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 (i combined inktober and goretober and made my own so)


 1. extra limbs/eyes 

2. gut spill 

3. collect 

4. hungry/blood bath 

5. sad/plants growing out of body 

6. witch 

7. lost/possessed

8. back stabbed 

9. minor injuries/stitches 

10. jump 

11. oozing liquid/transport 

12. worried/fungus 

13. scared/visible bones 

14. broken 

15. relax/patched up 

16. wet with a knife 

17. battle 

18. escape/bugs 

19. missing a body part 

20. flight/wings 

21. big/animal wounds 

22. little/half skeleton 

23. slow/my choice 

24. one dozen/happy

25. tired 

26. box 

27. creepy 

28. burn 

29. surprise

30. friend(s)

31. character(s) in a halloween costume

Leorai - Freebie Day Part 1

So, I decided to put this up in chunks as it gets done.  It’s just taking me a while, but I need to write it…

The pain woke her from a completely sound sleep.  It ripped the breath out of her as she groped desperately at her stomach.  Afraid to move and afraid to stay still, she tried to breathe….and failed.  It felt like she was choking, drowning without air.  The pain pummeled her, wrapping around her abdomen, down between her legs, and cinched her sides.  Something was wrong, she immediately knew that.  Her eyes watered and tears wet her cheeks and her hair.  Something was wrong inside her.  The pain raced up her back, pulling her legs to her chest.  She rolled out of the bed and tried to stand.

She desperately clawed into the night air around her until her fingertips made purchase with the old cherry wood dresser.  Bent in half, she couldn’t force her feet to move.  She sucked in tiny shallow breaths.  Her twisted clothes bound her and nothing made sense.  Her mouth hung open but her chest barely moved, the muscles paralyzed.  In the dark, she was frozen, her mind skittering and careening without focus or direction.  Suddenly her knees buckled and she crashed down to the floor, her arms unable to move fast enough to buffer the contact.  She tried to unbend herself, tried to straighten herself, but nothing happened.  She couldn’t make the pain stop.

A new wave of pain rushed through her, taking her breath away a second time.  She tried to gulp air and couldn’t stop the groan that escaped her.  In the dark, she finally called out to Leo.

“Leo!” her call cry was barely a strangled whisper as the pain tightened every muscle in her body.

Leo awoke to a sound he didn’t recognize coming from the floor next to their bed.  It took a second for his eyes to adjust to the darkness, having woken up from a rare hour of deep sleep.  It took another second to realize that Karai was not in the bed with him. From the floor, he saw a contorted bundle, making a sound he could only imagine compared to that of a hurt animal. His mind was taking too long to pull the pieces together until the bundle shifted, and Karai’s thick, long braid of black and pink hair slid across her back.  He ripped off the covers and scrambled over to her. Instinctively, he wrapped his arms around her to scoop her up off the floor.  He was startled when she screamed the instant he tightened his arms around her.

“Karai?… Karai, what’s wrong?!” he felt like he was speaking too loudly but he could barely hear himself over her increasing wails.  He had never heard a sound like that, especially not from her.  He reached out his hand and lightly touched her back, but she flinched away like he had burned her.  

“I can’t….make…it stop,” she cried, her voice taunt.  He frowned and unraveled himself from the floor, striding to the wall to hit the room light and then turning back to face her.  She was curled up on the ground, almost in a fetal position.  Her cries had sharpened and now she was keening, wordless.  In the light, he could finally see her face, and what he saw seized his heart in a cold grasp.

It was fear.  Absolute, naked fear.  It twisted her features and widened her eyes impossibly.  He had never seen fear like this.  Not in battle.  Not ever.  Pain contorted her body, rolling her from side to side.  Tremors caused her body to quake, her breath shaky and shallow.

“I can’t….”, she struggled to force words out, high pitched and breathy.  “I can’t make it stop.”

“DONNIE!” Leo bellowed and rushed back to Karai’s side.  She was struggling to get her hands underneath herself in an attempt to stand back up.  He stopped short of reaching to her again, now terrified that he would only make it worse.

Karai tried to gather herself as her hands made contact with the floor.  The pain hadn’t changed, but it had stabilized and was no longer a wave washing over her.  She pushed herself up with her hands, and looked at Leo.  His tight, concerned features suddenly bled into blackness as dark swirls entered her vision from all sides.  For a moment she thought she was floating.  Leo’s voice sounded far away.

“DONNIE!” Leo shouted again, his voice cracking now with his own fright at what was happening to Karia.

“I’m here”, Donnie’s low voice reached Leo as his tall, slim frame threw a shadow along the floor.  In two strides he was on Karai’s other side, his eye ridges knitted together tightly.  An instant later, April was next to her, a pillow crease still visible on her cheek and her hair sticking out in various directions.  Donnie reached out to Karai, and his long fingers wrapped carefully around her arms like he was trying to unfold a delicate origami figure.  

“Breathe Karai”, he said gently.  Her eyes rolled wildly.  It took achingly long, but slowly, carefully, Donnie helped her unfurl.  Her body continued to quake and trembler, and she could only unfurl so far.  April watched anxiously but didn’t interfere, and neither did Leo although he was literally itching to touch his wife.  To comfort her.  To make it better.

“Ok… Karai?” Donnie watched her twisted face carefully, his examination already starting.  “Karai, we have to get you to the lab ok?  We aren’t going to carry you because I think that will hurt more, but we are right here.  We can hold you up, you just have to move your feet ok?  Can you do that for me?”

She nodded stiffly and sucked in several breaths.  With April and Donnie steadying her, she shakily rose to her feet but still couldn’t straighten.  Inch by inch, they held her up as she slid her feet across the floor, terrified to jostle her own body.  Her short, quick breaths were the only sound in the night.

Donnie stood patiently while she settled onto his exam table.  At first, she had placed her hands on and crawled up, but then felt stuck there on her hands and knees.  He and April, situated on the opposite side of the table, helped her balance and support her while she slowly, painfully, turned over.  She was able to lay on her back but kept her heels tucked up high near her butt and her knees in the air.  She kept her arms stiffly at her sides.  When Leo stepped up to the table, her eyes rolled again towards him but didn’t quite focus on him.  Without speaking, Donnie and April moved about the room as if choreographed, turning on machines and opening drawers to pull out various items.  They gently attached monitors to her chest and clipped another monitor on her finger.  Karai didn’t protest or even acknowledge what was happening.  Her face glistened with sweat.

Donnie came back and stood across the table from Leo.  His usually relaxed face was tight and drawn.  He began to reach out towards Karai’s abdomen and then stopped short, taking his own deep breath.

“Karai?” he asked gently. He said her name a few times before she swung her face towards him.  Her eyes were wide and glassy, her chest moving fast like a bird’s.  

“Karia…. I have to… I have to press on your abdomen.  I have to … to try and figure out what’s wrong.  I have to…. Press so I can feel what’s going on OK?”

She nodded tightly and then rolled her head to stare at the ceiling. Donnie took a deep breath, dared a glance at Leo, and then laid his slim, long fingers on the center of her abdomen.  He paused, and then shifted his fingers to the left side and pressed.  She held her breath but didn’t make a sound.  Leo saw her fingers curl into claws that dug into the blanket on the exam table.  Donnie then carefully reached over her to her right side and pressed again.  She whimpered slightly and closed her eyes. He then slid his fingers back to the center and paused again.  His face was strained as he hated causing more pain, but he knew he had to in order to try and understand what was happening.  Visually nothing was wrong, no injuries, no marks, so it had to be something internal.  He pressed down.

Karai shrieked in pain, but Donnie forced his fingers and palms to stay and probe her midsection. Leo’s face clouded over and Donnie wasn’t sure if it was anger or fear.  Or both.

After what felt like an eternity, he softened the pressure and removed his hands.  He watched her abdomen shiver, his lips slightly pursed. Then, a visible wave of sadness and concern lengthened his features as he realized what was needed.

“Leo,” he said softly, not taking his gaze off of Karai.  “We have to get her to a hospital.”

“What?  WHY?!” Leo boomed.  Donnie had never stated anyone had to go to a hospital.  He had even set broken bones and stitched up stab wounds. Leo’s eyes skipped back and forth. He stood paralyzed.

“Leo,” Donnie tore his eyes off of Karai and looked at his brother, seeing the fear in the brighten the icy blue hue.  “She needs an ultrasound.  I can’t…. I don’t have an ultrasound machine.”

He walked around the table, gripping his brother’s shoulder tightly to get and keep his attention. He ducked his face down to be right in Leo’s line of sight.

“Whatever this is – it’s bad.  I can’t… I can’t do more for her.  We don’t have the type of pain meds she needs.  Her body might go into shock and I can’t resolve what this is, because I can’t see it.  Leo, we have to get her to a hospital.”

Texting - INTJ and ENTP

ENTP: Hey, are you okay?

INTJ: sneezing, thats all.. why?

ENTP: Just checking if you’re still living lol

INTJ : Why would I not be?

ENTP : idk, someone could have poisoned you, stabbed you, your stitches might have opened, you hit your face on the door and now your nose is broken and bleeding.IDK.


ENTP: Again, just checking….

Yes I did write “A Stab of Persuasion.”

That was a lot of fun. I love these boys an insane amount. If you haven’t read it yet check out “A Stitch in Time.” It is the main fic the other was branched off.

If you’re specifically looking for Zsaszma stuff then check out chapters 6 and 7. They are some of my favourites, as is the one currently in works.

Oh btw.. I’d LOVE to see your sketches 😊

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Frozen Over

Originally posted by painfulblisss

Bucky x Reader

Chapter (6/?)

Masterlist (x)

Warnings: slight smut

AN: oooookay so this chapter is double the length as usual.  I don’t know how i let it get so long!! I have no idea where i was going with this but here is some fluff to make up for the angst i have put you through!

solnyshko = small sun

Since Winter and you were going to be working together for a long time, you both needed to train together.  Learn how each one worked and how far you could push each other.  You needed to know when the other was going to break.  That part must be easy for Winter, since you still conveyed some kind of emotion, but for you it was impossible.  Well first of all Winter never looked like he was going to give up; it was like he was invincible or he was already broken.

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a-artemis  asked:

Hello! I love your blog btw! Anyways, do you know any bad boy!kook fics? And fics with yoonmin as the side pairing? Thank you, in advance! x

bad boy guk

I Won’t Fall (in love with you) by taeharem - “You have to promise not to fall in love with me.”

you and me, we’re bumper cars by syugaflake - “The more I try to get to you, the more we crash apart.” After a myriad of mistakes committed in his leather jacket with a cigarette between his teeth, Jungkook finds himself exiled to his aunt’s house in a quiet, faraway town for the summer. Nothing much goes on at the neighbourhood; or so he thinks, until he meets a boy with sunset-coloured hair named Kim Taehyung.

Our Red Scarf (Keep Me Warm) by MirreRover - Jeongguk is trouble. Taehyung likes trouble a bit more than he probably should. Just don’t tell Jimin about it.

you can leave a toothbrush (at my place) by wowoashley - i just can’t let you go
you give me something i’ve never known
so baby you don’t have to rush
you can leave a toothbrush
at my place

Mama called me destructive (said it’d ruin me one day) by eclairdeluxe - In a realm of destruction and deceit, Kim Taehyung is the closest thing he comes to understanding love.

did you use protection by awsuga - prompt: ‘a rumor started that we slept together and I don’t even know you but I want to put an end to it oh wait you’re really hot.’

All I Want (Is Nothing More) by lethallergic - “Okay, but really, you would look so hot driving in a Lambo.”

Learning To Love by RainyDays26 - After an encounter with his favourite singer Jungkook, Taehyung is left with a crushed heart and cynical attitude. But when Jungkook loses everything, by some twist of fate, Taehyung is the only one who can help him. Begrudgingly, Taehyung helps Jungkook and he soon learns that sometimes the only one who can fix your heart is the person who broke it in the first place.

I can take you Places you’ve Never Been Before by Vkook_trash - ‘This isn’t a cut, Jungkook. This is a stab wound. You need stitches.’ ‘Then stitch me up.’ Or Taehyung is a medic student who finds his life mundane. Jungkook is the sexy, fearless bad boy that Taehyung wishes he could be. They form an unlikely relationship, and Jungkook brings him on top of the criminal empire. Drama ensues between the two contrasting personalities. Well, opposites attract, Taehyung guesses.

After Me, The Flood by Shnivals - Taehyung’s an enigma, and Jeongguk just wants to understand. Or Jeongguk tries to save Taehyung, and falls hopelessly in love during the process

side yoonmin (because there are mass amounts of fics with taekook and yoonmin, I’m definitely narrowing this down, but you can always go here and look through all of our recs that have yoonmin lol)

change my world (you’re the sunlight in my universe) by yururin -Jungkook is an artist who likes drawing on the cafe’s freedom wall. Taehyung sees his drawings, and falls in love. Featuring Jimin as the 100% done wingman, Yoongi as the possessive boyfriend, and Seokjin as the sassy mom.

The Adventures of BTS (Barely Trained Superheroes) by blurrylines - Super Heroes Academy AU. Seven different boys each possess a unique Power, to be trained and controlled within the classrooms of the Academy. In a surprising turn of events, the unlikely group of boys must work together to overcome the greatest threat to their Academy and all they believe in.

Of clueless mates and stupid best friends by Chihiro - Taehyung somehow adopts a wolf and finds himself a possessive stalker at the same time. Jimin is 500% done with everything.

This Is The First Day Of My Life by internetpistol - “If you want to be with me, you need to be honest with yourself and fucking tell me!” “I’m not good at that, but can I interest you in a sarcastic comment?“

Unit: Bulletproof by Shiny0ne - Kim Namjoon, Min Yoongi, Kim Seokjin, Jung Hoseok, Park Jimin, Kim Taehyung and Jeon Jungkook are all a part of a special agents unit where they are all specialist in a certain form of weaponry, as well as being masters in the art of hand to hand combat and espionage. Life has not been easy for these boys, each one of them with a dark past of their own that lead them to entering a Special Operatives Forces where they were to all eventually meet. Now, they are all a part of a group that needs each and everyone one of it’s members in order to function. When they get assigned a human trafficking case in Daegu, the boys must go undercover and put all of their training to the test. The bonds of friendship and family will be tested as they are pushed to their limits to try and solve this case. Some will be brought together while others will be pulled apart. Will they prosper or will they all go down fighting?

Feel Me by SevenSoulmates - Taehyung never asked for this. This gift that was more like a curse that damned him to a life of confusion, never knowing if what he felt were his own emotions or somebody else’s. He never asked to become an Empath, to be be Bestowed. Now all the emotions in and around him were taking over his life and driving him to the point of insanity.

Too Hot (Hot Damn) by snowmoney - It was actually kind of funny, because if Taehyung wasn’t such an incompetent cook he wouldn’t have set his apartment on fire, and if he hadn’t set his apartment on fire, he wouldn’t have met the love of his fucking life. AKA Taehyung nearly burns down his apartment and Jeongguk is the firefighter that saves him.

Learning To Love by RainyDays26 - After an encounter with his favourite singer Jungkook, Taehyung is left with a crushed heart and cynical attitude. But when Jungkook loses everything, by some twist of fate, Taehyung is the only one who can help him. Begrudgingly, Taehyung helps Jungkook and he soon learns that sometimes the only one who can fix your heart is the person who broke it in the first place.

oh, for the love of god by florations - What could go wrong with falling in love with your best friend? Not a lot, to be honest. That happens to people all the time. But what if said best friend is the God of Love and you’re the God of Death? Then A Lot. A Lot of things could go wrong. Or conversely: What the fuck, Jeon Jeongguk.

wanna be loved (same love as you) by sugacravings - Taehyung needs a heat buddy so he hires an alpha off Naver.

I Don’t Hate It If It’s With You by JemKay/galaxyfxn - Taehyung stresses over whether or not Jeongguk will ask him to prom.

Carthage must be destroyed by bootaeful - Jeongguk is the son of one of Rome’s most important men, a respected centurion in his own right. But he finds himself weakened in the face of one gorgeous, golden-skinned slave boy from the far east. Taehyung just wants to return home, but he has begun to accept his new life in Rome, partly due to a kind domina who was from his homeland. Now, he has her son to answer to.

got a question or request? check our tags page first to see if what you’re looking for is already there, or use the search bar on our blog! if you don’t have any luck with that, feel free to send us an ask^^

anonymous asked:

If you have the time, would you please consider making a masterlist about explaining or feeling injuries (gun wounds, being stabbed, ect)? I must admit, I am still going through your guide page to find anything. So I apologize if it there was one reblogged that I will come across. Thank you for taking the chance of even reading this. I hope you have a fine day/night!

Under a read more because there are links to over seventy categorized websites on lacerations, incisions, gunshot wounds and more. The links leading to websites with graphic images have been labeled. Viewer discretion is advised. TRIGGERS: death, blood, weapons, drowning.

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Winchester Brothers-Until proven

Title:Until proven

Pairings:Winchester brother x reader

Word count:647

Request:my idea: the reader is sam and dean’s sister, and she gets appendicitis, and at first Dean doesn’t believe her for some reason, you can make up why until she is on a hunt and is in too much pain to do anything, and dean realizes she was serious and fluff after they get her surgery and dean admitting for once he was wrong..

“So she’ll be there tonight?’‘You asked your older brother Sam as he scrunched up his greasy wrapper and threw it in the bin.Sam turned to you giving you a swift nod just as you shuffled wincing slightly.His brows furrowed as he watched you for a seconds before speaking up.

’'You okay there (y/n)?’'He asked watching you through his lashes.You nodded your hand gripping your side as you shook it off.

’'Yeah,yeah I’m fine’'You nodded unsure as Sam warily nodded but shrugged anyway. 

It wasn’t until you was sat at a diner and you could feel the same throbbing pain in your side again.Wincing in a sharp breath you looked over at Dean who was stuffing his face.

’'Dean’'you whispered slightly hunched over.He looked up at you swallowing the big lump of food in his mouth as you practically watched it slide down his throat.

’'My side really hurts’'You winced.He sighed rubbing his forehead with his hand something he always did when he was stressed.

”(Y/n),Not now okay’'Dean grumbled.Sam looked at you giving you a sympathetic look as you slipped your hand slightly under you tee rubbing a the throbbing spot.

“But Dea-”

“I said no (y/n)!Stop making this shit up we have a hunt to do’'He growled rolling his eyes making your slightly water.Dean placed the money on the table before standing up and walking to the Impala.

’'Sam’'You whimpered looking over at the tall hunter as he gave you a sad smile before shuffling out of his seat.

’'It’s okay,he’s just stressed’'Sam stated as you got up quickly falling into step with him.

’'No,he just doesn’t believe me’'You grumbled as you ignored the pain not wanting to make Dean any more annoyed.


The car pulled up outside the warehouse as you slipped out bringing your gun into your hands.You stopped your nostrils flaring as a sharp horrible stabbing like pain had jolted through your stomach making you cry out.You looked up hoping neither of them had noticed as you took in a shaky breath and loosened your tense shoulders before continuing to walk on.

Aiming for the ghost you shot the rock salt at it the gun quickly flying out of your hand as you dropped to the floor making the bullet miss the ghost by a few inches.You cried out gripping your side as it felt like someone was continuously stabbing you.Like a stitch but times 1000!

’'What the hell was that (y/n)’'Dean snapped before Sam nudged him.

’'Dude,she’s not messing around’'Sam muttered as both your brothers wer instantly at your side.

’'Oh God!Dean it hurts!’'You cried out bringing your knee’s up to your stomach as if it would help,Sam tried to pry your knees down as he lifted your shirt slightly seeing there was no visible wound.

’'It’s gotta be her appendix’'Sam hushed panicked as Dean’s eyes widened slightly before he picked you up.You continued to cry out in pain as Dean placed you in the back of the Impala before getting in a driving.

Sam held you tightly trying to stop you from withering around but it was no use.


’'You can see her now’'The doctor stated.Your door was slightly pushed open as Dean’s face came into view looking extremely guilty.

”(y/n) I’m sorry,I’m so sorry I didn’t believe you I-“ 

’'Dean,it’s okay.You were stressed and we were about to go on a hunt’'You smiled squeezing his hand slightly.

’'No it’s not alright,If I would have listened I could have got you here sooner’'He sighed as he rubbed his forehead.

’'It’s okay,I don’t blame you.I tell you what you can make it up to me with some pie’'You smirked as Dean let out a deep chuckle.

’'That’s my girl”

anonymous asked:

Reunion AU. Will makes Hannibal a Christmas present.

Will frowned in concentration as he threaded the needle in his assigned sewing machine. The other omegas in Home Economics had finished their holiday projects days ago, and had blithely begun the next unit. But unlike them, Will was determined to stitch an entire set of six monogrammed pocket squares, and not just one. 

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jendejen-deactivated20170303  asked:

prompt: bill is a serial killer and dipper's a detective

Thanks for sending so many prompts! ^^

It was particularly crucial now, for the safety of many others as well as his own, that he was even more cautious about his welfare than usual – more cautious than he was currently being. He had been working late – an unexpected tip-off which had turned out to be nothing but a civilian’s idea of a joke had meant he had been forced to waste time that would have been better spent getting home before darkness had fallen – and now he was rushing to get home, recklessly choosing to take a shortcut that led through a series of dark, narrow passages in a secluded area in order to save time.

Every so often, he glanced over his shoulder and, finding nothing every time, he walked a little faster, sure that paranoia regarding his latest case was getting to him. Sometimes, he saw things in the darkness – shadows moving on their own, a glowing golden eye staring at him from the corner of the room, watching his every move. But, even after everything he’d seen as a child, he told himself it was nothing but his mind playing cruel tricks on him That’s how he managed to get to sleep at night.

He congratulated himself on getting home safely, knowing that he could have potentially lost his life that night as he walked home. He locked the front door as soon as he got home and went to bed without having anything to eat. It was too late to eat and besides, he wasn’t very hungry. He just wanted to sleep.

Unfortunately, it wasn’t meant to be. He stopped before he got to the bedroom, a quick glance at the dining room table out of the corner of his eye as he strode past making him halt his movements abruptly, his gaze immediately scanning the room for danger as his hand instinctively flew to the belt around his waist, ready to grab for his pistol if he felt it was necessary.

And suddenly there it was again. The eye. That single, yellow, glowing eye. Staring. Watching him.

With his free hand, he reached into the dining room and felt along the wall for the light switch. Click. The lights flickered on, slaughtering the shadows that had once filled the room one by one. All except for one. The yellow eye still glimmered; the shadow that had haunted Dipper’s life since his childhood still refused to die. Attached to that gleaming eye was a face: a face that, in spite of how different it appeared to the way Dipper remembered it, could belong to no-one but Bill Cipher.

He knew it was him. He had known ever since the case had first arisen. A murder – brutal and chaotic – had left the body of a mother of two on the cold kitchen floor of the family home, bloodied and mangled. Etched into the woman’s left wrist was a triangle, and in the centre of the triangle was an eye. This moment had to come at soon point; he’d known that since the minute he had set eyes on the first victim’s corpse. Bill Cipher had to be confronted. Bill Cipher had to be stopped.

His hand grasped his pistol on instinct but he knew he would never use it – not on Bill. There was no point. Simple bullets couldn’t stop a monster like Bill Cipher. No man-made weapon could. So instead he kept his gaze fixed on that single unblinking eye, neither he nor the blond sitting at his dining table willing to submit to the urge to look away.

“You missed me then, Pine Tree?” the demon grinned, his voice causing the silence the two of them had built to shatter into a thousand quivering pieces. Dipper gritted his teeth angrily in response but kept quiet, knowing that the best way to deal with the blond was to co-operate until he saw a way out, or until his morals prevented him from taking part in whatever sordid plan he was being roped into. “Of course you did,” Bill went on, answering his own question when Dipper refused to. “You thought of me immediately, didn’t you? – when you saw that corpse I left for you, I mean. All of them, Pine Tree. They were all for you. Gifts.”

“I don’t want them,” Dipper growled with his hands curled tightly into fists, determined to get through the nightmare this monster was pulling back out from the darkest corner of his mind. He had to survive. He always did. Everything that Bill had put him through as a child had only made him stronger, but now the demon had made it clear he would kill innocent bystanders viciously and freely without a hint of regret – and even go as far as to call them “gifts” – he wasn’t sure how much more he could take. But he – he and everyone else – had to survive. He was going to get through it.

Proving himself to be just as insane as always, Bill had already skipped ahead onto another – seemingly completely random – topic of conversation, not that Dipper was particularly keen on conversing with him at all. “You’ve always had a little crush on me, haven’t you, Pine Tree? It’s understandable.” He leaned back in his – technically Dipper’s – chair as he spoke, beckoning for the mortal to step further into the room and sit down with him. With a grimace and a shudder, Dipper followed the command, taking a seat across the table from him. “I am rather attractive, aren’t I?” Bill smirked, gazing admiringly at his reflection in the mirror on the wall behind the brunet.

Dipper’s mind answered for him before he could stop himself. Yes. Yes, you are. It was true, though he didn’t want to admit it. With his golden hair, smart clothing and the impression of elegance he gave off, it was difficult to ignore his beauty and allure. To his surprise, Bill seemed to ignore his inward confession altogether, although he must have heard it because he always was listening in on his private thoughts when they were together.

“Isn’t it about time you arrested me?” the demon drawled, leaning across the table and holding up his hands with his head tilted in mock innocence. “I am a murderer, after all. Except… that’s right.” He put his hands back down on the table and his smile widened, becoming so sickening that Dipper started to lose control of himself, his hands itching to grab for his gun and shoot him right in his unblinking yellow eye. “You don’t have any evidence,” the blond went on, eyeing the human maliciously. “I can do whatever I want, and you can’t stop me-”

“Did you come here just to torture me?” Of course you did. That’s all you’ve ever done. 

Bill didn’t answer. He sat there with his hands clasped together, his sickening grin widening with every second that passed. Silence. Dipper didn’t dare speak, even though he wanted to. The silence was killing him. But he would have preferred to be killed by the silence than by Bill Cipher.

Without uttering a single word, the demon pushed back his chair and stood up, striding over to the brunet with a glimmer of frustration in his eye. Still keeping his mouth shut, he grabbed Dipper’s arm – digging his nails into his delicate flesh in the process – and hauled him up out of his seat, dragging him out of the dining room and upstairs to the bathroom. Dipper’s initial reaction was to struggle and fight him off but his better judgement told him not to and so he went along with it, walking up the stairs willingly and allowing the blond to lead him to into the bathroom.

“Sorry about this, kid.” He didn’t sound sorry at all. He sounded positively ecstatic.

Before Dipper could even begin to wonder what on earth he was supposedly sorry for, the demon whipped round and plunged something sharp into his stomach, agonising pain coursing through the brunet’s body and forcing him to let his defences drop. With a sparkle in his eye and a sneer on his face, the blond retracted the blade – now drenched in Dipper’s blood – and held it up, eyeing his weapon with a smirk. Dipper collapsed onto the floor a moment later, clutching the gaping wound the knife had left. He hit his head as he fell and, though he was still in excruciating pain and knew he needed to get away from the demon before something even worse happened, he blacked out soon after, Bill’s laughter fading from his senses as he drifted out of consciousness.

The pain was still there when he awoke. Bill Cipher wasn’t.

His stab wound had been stitched up – how, he wasn’t sure, but he guessed Bill had had something to do with it. His shirt was soaked in blood and he knew he had to take it off and wash it but something stopped him when he tried to stand up; a metal cuff was clamped around his wrist, the chain tethering him to the sink behind him. He couldn’t move. He couldn’t get up.

A quick glance at his other wrist revealed a triangle, red and blood, with an eye in the centre carved into his flesh. Because, after all, he was just another victim. He couldn’t have expected anything else. Bill had no real affection for him, even if they had known each other for a long time by Dipper’s standards. It wasn’t love that Dipper had wanted from him, but something else. Something to let him know he was significant – just like when he was a child and Bill had confessed to being impressed by him, when he’d told him he was special and different and that he understood him. Now all that seemed impossible. It felt like a dream.

“I kept you alive for a reason, Pine Tree.”

It came from the door. Dipper’s gaze immediately fixated on the doorway, suddenly filled with the hope that he hadn’t been left alone. Nothing. He closed his eyes, leaned back in frustration and sighed. Maybe the voice had come from inside his head after all.


Here’s the second part of my bookbinding adventures! ahaha. Seriously, there a loooooot of other different types of binding/sewing we were taught (we worked with coptic stitch japanese stitch, japanese stab stitch y diente de perro (no idea what’s the translation of this one either sorry)) And I was gonna show them to y'all but I gotta go do some homework im sorry u guyssss see u later (●´□`)♡

duckduckgrayezz asked Bellarke + “So I found this waterfall” (aka Bob’s pictures happened and so did this oneshot)

It’s a dull, quiet day in the medical bay, not that Clarke is complaining; it will be too soon before she has to stitch another stab wound or fight off another flu epidemic. The cots are empty but for one, a woman who gave birth the previous day and is cooing softly to the baby she holds in her arms. Which is why Clarke asks for the permission to leave, and receives a positive nod from Jackson in return.

She finds Lincoln all too easily, standing out in the crowd as always, and it isn’t difficult to convince him to come with her in the woods – they’d talked about it before, to find new plants and roots, for him to share his knowledge of medicine with her. It of course means that Octavia is coming too, and she drags Monty and Jasper along with her, their faces blank and their eyes tired. By the time Bellamy grabs a hunting knife and declares “Let’s make this a party, then!”, Raven is already walking toward them with a purpose in her limp and Wink by their side.

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