hell anymore,” Sam said comfortingly. “You’re safe with us.”

Y/N looked around the motel room, and finally opened her mouth. “Wh- What’s the date?” she croaked.

“It’s June 19th, 2015,” Sam answered.

The girl looked accepting of the fact that it has been nine years since her death. 

“Here,” Sam quickly said, grabbing a water bottle from the table, and handing it to her. “You must be hungry. Dean, and I were just about to head back to the bunker.”

“The bunker?” Y/N asked with her head tilted to the side.

“Yea!” Sam’s face lit up as he continued talking about their new found residence. He chattered away about the bunker for a few minutes until Dean interrupted him.

“Let’s get you some food before we leave.” There wasn’t any trace of emotions in his voice, his face as stoic as ever.

Y/N looked down at her bloody clothes, and before she could say anything, Dean had already gone through his bag, pulling a pair of shirt, flannel, and sweatpants for her to wear.

“Get changed, and then we’ll head out,” Dean instructed.

As she was in the bathroom, the two brothers turned to each other.

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My body is my weapon

So my friends and I were playing Outbreak Undead, a zombie survival tabletop game. We were engaging a group of four zombies at a gas station. Two outside were taken out with minimal effort, though shenanigans ensued on the inside. One zombie was leaning on the counter, which my friend attempted to stab with his knife. Another friend went to punch the zombie in the face after that.

GM: Okay, so you stab the zombie in the neck. He’s still “alive”, and reaching towards you.

Friend with knife: I carefully lead him in a circle with the knife still in his neck.

GM: Okay, Friend 2, roll your dice.

Friend 2: I rolled a 98(calamity, which ends badly).

GM: Okay so friend 1, you’re carefully keeping this zombie away and then you feel a blinding pain in the back of your head as you are pushed forward into the zombie. Which is now sliding down to the ground, against the counter.

The next round starts, with a third friend going to drop kick the zombie. He rolls a 2 on his time dice, so he goes first in the order.

GM: Okay, so roll the percentile for your drop kick.

Friend 3: I rolled an 89(which is a massive failure).

GM: Okay, friend 1, you’re watching this zombie slowly start to stir on the ground, letting out an “oh shit”. Friend 3, you launch yourself for the kick but don’t extend your feet high enough. So, friend 1, while you prepare to stab the zombie in the head, you feel your left shin get shoved forward and you slide into the zombie, crushing its head with your knee.

Friend 1: Why am I a weapon!?

Me(ooc): Beat a motherfucker with another motherfucker.

5 minutes of laughter ensued.

Richie Tozier: Talks in the Hallway

A/N Hi there! I’m a new fic blog on the block and wanted to get into writing more, so why not write for our fave brave kids and co? Requests are open! But I thought i’d just put out a few little snippets first to get myself out there? Hmu babes 👏🏾

Also please msg me abt any typos. It’s embarrassing man

Pairing  → Richie Tozier x Reader (She/Her Pronouns)

Warnings  → Pennywise encounter, 13yr olds swearing, me trying my hand at humor, me putting detail into things that didn’t need much detail but stay tuned i’ll get better.

Splinters of the rotten wood floor dug into the palms of your hands as you tried to move further back. 


You were pressed up against the bedroom door, but still you tried, so, so hard, to keep going backwards.


You had to get yourself further away from the fucking monstrosity in front of you. A spider. A dirty grey spider, with 8 red eyes, and 8 long legs. It body was long and flat.

You always hated the narrow ones most.


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Voltron: LD, Season 4

Episode 1:

- Galra Keith, yes.

Originally posted by chatnoirs-baton

- But Keith no. Allura said ‘we’ need you. Shiro said 'we’ as in here for you, too. Stop it with the 'me/you/he.’ There is a 'we’, Keith. Keith, no.

- Regris appears about as impulsive as Keith, sounds intensely nerdy and has an amazingly well exercised tail. May he float peacefully to safety or allow me the headcanon that he got back onto the ship before Keith.

- Nice Keith and Lotor parallels though. This does not speak well for what will happen to Lotor in contrast.

- If the Black Lion wasn’t responding to Shiro (Kuron idk) in the first place, how did he even get past the shield into the cockpit? This is before the lion even lights up…

- But omghugs!

Originally posted by chatnoirs-baton

- All the hugs!

Originally posted by fudayk

- Those Galra cruisers still make me think of clothes irons.

Episode 2:

- Katie. Pidge. And Matt. My heart.

Originally posted by a-paladin-of-voltron

- I want what the Galaxy Garrison is providing in terms of sight treatment.

- And Matt needs to talk to Slav.

Episode 3:

- What the quiznak is this 'sir’ business?

Originally posted by auxias

- Matt is such a nerd for his little sister. And Allura, Lance. OMG.

- Lance jealous. Lance being able to play his video games! Lance milking a cow?

- The Cow. Her milkshake brought the Alteans to the yard.

- Co-piloting isn’t only in one of my favourite Voltron fics!!

- Poor Haggar and Lotor and crew though, I mean, come on! Narti? Is she…?

Episode 4:

- Coran. Allura as Keith? I. I have no words.

Originally posted by chatnoirs-baton

- Hunk exhibiting casual racism is character-consistent. Makes me wonder why there isn’t as much blatant racism this time towards the Galra or half-Galra. Like with how the Empire look at Lotor and his generals for example.

- Pegging Hunk as the rolly-polly butt of all the fart jokes and so on wasn’t really all that humourous. Makes me feel bad for him… And serves to illustrate Coran’s downward spiral.

- Too much forced humor in places that leave a bitter taste in the mouth. Like the above and repeatedly bludgeoning that Allura needs to play as Keith for example. Like, why? The why is too flimsy and quickly glossed over.

Originally posted by auxias

- Lance, you prima donna sweetheart.

- Not sure how I feel about the 'Thanks Keith’ to Allura in that last …battle. Or its resolution.

- Overall, the episode hit some necessary plot points. There are cool moments and I laughed a lot. It also laughs at itself/fandom a lot with its very Power Rangers/that’s showbiz meta.

Episode 5:

- Yay, co-ordinated plan of attack! Yay, freeing 1/3 of the Empire from Zarkon’s control!

- Does the Coalition wonder if Keith (Allura) is leader, since she addresses them and Shiro the Hero - fan favourite in the tight black top - says nothing despite being the Black Paladin i.e. The Head of Voltron?

Originally posted by takashishiroganes

- Aw man, Lotor did not see that coming.

Episode 6:

- If Allura calls Haggar 'the witch’ for her use of Altean magic, isn’t Allura also a witch? And what happened to the word 'druid’?

- Lance is such a doll.

- Keith stepping up to coordinate things in the absence of Voltron is more than 'Follow my lead!’ So hyped!

Originally posted by vampirecamula

- Goddamnit, Keith, step back from the ledge. Somebody pull him back from repeatedly trying to court death in the midst of all that 'victory or death’ getting-in-touch-with-my-Galra-side nonsense. Keith, your fam love you and need you and want you ALIVE. Please. Even Matt was shook! People, check in on him more?!

- We’ll be seeing more of Commander Ladnok and that makes me happy.

- Lotor yes. The reason I caved in to watch this show in the first place, after so many Voltron posts on my dash. The one I took one look at and thought, 'Oh no, he’s hot’ and decided, 'I’m going to watch Voltron now.’

Originally posted by tachipaws

- You are a crazy, desperate, semi-suicidal fool of a prince. I am so glad to see this universe’s version of you, such an improvement from the thirsty misogynistic space viking with a harem from pre-reboot. Damn my (Final Fantasy, I blame you) weakness for gorgeous kickass silver-haired men with parental issues the size of a galaxy-wide apocalypse.

We’re A Family

Pairing: Harry Hook x Reader

Request: @glitterbearbear​ asked: Hey can I have a harry x reader fic where the reader is besties with the rotten four + Ben and when they all realize harry & reader are dating they’re like “if u hurt a hair on their pretty litTLE HEAD WE WILL STAB U WITH UR OWN HOOK” basically like a sibling talk? Thank you!!!

A/N: this one is super fluffy. i’m totally in love with harry hook so this was really fun to write. hope you like it!

4 months had passed since the incident at cotillion. 4 months had passed since Harry Hook, Uma, Gil, Dizzy, and some other villain kids had come to Auradon to start a new life. 4 months had passed since an unexpected friendship had blossomed between Harry Hook and Y/N.

2 months had passed since an unexpected romance had bloomed between the pirate and princess. 2 months had passed since they first kissed. 2 months had passed since the teens realized they were in love with each other. 2 months had passed since Harry Hook had changed for the good.

Y/N and Harry had instantly clicked when the villain pirate had first come to Auradon. Something in him inexplicably changed when he first laid eyes on the beautiful girl. He tough heart had softened.

They brought out the best in each other. They were always laughing when they were together. Bright smiles etched onto their faces at the mere sight of each other.

They were completely and utterly in love.

Y/N and Harry walked side by side, hand in hand down the long hallways of Auradon Prep.

The day was done and the couple was headed to the lake for a famous Friday night lake side Auradon party.

The pirate and princess arrived and quickly spotted their friends standing near the dance floor. They made their way through the throng of people and reached their friends.

Carlos and Jay were currently having a competition on who could fit the most pastries in their mouths, while Mal, Evie and Ben were laughing about something Ben had said about Chad.

Evie’s attention turned to Y/N and Harry as soon as they walked over.

“Y/N! You’re finally here!” Evie exclaimed, throwing her accessorized arms around Y/N.

“Hey Harry,” Evie politely greeted him when she released Y/N from her grip.

The pirate smiled a tight smile and squeezed Y/N’s hand, signaling he was nervous. He received a squeeze back, telling him it was going to be alright.

Harry still wasn’t used to parties and social gatherings.

Evie’s eyes snapped to the couple’s hands, her eyes going wide.

“Since when were you guys dating?!” She questioned loudly, capturing Mal, Ben, Carlos and Jay’s attention.

“What?!” The group chimed in, coming closer to the pair.

“You guys didn’t know?” Y/N shyly questioned.

She guessed she had forgotten the part in the relationship where you tell your friends you’re dating someone.

The group all shook their heads no. Judging by their non verbals, they wanted Y/N to explain.

Y/N explained the story of how they fell in love, earning a few ‘aww’s’ from Evie and smiles from the rest of the group. Evie and Mal asked rapid fire questions about the relationship, making Y/N’s head spin.

The rest of the night went smoothly, Harry relaxing more and eventually entering a conversation about tourney with Jay and Carlos. Y/N was having a chat with Evie and Mal when Mal leaned in.

“So, how’s the pirate treating you?”

Y/N lightly blushed.

“He’s amazing. He’s so great, guys. I can’t say enough good things about him,” She gushed.

“Well, if he makes you happy, that’s all I care about,” Evie smiled, getting a nod from Mal.

“Well, excuse me but I’m gonna go get more punch. I’ll be right back,” Y/N excused herself and left for the punch bowl.

Mal and Evie took this as an opportunity to give Harry the talk. Mal pulled Ben away from a conversation he was having and the three of them made their way to Harry. Carlos and Jay got the hint of what the interruption was and folded their arms, trying to be intimidating. A confused look found it’s way on Harry’s face as he looked around the little circle formed around him.

“Harry, we just want to say that we are so glad that you’re dating Y/N,” Evie started.

“We’re so glad that you make her happy. The most important thing for us is Y/N’s happiness,” Ben joined in.

“But, if you hurt a hair on her pretty little head we will stab you with your own hook,” Mal deadpanned, “Don’t think I’m joking.”

Harry gulped. He knew Mal wasn’t kidding.

“Seriously, though, dude, I will punch you in the face if I ever hear that you hurt her,” Jay threatened.

“Yeah. We’re a family. If one of us gets hurt, all of us get hurt. We love Y/N more than anything. We’ll do anything to protect her,” Carlos spoke.

“I would never, ever hurt Y/N. She is my world. I love ‘er. She is my happiness, and trust me, I would never do ‘er wrong,” Harry promised, looking at everyone in the group.

“Good,” Evie smiled, “Welcome to the family.”

RIP Stronk

(Some backstory to help here)
Our Dnd group had found that the city had research to some dodgy stuff. Upon investigating, we found a man who had large spikes stabbed into him which we were told that the spikes were carefully placed into the mans body parts in order to make him incredibly strong. So they basically had the power to advance certain aspects.

Our groups goblin had the stats of 2 (he couldn’t even speak properly, he only yelled “STRONK” and “BASH”)

Friend (plays Stronk): So, with this spike, if I was to stab it in my head, would that make me incredibly smart?

DM: you have absolutely no knowledge of how to place it in your head, you will most likely die

Friend (plays Stronk): but like, is there a chance?

DM: I can assure you that you will most likely just stab yourself in the head and die

Everyone else: If the DM is telling you this, its most likely true. Don’t.

Friend (plays Stronk): I would like to stab the spike through my skull

DM: *rolls a fail* you fucking stab yourself in the brain and die instantly

Rest in peace Stronk.

Imagine : Being Hope Mikaelson’s Twin and Kol blames the Family for constantly ignoring you  (Part 1)

Originally posted by always-and-forever-indeed

Ok Guys @bonniebird might have told you , but i am continuing the ‘Being Hope Mikaelson’s Twin ‘ imagines . The gif does not belong to me .written because original owner said they were sadly not going to continue and that was a hell no to me .So here is a different version of her imagines 

Young!Reader x Uncle!Kol, Young!Reader x Father!Klaus (barely)

“There you are darling,” said Uncle Kol finding you alone in the living room. You turn your head away from your coloring book to face him. 

“Hi uncle Kol, “ you frown up at him , smirking he  comes down to your level .

“Why are you sad ?” He asks . You look down to the floor , and pointed toward the outside garden , where everyone was cooing and  fighting over Hope attention . Kol couldn’t but be angry at how easily you were forgotten you were by his brother and sister’s , Like he was when he was your age when he was young . 

“Hey why don’t we go to the Cauldron to visit Aunty Davina then later the batting cages ” He says , making  your pop your head up with a shining grin on your face . “Quickly go get dressed,” He watches as you run as fast as you can to your room .


It was late when Kol and You had returned from the Cauldron and the batting cages. Within the five minutes of the car drive home you were deep asleep snoring .The entire house didn’t move an inch as they saw Kol carry you in . But if it was Hope they would of yelled . 

“Aaahh their he is the daughter thief. Come to return to the crime , “ Kol huffs at Klaus’s words . “You know it’s not stealing since she wanted to come with me ,” Klaus was about to retort if Kol hadn’t vamp sped  you to bed. 

But not before changing you . “So you think my daughter prefers you over me ,” Klaus growls , as he slams Kol into a wall with his hand on the wall. 

“It’s not exactly a secret is it that she constantly feels left you. And you all  just push her away like she is nothing  because she is human. Yet you —” Everyone watched as Klaus snaps Kol’s neck leaving him dead on the floor. 

No one dared to touch Kol’s body as Klaus storms out of the house.


The entire house jumped out of their seat’s as Hope had woken up the next morning. While Klaus , Elijah , and Rebekah check on Hope. Hayley prepares her food downstairs. Not even thinking of you , leaving Kol to make sure your okay.

When he reached your room he found you on your floor reading. “Good Morning Darling ,” He smirks as you walk up to hug him. “Good Morning Uncle Kol. How are you ?” 

“Perfectly fine darling , but how long have you been awake ,” He says as you two walk to your bed. “Oh about an hour ,” He wanted to question more about it , when Elijah called him for some important matters. 

By the time he came back to your room you weren’t there. He wen’t down stairs to ask him family only to see their only attention is on Hope not even noticing how you aren’t in the house.

After two searches around the house he decides to look around the  French Quarter , when he couldn’t find you their he went to Cauldron , then soon after all off New Orleans. 

Once he returned home he still saw every one was cooing over Hope . “ENOUGH I AM DONE KEEPING QUIET,” screams kol while throwing a vase, making every one look at him as Hope whimpers and curls up to Hayley making everyone angry.

“OH NOW I AM THE BAD GUY, FOR MAKING POOR HOPE WHIMPER. THEN WHAT ABOUT YOU LOT WHO HAVE  HAVE YET TO SEEM TO NOTICE THAT (Y/N) IS NO WHERE TO BE SEEN ,”He yells , as Klaus vamp speeds in front of him , making Hayley and Hope Leave the room.



“Do not dare you think i do not care for my daughter’s ,when you can’t even have one , And as for (Y/N) she is –”

“Not Here,” said Elijah .


Tears stained your face as the blood stained knife comes closer to your face. “No! No! Please stop,” you scream as the man walks closer to you . he was about to stab you when his heart and head is ripped off.

You never been so happy to him in your life, than at this moment . Thou you two have always seen each other you , Never would of thought he would be able to make . You limp into your Uncle’s open embrace . As Klaus enters the room with Haley right behind him. 

“It’s okay now Love  , it’s all over now “ he says “I am sorry  I couldn’t have gotten here sooner , “ he continues on trying to calm your tears and hiccups to the point where your just sniffling . He picks you up and tries to give you to Hayley , but you scream and cry  , making Kol back away with you in hand , but when he tries Klaus Scream to the point where Kol can here his ears ringing. 

He knew it was pointless on trying to convince you to go to your parent’s to he just carried you out , since during your captivity your left leg was messed up . No one said  anything on the way home . 


“She didn’t even want to come close to us ,”Hayley said , as tears threatened to come out of her eyes while plopping down onto the couch. “She didn’t want to come near her mother ,” tears ran down her cheeks. 

“And I didn’t even notice my child was gone until someone else told me . It  wasn’t even like she was gone for a few minutes she was gone for over six hours. “ by now she was sobbing into Elijah , as Klaus over hears the conversation from his room.

“Was I such a horrible father  to them, both “ Klaus watches as his one night stand and brother try to comfort each other, while he watches Hope sleep. ” She hates me .“ he whispers to no one in particular, but hears his words .

"She doesn’t hate you Nik she–”“

"Just doesn’t want me to near her in her time of need , but hope would of ran straight into my arms. "He says, while running his fingers through her hair as Kol walks into the room . "That’s the problem brother you keep complaining that (Y/N) isn’t like Hope , and you keep pushing her away . eventually she will not want to think about that ,” Kol says then left Klaus so he can be alone 

Iron Crown (III)

Author: kpopfanfictrash

Pairing: You / Jinyoung

Rating: R

Warning: Domestic abuse

Word Count: 6,071

Summary: As the Crown Princess of Vitus, your land has always been peaceful. When your power-hungry Uncle decides to stop paying the tithe though, things take a turn for the worse. The vampires who reside in the mountains are not happy and in retaliation - they set their sights on you.

Originally posted by wangmins

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Come Home to Me

Characters: Frank Castle (Punisher) x Reader 

 A/N: i see one gifset of fucking jon bernthal and i have to write a fucking fic about him. goddamn it. i love my murder husband…

 Summary: Frank comes home to you a little more beat up than usual and you get emotional. 

 Warnings: angst? injuries (bruising, cuts), mostly just feeeeeelings 

 Words: i honestly have no idea. i wrote this on my phone at work… 

 Tags: none? lol this is a new character 

Originally posted by calif0rnia-lovers

A thundering knock jolts you from sleep. You groan and push the fuzzy blanket off your bare legs to stumble off of the couch where you’d been waiting for your boyfriend to get home. You must have fallen asleep waiting. 

Another knock comes from your front door and you groan, pulling your cardigan tighter around you at the sudden chill in the air. “Coming, coming,” you mutter. You blink the sleep out of your eyes and swing the door open as quickly as possible just to stop the awful knocking. 

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“But you know as well as I, patriotism is a word; and one that generally comes to mean either my country, right or wrong, which is infamous, or my country is always right, which is imbecile.”

- Master and Commander by Patrick O’Brian

Relevant to the current state of the world.

Truly - Reggie Mantle

Anonymous said:

Can you do a Reggie one shot where he first dates the reader for a bet and she ends up in the playbook and she breaks up with him, but have a happy ending.

Originally posted by dempseytapefour

This is bad, I’m sorry.

It had been a rough week to say the least, but it had oddly started out with the promise of greatness. After school on Monday, you were told by Veronica that Chuck heard that Reggie Mantle had taken an interest in you. You merely shook your head and denied being affected by the idea of being Reggie’s girlfriend.

But by Tuesday, during lunch period, you were talking to the towering jock about plans for Pop’s. He had pulled you away from the busy ears of Veronica and Betty; but even while talking to him, they shot you all-knowing glances.

“Ms. Green has me lost in her class. Thanks for agreeing to help me out.” You nodded at him as you met his bright brown eyes. “I’ll see you at Pop’s around five, right?” You had curled your lip into your mouth, biting it in thought. Every fiber of your being told you not to trust him, for he had a reputation of sorts when it came to girls. But, you were weak to the look he gave you.

“Yep. At five. See ya then Reggie.” He shot you one of his charming smiles before walking off to his friend’s table. You were too caught up in walking over to your own friends, and dealing with your unneeded excitement about the date, to notice the way his friends high-fived him. Even if you did see them, or take note of their hoots and hollers, you would’ve brushed it off as banter.

Sadly, you didn’t take note and Tuesday afternoon, you were sitting across from Reggie Mantle. He wore a grin on his face the whole time, one that you mistakened as happy nervousness. Until now, Saturday, you had figured out what was hidden behind his perfect teeth and handsome smile; but on that Tuesday, he was a superb gentleman.

“Are you sure you don’t want a milkshake Y/N? Fries maybe?” You looked up from the textbook that was in front of you and met his soft gaze.

“We are here to study, are we not?” Reggie smiled at you, but you tried your best to act like you weren’t pleased by it. He looked somehow more attractive when he smiled like that.

“Yeah we are, but I just thought that maybe,” he leaned over a scooted the textbook away from your reach, “just maybe, we could get to know each other better.” You raised your eyebrows at him and he laughed. “What? Too forward?” You let out a long sigh and leaned forward to face him. You rested your chin on your hands and looked into his eyes.

“You have a reputation, Mantle, so you know why I’m cautious.” He held your gaze and you stared back without backing down. “Getting into pants is a talent of yours,” you added quietly, but Reggie still heard you. His lips fell into a slight frown at your words.

“You just have to get to know me better. I like to think I’m more than the rumors you hear.” You felt a heat rise to your cheeks, even now remembering his words. For that was when you gave in and got to know Reggie better. You learned about what he wanted to do after high school, his family, and in return you told him about yourself. By the time you remembered to study, it was eight at night; near your curfew.

“I have to go if I’m going to make it back home in time.” You grabbed your belongings, packing them into your school bag. As you shuffled out of the booth, Reggie followed suit.

“I can drive you home,” he said, “I am the one that kept you out this late. Please let me drive you.” You turned and gave him a serious look.

“Alright. Just don’t try anything funny Mantle. I got my eyes on you.” As you turned your head you noticed how the corner of his lips twitched upwards slightly. It wasn’t like the boyish smiles before, this one seemed more true in a sense. You trusted that smile, so much so you let him drive you home and walk you to your door.

“We didn’t study,” you said and Reggie truly smiled again.

“Then maybe we should we should meet up again.” You met his eyes was you rested your hand on the door handle. You smiled as well, unable to stop for doing so.

“Maybe we should,” you teased. “How about right after school. Meet up on the football field and study in the bleachers.” Reggie’s smile widened and you let out a breathy laugh. “What? Am I the one being too forward now?” Reggie laughed and met your eyes once more.

“Well you do have a reputation, L/N,” he teased and you smiled. “You’re a good girl,” he added, “but that’s pretty good compared to my own.” You frowned slightly and leaned against the door frame before opening it.

“Sorry about that,” you whispered, “I know you better now though. No more quick judgements.” You held out your hand and Reggie took it to shake it.

“No more quick judgements,” and after that, there were no judgements at all. Everything else went rather quick. By Thursday, you and Reggie were sneaking around the school; pressing kisses to the others skin and whispering meeting times in the other’s ear. It seemed that fate wished your love affair short, or at least Veronica did. After an after-school investigation by Betty, Veronica, Ethel, Cheryl, and Kevin, the football team’s playbook was released.

“I’m sorry Y/N, but you need to see this,” Veronica handed you her phone. Displayed on the screen was a picture of the playbook. Your eyes scanned past Polly Cooper’s name, down the list and then you saw it. Your name, listed below Veronica’s, and next to yours there was a pair of all too familiar initials.

R.M. - Y/N L/N - Good Girl - 7 points

“I gotta go,” you whispered, giving Veronica her phone back. Before she could stop you, you were darting out of the lounge, searching for Reggie Mantle. You made your way to the football field bleachers, the place that had become your go-to meet up spot after you shared your first kiss there. There he was, waiting for you and totally oblivious to what knowledge you now possessed. You climbed the bleachers and stood, staring at him with tears in your eyes.

“How dare you,” you had said, you could remember the rage coursing through your veins. “Why did you do it? How could you do that to me?!” Reggie’s eyes were wide as he stared at you.

“What are you talking about babe?” He stood then, his hands reaching for your face but you had pushed them away.

“You know what I’m talking about, Reg. Don’t lie to me. I know about the playbook.” His face fell then, his frown deepened.

“I didn’t mean for this, it started as a bet and” he looked down and then back at you, “please hear me out.” You shook your head and wiped at your eyes. You should’ve listened to your instincts and stayed far away from Reggie Mantle. But your heart had no room for logic; except in that moment.

“We’re done, whatever this even was.” With those words, you stormed off and away from Reggie. All of those events lead you to now; crying in you bedroom about the boy who never, truly loved you.  You shifted and sniffled under your blankets as you looked out your window. You used to enjoy sunsets on Saturdays; the way the colors blended so perfectly, like missing puzzle pieces. Lying in your bed now however, the shades were dulled by the ache in your heart.

You ignored the buzzing of your phone as it blew up from texts, most likely from Veronica. Reggie hadn’t messaged you once. It was better that way, or so you thought. Every time you closed your eyes you flashed to that first ‘date’ at Pop’s. He let you in and you let him in, but the sharing of intimate information seemed to hold no value to him.

When you weren’t thinking of his sweet attitude you were lost in the memories of the stolen kisses shared in closets. He had even told that he loved you in the cramped quarters of his car. These hidden moments once gave you light but now looking back on them made you teary.

Even if your relationship was brief, Reggie had managed to worm his twisted way into your heart; against all odds. Once he was there, you felt like he was going to stay. The lack of texts told you otherwise. The harsh truth was before you and you couldn’t even bear to face it : Reggie Mantle didn’t love you, he never did. Not at all.

A soft knock at the door broke you from your thoughts. It was either a family member or Veronica had broken into your house in order to cheer you up. You let out a breathy, rough laugh that the idea of the raven-haired girl ready with ice cream in hand. You uncurled yourself from the blankets and walked towards your bedroom door.

“What is it-” you looked up and nearly slammed the door shut. “How did you get in my house,” you hissed and Reggie was caught off guard. From what you could see in the somewhat dim light, his eyes were red; as if he shed tears.

“I told your parents we were working on a class project,” he whispered. “Please let me in.” You huffed at his pleas and shook your head.

“I already did, but you stabbed me in the back anyway.” Reggie rubbed a hand across his face and sighed heavily. He lifted his head and met your gaze.

“Just let me explain, it wasn’t like that.” You stepped away from the entrance and allowed Reggie to step into your room. He glanced around the walls, as admiring them, before turning to face you as you closed the door.

“It started with the playbook,” he whispered, but you couldn’t meet his eyes. He continued anyway, hoping you’d listen. “I wanted to prove myself so they gave me you. I know how that sounds, believe me. It was nasty thinking about it, but the pressure was there.” You walked over to your bed, sitting on the edge of it. Reggie stood still, talking as you moved.

“But at Pop’s it felt right. Like there wasn’t any system or points,” Reggie moved towards you, bending on his knees before you. He took your hands in his and looked down at them. “It was just you and me in that booth. No points. No bets. I swear.” He looked back up at you, his brown eyes pleading for your forgiveness.

“You said you loved me,” you whispered and Reggie nodded.

“I do,” he whispered, “truly. I knew when I drove you home that’d you’re it for me. You’re the best thing that’s ever happened to me. I’m sorry, so sorry that I didn’t tell you sooner. Maybe if I did things could’ve been different. But my feelings for you haven’t changed.” You freed your hands from his, resting them on his shoulders. You leaned slightly towards him as you soaked in his words and warmth. He was so close to you, just like before. You looked into his eyes seriously, your heart worried for you.

“Truly?” Reggie’s lips quirked up at the corners, like that smile that caught your attention in Pop’s. He nodded at your question.

“Truly.” You leaned your forehead against his, breathing in softly. “I love you, Y/N. This won’t happen again.” Your head went to the back of his neck, pulling away from him enough to tease him with your presence.

“Oh it won’t,” you whispered, “I won’t allow it.” Reggie smiled again and leaned up on his knees. You met his lips in the middle and collided with his in a passionate kiss. That kiss was a second chance for what the two of you shared. You pulled away, mumbling against his lips.

“I love you too, Reg.” He smiled against your lips as he pressed against you once more. With the playbook burned, you had nothing holding you back from him. For Reggie truly loves you and even the prettiest of flowers have messy beginnings.

anonymous asked:

Please describe the Animatronics VS Twisted Animatronics fight. It sounds amazing.

The only way I can do this is motherfucking T-Rex/honest trailer style so here we go:

William’s furry OC is about to strike, but out of the darkness comes goddamn Foxy, who slams that motherfucker apart and starts disemboweling (diswiring?) that fucker with his sharp-ass hook just like you’d expect goddamn Foxy to do.

Twisted Bonnie is on fucking fire, but that’s not slowing that bitch down an inch. Original Bonnie is like “WHO’S BETTER BUILT NOW BITCH“ as he pulls that motherfucker into the shadows and rips him apart with his bare cute little purple fur covered hands.

Foxy decides he’s proven he’s the best canine robot and decides to fuck up vore Freddy something fierce instead. Meanwhile Bonnie decides to finally let Chica do something and she straight-up decapitates bunny-bitch faster than a horny praying mantis.

Finally, Freddy remembers he’s the goddamn star and barges in, smashing wind-up Balloon Boys left and right. He picks up one of the BB’s and says “I am motherfucking Freddy Fazbear,“ then crushes that fucker’s head like an empty soda can.

Oh, and AU Golden Freddy didn’t do shit again. Seriously, Michael, you couldn’t get off your lazy ass for five minut

fun things you get to experience when you have diabetes
  • getting to stab yourself with needles all the time for fun! except not for fun, but to keep you alive
  • that one oral med you’re on? yeah sometimes it’s just gonna give you diarrhea lol have fun figuring out when
  • your whole body being hot and cold at the same time. like you’re cold, but you’re overheated and you want to take your shirt off but if you do you get massive chills and there’s no winning
  • walking up the stairs when your sugar is high? more like you’ve never done squats that burn this much
  • really bad circulation in your extremities. like your torso is hot but your toes are fucking freezing as hell.
  • being told that your kidney function is “thankfully still okay” or that “you don’t have retinopathy yet
  • stumbling to the kitchen in the middle of the night and having to decide which food will work best to treat a low when your brain doesn’t work and your body doesn’t work and if you don’t pick fast enough you’ll pass out and maybe die
  • going to bed in range and waking up feeling like hell on earth
  • dealing with shit like this:
  • and this
  • having to force yourself to drink water when you’re really really nauseated and want to throw up everything in your stomach. nausea so bad water makes you want to puke
  • ppl telling you it takes 15 minutes to recover from a low when it’s more like 2 hours before you feel like your previous self (and recovery from a really bad high takes like 3 days)
  • an achey body for no good reason
  • friends being like “we should work out together” but you’re like “how tf do I manage my blood sugar while I’m doing that”
  • having to push through and still go to work/school when you feel like shit
  • things that hurt. those pump sites and injections that feel like you’ve been stabbed. your body begging you to feed it. your eyes. your muscles. your head. your stomach. your lungs. everything hurts.
  • having to hear diabetes jokes “lol it was so sweet it gave me diabetes” “omg it’s like a big bowl of diabetes” SHUT THE FUCK UP THATS NOT HOW DIABETES WORKS YOU PIECE OF SHIT but having to hear it and stay calm
  • losing the ability to tell when you’re low so lol you’re in the 30’s and you only just realized
  • having to stop having fun or hanging out with people or having to go home because you’re out of insulin or strips or needles or your site fill out. and by extension, never really being able to do something spontaneous because you always have to think how will i manage the sugaz when I do
  • always worrying about food. where it’ll come from, how to count it, where you can get some of you suddenly drop. food is your biological imperative. if you can’t answer those questions you’re this much closer to dying.
  • you don’t even know who you are without this disease. you know it’s not everything about you but it consumes you. literally. it eats away at your body, eats away at how long you have left to live.
  • having to deal with the monetary cost. like, pay or die? what kind of life is that?
  • never getting to take a break from the ridiculously difficult task of keeping yourself alive.
Don’t Tell Me You Actually Doubted Me

Marvel (Doctor Strange) One Shot

Characters: [GENDER NEUTRAL] Reader x Stephen Strange

Warnings: injury, blood, swearing and mentions of death

Request: “hi. can you please(if it’s not botherting you) write something about reader and dr. strange, where reader is injured and doctor lost his ring, and the reader needs surgery. and he had to do it himself? sorry for my english:)” - Anon

Word Count: 1,159

A/M: Your english is fine !!! Thank you for requesting, I think this is the first Doctor Strange request !

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it hurts; connor murphy x reader

Request: Would do do a fic where the reader calls (Evan or Connor you choose!) Really late at night because her brother is out and her dad is working nights and she’s having bad pains in her chest because she’s got problems with her lungs and has had surgeries in the past and thinks she needs to go to the hospital so whoever you choose freaks out while the reader is crying and in pain thank you!

I went with Connor for this, I hope that works! This prompt honestly broke my heart, I really hope I did it justice.

(also I know I skipped around in my requests but I thought this hella spoke to me)

Word count: 921

TWs: A N G S T, reader is in a lot of pain, cursing, very very brief mention of past surgeries

2:26 AM

Your heart was pounding faster and faster. This was it. This was how you died. In your own bed, alone, sobbing like a child. Your brother was out somewhere that you didn’t know, and your father was working the night shift again. Just your luck. Of course, that wouldn’t have been a problem if your chest hadn’t felt like it was going to explode, or maybe implode, you weren’t sure exactly which. You figured you probably needed medical attention. This wasn’t the first time you’d dealt with things like this. You’d had surgeries before since you had problems with your lungs, but now you were alone and you needed to get someone to drive you to the hospital, or at least try and calm you down. The combination of crying and barley being able to breath was dangerous.

You grabbed your phone from next to you and shakily scrolled through your contacts, looking for someone in particular. If anyone was going to be awake at this time of night, it was Connor. You did your best to take a deep breath and clicked the call button under his name, praying to every higher power imaginable that he would pick up. After a few rings you heard a familiar voice.

“Why the hell are you up so late?”

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anonymous asked:

can you write a trimberly fic where they're already dating and during an argument one of them says something hurtful, but doesn't realize it cause of how mad she is and the other just gets kind of quiet because she's actually really hurt? super angsty with a happy ending?

Thanks for the prompt!

Kimberly is well aware that her walking personification of an angry cat girlfriend is actually the softest softy to ever soft, and while the other girl mostly keeps to herself, there are various moments when she just drives Kimberly up the wall. She hates when the other woman leaves her dirty clothes all over the bathroom floor, hates when she doesn’t pick up after herself and she ends up tripping over gadgets the Latina steals from Billy’s lab without his knowing, hates that she’s always leaving empty water bottles on the kitchen counter or on the coffee table, and she hates when Trini blasts music while she paints in their apartment on the nights before Kimberly has a big exam. It makes her groan in frustration as she glares down at her notes, reading the same line at least three times before understanding the first half of the sentence.

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CinemaSins — Disney Movie Edition  {Sentence Starters}

  • “Is this a pity kiss?”
  • “Man, what a buzzkill.”
  • “You did not hear that.”
  • “Evil is easily distracted.”
  • “That… still seems wrong.”
  • “I still kind of hate this guy.”
  • “Why not just kill him, now?”
  • “I don’t, I can’t, and I won’t.”
  • “Are we sure he’s not dead?”
  • “When did you get good at this?”
  • “This map looks really unhelpful.”
  • “Was setting it on fire necessary?”
  • “Is this ship called the Coincidence?”
  • “Is ANYONE chaperoning this child?”
  • “That’s a horse on a boat, right there.”
  • “That doesn’t sound dangerous at all…”
  • “Well, keep trying. You’ve… tried? Right?”
  • “Why? They haven’t heard anything else.”
  • “Cute baby animal qualification? Fulfilled!”
  • “Seven seconds of sustained screaming…”
  • “How broken up can you expect me to be?”
  • “This cold blooded motherfucker is a hero?”
  • “It’s about as bad and frustrating as it sounds.”
  • “You suck. And you definitely suck at tracking.”
  • “But, I thought the order was to shoot him now.”
  • “It’s always handy whenever you’re about to die.”
  • “How does this even make you feel a little bit better?”
  • “I mean, this is far worse than killing her and you know it.”
  • “You and AC/DC should have a discussion about wordplay.”
  • “There’s no gray area in the world of stupid, magical curses.”
  • “Surely it has nothing to do with all the illegal pirate things I did.”
  • “It’s not like anyone’s actually in charge of anything around here.”
  • “How does ‘healing power’ translate into ‘reversing the aging process’?”
  • “You can climb stone towers by stabbing arrow heads into them… who knew?”
  • “Yeah, that seems like protocol. Just handcuff a guy and leave him unattended next to the rich girl.”
  • Joker: God has smiled upon you this day.
  • The fate of a nation in your hands.
  • And blessed be the children who fight with all our bravery,
  • ‘Til only the righteous stand…
  • You see the distant flames,
  • They bellow in the night,
  • You fight in all our names for what we know is right,
  • And when you all get shot
  • And cannot carry on, Though you die,
  • La Resistance lives on.
  • The Phantom Thieves: You may get stabbed in the head,
  • With a dagger or a sword,
  • You may be burned to death,
  • Or skinned alive, or worse,
  • But when they torture you,
  • You will not feel the need to run
  • For, though you die, La Resistance lives on.
  • Police: Blame Phantom Thieves! Blame Phantom Thieves!
  • Sae: Because the country’s gone awry,
  • Tomorrow night, these freaks will fry!
  • The Public: Tomorrow night,
  • Our lives will change.
  • Tomorrow night, We’ll be entertained.
  • An execution!
  • What a sight!
  • Tomorrow night.
  • Shido: Up there there is so much room,
  • Where babies burp and flowers bloom,
  • Tomorrow night up there is doomed And so I will be going soon!
  • Okumura and Kobayakawa: Shut your fucking face, uncle fucka,
  • You’re a boner-biting bastard, uncle fucka!
  • Kobayakawa: Looks like we may be out of luck!
  • Okumura: Tomorrow night, we’re pretty fucked!
  • Other Confidants: Why did the Thieves start this war?
  • What-the-fuck are they fighting for?
  • When did this song become a marathoooon?
  • Akechi: When Joker is dead and gone, my vengeance shall move on!
  • The Phantom Thieves: They may cut your dick in half,
  • And serve it to a pig,
  • And though it hurts,
  • you’ll laugh And dance a dickless jig,
  • But that’s the way it goes And though we’re shat upon,
  • Though we die, La Resistance lives oooooonnnnn!
  • Police: Blame Phantom Thieves!
  • Blame Phantom Thieves!
  • Blame Phantom Thieves!
  • Ryuji: *marches with the flag of the Phantom Thieves and trips*

I wanna see it painted, painted black
Black as night, black as coal
I wanna see the sun blotted out from the sky
I wanna see it painted, painted, painted, painted black“

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