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Richie Tozier || Too Soon pt. 2

A/N: I hope you guys enjoy the second part to Too Soon, it has been highly requested so I hope it turned out as well as part one!

Nothing changed, since Richie and yourself moved away from Derry, not one single thing had changed. Your stomach churned as your nerves were on edge, your anxiety was through the roof. Richie’s fingers laced with yours and he gave you a reassuring squeeze, you shifted your gaze to meet his and his face showed just how worried he was. Worried about his friends. Worried about you. Worried about your baby.

His worried expression and his constant grasp on your hand was something you had grown used to over the last day and a half. When his hand was not on yours, it carefully caressed your slight growing bump. Within the next three weeks, you would definitely be showing in your pregnancy, even in your baggy shirts. For the most part, the flight back to Derry was silent since you slept most of the flight, Richie just silently watched over you. It coming back so soon was something that made his stomach churn with uneasiness.

The two of you stood outside of the restaurant everyone was supposed to meet up at. Richie shot you a quick look and he released a quick but shaky breath, “we don’t get involved.” Richie’s voice was quiet as he gave you a quick kiss on your cheek, you gave a nod, “promise.”

The two of you walked in and found the table that the others already sat at, “what’s up, assholes!” You rolled your eyes at that, “Richie, really?” All eyes were on you two and you were quickly pulled into a hug by Beverly.

Separate conversations quickly sparked up throughout the group, Richie’s hand was placed on your thigh comfortingly. Slowly, the conversation drifted to the reason you all were back.

“We… we have to kill it this time…” Bill’s words were strained, his stutter threatened to return, “for Georgie… for Betty… all the missing kids.”

The new tension eased away your comfort and your nerves returned as you gave a glance to Richie. He was already shaking his head, “Y/N and I will do what we can but… we aren’t going into those sewers, we are leaving tomorrow.”

“What?” Eddie’s voice was the loudest and all eyes were on you once again. You hesitantly grasped Richie’s hand, “you’re joking. He’s joking, right Y/N?” Stan’s voice cracked.

“No, he’s not. We just… we can’t do it.” Your voice was strained, it felt wrong to say to Stan since you knew he had such a hard time the first time, but you knew you had more than just yourself to think about.

“How could you two do this? Why would you even come if you weren’t going to help us against it?” Bill’s voice mirrored his angry expression.

Tears swelled in your eyes as you turned away, your eyes trained on your hand that Richie was holding, “it’s not what you guys-“

“You’re being cowards!”

“No, I’m doing what’s best for my family!” Richie pointed a finger at Bill, “trust me, I’d kill that fucking clown myself, but we have to think,” he paused, his eyes shot to yours as you gave him a nod to continue, “we have to think about our child.”

Silence filled the room and you felt as if you were going to be sick, “what?” Eddie’s voice was quiet.

“I’m pregnant.” The words escaped your lips for the first time and you let out a shaky breath.

Beverly was the first to give a reaction, the first to give any reaction to you saying you were pregnant, and it was shock “Oh, my God.” She quickly shook her head with a smile, “Oh, my God! Congratulations!”

She quickly got up and gave you a hug, you stood up and wrapped your arms around her.

“What the fuck, Richie?! How could you bring her!”

“What the fuck? Now you’re mad because we are here! Make up your mind, Eds!” Richie growled out as he shot Eddie a look, “she would have came either way, but that’s why she’s not stepping a centimeter in a fucking sewer.”

Eddie’s face set in a hard look before it eased, “don’t call me, Eds.”

Silence fell over the able for a minute. “Wow,” Mike finally spoke up, “Richie’s going to be a dad, how weird is that?”

Richie grinned, “really fucking weird huh?”

You gave a soft laugh as the tension vanished, you leaned on your elbow, “we are seriously going to have to work on your language.”

Richie shot you a smirk, but before he could say anything you lifted your hand to your lips, “oh, I’ll be… I’ll be right back. Bathroom.” You muttered quickly as Richie released your hand and gave your shoulder a comforting rub, “want me to come with you?”

“No,” you gave him a sweet smile, “I’ll be right back.”

You quickly made your way to the bathroom, you closed the door behind you and collapsed on the floor as you quickly heaved into the toilet, but nothing came out. You fell back against the wall, your slow, deep breaths turned into quick, panicked breaths as you fell forward with a pained groan. A sharp, gut wrenching pain shot through your abdomen and you grasped your stomach. Blood began to seep through your jeans and pooled beneath you as a panicked scream ripped from your throat, despite never having one before, you quickly recognized it as a contraction.

“No, no.” You sobbed as you reached forward to lifted yourself using the toilet, you closed your eyes. When you opened your eyes, the pain and blood were gone.


“You’re starting to sound like Billy boy.” A sinister and chilling voice came from behind you, a sickeningly familiar voice. You quickly turned your head, a hand wrapped around your throat, It inhaled deeply, “there it is.” It’s eyes focused on your stomach before you lost consciousness.

Your screams that were mixed of panic and pain echoed throughout the restaurant, immediately alerting Richie. When he got the bathroom to find it empty, he punched the bathroom door, “son of a bitch!”

He stormed out of the restaurant, his eyes wild, “Richie! Richie!” He snapped his head to Bill, “what?!”

“Where are you going?”

“Where do you think? I’m going to Neibolt and I am going to fucking kill this clown!” Richie growled dangerously, “are you coming with me or not?”

The answer was clear as they quickly caught up with Richie.

The echo of water dripping woke up, you lifted your head and your breath caught in your throat. You felt sick to your stomach as you looked around at the lair, everything was decomposing. Your hand immediately went to hold your stomach and eased over your baby bump, your body clear of any blood. A relived sigh left your lips. Your eyes darted over to the exit, you knew you would not make it to it before It got you.

“Hm,” your head snapped behind you with wide eyes, “you’ve definitely grown, Y/N.” A satisfied grin crossed It’s face, “and you’ve brought my favorite meal.” His eyes shifted to your hand that protectively held your stomach.

“Don’t-“ you were cut off as your head slammed into the floor, “we’ll wait for your husband for the fun to begin.” His laughter echoed through the room as you passed out once more.

Navigating the sewers was pretty easy, for the most part, they remembered how to get through there. Richie found himself thankful for that, but even that was not enough to ease his nerves. Even when this all began ten years ago and all that happened, Richie never felt so scared his whole life.

When they entered the familiar room, Richie’s eyes immediately found yours, lifeless and your body covered in blood, your stomach ripped open. His eyes drifted next to your body and he felt like he was going to throw up as a clump of blood laid next to you, he knew what it was. “N-No, NO!” His sobs echoed as he ran forward, “Y/N!”

“Richie, wait!” Bill latched onto Richie’s arm, Richie turned and his fist connected with Bill’s cheek, “Let go of me!”

Bill pulled Richie to him, despite the stinging in his cheek, he placed a comforting hand on Richie’s shoulder, “Richie, whatever you see, it isn’t real… she’s knocked out, but she’s ok.”

Richie turned around to see Eddie by you, the blood was gone, your hand placed over your stomach protectively despite being unconscious, and Eddie was trying to waking you up. Richie muttered your name before he walked over to you, he collapsed to his knees and ignored the pain that shot through his legs. He shot Eddie a grateful smile and nod. His shaky hands gently pulled your head into his lap, his hands slowly ran through your hair, “Y/N,” he whimpered, “Y/N, you have to wake up.” He sobbed softly as he leaned over you, he placed a kiss against your lips, “please.” The others have never heard Richie sound so broken, but they understood.

A groan escaped your lips as your eyes slowly opened, your eyes focused on Richie’s your hand lifted to press against his cheek, “Richie.”

“Oh, thank God. I love you so much, Y/N. Oh, my God.” Richie’s voice broke as he kissed your lips repeatedly. “I’m ok.” You leaned up and looked over towards the well, “we have to kill It… It knows.” Richie’s grip on you tightened as he stood, his eyes glaring at the well.

“Come on out, fucking coward.” Richie yelled, his hand grabbed a metal pipe from the rubble. Beverly, Mike, Ben, and Eddie followed in behind him as Bill helped you up, your eyes darted to his swollen cheek, “Bill?”

He gave a soft smile, “it was Richie, but it’s alright… I know how he felt… whatever It showed him, it broke him.” Your heart dropped, you knew the feeling as well. What It showed you, the miscarriage. The pain was unbearable.

“Richie.” He did not hear you, his yells continued, “you took my wife, you threatened my child! I’ll fucking kill you!”

“Will you Richie? Will you kill me before I rip your unborn child from Y/N’s womb? I’ll kill every single one of you.” It appeared between Richie and the others, at It’s voice, Richie quickly swung the pipe and it connected with It’s face. The others jumped into action, hitting, stabbing, kicking, anything they could to get it down. Once It’s back was on the ground, fearfully looking up as they surrounded him. Richie let out an angry yell as he brought the pipe down on its face repeatedly, eventually smashing in its face.

“Richie, Richie stop!” Eddie grabbed him and pulled him back, “It… It’s dead.”

Bill slowly helped you up, his arms wrapped around you to steady you as you walked over to Richie as he panted. His eyes wide as they landed on you, his body immediately moved to wrap his arms around your shoulders and pulled you tightly to him. “I love you so much.” He kissed your head, “I love you both so much.” You could feel his tears landing in your hair as you felt the others wrap their arms around the two of you in a comforting manner. “We did it,” Eddie’s voice was quiet, “It’s over.”

You Set Me Up?/Nolan Holloway Smut

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Most of these are taken from my Wattpad account! (Twtrash01)

Send me requests for the following Fandoms: Teenwolf, Vampire Diaries, Dolantwins, OUAT(Peter Pan, Robbie Kay, Supernatural, Suicide Squad, The 100. Basically I’ll write for any fandom. I’ll write non-smut as well. Be specific in what you want! *I DON’T OWN ANY GIFS*

This may call for a part two if ya’ll are feelin it. I have a lot of requests in progress but this idea popped into my head so. Basically Nolan finds out you’re a werewolf and some other stuff happens.

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Summary: Reader is a close member of the McCall Pack through Chris Argent’s friendship with her mother. Taking a break from the pack following the supernatural deadpool Reader runs into a pair of hunting brothers on a hunt. She reaches the town Riverdale where she intrigues two investigating teens in the wake of a murder

Characters: Reader, Betty Cooper, Jughead Jones, Scott McCall, Stiles Silinski, Lydia Martin (mentioned), Liam Dunbar (mentioned), Deaton, and Polly Cooper (mentioned)

Words: 3399

Disclaimer: I don’t own Riverdale, Archie Comics, Teen Wolf or the characters. I do not own any songs ot gifs that may show up either.

Warnings: Swearing, blood, wounds, supernatural beings, and possession.

Author: Caitsy

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A/N: Hope everyone enjoys this!

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You quickly cleaned the stab wound in your side that would heal pretty quick. That’s a positive to being half angel, one third demon and one third human where you would heal faster than a human but slower that the supernatural parts of you. The healing time came down to the severity of the wound and if it was given by an alpha wolf. When you were conceived your father had been possessed by a high level demon and it turned out your father, once not possessed, was revealed to be a direct descendent of Jesus. Your mother however was an angel that fell once you were born. Somehow the human part of your father had managed to come to you so technically you had two biological fathers and one mother.

“Where will you go now?” Scott asked digging into his shoulder for the bullet still lodged in there from the fight.

“Travel around.” You shrugged tying the thread in order to begin stitching up the wound. It was a gaping wound that would take twice the time if you didn’t stitch it up.

“You could stay with us.” Scott said leaning against the counter.

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Anything for You: Part Four

Pairing(s): Richie Tozier x Eddie Kaspbrak, Stan Uris x Bill Denbrough

Warnings: cussing, asthma/panic attack, lots & lots of crying, literal sadness, brief mention of suicide

Word Count: 1.1 k

Part 4 / ?



Eddie Kaspbrak rushed down the street, tears in his eyes and hand cupping his throbbing cheek. His aspirator stabbed him repeatedly through his pocket each time he picked his left leg up for another step. The hot sun beat down on him, sweat beading up along his hairline and down the back of his neck. His breathing came out labored, although he was unsure if it was from asthma or the panic bubbling in his gut.

He ran blindly, the moisture gathered at how bottom lash line blurring his vision severely. He needed someone - anyone, really, to go to. His thoughts immediately went to Richie, the trashmouth who always said the wrong thing, and yet, never failed to make Eddie feel better.

He forced away the thought as an excruciating pain ate away at his heart. He tried to focus his eyes on the cracks running along the old pavement, the way they split and spread before joining back together.

Eddie stumbled over his own footing, his knees scraping brutally along the concrete as he let out a scream. His hands slammed down onto the scorching road, catching his fall slightly. His feet pounded in his shoes, aching with a sharp needling pain. He could feel the blood pumping rapidly through his body, mainly residing in his cheek. Beads of perspiration trailed down his back, staining the cloth he wore.

As a gentle hand touched Eddie’s shoulder, he shrieked and nearly jumped out of his skin. He glanced up and let out a sob, stretching out his arms desperately - he hadn’t realized whose house he’d been in front of, but he was thankful.


The words lodged in his throat, translation coming out as a mix between a scream and straight gibberish. Stan’s expression softened as he reacted quickly, pulling Eddie’s small body against himself in a tight embrace. The smaller boy’s head fell onto Stan’s chest, he could feel the heat radiating from his swollen cheek.

“C’mon, Eddie,” Stan rubbed his back gingerly, “You’re okay.”

But, Stan knew he wasn’t. Eddie would never come back from this, not fully - and everyone in the loser’s club knew that. Not to say that Richie was handling the situation any better, he had completely abandoned the group after his breakdown.

Eddie grasped at Stan’s back as agonizing cries wrenched his tiny body. He felt his knees burn, rolling off of them and practically into Stan’s lap. Sympathy overthrew Stan, his arms binding the boy even tighter, he was absolutely certain he would be the same way if Bill Denbrough ever left him.

“You’re going to make yourself sick if you don’t calm down, Eddie.”

Eddie didn’t care, hiccups forcing through his already painful breaths. Stan pushed Eddie away as gently as he could, grabbing the inhaler poking out of his pocket and sticking it into his mouth.

Breathe, Eddie. Take deep breaths.”

The tears streaming down Eddie’s cheeks didn’t stop as his breathing begins to even out, they hardly even slow. Stan gently took Eddie’s face in his hands, rubbing his thumb over the perfect handmark on his wet cheek.

“Did your mom find the note?”

Eddie shook his head, sniffling, “I yelled at her and told her that she ruined my life.”

Stan frowned, continuing to inspect the mark. He felt the need to call Richie and tell him off for causing Eddie all this pain - knowing that it wouldn’t do any good.

“She told me I was sick, that she was going to get me fixed. What does that even mean?”

Eddie pulled the crumpled piece of paper from his pocket and stared down at it, his fingers brushing of the indention of Richie’s pen. From the page, Stan caught a glance at one line.

“I would do anything for you, Eddie Kaspbrak - and anything must include this.”

And, then, things clicked into place.

“Your mom threatened him.” Stan stated, as if it was the most obvious thing in the world, any trace of anger vanishing from his body.

Eddie nodded, “I know.”

Stan grabbed Eddie’s petite wrist, quite literally picking him up off the ground. Eddie didn’t bother to fight against him. Eddie’s mind blanked, Richie’s words echoed clearly in his ears.

“I can’t do this anymore, Eddie. I’m tired of you.”

There had been no hint of sadness in his voice, Eddie remembered noticing, although the swollen irritation surrounding his eyes gave him away.

“I don’t love you anymore.”

Eddie felt sick to his stomach, his grip tightening on his aspirator. Stan continued to pull him, and Eddie knew exactly where they were going - Richie’s house only being ten or so houses down from his. His heart began to race as they approached the house, anxiety pouring over him like a bucket of water.

Catching sight of a person standing on the porch, Eddie panicked and squirmed in Stan’s grip. Tears flooded his eyes once more, his stomach churning violently in it’s place.

“Bill? Is that you?” Stan called out to the person.

The lanky figure turned around, worry etched onto his face. Eddie nearly let out a breath of relief at the sight of Bill. The latter paled upon seeing Eddie’s current condition, not thinking before the words fell from his lips.

“W-We can’t find R-Richie.”

“He’s not here?” questioned Stan, who looked over to Eddie carefully.

“N-Not here, or at the arc-cade, or the Aladdin, o-or the ba-arrens. I a-asked his m-mom, but she’s too dr-drunk to know a-anything.”

Eddie’s hands flew up to his hair, giving tugs as he began to pace nervously. His cheek still stung, but he gave it no further thought.

“No, no, no,” he chanted, voice cracking, “No, Richie - fuck!”


“Oh god, what if something bad happened to him? What if he did something bad to himself?”

“W-We’ll find him, Eddie, I p-promise.”

Stan and Bill shared a sad look, their hearts wallowing in pity. They had watched this indescribable passion blossom between their closest friends; sitting front row to capture the loving kisses, under-the-table hand holding, and shameless flirting. Now, it seemed, that the picture-perfect infatuation was crumbling under the pressure of the world’s opinions.

“Don’t talk to me anymore, Eddie, I’m serious.”

Eddie fell back to the ground, resting his forehead on the concrete as he suffered through his second episode in the past half hour. Under his sensitive, blistered palms he could feel it all. Every crack, crevice, and pebble - they prickled against his flesh almost mockingly.

“Just leave me the fuck alone.”

Because, although the cracks separated and split apart to run in opposite directions-

“I hate you, Eddie Kaspbrak.”

- they always found their way back to each other.


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44335557! (17)

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Part 17 of an ongoing series, enjoy :)
A fanfic for a more Mature audience due to violence and language. Read at your own risk :)

Themes=😖,🌟,💣,🎭 ,. (☠️- Harm towards characters, Strong language, Mention of drugs and Adult themes.)

Summary: Your group of friends have gotten on well for years, but what happens when a divide is caused by joining the wrong people? School AU
OT5- Baekhyun, Sehun, Jongdae, Minseok and Chanyeol.

Word Count: 2,488

Part 1 Part 2 Part 3 Part 4 Part 5 Part 6 Part 7 Part 8 Part 9 Part 10 Part 11 Part 12 Part 13 Part 14 Part 15 Part 16  Part 18  Part 19  Part 20  Part 21 Part 22  Part 23 Part 24  Part 25  Part 26 Part 27  Part 28 Part 29

A/N: I said I would never be creative again, but I broke the promise because I feel like I got super creative today.

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If it doesn’t work for you let me know, I’ll upload it separately tomorrow morning anyway. Enjoy :)

Hey, I know where Ana is.”
You had Minseok on loud speaker as you were still sat next to Jongdae in the chicken shop. His head shot up at the sound of Minseok’s voice.

“Where? Where is she!?” Jongdae bounced up from his seat as he looked at you intently; tears pooling in his waterline.

She’s at the old abandoned lot up north.” Minseok breathed as Jongdae flicked his eyes towards the phone again.

“How do you know this?” Jongdae sniffed, wiping his runny nose with the back of his sleeve as his body began to tremble ever so slightly.

I…I was on my way to go see Chanyeol just now and I overhead these two woman talking about a girl and her boyfriend heading towards an old abandoned lot; their description sounded as though it were Ana, they said she was crying and they assumed that the couple had a fault out.”
You quirked your brow and you looked down at your feet, Minseok was lying and you knew it. You weren’t sure what was going on and what he knew but he was definitely lying.

“Well let’s go and find her, what are we still standing here for?” Jongdae asked as he ran towards the doors.

Fine, meet me at central station.” Minseok hung up the phone.

The train ride there was silent and awkward. Jongdae’s leg was shaking uncontrollably; you were assuming that he was thinking about Ana; whilst Minseok was sat on your right-hand side eerily quiet something was definitely up with him but you weren’t sure that now was the right time to ask. You got off of the train 20 minutes later as Minseok led you up an alleyway which was considered the short cut to the abandoned lot. You could see the lot now; it was scary to say the least, a dark aura pouring from the area. Jongdae rushed ahead but Minseok pulled him back roughly by the wrist.

“Wait Jongdae. We don’t know what we’ll find in there, we don’t know who may be in there. We need to think this through.”

“I don’t have time to think shit through Minseok, Ana’s in there and God only know’s if she is even still alive!”
“Give me a moment.” You looked over to your side and ran into the bushes; you rummaged through for a while before emerging with a thick branch. “Weapon?” You shrugged your shoulders as you handed it over to Jongdae. He bowed as he accepted it from you and then ran off into the direction of the lot. Minseok rolled his eyes as he began to run after him.

“Come Y/N let’s stay close okay, whatever you do don’t split up.” You nodded as you followed him towards the building. Your heart beating at the base of your throat.

It was pretty dark inside and you could hardly see anything apart from what seemed to be a kerosene lamp at the end of the hall. You all walked wearily towards the lamp and what appeared to look like a figure sitting a chair.

“Oh my Goodness! Ana!” Jongdae called as he ran towards the light.

“Slow down kid.”

You jumped as you saw a dark figure move into the light from behind Ana’s chair, her eyes were opened in fear as she looked at Jongdae, trying to mumble over the tape on her mouth. You stilled in your spot as you focused on the emerging figure. The voice sounded as though you had heard it before.
“What do you think you’re doing?” You could hear the smile in the person’s voice. But you couldn’t see their face as they were wearing a black mask. “You don’t just get the girl back like that. I mean come on now, that wouldn’t be fair on us would it.”
You breathed out slowly as you saw Jongdae walk closer to the individual.

“Jongdae…” Minseok whispered shakily as he stepped a little closer. You heard a muffled cry come from Ana as she struggled against the ropes that were holding her down to the chair.

Jongdae walked forward towards her chair.
“It’s okay Ana I’ve go—”

“What do you think you are doing?!” The person pushed Jongdae backwards roughly in the chest and soon he was hurtling towards the ground; losing a grip of the branch. “Like I said you don’t just get the girl back like that.” The individual dipped there hand into their pocket and pulled out a swiss-army knife flicking it open. Your eyes widened as they lunged downwards at Jongdae, slashing his thigh. “You’re being selfish Kim Jongdae.”

You screamed as you saw blood beginning to seep through his jeans. Ana screamed as well as her eyes widened further.

“Who- who are you?” Jongdae hissed through the pain as he pressed his hand down on the wound in an attempt to stop the bleeding. But the individual didn’t reply.

“Y/N get out!” Minseok shouted as he pushed you backwards. “Don’t get hurt, please get out!” He ran towards the masked individual and jumped forward at them tackling them to the ground. The pair scuffled against each other as you started to hyperventilate scared that Minseok would get stabbed in the process. You wanted to move and do something but you were paralysed in your spot, staring fearfully at the commotion unfolding before your eyes.
Jongdae let out a loud painful groan as he reached for the branch and slowly and forcefully dragged himself up to his feet.
The masked individual had somehow gained the upper hand in the split second that you took your eyes off of the pair.
Now the person was on top of Minseok holding the knife close to his cheek, allowing a little bit of blood to run free from the split through his skin.

“Bastard!” Jongdae shouted as he brought the branch down hard on the back of the masked individuals back causing them to scream out in pain allowing Minseok to push the masked individual off of him, he then manoeuvred his body on top and began to repeatedly punch the individuals face. “Y/N, please get it together! Help me…Help Ana!” Jongdae wheezed sinking to the floor as he clutched onto his thigh. You blinked as you nodded your head slowly and made your way towards Ana, your legs felt like jelly and you felt as though you would drop any moment.
You creased your brows together as you struggled against the ropes tied to Ana’s wrist, ankles and torso. She slowly pulled the tape away from her mouth and let out an ear-splitting shriek.


“Let’s get the fuck out of here!” Minseok shouted as he stood up from his space on the floor.
The other body was still, though you could still see their chest rising ever so slowly.
You grabbed onto Ana’s wrist as you dragged her out into the open with you, whilst Minseok swung Jongdae over his shoulder. “Who has a phone?” Minseok panted. “We need a hospital and I can’t carry him all the way. We need a taxi.”

Where did you run off too?” Sehun slurred over the phone. You rolled your eyes, he sounded helplessly drunk. You had just left Jongdae and Ana at the hospital; you and Minseok decided that the two of them needed some time to themselves. You and Minseok had parted ways soon after leaving, although you believed there were many things that Minseok needed to share with you, you decided to leave it for the time being since now wasn’t a great time. “Listen I drank so much, I drank myself into oblivion, I think I might die.”Sehun laughed drunkenly and it was making you feel dizzy and sick. “She called me. The bitch called me; my mum she fucking called. She said the divorce has just begun and she told me I’m a fucking disgrace. How dare she the stupid bitch!…” You heard him take another sip from the bottle, his lips popping away from it again. “I loathe her. I loathe them all…and Mei and Baek…and you! Where are you?! Get here or I might kill myself.”
you frowned as your heart began to bang against your chest, your palms becoming sweaty with fright and anxiety.

Don’t say those kind of things Sehun, that’s not funny.” You breathed down the phone, you looked up at the clock tower in the city central, it was already 11PM, you had better text your mum and tell her you were at Baekhyun’s you thought to yourself. She’d be okay then.

Who said I’m fucking joking…I’m not.” He took another sip from the bottle. You were tired, overwhelmed and honestly still shaken up, you wanted nothing more than to just go home and sleep, but you couldn’t take the chance, whether he was bluffing or not. You had to help him out. You groaned inwardly as you turned back to the direction you were coming from waiting for a bus towards Sehun’s direction. Your feet were sore and the thought of taking your shoes off was making you much more excited than it should have been.

Just hang on Sehun…you idiot.”

Around 20 minutes later you found yourself staring at a drunken, dishevelled Sehun who was sprawled out on the kitchen floor, still shirtless. The way that you had left him when you went to go and look for Ana. He was half way through the final bottle of alcohol and at this point you could only feel pity at how helpless and stupid he looked. Rich people had problems too.

“So you decided I was important enough, to come back to.” He scoffed as he stuck his middle finger up at you. You rolled your eyes as you walked over to him and grabbed him up by his arm.

“Get the heck up Sehun. Go to bed, I really don’t have time for this shit.”

“But you had time for Baek?” He raised his brow at you. He snaked his arm out of your grip and then proceeded to grab your wrist in place; dragging you towards the bedroom with him. He dropped down on the bed. His eyes were red as he looked up at you; his hair an absolute mess. “Sit.” He commanded you as he pointed at the space beside him.

“You’re s—”

“I said sit!” He cut you off as he shouted the command louder this time. He looked at you with an emptiness in his eyes, but it was a different type of emptiness, one that you had never seen before. His breath smelt heavily of alcohol and his hands were trembling ever so slightly. “My parents are getting divorced. They’re actually doing it…Why aren’t you comforting me?” He breathed heavily as he looked at you darkly making you lean back a little bit. “Baekhyun joining Reiji was voluntary. My parents getting a divorce, on my behalf, was involuntary. So why is it that you’re paying attention to the one with power in his hands. What the fuck do you like so much about that short fucker anyway, did you date in the past or what?”

“No we di—”

“I don’t care.” He cut you up again. “I never loved Mei.”

You creased your brows together in confusion as you looked at Sehun; he was jumping from topic to topic and now he was saying things out of the ordinary.

“You’re drunk you need sleep.” You pushed him backwards in an attempt to make him lie down on the bed but he slapped your hand away violently.

“No! I said I never fucking loved her!” He lamented profoundly as he pushed your shoulder. “Aren’t you fucking listening to me? Don’t you ever listen? I’m always telling you to not touch me but you do! Goodness! I said I never loved her, she was just high enough in class to please my parents and she’s a good listener so she’d listen to all of my problems, that’s it. Oh- and she was great in bed. Now that’s the end.” He laughed as his eyes struggled to stay open.

“Sehun you need to sleep.” You said softly, trying to keep his mood calm and level.

“You remember that day that we were about to make out in front of you. I was so proud of myself. Your face…you looked so hurt… you looked so upset…I wanted to make you so fucking jealous.” He shifted closer to you as he lay down and wrapped his left arm around your waist. You looked down to see him still staring up at you intently.

“What the fuck are you talking about?” You frowned. “And get off of me.”

“I said…I wanted…to make you jealous. I wanted to make you jealous as fuck. Seeing me and Mei like that, I know it drove you mental.” He slurred as he smiled at you sadistically. “You wished you were Mei I know you did. Why were you so bothered otherwise.” He squeezed your hip as he let out a snort. At this point you were aware that Sehun was heavily intoxicated and you were trying to carry on reminding yourself that. “If it makes you feel better babe, you’re cuter than my ex. You’re a thousand times sexier, physically and mentally sweetheart.”

“No, that’s it. I’m leaving.” You pushed his hand away from your body as you rose from the bed.

“Why!” He screeched. “Why you bitch!? You just got here. Are you scared you’ll enjoy it too much if we sleep together, you think it may lead to something more. I can’t promise it won’t” You looked over your shoulder at him; his smirk was lewd and it made you want to vomit blood. “Why are you fucking running back to Byun Baekhyun! He’s the one that got you fucking injured in the first place!”

You turned on your heel as you looked at him with wide eyes.
“What are you talking about?”

Baekhyun’s P.O.V:

Baekhyun’s eyes were large with anticipation and anxiety as he began typing frantically on the keyboard.
Who is Kim Minseok’, ‘Kim Minseok’, ‘Ten Lee’ but nothing was showing up. There were so many Kim Minseok’s and Ten Lee’s and he couldn’t seem to filter through it all.

“What the fuck, why can’t I find anything?” Baekhyun whispered under his breath. He needed answers and he needed them quickly. He had been searching for a while and now and still nothing was coming up, until finally he had had enough. Rushing to his room to retrieve his phone he began to message Minseok:

Baekhyun: Who are you Kim Minseok?

Minseok: Just stay away from Reiji Baek.

Baekhyun: I said who the fuck are you Minseok?! I can’t find anything.

Minseok:  -Minseok has sent you a link-  
  //503- Ten Lee- Breaking news! #28371900#_”

Minseok: Click it.

Minseok: And don’t you breathe a word.

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Sticks and Stones

Sticks and stones may break my bones, but words will never hurt me.

A flawless saying used against bullies to defend yourself from teasing… according to parents and teachers.

Her name was Bessie. Bessie moved here during fifth grade right before Christmas. By that time all of us had our groups set. Our own friends. We weren’t quite willing to move over to make room for someone new. Especially ‘Moo Cow Bessie’.

It wasn’t my idea to call her Moo Cow. She wasn’t even that fat, a little chunky sure, but no more than any other kid that age. That was Kyle’s idea. 

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Part Two of the fic for that simply gorgeous art by @camael-fanart

Part One / Part Two / Part Three / Part Four / Part Five


Laurel, willow, oak. Every tree has spirits, and the ones along this river were no exception.

Myrtle ran her hands through the water and playfully splashed the boy sitting on the bank. He was of course a boy no longer, fully in the flower of his manhood - if one could call it that -  but Myrtle was ancient and still thought of him as a youth.

“Stop that,” Draco commanded in his imperious voice that made her laugh.

“You’re the one come crying at my river. I’m only trying to cheer you up.”

“I’m not crying.”

“Brooding, then. Oh, don’t give me that look!  You know I love your company.  No one else will come to see me.”  She lay back in the water, seeming to blend into the eddying flow.  “All the heroes chase the pretty nymphs in the forest.  The ones who think they are too good for me.”

“Maybe if you didn’t annoy them so much, you’d have more friends,” Draco grumbled.  He idly drew the tip of one wing back and forth through the stream, unwilling to get his feathers any more wet than that, but enjoying the cool temperature.   It had been scorching lately.

He was unsure why he still came to see Myrtle. She wasn’t even a proper dryad, never in her tree but always in the river.  Still, it wasn’t as if he could expect his mother to listen to him, and he most especially couldn’t talk to the others in his tribe.  They were satisfied with snatching bread and fruit from unsuspecting humans, bickering amongst themselves, and practicing dark arts by moonlight, praying to Hecate.  

Draco longed for something else.  He was restless, and lonely.  He sometimes allowed himself the pleasure of the company of young shepherds who came through the hills, but most of them hoped for an afternoon of bliss with a nymph or a muse, not a strange male creature of the air.  And Harpies had a bad reputation for feasting on human flesh rather than caressing it - a reputation well-earned by his mad aunt.  

Pouting, Draco rolled on his back, his wings splayed out around him.  He was ever so bored. Another handful of water caught his white-blonde hair, sticking it to his forehead, and he lobbed a rock at Myrtle in irritation.  It hit her with a splash and caused her body to ripple.

“Ooo!  So cruel.  Just for that I shouldn’t tell you what I heard from the Oreads yesterday.”

“As if I care what those mountain sluts get up to.”

“You should, it’s about that boy you always fight with.  The one who stabbed you.”

“Harry of the Kerameikos?”  That did catch Draco’s attention.  He sat up to face Myrtle, his wings perked up behind him.  “He didn’t ‘stab’ me, it was just a scratch.  What did the Oreads say?”

“They said he’s been cursed,” she reported gleefully.  Myrtle always did love drama.

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Can I Move In?

Summary: Life has already been shitty for you, but it all becomes worse when a lonely, snarky ghost boy decides to follow you home one night. Or does it?

Genre: Fluff, ghost! Yoongi au

Words: 3k

Originally posted by myloveseokjin

The alcohol you consumed during the Halloween party was still making you feel a bit warm. You would’ve carpooled with your friend on the way home, but she got shit-faced ten minutes into the party. So here you were, walking alone past midnight in the cold, lamp-lit streets. The dark never really bothered you. It was actually pretty beautiful and calming. What wasn’t calming was the cold atmosphere you couldn’t wait to get away from. The dress you were wearing didn’t help, seeing that it ended above the knee and was sleeveless. The sheer fabric of your coat was no match against the icy breeze too. But then you start to realize, there was no breeze.

It was really cold, but you were sure it wasn’t the wind. You didn’t feel anything blowing against you, and the trees were still, too. Getting a bit weirded out, you walked faster, your house soon coming into view. You sighed in relief; finally, some warmth and a hot bath for your aching feet. It was three more streetlamps down the road, and you would’ve walked slower to cherish the evening, but then the lamps started flickering. It started out slow, then sped up, making you make a run for it. Just as you were halfway in the house, you heard a loud pop.

‘What the hell,’ you thought. ‘Even if I was drunk, that shit was still creepy.’

Maybe the bulbs were just about die. Yes, that’s it. Who knows when they were last replaced? You certainly haven’t seen any electrician go out and maintain the streetlights, so that explains it. Even with the perfectly logical explanation, you were still freaked out. A hot bath could calm your nerves.

So what if it was three in the morning, the infamous ‘witching hour’? So what if the streetlights suddenly acted crazy? You were tired from all the dancing and being social, and you were getting the bath you deserved. You ran the water, waiting for the tub to fill. 

Thunk, thunk

Unmistakably, those were heavy footsteps. Now, you were really nervous. There was no way it was another stray cat that wandered in. The steps were too lous for that. Whatever was making that noise was no doubt human. You looked around the bathroom, frantically looking for a weapon in case an intruder got in. You spotted a shampoo bottle, knowing very well that it wasn’t tear-free just like what the label suggested. That could momentarily blind someone and give you enough time to call for help. 

Thunk, thunk

It was closer this time, probably even outside the bathroom door. ‘Okay, there is no way I’m going down like this.’ You reached for the knob and threw the door open. “Aha!” you shrieked, squeezing the bottle into nothing. No one was there. “What, where- I’m drunk. I am very drunk, and smelly, and the only thing that’s gonna make this night better is my hot bath.” you said allowed, trying to calm yourself.

Maybe it was just your imagination. A thought of you slowly going insane presented itself, but you waved it off. You already have your rent and your low paycheck to worry about, and adding more problems would just cause a mental breakdown. The warm water against your skin was preventing said breakdown. You thought you heard your bed creak, but you were too lost in relaxation to care.

After 15 minutes of the hot bath, you got out, deciding to call it a night. You dried yourself off with a towel and put on some panties and a large shirt. Sleeping with pants on was too much of a bother. You don’t really get that leg freedom with a pair of slacks. You shut the door to the bathroom, only to slam yourself into it in shock when you see a bulge under your blanket. It was moving, breathing, and you almost had a heart attack.

Walking slowly towards it, you reached your hands out, ready to rip off the sheet. “Dear Lord, I’m sorry for that one time I cheated on my AP exam. I’m also for sorry bailing on my blind date to eat nachos while having a movie marathon by myself.” you muttered under your breath. This definitely wasn’t some drunk hallucination anymore. Not when there was someone in your bed, someone who could probably murder you. You grabbed the blanket and ripped it off, finding an empty bed. You were dumbfounded, staring with a gaping jaw on the spot. You swear there was someone there. 

After a few moments of recollecting yourself, you let out a shaky laugh. What did they spike your drink with? You found yourself screaming again when you hear a groggy voice.

“What the fuck are you doing?”

You looked at the pale boy sitting in the corner of your room. He had a sour expression on his face as he squinted at you, to which you returned the stare. Your chest was rising up and down rapidly, another scream stuck in your throat. His skin was so light, contrasting to the black sweater he wore. His hair was a light blue, matching the aura he had around him. Yes, he had an aura, a light blue tint surrounding his figure. He scowled at your shaking body, standing up and walking towards you. Only then did you find your voice.

“Wait, stay away from me! How did you get in?! If it’s money you want, there’s some spare change in the piggy bank I keep under my bed, just please don’t hurt me.” you cried out. 

The boy rolled his eyes, saying a silent tsk beneath his breath. “I don’t need money, especially in where I’ll end up in. What I do need, however, is a warm bed, so don’t enjoy sleeping next to me much, princess.” he smirked before hopping in your bed and pulling the blanket over him.

You were still frozen in fear, unable to comprehend what was happening. It was three am, and there was a strange boy stealing your bed. “Hey!” you yelled at him, grabbing a pillow and whacking him with it repeatedly. “Get off! I don’t even know you.”

He muttered a bunch of ow’s, shielding his face from your pillow attacks. “Here’s the deal, princess, I’m not hitting you or stabbing you with a knife, so why don’t you just let me rest?” he hissed, wrenching the pillow out of your grip.

“You little…” your face was red with anger. To say the night was unusual was a big understatement. You were supposed to be sleeping right now, not trying to get a stranger off your bed. The aura had you wary about him, but at this point, your fear just turned to rage. With all the energy you had left, you pushed him off the bed. 

You expected a thud, followed by pained screaming, but it never happened. Instead, your arms passed through him. You froze in shock again, staring at your hands showing through his transparent torso. Then, you both screamed.

“Ew, what the hell? Did that really- what are you even?! Just please leave me alone.” You stumble back,  vigorously rubbing your arms to get rid off whatever invisible trace of him you had. You breathed heavily, starting to feel light-headed.

“Oh my God, your hands were inside me. Shit, that sounds so wrong out of context. What was that for?! Can’t a ghost have some respect around here?!” He was about to rat you out more, but then he noticed you passed out, half your body hanging off the bed. “Jesus.” he grimaced, hauling the rest of your body onto the bed. He covered you with half the blanket, taking the other half and crawling under it as he slept with his back facing you.

You woke with your head feeling like it was drilled with a hundred jackhammers. You let out a groan and rolled on your side, memories of last night coming back. This made you sat up straight, glancing at the space next to you. The boy was gone. Something told you to look at your bedside drawer, so you did. A glass of water and two pills were sitting next to a torn piece of paper.

“Thanks for the nap -m.yg, the friendly neighborhood ghost boy”

So everything was real. You weren’t one who believed in ghosts, but you sure as hell did now. He had a light blue aura, and your hands passed right through him. He seemed harmless enough, but this was just too much to handle. You made a mental note to call the nearest priest after you had breakfast.

“Good morning, princess.” his monotone voice greeted you. You jolted up, looking around until your eyes rested on the wall mirror hanging in front of your bed. He was there, in the mirror. “You look like you got into a mud fight.”

“Woah, woah, woah. Excuse me?” you stood up, walking in front of the mirror and crossing your arms. “Listen ghost boy, you broke into my house and slept on my bed, without my permission, so you better watch your mouth. Don’t make me call an exorcist.”

His face flickered with an expression of fear, but then quickly changed back to the blank, stoic look he had. “Come on, y/n. Just give me a place to crash for a bit, then I’ll move out in the next blood moon.”

“And when- how do you know my name?” The boy chuckled, before disappearing from the mirror. You were met with your own frustrated reflection. 

“It’s written here.” You whipped around to see him standing by your drawer, holding your ID up. You ran towards him and snatched the ID just as he disappeared again. “Can you stop with the poof thing?” you said, exasperated.

Finally, he materialized on your bed, sitting with a contented smile. “You can’t call a priest on me, sweetheart.” he slyly grinned at you.

“And why is that?” you spat back, tone laced with fake sweetness.

“Me being here means other spirits can’t come in. And trust me, not all of them are as nice as me.”

You considered his statement, flashbacks of based-on-real-life horror movies coming back. You’ve watched enough Paranormal Activity and Anabelle to know how evil some ghosts may be, so maybe letting him stay was not so bad. You reluctantly set the rules for him over a cup of coffee and burnt waffles. Who knew ghosts could semi-cook?

“First of all, I don’t want you going through my stuff. And since you’re transparent, I don’t want the floating through walls and 360 degree headspinning thing. That shit’s creepy.” you said as you wrote the words down. He hummed in approval.

“Quick question, why didn’t the pillow I was hitting you with pass through you?” you stopped writing and looked at him. 

“I can control when a thing passes through. You caught me off guard, so I wasn’t really able to do it until I saw you about to push me off the bed.” He raised an eyebrow at you, then stared at your coffee mug, making it slide off the table, stopping it just as it was about to hit the floor.

You stood up, pushing your chair back. “That isn’t allowed! No ghosts tricks until I say so.” He shrugged again, making you roll your eyes as you sat back down.

“Anyway, do you even eat? Drink? Shower, or something?”

He wrinkled his nose at the last question. “As we’ve established before, I’m a ghost. I do neither of those things. Unless I want to, of course. I don’t even have to sleep-”

“Then why did you barge n my room last night?!” you cut him off. He scowled at you, and you suddenly find your cheeks heating up in embarrassment from your sudden yelling. You whispered a silent sorry before letting him continue.

“Sleeping is basically the only thing I can do to pass the time. When you’re a ghost, you get easily bored of stuff. I hope you understand, and fine, I’m sorry for intruding last night.” he looked away and pouted. You suppressed a smile at the sight.

“Okay, apology accepted. Last thing, if you want to use a something of mine, you should always ask permission first.”

After giving him a mini house tour, you settled on the couch to complete the last requirement in college before semester break. You payed no attention to the ghost boy, who’s name you still didn’t know, and typed away on your laptop. It’s been a whole hour of silence since you last talked. “Y/n~” you heard him call from the kitchen. “Yes?” you hollered back. 

“I’m bored.”

He trudged into the living room, pouting like a child. You chuckle at the sight of him. He immediately glared at you, pout disappearing with him. He just deadass poofed again, breaking rule number two. 

“Ghost boy, we talked about this!” You checked every reflective surface. You knew he was mainly doing it just to piss you off, and it was working really well. 

“Boo.” You jumped up, the laptop falling off your lap as you saw his face on the screen. You heard him laugh, the in the blink of an eye, he was gone again. ‘Shit’ you grabbed the laptop off the floor, checking if there was any serious damage. The space next to you dipped, and you figured he might’ve materialized beside you. 

“If anything happens to me laptop, I’m killing you again, ghost boy.” you hissed at him. He just scoffed, slinging an arm on top of the couch.

“Stop calling me ‘ghost boy’. Contrary to popular belief, I have a name.” He took a couch pillow and curled up on the other end of the sofa. 

“Which is?” you shut the laptop down, finally completing the file. You crossed your legs and faced him. His eyes were closed, about to take another nap. 

“Yoongi. I’m not Casper-nice, but I guess I still am? Yoongi, the semi-friendly ghost.” he yawned, and before you could ask him something again, he was already asleep.

It was crazy how easily you accepted a spirit into your home. You’ve learned to not ask him personal questions, like how he died, or why he was still among the living. You tried once, and each time, you just got a deep sigh and a sad look. Apparently, ghosts like music as much as humans do. He was ecstatic when he saw an Epik High album squeezed between some books. 

“You listen to hip-hop?” he asked you with shining eyes.

That’s how you came to listen to the album on repeat every Friday. He was warming up to you faster after that. There were times when you arrived home and there was freshly cooked dinner on the table, Yoongi acting oblivious about it. He’d be sat in front of the TV, pretending to not see the steaming pork belly meal. If you asked about it, he’d reply with yet another sarcastic response.

“Oh, why don’t you look at that. Food magically appeared, whoop-dee-fucking-doo.”

Sometimes, he followed you out the house too. It often had its perks when you were in some situations only he could help in. Like the time your teacher’s lecture was too boring, so he activated the fire alarm, setting the water sprinklers off. Or that other time you weren’t able to study for an exam and he peeked over Kim Namjoon’s test paper to observe, as he called it. 

“Yah, number eleven’s supposed to be C.”

“Yoongi, this is cheating.” you whispered to him, afraid that someone might hear you in the silent classroom.

“No it’s not. It’s called getting ghost-friend benefits. You owe me a foot massage later.”

The semester break finally rolled in,much to Yoongi’s delight. No school meant you being in the house more, which in turn means he gets to spend more time with you. Even though he wouldn’t admit it, he loves the attention you give him. Any attention was good attention for him, even if you’re screaming your head off after he appeared in the mirror again while you were doing your makeup. 

“Hey ghost boy,” you smirked at the name you always teased him with. He was sitting on the couch as usual, staring at the flickering TV (caused by his presence) timidly. “Since it’s the official start of break, I was thinking of laying the rules off. I’m gonna be here most of the time anyway, so I can supervise you.” 

“Are you implying I’m a child or something?” his eyes narrowed as he looked at you.

“I’m just saying. I have neighbors too, you know? I don’t want anyone seeing you doing the spooky stuff you do.” you chuckled at him. “The rules are off. You can do whatever you want.”

His eyes lit up, and he gave the widest gummy smile. “You mean it? I can float in the house now?” Of course it was the first thing he’d ask. During the first few weeks of being with him, you got used to the sight of him hovering over the floor, and sometimes even while sleeping on the bed. 

“I guess. But only during the night.”

He pouted a bit at your response. You rolled your eyes. “Okay, you can do it during the day too. But we need to buy thicker curtains.”

He let out a small ‘yes!’, then suddenly hugged you. His action took the both of you by surprise and he quickly pulled away. “Thanks by the way.” he said while ruffling his hair.

“No problem. I wouldn’t have to worry about you tracking mud in the house so-”

“No, thank you for letting me stay.” he looked at you, sincerity in his eyes. “The night we met, I was supposed to move on. Into the light, I mean. I just didn’t want to yet. I didn’t have anywhere to stay in, too. I saw you walking alone that night, and the dress you wore looked too revealing. So I thought ‘hey, maybe I should watch-over this girl for a bit’ and I did. Basically, I’m kind of like your guardian angel now, except I’m stuck in purgatory.”

“Awh, I never knew you could be sweet.” you cooed, moving your hand to pinch his cheek, only to scream as it went through. He glared at you while you took your hand back, rubbing it.

“Don’t push it.” he huffed, placing both his legs on your lap. “All this mushy stuff made me hungry. Can we get some pizza?”

“I thought you didn’t need to eat?” you chuckled at his demanding demeanor.

“Ghosts crave too.” he smiled at you before disappearing again. You rolled your eyes as you got your phone to order takeout, already expecting to see Yoongi in the screen. 

newworldchild  asked:

What's Shiro's backstory in the PJO universe? And do you think the Galra would be demigods but all from the same father? Like Zarkon is a titan or primal god? Maybe Haggard is too. Idk curiosity poked at me to ask. Thanks for always answering!

[Voltron PJO AU]  1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8 

Shiro’s Backstory (Keith’s, Pidge, Lance & Hunk’s)

Like Keith, Shiro was of Japanese descent. He lived with his Mommy ever since, he couldn’t remember his Daddy but he only saw him once when he was a kid. He asked his mother why he didn’t stay with them and got a “He’s a very busy man, Takashi.” He didn’t bother anymore. Then his mother got sick. As he grew up, there was an instance that he started floating when he was drifting off to sleep and he panicked causing him to fall back to his bed. He got scared but he tried it again and again and he was thrilled to know that he could fly. He told no one about it.

He was popular in school, being a bright, friendly and energetic kid. Until one day he was summoned to the Principal’s office and he was informed that his mother died and Shiro has never cried so hard in his life. He had no one and now he was all alone. That very same time, some random shady kid pulled him into a corner and told him “You need to go with me to Camp Half Blood.” That very moment, something destroyed Shiro’s school and that was when he saw his first monster—a cyclops

He did one thing any 13 year old boy would do upon the sight of a greek monster: RUN. But gods, the cyclops chased him and he was gaining on him because it was big and Shiro was small. He didn’t know how to outrun it so he started to fly as high as he could. But the monster was tall and could easily reach him so he had to think fast. He saw broken woods thanks to the cyclops entrance and used a big one to stab it in its single eye repeatedly. The monster shrieked and before he knew he could do it, he took away the monster’s air inside of its body causing it to suffocate, and then it disintegrated. Shiro stared in horror at the floating ball of air that once belonged to the cyclops and then he released it. He saw the boy who told him to go to some camp in mortification and then Shiro decided to flee the scene.

That was when he saw Keith sparring with dead warriors by the forest when he was on the run. He was scared of himself and what he could do—what he did back then so when he saw this other kid summoning dead warriors and holding a sword, Shiro had never felt so relieved in his life. He wasn’t the only one with weird abilities, so when he knew that Keith was a son of Hades, he began wondering if he was a son of a god too, to which Keith confirmed that he probably is. After that memorable encounter, they became friends and decided to stick together and fight off monsters. 

Shiro thought Keith was the most amazing person he’d ever met. The kid could shadow travel! A very convenient thing for them, not to mention he was really skilled with his sword. Hades would randomly visit them to chat and spend time with Keith and Hades grew fond of him, too. So those solo chats with Keith, turned into chats that included Shiro. He didn’t know when it happened but one day, Shiro’s cheek started to heat up whenever Keith looked at him. Keith was soft and sharp on the edges at the same time and he loved the fact that Keith always gave him undivided attention. One time Keith grabbed his hand to run away from monsters, Shiro’s heart started to flutter which was weird because they’ve held hands hundreds of times but for some reason, in that moment he interlaced them and he had this huge smile on his face to which Keith said “You’re being weird” when he noticed him. “Not really, I like being around you, Keith.” Shiro saw Keith blush and squeezed his hand back and muttered, “Me, too. Now let’s get out of here.”

When they got to Camp Half Blood and when they were claimed as sons of Zeus and Hades, that was when things started to change. Shiro became more over protective Keith with the way the camp was treating his friend (well, crush but Shiro wouldn’t admit that to anyone). Keith didn’t deserve to be ostracized just because he had a loving godly father. Shiro wished Zeus was like Hades to him, but he guessed being god of the gods made you really busy. He loved the fact that Keith would usually stick to him like a glue, well, it had always been like that. When someone spots Shiro, Keith was always there and vice versa. They were a package deal, one cannot be seen without the other.

The whole camp started getting suspicious about their friendship until one time Allura caught them sleeping on the same bed in Zeus’ cabin and reported it to Coran. The rule was that everyone should stay in their own cabins, but Keith didn’t give a damn. “It’s not like were doing something shady,” Keith said once he was questioned. “I get cold in my cabin and Shiro’s usually my heater.” Coran still told him to stop doing it, Keith agreed that day but during at night, Shiro still found Keith beside him all cuddled up in bed. “You little liar.” 

When Shiro and Keith got together, almost half of the camp were devastated, half were shocked and a few people didn’t care. Shiro was just gods damn happy he could finally hold Keith’s hand in public and randomly pull him in for a kiss just because he could.

Imagine meeting your son. (Part A)

A/N: Ahhhh, Part 5A! You can read the related mini-series and the previous parts here: (Mini-series - Masterlist; Mini-series Spin-off: ‘Unexpected Reader’, ‘Little Ways Away’, ‘She Said Yes’, ‘Miss Graduate’, ‘Something Blue’, ‘Something New’ - Masterlist; ‘Baby Steps’: Part 1/Part 2/Part 3A/3B/Part 4A/4B/4C/4D)

Chris sat in the bed with his outstretched legs crossed at the ankles and his back pressed against the headboard. It was 6:23AM; he and Dodger were meant to be leaving for their daily run in exactly seven minutes, but he was yet to get out of bed. He was watching you get some much needed sleep after an entire night of tossing and turning- a figurative expression as you were nine months pregnant. You’d been warned that the beginning and the end of a pregnancy were the worst, but nothing could’ve prepared you for the level of discomfort you were in. Braxton Hicks was an absolute bitch that Dr. McCullough repeatedly spoke to the two of you about; she knew you and she didn’t want Chris to make unnecessary trips to the hospital just because you had a contraction. Every time she saw you, she’d remind you that “not all contractions mean the baby is coming.” You tried to keep that in mind, but every time you had a contraction- that was your first thought and you’d start panicking.

It was pretty clear you weren’t mentally ready to go into labor and give birth even though you were sick of being pregnant. You were scared and it was understandable seeing as this was your first baby. How badly was it going to hurt? Were you going to poop on the table? What if there were complications while you were trying for a natural birth and had to have an emergency c-section? How badly was that going to hurt? What if something happened while you were in surgery and you died? What was going to happen to Chris? Then there was your worst fear of something happening to Jack because what were you going to do if you lost your first baby? How were you going to recover from that?

Chris knew how scared and worried you were about it all. Ever since the two of you returned from Sebastian and Ava’s wedding in New York and Emilia forced you to take your maternity leave, you’d only your pregnancy on your mind. That had its pros and cons because while you could prepare yourself for parenthood, you could also let your anxiety chew away at you. From the questions you’d asked yourself and Chris, it was clear it was chewing away pretty quickly. Chris was great though, he remained calm and reassuring. He even said all the right things: “I’m going to be there and I’m going to hold your hand, okay?”, “Nothing bad is going to happen, you are going to have a safe and uncomplicated birth.”, “I won’t lie, it will hurt. But at the end of all that pain, we’re going to have a baby boy and it’s going to be worth it.”, and “I’m still going to think you’re beautiful even if you poop on the table while giving birth.” That he saved for last because he knew it would make you laugh.

“Good morning,” Chris whispered gently, brushing your hair out of your face while you stirred from your restless sleep. You stretched as much as your body would allow, whining when dull aches stabbed at your lower back. “I know, sweetheart.” He sighed, soothingly running his hand up and down your arm. “It’ll be over soon, okay? It’s already the thirteenth and Jack’s supposedly due tomorrow, I’m sure it’s any day now.”

And that was the other reason Chris wasn’t getting ready for his run; he was scared you’d go into labor while he was out, even if it was just for half an hour. As the date got closer, he got more paranoid about leaving you alone. You were playing it cool because you didn’t want him to lose too much of his daily routines, but he knew you. It was kind of a no-brainer, you’ve had panic attacks about less. You would definitely have a panic attack if your water broke while he wasn’t around, even if you were already at the hospital with Dr. McCullough.

“What time is it?” You changed the subject because you didn’t want to think about giving birth right now; your chest tightened at the thought of it. You caught sight of the hands on the clock before Chris could answer you. “Why are you-” You were cut off by a sudden contraction; you adjusted your position and breathed through it like every other one you’d had so far thanks to Braxton Hicks.

“Should I be timing these?”

“No,” you shook your head. “They’re irregular, it’s not- no, they’re just Braxton Hicks contractions. It’s nothing to worry about.” You told him, but you were addressing yourself more. You didn’t want to go into labor yet, you were not ready. Jack was due tomorrow, you’d be ready tomorrow. “Why are you still in bed?” You asked then looked over the edge of your side of the bed; Dodger was no longer sleeping on the floor. “Dodger’s probably downstairs waiting for you.”

“He is,” Chris nodded.

“So go for your run,” you told him.

“I don’t really feel like it today,” he lied.

“I’m not going into labor until tomorrow.”

“No no no,” he corrected you with a chuckle. “You’re not due until tomorrow, but you can go into labor at any time.” You rolled your eyes, forcing yourself to breath as you ignored the uncomfortable feeling your anxiety was leaving in the back of your throat. “It’s not a big deal, we’ll just skip it today. The ground’s wet anyway.”

“Just because I’m due tomorrow doesn’t mean I’ll have the baby tomorrow, you can’t change daily routines to accommodate my pregnancy. And you sure as hell can’t be by my side twenty-four-seven,” you told him and he smirked. “Chris,” you laughed at his ‘wanna bet?’ face. “Go for your run,” you urged and he sighed. “I’m just going back to sleep, nothing exciting is going to happen. Jack knows how much I like things going according to plan,” you rested your hand on your belly. “He won’t be out today.”

“Fine,” he said after a long pause. “My phone will be with me, so you can me if you need anything.” You nodded and he leaned over to kiss your forehead. “I’ll be back in half an hour, forty minutes tops.” You nodded again, yawning as you closed your eyes. “Okay?” You nodded again, snuggling your pillow. “You’ll call if-”

“Oh my God,” your eyes opened and you laughed. “Yes, I’m going to call you if I need anything and you’re going to be back in half an hour, forty minutes tops.” He chuckled, getting out of bed. “Just go, I’m going to be fine. Don’t Geminis hate clingy people?”

“They don’t hate clingy people, they just like personal freedom.” He answered your rhetorical question as he walked over to the dresser to get a change of clothes; you laughed. “You know, if we’re bringing star signs into the conversation- aren’t Virgos secretly attention seeking?”

“I don’t think I’m ever secretive when it comes to wanting attention,” you quipped and it was his turn to laugh. “And I’m also not secretive when it comes to wanting to sleep, so if you’d just go for your run so I can have some peace and quite- that’d be lovely.” He rolled his eyes and entered the bathroom, closing the door behind him. “Thank you,” you called.

“You’re welcome,” he sang back, referencing Dwayne Johnson’s song in ‘Moana’ which the two of you watched again yesterday night. You giggled then dozed off, listening as he continued to sing to himself behind the closed door.

Chris brushed his teeth and changed then exited the bathroom, smiling when he saw you’d fallen asleep. He checked on you again before he took his leave, gently kissing your forehead. He then grabbed his phone, EarPods, and arm band, and slid his phone into the case as he made his way downstairs. Dodger was already waiting by the door, looking up at his leash. He allowed Dodger to drink some water before he leashed him in preparation for their run, drinking a glass of water himself. As they were making their way out of the house and towards the road, Dodger abruptly stopped which jerked Chris to a stop too.

“What’s wrong, pal?” Chris asked. Dodger glanced back at the house then yanked his leash out of Chris’ grip, sprinting back in the direction they’d come. Chris ran after him, “Dodger! Dodger, what are you-” Before he could finish his sentence, he remembered that dogs had a sixth sense about things. “Y/N!” He sped up, scrambling his keys from his back pocket. “Move!” He instructed Dodger who had been scratching at the door and fumbled with the lock. “Babe, I’m coming!” He successfully unlocked the door and ran inside. Dodger bolted up the stairs with Chris right on his tail. When they came to the bedroom, you were wide awake and on your feet with tears in your eyes. “Hey,” Chris rushed to your side, taking your hands in his. “What is it?”

“C-Chris, my w-water broke.”

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Part 5B

Singing Is Singing


•||Warning(s)||• Angst(?)

•||Summary||• In which you send letters to Tom after he left you for another.

•||Requested by||• No one.


It’s funny how you actually think you mean something to someone, and they just turn around and prove you wrong.

How could he just walk away like I meant nothing? Kicking me like I was dust? Breaking my heart with his bare hands and throwing the pieces away into a river, letting them drift and lose each other so I would struggle to put them back together.

At the moment he did that I didn’t want anyone to contact me. I didn’t want anyone to comfort me or even ask me if I was okay or not, so I turned off my phone so no one could reach me.

I ended up realizing that just because you turn off your cyber world doesn’t mean the real world around you is non-existent, so I turned my phone back on, turned on airplane mode, put in my headphones and blasted the music so damn loud no world could reach me.

I don’t understand, how do men do it? How do they tell a woman they love her, make promises, make her smile, make sweet small talk just to lure her in and once that’s done, they disappear, no need for anymore effort, the random texts, the long phone calls, that all goes with him, how can they do that to a woman? How does a man beg to be with a woman only to leave her in the end?

I simply don’t understand.

So, I let the tears keep on coming, not planning on letting them stop anytime soon. It’ll be a cloud with endless water. It just keeps fueling with every thought of him. An endless day of rain. And endless storm. And endless hurricane of emotions.

Bring on the disaster.




“…and though I know you’re in love with her, there are still times where I wonder if you look for pieces of me in her. If you search her blue eyes for the specks of grey mine hold. If you would ever wonder what my lips taste like compared to hers as they’re pressed to yours. If you dream about me while she’s lying next to you. If you ever regret choosing her over me.”

He read her letter over and over a million times. Letting the hurt that trailed along every word she wrote to him sink in.

She had sent these letters months ago, but only now did he have the courage to open them. Only when he felt as she once did when he left her.

How did she endure the pain? he would ask himself time and time again through the tears.

He pulled out the next letter, but nothing could’ve prepared him for the words she spilled onto the parchment.

“It hurts to know that you lost interest in me, kinda like someone punching me in the gut. And it also does pain me to walk past you, pretending we never met and never stayed up all night talking, it feels like a knife through my chest every time. But what truly hurt most, so bad that I can’t find the words to explain it, is that you left without a single word. And I keep waiting for a sign or something from you, but I should accept that sometimes, no message is a message.”

He couldn’t bare it.

The hurt.

The pain.

The knives stabbing him.

The aching in his heart.

The guilt.

How could he do such a thing to her? How did she survive this?

He cried until his eyes shed no more, until his jaw hurt. His hair and bed were a mess. Pictures of Y/N and him sprawled all over his sheets and wooden floor.

He turned on his T.V., hoping something–anything–can steer his mind off her, but alas fate hates him.

There she was.

Looking like a goddess from the oceans below. Dressed in a coral colored dress. The color making her face glow, bringing out her eyes and going so well with her complexion.

The lights reflected on the sparkles sprinkled at her chest, making them glisten. The top half of her dress being covered in different colored rhinestones. The straps were barely visible on her shoulder, due to being covered with her long locks. The lower part of her dress fanned out, reaching to the lower part of her thigh.

Her hair, her beautiful raging hair, in long curls trailing down her back and ending just below her knees.

He missed combing his hands through those long strands. Smelling all the fruit she would mix with her shampoo to give it an extra unique smell.


Her name was being screamed repeatedly by reporters and fans. Asking for just a glance, or a word out of her.

In the past eight months Y/N’s singing career had skyrocketed. With endless coming songs pouring out of her, she became one of the “Top Ten Celebrities”.

She was known worldwide. For her looks, her personality, her music and her hair, as funny and weird as that may sound.

“Y/N!” A voice yelled loudly, catching Y/N’s attention.

“Haz?” Y/N questioned, not sure if she was seeing things or not. Another familiar voice caught her attention, causing Y/N to ask, “Harry?”

“Y/N!” Both boys yelled at the same time, confirming her suspicions.

“Oh My God!” Y/N exclaimed, spreading her arms out wide for both boys to tackle her into a bear hug. “I’ve missed you both so much!” she breathed.

Through their excitement, the boys only managed an, “Us too,”

“How are you both? How’s your family?” Y/N quizzed taking both boys in.

“He misses you,” Harry said, flashing a sympathetic smile towards her.

“You know that’s not what I meant,” Y/N scolded softly, but that was what she had meant.

She worried about him, when it should have been the other way around. She missed him, when it should have been the other way around.

“Listen, I need to go, my concert starts in thirty minutes. I would love to talk to you after my show.” Y/N hurriedly said, walking backstage with Haz and Harry.

“Alright, break a leg.” Haz said, flashing a bright smile. Before both boys could walk off to their seats, Y/N stopped them.

“Wait,” Y/N whisper-yelled, “d-does he—I-I mean—does he still think about me?” she finally managed to get out.

Harrison and Harry looked at each other, giving off a silent sign while Y/N waited impatiently.

“All the time,” they both revealed at the same time as if it had been rehearsed. Like they knew she was going to ask.

Y/N nodded, letting those three words course through her mind.

She walked onto the stage, her silver stilettos clicking on the wood as she waved at her fans with a proud smile. Her heart raced inside her chest, hoping he was watching her right now.

“How’s everyone tonight!” she spoke into her mic, her voice echoing through out the giant arena, bouncing off the walls and into the ears of her fans, who were cheering and whistling as loud as possible, “I’m beyond thankful and ecstatic that you could all make it here just to listen to me,” The crowd erupted in another wave of cheers, “and I hope that you all enjoy what I’ve prepared for you tonight,” with the last word the crowd roared with excitement and the first notes of the song struck.

Taking in a deep breath she calmed her nerves and tried to relax her rigid posture.

Baby even though I hate ya
I wanna love ya
I want you you you
And even though I can’t forgive ya
I really want to
I want you you you
Tell me, tell me baby
Why can’t you leave me
‘Cause even though I shouldn’t want it
I gotta have it
I want you you you

The audience sang along with Y/N, screaming out their favorite parts or doing the wave. The amount of support her fans have given her was what had gotten her here, and to see them all smiling and having a swell time motivated her voice even more.

She got more enthusiastic and content with the lyrics, letting all her emotion flow through the walls and bounce into the ears of her proud audience.

I know you’re never gonna wake up
I gotta give up
But it’s you you you
I know I shouldn’t ever call back
Or let you come back
But it’s you you you
Every time you touch me
And say you love me
I get a little bit breathless
I shouldn’t want it
But it’s you you you


Tom Holland and his interviewer, Kevin, sat down. Both smiling and giving each other a “good-afternoon,”

“So,” Kevin started, holding his cards of which he held with all his questions from the fans, “how have you been?”

I hate my life.

“Well enough,” Tom answered, trying to hold back the truth.

“Good. Good.” Kevin said, thinking something odd of Tom’s answer. “So some of the fans have been going crazy lately with the new reveal of Y/N Y/L/N’s new song.”

Her name pulled at his heart, but all he did was smile and nod, telling Kevin to continue on. “Well, you see, most— actually scratch that—practically everyone who follows and keeps up with the both of you have their suspicions that she wrote the song about you.”

“Uh…” Tom stuttered having no idea what to say.

Yes, his fans had called him out on the song. Bombarding him with questions as to if the song was truly about him.

“Though she hasn’t yet confirmed our suspicions, we were wondering if you had taken a listen to it.”

“Um, yes. I have heard her new song, but I do doubt that it’s about me.” Tom managed to get out through his nervous state.

“Well, you are in a relationship with a girl currently, Taliah Jones?” Kevin asked with a suggestive eyebrow.

“Uh…” Tom stuttered once again, he scratched the back of his neck with complete awkwardness, “we um…— broke up a while back actually.” He revealed.

Gasps were heard from his fans, even Kevin seemed completely shocked that he almost fell off his chair.

But little did Tom Holland know Y/N Y/L/N was watching the whole thing.


She felt she should’ve been there for him. To comfort him and hold him in her arms, but then she remembered how he had crushed her. How he wasn’t there for her when she needed him.

She completely regretted the letters she had sent him. Especially the one he read last night. The one the really struck him in the heart. The letter that made him feel like his mind was on fire, his heart was being stabbed with a thousand knives and he was standing on needles and nails.

“I hope you love her. I hope she makes you want to touch the stars. I hope she makes you want to dance. I hope she makes you want to tell her how amazing she is all the time. I hope you lose her. I hope you feel the pain in your heart. I hope you cry at night, trying to hold yourself together. I hope that when you lose her, you will lose yourself too. I hope so because then you would finally know how it felt when I thought you and I were forever, but you left me for her.”

Back then she really hated him, but also loved him. She wrote those letters to expose her anger and pain. But now that she sees how much he’s actually hurting, how his eyes are breaking from the inside and how he couldn’t hide it for much longer, she regretted it.

His forest was burning. His orbs were shattering. His sea was draining.

But she didn’t know that the moment he left her was when all his suffering had begun. She was his anchor, but he untied her from him and let her go and found someone else. She held his life in her hands, but it slipped once he slammed the door, indicating their time together was over.

He made the biggest mistake of his life when he walked out the door without a second glance, and once he realized what it was, it was too late.

But it wasn’t.

He just had to find her, make her believe in him again. Restore her trust in him.

And in order for him to do that, he was going to need some help.

Big time.


“J-just get her to come, okay?” Tom begged his brothers and best friend. His eyes twinkling with pleas of help.

Harry, Sam and Harrison sighed heavily, “Fine,” they answered.

“Thank you. Thank you.” he praised

“But,” Sam said, stopping Tom from thanking him any further, “she may not forgive you. You have to understand you hurt her…a lot.

“I know,” Tom shamefully responded, “but I’m hoping that she’ll love what I’m doing for her tonight.”

Harrison sighed, sending Tom an encouraging smile, “All right, but don’t be disappointed if she doesn’t take you back, Mate.”

He was hoping that wouldn’t have to happen.


You know what? I’m tired of everyone’s negative comments. I’m getting a baby cloud. Fight me!

From my imagines book.

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The Christmas That Was Promised—Chapter Three

Chapter One: here
Chapter Two: here

Jonsa politicians’ kids modern AU, set at Christmas.

Selected by Senator Ned Stark as the nation’s model foster kid, Jon grew up between two worlds. But then the news breaks: Jon isn’t an orphan after all. He’s the son of President Rhaegar Targaryen. Not just that—he’s the product of a secret affair that has the whole world talking.

The president goes on damage control, inviting Jon to his mansion for Christmas dinner. Jon is sick of being used as a publicity stunt by powerful men. All he wants to do is disappear from the public eye forever—but maybe he can use the Targaryen influence to help fix things for foster youth in Washington, once and for all.

And maybe dinner won’t be so bad. After all… Sansa will be there.

Note: This chapter is a bit longer this time! Hopefully I’ll be finishing the Christmas part of this fic soon and moving on to Valentine’s Day… Because when you have a holiday-themed fic that takes you forever to write, you just move to the next holiday, right?! Besides, the 15 Days of Valentines Event starts today! :)

The Targaryens had outdone themselves. From the moment he set foot inside the gated property, Jon couldn’t help but stare. Out of the corner of his dazed eyes, he dully noted that Sansa seemed to be in the same state. The stately front yard—more like the size of a city park to Jon—was twinkling with tiny colored bulbs. Thousands of uranium-green lights twisted around the manicured trees like ivy. The walkway was lined with bold, Targaryen-red lights. Blue bulbs ringed the babbling stone fountain that Jon and Sansa passed as they made their way through the garden. Jon’s eyes ached as he peered over the side of the fountain as the passed, where a light projected against the water made it look as violet as a Targaryen’s eyes. The sprawling, elegant mansion itself was almost unremarkable compared to the almost-untamed blaze of the garden, but it was tastefully decorated in strings of sparkling gold lights.

“Festive,” Sansa finally said, “isn’t it?”

“That’s one word for it.” Jon was already trying to calculate how much their electricity bill cost. But then he remembered that Rhaegar Targaryen had been CEO and president of one of the largest energy companies in the world before he became, well, the president. Rhaegar’s younger brother Viserys was running the company in his absence. Jon would be surprised if the Targaryens didn’t get free electricity. Just another example of Washington royalty.

“Ready?” Sansa’s word was a whispered puff of breath in the air. Jon could feel her eyes on him and he was unsure if it was a good thing she was so concerned about him. For all that he wanted from her—and god, there was a lot—pity was not on the list.

Jon opened his mouth to reply when the left of the double doors swung open. Rhaegar Targaryen stood there, alone.

Jon tried to conceal his sharp intake of breath. He’d known this was coming, but he wasn’t ready for it.

Rhaegar Targaryen.

It’s not like Jon had never seen him. No, just the opposite, in fact. He’d seen him everywhere: giving the State of the Union on TV. At charity events where Jon was the guest of the Starks. Even a handful of times at Jon’s high school, surrounded by the presidential entourage. If that telegenic politician was the only man he was meeting tonight, Jon might have been able to prepare himself.

But he wasn’t just that man anymore. He was Jon’s… father. The man who had allowed Jon to go into the foster system when his mother died in childbirth, just because he was too ashamed to own up to his secret affair and take care of his own son. The man who was only inviting him into his home now that the press had broken the story. Rhaegar had invited Jon not as his son, but as his damage control.

It was impossible to look at him, but impossible to look away. Jon allowed himself to shut his eyes tight for one second, but when he did, he saw the hands of a child clasped in prayer atop a threadbare blanket. He’d prayed for his parents to find him for years, and never more so than on Christmas. His eyes opened again, finding the angular face of his birth father less painful than the memory of his bedside prayers. At least Jon didn’t bear much resemblance to him.

But if he didn’t look like his father, he must have looked like his mother. In all these years that Jon had been in Rhaegar’s presence, had the man ever thought that maybe the dressed-up foster kid could be… his own son?

Sansa’s grip on his arm tightened and Jon’s head started to clear. He was glad to have her there, like an anchor.

The golden-haired, violet-eyed man gave Jon a warm smile. The president was famed for his charisma, but Jon wasn’t falling for it. “Hello, Jon. Hello, Sansa.” He gestured them into the house. In the foyer, Rhaegar held his hand out to Jon. They shook, rather stiffly, Jon thought, and he couldn’t help but take pleasure in the fact that Rhaegar flinched at his touch. Whether it was from the cold of Jon’s hand or something else, he didn’t know. When they released hands, Jon found himself wishing that his first contact with his own flesh and blood had felt somehow different. But he was also relieved that it had not.

“Sansa, Dany tells me you’ve been having the best time in college,” said Rhaegar with a smile. “She’s in the lounge and can’t wait to see you.”

Sansa’s face lit up. “Yes, it’s been ages! I can’t wait, either.”

“Go right ahead.” Rhaegar nodded.

Rhaegar wanted to speak alone. Jon didn’t realize how tense his arm was until Sansa squeezed it. “Oh, I will, in just a moment. But it would be so rude for me to make my introductions without Jon. I’m his guest tonight, after all, not Dany’s.”

Rhaegar stared at her for a moment. “Of course.” He gestured forward a maid standing at the back of the room. “Please, take their coats.”

The maid came forward and took Sansa’s coat and purse, but Jon removed his own coat and hung it in the coat room, only a few steps away. The Starks had their own retinue of staff, but he’d never liked it.

Rhaegar cleared his throat, watching Jon intently. “Jon, I…” He trailed off, then said, “Well, please follow me to the lounge.”

As Jon followed his biological father through the mansion, he thought this was what torture might feel like. He would have rather done a thousand terrible things than be here, in this seat of extreme luxury, surrounded by paintings worth more to this twisted society than his own life. He counted the things he’d rather have done to him—get shot full of arrows, maybe, or stabbed repeatedly, even buried in a sea of bodies—than be told he was a part of this.

But with Sansa beside him, things didn’t seem quite as bleak.

The lounge was bigger than Jon’s whole dorm floor. Seated on a sprawling red couch on one side of the room was Daenerys, Rhaegar’s much younger sister who had gone to school with Jon and Sansa. Even though she was a little more than a year older than Sansa, they’d been in some of the same classes and had grown to be best friends.

“Sansa!” Dany jumped up and ran toward her friend, hugging her. “And Jon,” she said, pulling away and looking at him. In high school, Jon, like many of his classmates, had had a crush on Dany. Now, he couldn’t look at her without seeing her older brother Rhaegar. “It’s so good to see you again,” she said, her voice slightly gentler.

“Hey, bro,” came a bored-sounding male voice. It was Aegon, still seated in a big, black leather chair, staring down at his phone. “Sorry for being a douche in high school. Didn’t know we were related then.”

Jon tried not to glance toward Sansa. He knew they’d dated and that he’d cheated on her with who knows how many girls. But she appeared unfazed.

If Jon were to be honest, Aegon was not the worst of the privileged kids he’d gone to school with. Sure, he was a spoiled, annoying bro who had been best friends with Joffrey Baratheon since birth. But he was also friends with Robb, and he wasn’t completely stupid, even if his ego told him he was the smartest kid in school.

“Nice hair,” Jon said in response. For whatever reason, Aegon’s hair was a startling blue color.

“Drinks,” Rhaegar murmured to himself. “I should get the drinks started.” He turned and rushed out the door of the lounge, leaving the four of them alone.

“So,” Aegon said, rising from his chair and sauntering over to them. “I guess Dad told you why we’re such a small group tonight.” When Jon didn’t reply, he raised his eyebrows. “He didn’t mention it? My mom and Rhaenys went out. Flew to the Caribbean or something. Didn’t want to have dinner with—”

“Egg,” Dany snapped.

Aegon smiled tightly at Jon. Maybe he was the worst, after all.

But what he said made sense. Why would Elia and Rhaenys want to spend Christmas dinner with Rhaegar’s once-secret son? Jon’s stomach felt tight. According to all the news articles that Jon had pretended to not care about, Rhaegar was the only one in the family who had known that he had an illegitimate son. He’d kept it a secret from the rest of the family. Jon could understand why Elia didn’t want to be around her husband’s little secret, especially only days after the story broke. It was surprising, really, that Aegon was here instead of supporting his mother.

“Sansa,” Aegon said, leaning in close to give her a hug. After they pulled apart, Aegon’s hand lingered on her waist. Jon bristled, trying but unable to look away. “God, Sansa, college is really agreeing with you.” He lifted her hand to his lips. “I wish you hadn’t decided to go to school so far away. Northern University? Really? That’s in Michigan or something?”

Minnesota, Jon thought darkly.

Sansa laughed as she pulled her hand away from him. “I needed to get away from politics for awhile. Besides, at NU, I can visit Winterfell any time I want.” Ned had been a senator for ten years now, but Jon knew that Sansa still missed the family estate where she’d been raised. As a child, he’d dreamed of it: a snowy palace far, far away from all of the things he hated about Washington.

“You and Dany, trying to get away from all of us.” Aegon glanced at Jon. “And are you trying to escape, too?”

If he meant this conversation, or Aegon’s too-warm looks at Sansa, or the whole Targaryen house, then yes. Yes, he was.

“Jon is in the Peace and Conflict Studies program at KLU,” Sansa said when Jon didn’t respond.

“You’re at Kings Landing, too?” Aegon asked, clapping a hand on Jon’s shoulder. “I had no idea. I’m majoring in Business there. Gotta learn the family trade, right?”

Of course he was. Everyone always talked about it. Aegon had taken a year off, so he would graduate with Jon’s class at the end of this year. Reporters sometimes followed Aegon to class. Jon dreaded his next term—would he be followed, too? “The family trade,” Jon said, glancing around at the daylight-lit room. “Hopefully the curriculum includes a class on cutting coal dependence.”

Sansa’s breath caught in her throat and Dany’s smile curved up as Aegon’s face reddened. “Don’t worry,” she said, looking amused. “We don’t have the ‘burn-it-all’ mindset of the older Targaryens. Meraxes Energy is investing in geothermal and solar energy.”

“Yes, that’s true,” came Rhaegar’s voice as the man walked back into the lounge, small glass of dark Scotch in hand. “And Aegon has two family trades he can choose from, isn’t that right?” He clapped his free hand on Aegon’s shoulder and the boy seemed to stiffen. “Business or politics.” He smiled at Sansa, as if unable to look at Jon. “You know, he’s applying to both business and law schools for next year.”

“Decisions, decisions,” Aegon said, eyeing the glass in his father’s hand. “Maybe the lovely lady Sansa can help me choose. Northern University seems to have some attractive options.”

Rhaegar laughed, and Jon hated him for it. Jon, of course, understood that Sansa was not his. He knew she had a history with everyone here. But something about the way she’d said she was his guest, not Dany’s, made him feel… god, he didn’t know.

He did know that he wanted to wipe Aegon’s smirk off his face every time his eyes lighted on Sansa.

“The kitchen told me that dinner is ready,” Rhaegar said.

Dany linked arms with Sansa and they followed Rhaegar out of the lounge. Jon followed, silently, beside Aegon. “Hey,” the blue-haired boy said just before they were about to go through the door into the long, marble hallway that apparently led to the dining room. Jon stopped in his tracks and faced him. “Are you and Sansa…?”

“No,” Jon said immediately. His voice sounded sullen even to him.

“Oh.” Aegon looked back to the entrance of the room and Sansa’s retreating figure. “Good.”

Jon couldn’t help himself. He felt the anger rising up in him like bile. He stepped closer to Aegon and shot him what he hoped was his best withering glare. “Leave her alone,” he said.

Aegon’s silver eyebrows rose. “Interesting,” he said with a grin. “Very interesting.”

“What?” Jon snapped.

“It’s a bold move, bro. Can I call you that now?” Aegon said, without pausing for an answer. “A few days as a Targaryen and you’re already making a move on a senator’s daughter. And Sansa Stark, no less. I didn’t think you had it in you. I’m actually pretty impressed.”

Jon turned away and started marching after the others, afraid that if he didn’t leave, he’d end up extracting some of Aegon’s pearly white teeth. “That’s not what this is at all.”

“If it’s not about Sansa, then why do you have such a problem with me?”

Jon glowered at the marble floor as he walked down the hallway.

“I’m talking to you,” Aegon demanded.

“This may surprise you, but I don’t obey you,” Jon muttered over his shoulder. And he marched down the hallway to get a drink. Or four.

Eight of March (I Like That) ; Johnny

Genre: angst, third-person view

Member : Johnny

A/N : my first scenario/oneshot!! so yeah i wrote this while i was insecure the past few days and i got inspired by Sistar’s I Like That :) sorry if it got sorta irrelevant oops btw the paragraphs in bold are the lyrics :)


Now i understand
the saying, “Men are all the same”
A guy like you, I cant figure you out

Johnny fidgets on the couch with ______’s phone in his hands and then listens to the last audio she recorded before she left. For good. He replays the same few seconds again.

“Men are all the same. When the hell can i ever figure people like him out and stop being stupid.”

It was evident enough that ______ was holding in her tears when she recorded the voice memo into her phone.

“I’m such a fool. I fall too deeply into love to know everything he did behind my back.”

______’s voice started cracking up as she said those words into the phone. She was obviously crying. Johnny pulled away the device from his ears and and paused the audio. Never dd it cross his mind that the cheerful ________ he had always knew and loved would say that.

You’re here but then you’re gone, you come and go
I thought that i could change you
but i was such a fool

Johnny inhaled deeply before playing the audio again.

“Well yes he sure did help me emotionally. But those actions weren’t from the bottom of his pitless, rotting heart. They were all just for show. Again. Sick bastards like him just keep coming in and out of my life repeatedly. Am i really just being looked at as a joke?”

The sentence ended with a disappointed laugh and some sniffling. Johnny knew the recording was about ________’s recent unloyal lover; now ex; who thankfully, wasn’t him.

“I’m pretty sure that I’m just a toy – something that apparently has no feelings whatsoever and could just be passed around.”

_______’s phone resounded after a while.

“Even so, i’m pretty sure Johnny would have treated me better than him. But oh, who am i to say? Am i not ‘just a toy’?”

Johnny winced and felt arrows stab his heart as _______ mocked herself in the audio. Even so, he felt happy knowing that _______ acknowledged him. But still, he was too late, everything had happened.

Don’t worry about me,
just because you’re not here
I need you to disappear,
thats all i need
Just go to the girls
you secretly flirted with

“Oh cool, its already three-thirty in the morning. I’m crying myself to sleep again for the first time in two years again. Yay.”

Sarcasm made its presence felt as ________ continued rambling on.

“I sure as hell don’t need to see that cheating snake’s face anymore. I guess he’s gone to that girl he dared to kiss in front of my own eyes”

Johnny paused the audio again, remembering the scene very clearly – right after basketball practice, back at the lockers.

“I like you”, “I love you”, you say that but I don’t believe you
You cant settle just for me, thats who you are
I resent to God for meeting you

“I guess this is the third time confessions and ‘I love you’s are all fake after realisation… creeps me out that those lies comforted me and made me smile. Disgusting.”

The sound of keys being tossed angrily onto a table was heard just when ______ said ‘disgusting’. Johnny tried to figure out what she could have been doing. She’s probably just clearing off her bed, he thought.

“If no one could be happy for who i am, i don’t even see my purpose to live amongst humans. What has karma seen in me to make me suffer this misery? Why must i have met these people?”

Johnny raised the volume on ________’s phone as she started speaking more softly.

“People probably hate me that much that they would probably plan to have me dead by running me down with a car.”

________ spoke so softly to the point that she was mumbling. Johnny sat up at the mention of her being run down by a vehicle. More specifically, a car. That was the exact cause of ________’s death. Johnny rushed to look over the details of the voice memo. Eight of March. Finished recording at 4.30 am. ________ got hit by a car at about 5.15 am by a speeding car. Suddenly it all clicked. The sound of the keys was probably her taking them out to get ready to go for a walk. Johnny knew that ________ only went out on walks if she’s feeling depressed. But never had he thought about how one of these walks would have caused her death.

“I like you”
“I love you”
Out of all the lies that i’ve heard this year,
those were the best, i like that.

“Well, I’ve been rambling non-stop. This phone probably hates me too lmao”

The sound of a zipper was heard. The grey sweater i gave her, Johnny thought, that was the sweater she had on when she got hit

“If someone asks me what are my favourite lies, they’re definitely the confessions by the words ‘I like you’ and ‘I love you’… Definitely the best ones so far.”

Silence was recorded on the phone for a few seconds followed by some opening of drawers.

“Oh well, what can i say? I like it like that… i guess… and uh J-johnny, if you’re listening to this… i-i love you… sorry in advance for not being there to see each other grow old… if you’re hearing this, i’m probably nearing death or uh, dead. I’m sorry my Johnjohn… I love you, i’ll be waiting.”

The recording stopped there. Johnny buried his head into his hands. He was too late. Everything. Had. Happened.


(requested by anon)
Kai Parker x Reader
word count :
2 275
summary : Reader gets out Kai of the new Prison World.
*not my gif

Y/N was sitting on the couch checking the clock on her phone waiting for Kai. He was supposed to come over so they can have a proper reunion but he was late. An hour late. All of this was starting to worry her because he’d never make her wait like that. He’d always call , no matter what. Something must’ve happened and no matter how hard she tried , the pit in her stomach grew bigger. She tossed the phone next to her and curled into a ball , pulling a blanket over her legs. A few times she had tried calling him but the call didn’t seem to go anywhere and Y/N wondered if his phone’s battery had died. Just as she was about to try and call him again there was a knock on the door. Her eyes went wide and a smile spread across her face as she jumped up to open it.
“Kai ! Final- . You are not Kai.” she said starring at Bonnie.
“No. Sorry. Can I come in for a minute?”
Y/N stepped away from the door letting her third cousin in. There was something wrong , she could feel it. Carefully she closed the door and turned towards Bonnie who was playing with her hands , smiling nervously at the ground refusing to meet her eyes.
“What did you do to him?” asked Y/N trying hard not to sound angry , her hands crossed on her chest.
Bonnie looked up , a sigh leaving her lips as her head tilted slightly. Somehow Y/N knew what the answer would be , yet she still hoped her friend hadn’t done what she thought he had.
“Where is he ?” demanded Y/N. “Tell me. Now.”
“In a Prison World.” said her friend.
’ What?’ mouthed Y/N , tears starting to gather behind her eyelids. Her initial shock seemed to subside , being replaced by anger.
“Kai tried to kill Lizzie and Josie. He had to be stopped.”
Bonnie took a step towards her , her hands reaching to hug Y/N except Y/N took a step back holding out her hand. Kai was gone. Again. Taken away from her. Again. By the people she called friends , by her family.
Y/N blinked back tears looking at the ceiling, her jaw clenched and she lowered her gaze to meet Bonnie’s , her eyes were burning with fire.
“You did WHAT?” she shouted at Bonnie who tried to hug her again. “No , no. Stay away from me. Get him out now.
“No ? Are you for real?!” scoffed Y/N. “We are family , Bonnie. Do I have to remind you this ?”
“I know and I am sorry but I had to do somet-”
“Stop talking. I can’t even look at you right now !” Y/N interrupted her. “Just because you don’t like him and can’t see the good in him , doesn’t mean other people can’t.”
“There is no good in him Y/N! He is still the same psychopath who killed his entire family.”
“Mhhmm , yeah right.” said Y/N raising her hand and sending Bonnie flying across the room. “And your partner in crime , Damon , is a saint right ? He has never done a bad thing in his life. I do seem to recall he tried to kill you , he has killed dozens of people but you seem to forgive him. How is Kai any different ? What ? Because he was a human at the time and didn’t have the excuse of ‘his humanity switch was off’ ?!”
Y/N’s squeezed her hand in the air chocking her cousin.
“You are such a hypocrite Bonnie! Why couldn’t you bring him to me ? Why couldn’t you let us leave this place and be happy ?” she let go the grip letting Bonnie take a breath. “Damn it Bonnie ! How are you so blind to see it ?”
“To see what Y/N ? That he has brainwashed you into believing he is ‘changing’ ?!”
“Kai hadn’t brainwashed me , cus. We fell in love and if he can love , he has a chance!”
“Even if he loves you , he is still the same psychopath underneath it all.”
Y/N stared daggers at her. “You should’ve never called him that in front of me , Bonnie.”
The next second Bonnie fell on the ground holding her head in her hands.
“Kai is kind , loving … and if you had given him a chance instead of repeatedly screwing him over and literally stabbing him in the back you would’ve seen it.”
Y/N knelt down to her cousin giving her a tissue for the nose bleeds. “Get out. Leave before I decide to cross that line.”
Bonnie got up , shakily walking to the door. She stopped for a moment to take one last look at Y/N who was starring at the ground , tears rolling down her cheeks. Bonnie hadn’t intended on causing her pain by locking away Kai , she just thought that was the best for everyone.
“I’m sorry..” she muttered. Y/N flicked her wrist slamming the door in her face.
Y/N fell on her knees , rolling over to the side , her back against the stair railing. Tears started rolling down her cheeks , a lump had formed in her throat and her heart felt like it was literally being ripped out of her chest. She cried for hours , letting it all out. There was no way she’d lose Kai again. Y/N had Bennett blood and she was witch which meant all she had to do was find the new Ascendant.
“However long it takes.” she muttered, wiping tears away from her cheeks. “I will get you out.

* * *

A month. That’s how long it took Y/N to find where Bonnie had hidden the Ascendant. After that it was the harder part. She needed a celestial event and every minute until the next full moon a week away felt like years to her.

Y/N didn’t sleep the entire night before the full moon the next day, nervous and excited at the same time because that was the day she’d get him out. She glanced at her phone then at the sky - the moon about to hit its apex. Y/N took a deep breath and cut her hand allowing a few drop bloods to fall on the Ascendant ,beginning the spell. It didn’t take long for her to jump through the portal and find herself in the Prison World.
Y/N stood in the middle of town square , looking around the quiet empty streets.
“I did it ! Hah.” she smiled to herself. Now all that was left to do was to find him. She reached in her back pocket pulling out one of his rings (she had kept after the first time she lost him) for the locator spell to find Kai. A few minutes later she already knew where he was. Y/N ran as fast as she could towards the direction of the karaoke bar.

“Kai ?” she called out walking inside looking around searching for him.Then she saw him. Bonnie , or most likely Damon , had chained him to a chair on the karaoke stage. His head had drooped and his skin was grayish. “Kai ! Oh my God !”
Y/N ran towards him muttering a spell unchaining him. She cupped his face lifting it up trying to meet his eyes.
“Hey.” she smiled. “Kai ? Can you hear me ?”
Kai’s eyes met hers , black veins showing under his eyes as his vampire senses caught the smell of her blood. Before she has had time to react his hand had grabbed her wrist and he hungrily sank his teeth into it. Y/N let him feed for a while and when he pulled out she thought that maybe that was it. Instead he pulled her onto his lap in vampire speed seating her sideways and sank his fangs into her neck.
“Kai … Kai stop.” she said trying to push him off her. “You are hurting me p-please stop.” Y/N started feeling dizzy , too dizzy to focus and use a spell to get herself free. A few moments later she blacked out.

A whole month without blood.. Kai hadn’t had a clue how painful dessicating could be. His heart tried to pump whatever blood was left in his veins, his hunger for blood growing stronger with every passing day. In a haze he had heard a familiar voice , felt the chains around him disappear and then the smell of fresh blood took over. Kai couldn’t get enough. As he fed , details from the past few minutes started becoming clearer and clearer , he heard a heart beat .. a very uneven heart beat. He pulled away only then noticing who had been the person to save him and he felt the blood in his veins freeze… her blood. His eyes widened in shock realising what he had done.
“Y/N ? No , no , no , no …” he muttered , his hands cupping her face seeing she was unconcious. Her eyes tried fluttering open when he called out for her. “What did I do ?”
Quickly he bit his wrist bringing it to her lips for her to feed. Fear was starting to take over , the thought of losing her tearing him apart on the inside. Y/N’s fingers wrapped around his wrist pulling it closer to her lips and her eyes slowly opened.
Kai had never felt relief like the one in the moment their eyes met again.
“Hey.” he smiled nervously at her , his palm brushing on her cheek and she leaned in towards it. “I … I’m sorry for hurting you. I don’t know what -”
Y/N gazed into his eyes which were now their usual gorgeous blue color , her eyes taking in every inch of his face as if trying to memorize it. Kai looked worried and she knew why but she also didn’t care. All she cared about was that he was there , with her.
“Shut up.”
Her thumb wiping away blood from his chin. He was real. Y/N smiled to herself but he didn’t seem to notice in his panic that he had hurt her.
“Please , listen to me. I am so sor-”
“Shut up and kiss me you idiot.” she smiled at him.
Kai stared at her for a moment. Y/N was smiling. How hadn’t he noticed this ?!
“Did you just call me idiot ?” he teased.
“Just kiss me.” she whispered , snaking her hands around around his neck brushing her palms slightly on his cheek before her fingers tangled in his hair pulling his face closer to hers.
For a moment they gazed into each other’s eyes and then their lips touched. It was like a switch went off somewhere , starting a wild fire igniting every fiber in her body. Kai’s hands pulled her towards him , her body pressing against his as he tried to pull her even closer.
“I missed you so much.” he said breaking the kiss for a second before his lips smashed against hers again. It felt as if it was their first kiss all over again. Kai pulled away resting his forehead on hers , a question nagging at him. “How are you even here ? Did Bonnie send you ?”
Y/N laughed , but there was something different in her laugh. Pain , anger , disappointment. Kai didn’t even know it was possible to laugh and pour those emotions into laughter.
“I stole the Ascendant you dummy.” she said tapping his nose.“Did you really think she’d let me come here ? Nope.” she said serious all of the sudden.
“Then how ? You’d need Bennett blood to do the spell …”
Y/N waved her hand in front of him , the one she had cut and was still covered in her blood. “I’m a Bennett. Surprise !”
His eyes widened. In all the time they had spent together she had never told him this.Y/N didn’t even resemble Bonnie , not in her looks and definitely not in her attitute towards him. For some reason that made him love her even more , but he couldn’t help messing with her either.
“Wow… this changes things.” said Kai pushing her off him with a serious expression. He got up taking a few steps away from her , his back to her.
Y/N took a step towards him , touching his hand and he turned around scooping her up in vampire speed , pushing her against the wall. She was out of breath , only then noticing the grin on his face. Before she has even had the chance to say something , his lips smashed against hers again taking her breath away.
“I love you even more now.” he whispered , his lips colling with hers again in a deep passionate kiss. Y/N’s fingers dug into his hair while he kissed her jaw line , leaving wet kisses on her neck and collarbone. Kai couldn’t get enough of her - her lips , her touch , everything. “I love you.”
“I love you too.” she said , pushing him away for a second. “Don’t you want to get out of here ?”
“I want you , the getting out of here can wait.” said Kai , pinning her hands over her head , his lips assaulting hers.
“The full moon will b-”
“Shhh … No talking.” he whispered smiling , spinning them around in vampire speed until they were both on the floor , Y/N on top for a second before Kai rolled on top of her. “We are getting out , just let me enjoy having you here with me. I thought I’d never see you again.”
“Don’t tell me you doubted I’d find a way to get you out.” she teased.
“Me doubt you? Never.” he smiled before his lips collided with hers again.

MASTERLIST March / April 2017
Countdown Part 5/5 [Bonus Chapter :D]

Pairing: Yoongi x Reader

Genre: Angst, fluff, soulmate au, somewhat a summary for Chap 1-4 in Yoongi’s POV

Warning: Language, suggestive themes (no actual smut), spoilers if you have not read chapters 1-4

!Do not repost!

Status: Finished 1 2 3 4 5 (Bonus)

Yoongi was not pleased to move out. He was not pleased to stay with the idiotic girl that punched him right in the face. He was not pleased at all. So he decided to call some other woman, that one that looked quite okay, just to irritate you. They were loud, a little too loud for 5 days straight, Yoongi almost snorted at your anger, but he found it quite cute, the way you scrunched up your nose, your ears going red.

Keep reading

Skylines & Teacups Part Eight

part one / part two / part three / part four / part five / part six / part seven

Pairing: You x Suga

Summary: It was a quiet lonely night at a cafe right outside of the city when a mysterious looking man approached you. There blossomed something you never expected in your wildest dreams - not after everything you’ve been through.

Genre: Angst and Fluff 

Word Count: 4330

Warnings: another intense chapter. Strong physical violence, physical abuse, emotional abuse, an abusive relationship, and implied sexual abuse

Author’s Note: THE FINAL PART!!! I’ve been working on this story for so long wow. Thank you to everyone who read my story, sent me wonderful messages, and endured the amount of time it took to finish this (you should be happy that I actually finished)

Originally posted by dreamyoongi

Unexpectedly, you heard a noise in the previously silent building. It sounded like heavy footsteps in the distance. “Are you here?” You whispered, hardly able to breathe and hoping it was them.

“Not yet.” Mystery Man informed on the phone. Oh no. The footsteps were growing louder and you had a terrifying suspicion on who they belonged to. “Oh my god… please hurry.” You whispered frantically into the phone while trying to position yourself where you woke up. “Y/N? What’s going on?” Mystery Man asked fearfully.

Someone was at the door now. You heard the rattle of keys as they tried to open the door. It was him. You fearfully waited for him, trembling at every noise while clutching onto your phone. Mystery Man repeatedly called your name on the other end but you were too scared to say anything or even hang up.

There was no mistaking him when he entered. His arrogant posture and villainous aroma drowned the room the minute he entered. He always loved to let everyone know he entered. When he stepped in, you quickly hid the phone underneath the pillow you were laying on and pretended to ‘act normally’. He made his unwelcome entrance by smirking evilly, “Someone’s awake. Did you miss me?” The way he spoke made you want to crawl into an abyss and completely disappear. “You wish” You spat, inching your way to the wall to get further away. “After all this, you still treat me like this? You’ll never learn.”

He sat on the bed too close for comfort. You heard Mystery Man faintly on the phone, “Shit! Sojung! He’s there!” but if you could hear it, then he could possibly hear it too but it didn’t appear so. 

You were laying on your back, pressed up against the wall, too weak to do anything else. He reached his arm out to you but you immediately smacked them away. Right as you did, an unbearable pain surged through your wrist and you whimpered in pain.

You knew what was going to happen. It happened before and it’ll happen again. It may have happened earlier today. He slithered to you like a snake. His hand crawled up your bruised legs and it felt like a spider was inching its way to infect you with its venom. That’s exactly what he was going to do. You shut your eyes tightly as if it was possible to not feel anything if you couldn’t see anything. Unfortunately, your sense of touch betrayed you.

“That’s right, stay still—” He began but then you interrupted, “Hell no.” Well if he was going to tell you so, you just had to disobey. You were happily the rebel. Although it caused you agonizing pain, you bent your knee and kicked him right in the chest. The impact threw him off-balance and caused him to fall over on his back. “You bitch!” He roared, finding his way up again.

A kick of adrenaline rushed through you and you were fully ready to give him another one. His face was a deep red from anger and he was ready to pounce. You didn’t want to be his prey - you never did.

Everything happened so fast. You were fighting back with everything you had left in you - kicking, screaming, pushing, hitting, and anything you could think of. It wasn’t enough. You were too weak and tired to make any damage other than greatly frustrating him. He was fuming a fiery anger from every pore of his skin when he screamed, “I’m so tired of you!” and threw you off the bed as if you were you were the snake invading his space.

The floor was a heavy metal, unlucky to you. You landed so carelessly that you were almost knocked out - but not quite yet. Your vision blurred and the world went into slow motion. Your limbs lied helplessly and mangled up underneath you, but you couldn’t really tell. Everything felt faded and distant. There was noise but it sounded like it was happening behind a wall. The only noise in the present was your harsh, ragged breathing. You desperately searched for something close, any other sound or feeling. It was as if your soul was slowly slipping away and you were chasing after it.

Another obscure noise occurred but this time you recognized its source. Sojung? Although your eyes sought to stay open, it was incredibly difficult as you faded away. Through the struggle, you saw a female figure enter the room near where your feet lied. She spoke, it appeared like a yell but to you, it sounded like a floaty stab at anger, “Do not touch her!!” and she punched him proudly in the jaw.

He was knocked backward out of your view and Sojung lunge towards him. You wanted to watch the show but found your lungs felt like they were swelling up inside of you like your wrists. Before you could catch another breath, your eyesight was taken over by your eyelids as your weakness intensified.

Before you succumbed to your unfortunate instability, a voice flooded your brain. It was a male voice but it was soft, slow, and didn’t spark any sort of fear. The voice called your name as a hand went under your head. The owner of the hand picked you off the ground and cradled you delicately. Your fragile arms searched the owner to fully understand who was holding you so gentle.

Their voice was like a dream. You knew who it was but you couldn’t quite match it. All the details were there but they refused to bleed into where they belonged. The voice called your name repeatedly, softly moving you to capture your attention. Somewhere in the background, voices spiraled out of control to where nothing was clear anymore.

“Y/N…” In one last moment of strength, you opened your eyes to see two faces. One you recognized faintly as Sojung and the other was someone you expected to be Mystery Man but found the man to be maskless and vaguely familiar. His eyes were the ones you knew from Mystery Man but everything else was something else you’d seen before. But how? As your body melted into unconsciousness you clung onto any inspiration to how you recognized him but you were gone before it came to you.


Consciousness found it way back to you as the light begged its way into your eyes. You tried to ease them open gently, fighting back the irritation of the light and the agony in your head. A rustle of papers and a deep breath alerted your ears that you weren’t alone. You turned to the source to find Sojung next to your bed, looking through stakes of paper with a frustrated expression. You attempted to speak, but nothing came out but an ugly croak. She looked at you hopefully and sighed a breath of relief when you saw your eyes looking back at her.

“Good morning, Y/N.” Sojung spoke warmly. Your only reply was your best effort at a smile - and it felt good to smile. “How do you feel?” She asked, setting the papers down on the floor beside her. 

“I don’t know. I’ve been better.” You successfully spoke. 

“Yeah,” She breathed with a hint of laughter. 

“What happened?” You questioned, slowly gaining small bits of life again. 

Sojung looked down to avoid eye contact, “Too much…” You weren’t going to take that an answer, “I want to know.” You insisted. 

“I don’t think you’ll have to worry about him again.” Sojung smiled successfully, but now you were more confused.

“What do you mean?” You attempted to sit up, but your body immediately screamed at you for doing so. You let your body win and sunk down in your original position.

“Blackmail.” She said it so simply that you couldn’t tell if she was serious or messing with you. You settled on her being serious, so you replied, “That’s a terrible idea,” still on edge with the possibility that she was joking.

Her full belly laugh let you know that she was, in fact, joking. “No, no, I wish I had material for that. Blackmail could pay for my wedding!” You were almost offended at how amusing she found this all to be. “Actually, he decided he doesn’t want to bother with girls who have people who are willing to break his nose for them -” Sojung explained, but you immediately interrupted, “YOU BROKE HIS NOSE???” It hurt to shout so loud, but it had to be done.

“Yes, but don’t worry about it. He won’t get the police or anything.” Sojung continued. “How do you know that?” You probed, trying to sit up again. This time, Sojung assisted your efforts. She held you up, adjusted your pillow, then helped you settle in a sitting position. As she finished nursing you, she answered your question, “Blackmail.”

“Sojung.” You said, annoyed. She laughed probably thinking she was the funniest person to exist, “I’m s-sorry” she giggled, “I’m just trying to l-lighten the mood.” Although you appreciated the change in tone, you wanted answers, “Please…”

“I think we terrified him.” She spoke with a laugh, entertained at the memory, “Don’t worry about it. It’s taken care of. You just need to rest.” Sojung comforted, standing up. 

“Okay…” You desired more and felt defeated, but you decided to trust her. Maybe you could get answers from Mystery Man… wait!

Sojung was about to leave the room but you spoke before she exited, “Wait, Where is Mystery Man?” You questioned. She paused for a moment then responded, “He’s a busy man. He told me how desperately he wanted to wait until you woke up, but his responsibilities outweigh everything else. He had been putting so much off for you but now it’s caught up to him. I told him you’d understand. He said if you are feeling okay by Thursday, he wants to meet you at the cafe.” She smiled softly at you, leaning against the wall by the door.

You beamed with joy thinking about you and him at the cafe again, how things should be. Except, a spark of worry came about, “What if I’m not ready by then. How will he know?” you asked. “I’ll just text him.” She said simply. “You have his number?” You didn’t even have his number but nor did you think about getting it. You still didn’t know his identity… did she know it?

“I do… Don’t think anything of it. I’m engaged, remember?” Sojung chuckled, showing off her ring. “I wasn’t going to,” You laughed as well, “I’m just surprised. You know a lot… how much did you guys talk?” You inquired. You didn’t think she actually knew who she was but a little voice in the back of your head probed at the possibility and you couldn’t help but ask anyway, “Do you… know who he is?”


You were not expecting that. The shock of it left you staring at her with an astonished look. Why would he tell Sojung before you? Sojung popped off her spot on the wall and said, “Don’t worry about it and get better so you can see him Thursday.” before leaving.

“Okay….” You said hallowly to the empty room, feeling a melancholic confusion and a desperate desire not to overthink anything.


Thursday came and you weren’t ready.

Your therapist said weren’t ready the Thursday after either.

He was busy the week after that.

Finally, schedules aligned and you both planned to meet Mystery Man on a Wednesday night, a month after the incident occurred. You insisted to resume things normally so you walked to the cafe alone before sunset. This time, you dressed nicer than you normally would have in the past. Your therapist insisted that you dressed up for the occasion, advising that dressing up can boost your mood.

As you walked the familiar street, your hands shook and sweated. You fought to calm your nerves and smooth any hesitation. There was the strongest impression in the depths of your stomach that he was going to reveal himself to you. You were excited to finally know what was eating away at you, but terrified at what the answer was.

Reflecting back on that night a month ago, you remember Mystery Man being there but your memory was blurred at how you recognized his unmasked face. You pondered the possibilities, How could have known him before? Had you passed him on the street and remembered for some reason? Was he someone well known? – Could your earlier prediction be correct?

The sky was painted a dim blue as the sun made its preparations for the moon to take its place. People scattered the streets as they stumbled their way home from work. All of them spoke harshly but you smiled thinking about how you were on your way home too.

When you arrived, the cafe was practically at its maximum capacity. You squeezed yourself inside, ignoring the line and went upstairs and to the balcony. Before you stepped out the door, you stopped when you caught sight of him. 

Mystery Man was sitting in the usual spot, his body turned to the sky, but writing something down in a notebook. He wasn’t wearing his hat like he always did. There was a light illuminating his head, allowing you to watch his black hair catch the wind then find its way back into position.

Pushing past your fearful self, you skipped over to him and neatly sat down in the seat next to him. Mystery Man glanced up towards you and to your dismay, he was wearing sunglasses. “Is it too bright out here?” You teased, folding your arms and leaning back in your chair. Although his mouth was covered, you knew from his chuckle and bend on his head that he was smiling. 

He didn’t respond, so you continued teasing him. “Do you have really bad teeth that you don’t want me to see? Do you have a hideous scar on your lips?” You pondered with a mischievous smile on your face. You pretended to think deeply on the issue, staring over at the sunset.

“You should be happy to know that my lips and teeth are perfect.” He matched your teasing attitude with some of his own. “If it’s not your lips or your teeth, then there has to be something wrong with your skin around your mouth.” You analyzed him playfully but he refuted it anyways. “Sorry, I’m perfect.” He said smugly. “Oh? Are you now?” You snorted but shortly transitioned into something serious, while maintaining an essence of teasing, “Prove it.”

“Ha!” He snorted, similarly to you, “I missed you, Innocent Stranger.” He spoke genuinely while smiling behind his mask. Normally, you would’ve immediately appreciated the sentiment but it felt you feeling unsettled, “You don’t need to call me that. You know my name.” The playfulness in your voice vanished and was now replaced with a sterner tone.

Mystery Man’s reaction wasn’t what you wanted. You wanted his dramatic reveal on your queue but he wasn’t obeying. He simply responded, “It’s not fair since you don’t know mine.” He was still fighting to remain a secret - so you had to fight in retaliation. “Then tell me yours,” You spoke almost in a whisper, leaning in close to him and resting your elbows on the table. He looked down in thought and just when you thought he was going to unveil himself, a waitress came to the table.

She placed two teacups on the table; one in front of you, smelling strongly of cinnamon, and the other in front of Mystery Man, which gave off a perfume of vanilla.  "Free of charge.“ She smiled softly, then skipped away.

Mystery Man awkwardly scratched his head, dragged the teacup towards him, and ignored your question, "Are you doing okay? Sojung has been giving me updates but I want to hear from you.” There was no mistaking his concern and it was most likely the only thing to get you to push aside your earlier question. “For you, I’m always okay.” You spoke as you took a sip of your tea.

“You don’t have to be okay.” He was concerned, but he wasn’t full of pity. He was generously instructing you. You twisted your body away from him to look at the sky. The sun was at the point where the colors began to erupt near the bottom of the horizon but not quite gracing the entire landscape. Taking another sip of tea, you shook your head and changed the subject, “Thank you for being there that day.”

Your eyes remained on the sky as he spoke, “I apologize for not being there as you recovered.” but went right to him after, “Don’t apologize,” you insisted, “I’d rather you see me like this than how you last saw me.” You spun around back to fully face him and continued, “Sojung told me you carried me all the way back home. She said you insisted on coming although you had circumstances that prevented it. She told me that, at first, you thought I died and started crying…” You were to continue, but Mystery Man cursed under his breath, “Ah, Sojung…” He was embarrassed. His head sunk low and he attempted at hiding his face even more with his teacup.

“I never told you anything about him besides that fact that he wasn’t a good boyfriend did I? You must have been shocked.” You felt guilty about it all, but were surprised when he didn’t agree with you, “Actually I knew. Do you remember that night you were so drunk I dragged you to my place? You drunkenly told me everything.” He confessed, maintaining eye contact with you.

“I did? Why didn’t you tell me?” You couldn’t help but feel a bit angry. You distinctly remember Mystery Man telling you that you didn’t do anything of the sort. “I didn’t think you wanted me to know. I felt guilty that I knew everything but you didn’t know me.” His words were careful and remorseful, it almost made you feel guilty yourself. 

“So why didn’t you tell me?” None of it made sense to you. What would make him so secretive? “When I take off my mask, you’ll know everything.” He informed, looking down at the table and tracing several patterns with his index finger. 

“How do you know that? Maybe it won’t.” How was his face suppose to tell you all his secrets? “Because I do.” was his only response. “Then do it.” you taunted in a whisper.

To your dismay, he avoided your response again, “How is your tea?”

You sighed audibly, feeling guilty for the circumstances surrounding your relationship with him.You were too stubborn to let him put it off anymore. “I bet this wasn’t what you expected that day you started talking to me at the cafe.” You spoke, staring into your cup, stirring the mixture around with the spoon for the sugar. “What?” Mystery Man asked for clarification, so you gave it to him, “You weren’t expecting me to have a crazy ex-boyfriend who ruined my life. I’m sorry you got dragged into all of this. I never wanted that to happen.”

“No,” He chuckled, “No, it wasn’t what I expected.” You laughed in response, appreciating his honesty. He chimed in again, “But I don’t regret it.” The teacup no longer had your attention and you looked up at him in a way you couldn’t describe. His words were solid and confident like he had pondered them for months and was one hundred percent certain of them. “How come?” You questioned, hesitantly. You weren’t quite sure why you were hesitant but there was a possibility it came down to fear. A nervous, insecure of his feelings toward you, kind of fear.

“…Innocent Stranger…” He sighed. Now he was the one stirring around his tea. “Yes?” The playfulness in you returned. It was like when one of you became insecure of the situation, the other became confident in it. He took a deep breath. His hands trembled as he prepared his words. You watched him, thinking about how it was actually adorable.

“What if…” He hesitated, took another deep breath, then spoke, “What if I told you I loved you.”

All thoughts were interrupted by the excessive pounding of your heart. You resisted the temptation to let yourself succumb to your nervousness but you fought through. “What if…” you began, portraying an act of confidence, “I told you I didn’t believe you.” When you spoke, the words felt reminiscent of your first conversations with him. Your words were the truth though. You were so insecure and unsure about everything that even a confession still had you unsure.

“Why not?” Mystery Man was on edge - You both were. The tension in the air was unbearable. You wondered for a moment if its strength was felt by anybody else on the balcony. You decided to answer honestly. The main reason was that all you wanted from him was transparency - and you weren’t going to leave without it.

“There’s no reason for you to feel that way about me.” You dropped your head in shame, “All I am is an embarrassing mess.” You thought about the past view months with him and the chaos you created just by being you. “I like the mess. It adds a little color to the world.” He responded, a sparkle of brightness in his voice. You smiled shamelessly, closing your eyes.

After a deep breath of your own, you uttered another truth, “Mystery Man. What if I told you that I loved you.” You mimicked his earlier words and shortly after, you opened your eyes to find him staring at you with the most gentle expression.

“I wouldn’t believe you.” He played off your earlier words just as you did. You considered continuing this charade but the anxiety the whole situation left you desperate for real answers, so you asked, “How come?”

Mystery Man sighed. He quickly finished off his tea and stood up. For half a minute you believed he was about to leave, so you stood up as well. Thankfully, Mystery Man only walked towards the edge of the balcony. You watched as he leaned against the railing and concentrated on the stellar cityscape. He sighed again and spoke, “I haven’t done a good enough job at showing you who I am. You probably think you don’t anything about me… and that may be true.”

You walked towards him and leaned on the railing right next to him as you responded, “True.” He now looked at you as you continued, “I don’t know your name. What you look like besides a general idea of your body shape and your eyes.” You lifted your hand and went to touch his face, but right before you did, you dropped your hand down. The look in his eyes confused you - you couldn’t tell if he was relieved or disappointed you didn’t go through with it.

All you did was simply continue, “I don’t know your occupation, or your family, or your close friends. Except, I know you.” You both stared at each other with unbreakable eye contact. It felt like there was a tether between the two of you that made it impossible to escape. “Can’t you know all of those things about somebody but never actually know them? I’ve just skipped a few steps. I know you, Mystery Man. Besides a few silly things, you are no mystery to me.” You were confident in your words. You planned to stare him down until he broke into agreeing with you.

He broke away, but only in silence. Mystery Man just looked out at the sunset, thinking deeply. “No comment?” You questioned, looking down at your feet and giving a slight chuckle. Although he his face was covered by various things, you knew he was smiling when he responded, “You got me there, Innocent Stranger.”

His words made you feel different. A happier kind of different. You hadn’t heard him say that in so long it ignited the reckless and mischievous feeling you had in the beginning of your relationship with him. “So you believe me?” You smiled up at him, relaxing from the earlier tension. With a smile still on your face, you watched as Mystery Man took off his glasses and put them in his back pocket.

You observed him intently. Something about him was so familiar. It wasn’t just his eyes, it was more than that. It was there on the tip of your tongue and you were embarrassed for not knowing there in the moment.

Before you had a chance to think on it more, Mystery Man eased in closer, “Yes. I believe you.” He whispered, barely audible behind the mask. You halted breathing or making a single movement at his closeness. You stiffened and stood a little taller, frozen in time. “Why now?” You whispered as well. “Because I already said the same thing back to you.” His voice was velvety soft, making you dissolve into another reality.

“I already said I didn’t believe you.” Your quiet response was met by one of his arms wrapping around your body. “I’ll prove it.” If the intensity from before was strong, it was nothing compared to what it was now.


“Like this.”

He pulled the mask from his face but before you can capture its entirety, in one swift moment, you are pulled towards him, his other hand moves behind your neck, and he pulls you into a deep, yet light, kiss.

It was incredibly soft, allowing the world to dance in shades of purple while making the butterflies in your stomach sing, all warming the cold air of the night.

Clutching onto his arms, you pulled him further towards you then wrapped your arm around him to bring it possibly any closer.

He pulled away and so did you. When you did, you finally caught a sight of Mystery Man’s face.

He was right. His face revealed all the answers to your questions.

Your suspicions were correct.

There was no denying it.

It was Min Yoongi who just kissed you.

The love you felt sparkled and radiated off you. The glow gave more light to the dark than the skyline ever could. The perfume gave more comfort than a cup of tea. It felt healing.

The months of skipping to the cafe to share secrets without your or his identity known were healing. Slowly falling in love with the way he walked you home, the way he would listen intently, the way he would speak to you, what he would talk about, the way his brain held so much wisdom and passion, and the way everything else inside of him lived. You felt like you knew him better than if his identity was known from the beginning. You were confident that everything would have been different and it gave you comfort to why he hid for so long. All this knowledge made it more enjoyable. You knew you weren’t completely healed, and maybe you’ll never be - but having him and the small moments that give life and a shimmer to the sky, help heal and maybe that’s just enough.

“I love you, Y/N”

“I love you, Min Yoongi.”

The End

Alone 3/?

Summary: Helen has lived her entire life lonely (despite her six siblings). The entire world seems to be rigged against her, or maybe she’s rigged against the world. Aline is the first person in years who simply exists and doesn’t demand anything of her. The first person who makes her feel less alone.

(Alternatively the angsty haline fic no one asked for)

Chapter 3/?

Note: This chapter contains violence, child abuse, a parents funeral and a drunk parent, so if you get triggered by any of those things and don’t have the tags blacklisted just a heads up. (Read at your own risk) 

Chapter Three:

Three Months Later-

It was raining. Raining into the gutters and washing the oil slicked roads. The rustle of the rain on the cemetery’s grass sounded like a restless ghost.

Livvy was crying. The sound filled Helen’s chest, bubbling into every crevice in an empty wail. Helen wondered if her mother could hear it in her coffin.

The coffin that was currently being covered with dark dirt that was quickly becoming mud. Inside Eleanor Blackthorn was lying frail and broken in a pale white dress. Helen could picture her hands, knobbly knuckles folded over each other like a skeletons.

The black fabric of her dress clung to her in the rain. Helen blinked water out of her eyes and stared at the siblings surrounding her in a huddle of black clothes and tears.

Julian was clutching a bouquet of lilies in one hand. The other hand was tearing off the white petals, dropping them onto the slippery grass. To his left was Livvy, sobbing, the tears on her face mixing with the rain. Helen wished they had an umbrella, but the funeral was already expensive enough to put them behind bills for a month at least.

Ty was standing with his expression closed off and guarded. He wasn’t crying, but his hands were in the constant motion of agitation, twisting his wrists, tugging his cuffs, and flapping repeatedly at his sides. Helen wanted to ground him, hold him tight and never let go, Ty looked like he was going to blow away in the gusts of wind that came swirling through the graveyard.

Dru was clasping Helen’s hand in a cold and clammy death grip. Her round face was streaked with silent tears, chin wobbling with the effort of not making any noise. Mark was standing to Helen’s left, he had Tavvy wrapped in his coat and was trying to shield him from the rain. Or maybe he was trying to shield him from the grief that was clogging the air.

The poltergeist father was missing in action. Holed up in his poltergeist brain with only a bottle of booze and the dark wave of sadness that spilled from his mouth threatening to drown them all. But who would be the first to be pulled under? On days like this Helen thought it might be her.

“Put the twins to bed will you?” Helen asked Mark as they kicked off their shoes in the cramped entryway. He nodded his acknowledgement and tugged Livvy towards her bedroom, motioning for Ty to follow.

Tavvy was asleep on Helen’s shoulder. She could feel his chest rising and falling with the beat of her heart. Dru was leaning heavily against the wall, eyes half lidded and red.

“I’ve got to do homework.” Julian murmured, stepping into the kitchen where his textbooks were spread over the table in a mess of bolded text and highlighted notes.

“Come on Dru.” Helen said, wrapping Dru’s hand in her own. The little girl gave a soft groan and let herself be led to the room that she shared with Helen, Mark, and Tavvy.

“Do you want me to get you a hot water bottle?” Helen asked as Dru pulled her pajamas on.

“Mmm.” Dru made a noise of agreement climbing into her bed.

“Okay I’ll be right back.” Helen fished the hot water bottle from the cabinet under the stained sink in the bathroom and made her way to the kitchen.

Julian was sitting at the table worrying a pen between his teeth. The page in front of him was covered with crossed out lines and scribbled words, probably a book report. But Julian and his essays weren’t the main concern of Helen’s mind at the moment. The biggest concern had manifested itself in the form of Mark and their poltergeist father who was waving his arm around in a drunken stupor while shouting.

“I should never have taken you in! Two more useless mouths to feed!” Andrew Blackthorn slammed his hand down on the wood of the table to emphasize his point. Julian and Mark flinched in synchronicity.

Mark had his eyes trained on the ground, his hands clenched in fists at his sides.

“Dad stop.” Helen whispered. Her voice sounded tiny and far away, buried in fear.

“Don’t Dad me!” The poltergeist roared. “You shouldn’t exist! You should have died with your whore-” he paused, searching his addled brain for the word. “-mother!”

Mark swung first. The moment stretched to infinity. Helen watched Mark’s fist connect with Andrew Blackthorn’s chest, heard the outraged cry of a man hit, and saw Andrew raise the half full beer bottle she hadn’t noticed before.

Mark was crumpled on the tile like a swatted fly. Andrew staggered, shaking his head as if to clear cobwebs. Helen let out a silent scream as she watched him raise the bottle again. Beer sloshed out of the brown glass, staining Andrew’s shirt. The bottle connected with the counter. In Andrew’s drunkenness he had completely missed Mark. The broken glass clattered to the floor in awful music.

Mark was blinking and trying to raise himself off of the cold floor. He curled into himself and stared up at their poltergeist father. Helen saw that blood was trickling down from above his right eye. A ball of hot fury roared in Helen’s ears. She stepped in between Mark and Andrew Blackthorn. Each step felt like a mile, she was shaking she knew, and her father had his eyes locked on her with blind hatred. Helen didn’t know if her father saw her, or if he just saw someone who looked like Mark, who looked like someone he would have rather forgotten long ago.

She almost didn’t feel her father wrap his meaty, clammy, beer stained hands around her neck.

There’s something about trying to breath when someone is choking you that makes you feel disconnected. You can breathe in tiny gasps of air, but not nearly enough to keep you alive. The result is black spots flickering at the corners of your vision and the sound of your heartbeat in your ears. A drum beat that you know will end eventually, whether that be death or the mercy of the person choking you.

Andrew shook her, banging her head against the icy floor. Helen was making a horrible rasping gagging sound. She could vaguely hear Julian screaming. It sounded so so far away.

Andrew shook her violently again, then suddenly let go. Helen coughed, the oxygen mercifully flooding her lungs. Blood was staining her hands and chest. Dizzy she rolled and leaned against the far wall, her brain not comprehending what her eyes were seeing.

Julian stood with his hands still holding the bloody kitchen knife he had used to stab their father. Blood was leaking over the tiles, pouring from the two ragged holes in Andrew Blackthorns chest. Red like red velvet cake, red like rose petals. Metallic and sharp smelling.

Helen pushed her hair back shakily, not caring that there was blood on her cheeks, not caring that Mark was running out the front door, not caring that Julian was vomiting in the sink while hyperventilating. Every breath of oxygen was a gift. Every heartbeat without hands around her neck was a blessing.

Helen stood shakily and made her way over to Julian. She rubbed his back and murmured, “Thank you.”

“I killed him.” Julian gasped. “I killed him, oh my god, oh my god, oh my god.”

“Hey it’s okay.” Helen allowed Julian to pull her in for a hug. His heartbeat patterned frantically against her ribcage. “It’s okay.”

She raised her head towards the door and saw Ty and Livvy standing like quivering pajama clothed sentries.

“You killed him?” Ty asked, his voice wavered and dropped at the question.

Julian jerked away from Helen and turned to stare in horror at Ty. Ty who always made sure their father had a pillow when he passed out drunk. Ty, who always made birthday cards for Andrew even after their father had yelled at him to “just be normal” and trapped his hands at his sides while Ty screamed that everything was too much.

Julian’s nod felt like a death sentence.

Ty flinched backwards as if he’d been shocked. “I hate you!” He cried, turning and running towards his room with Livvy on his heels. Leaving Helen and Julian staring after him in misery.


Wow okay so I finally got around to writing chapter three! (yay) I promise Helen and Aline will meet soon I just kind of need to establish the story. 

Of you and him… (Detective Loki X Reader)~Jake Gyllenhaal~ Part 7

Summary :

Prisoners Movie AU. The story begins before what happened in the film. It’s basically a complicated love one between the main character, Detective Loki and you.

A/N - I don’t know if anyone is even interested in reading this but , I’m basically obsessing with this character now. Enjoy!

Relationship: Detective Loki X Reader (Jake Gyllenhaal)

Rating : Mature (Please do not read if you are under-aged)[eventual smut]

WARNINGS ! : violence, harassment, sadness, orphan, , consensual sex, unprotected sex, fighting, cursing, blood, graphic scenes, stabbing, stalking, reader is afraid of ghosts, use of alcohol, mentions of death, ski mask, creepy, knife, weapons, death, trauma (will complete if I think of more - please let me know if I missed some)

CopyRight: I do not own Detective Loki, Prisoners nor any of the other characters mentioned in this story.  No copyright infringement is intended

Part 7 – From ashes we rise

A/N - In honor of this new blog, here you go, part 7.

‘Thanks for helping me choose a new bed for Missy, Y/N’ Foreman smiles , looking down at you. He’s taller.

‘No worries Dr.Foreman. It was our day off, happy to help’ you stop checking some dog toys, wishing you had one.

‘Please call me Ben’ he says, taking you by surprise.

‘Ok, Ben’ you accept but look away as you follow him through the aisles to the beds section. For some reason that was weird . Is he hitting on you?

Well, he’s not bad or anything….he’s quite the catch. Dark blond hair, well built, light brown eyes, pouty lips. But right now, and God knows for how long, you have no eyes for another.He interrupts you from your thoughts pointing at a green bed.

‘I don’t know, Missy….. I think she deserves something pink’ you raise your brows at him suggestively and he smiles.

‘I think you’re right. I’ll go check if they have this model on other colors’ he takes it and goes searching for someone who could help.

You exhale, taking a look around. You have an uneasy feeling, like someone’s following you. Well you almost always have it since THAT night, but now it’s stronger. Maybe you’re just being paranoid. You’re in a pet shop, lots of people are around.

‘I’ll be where the puppies are’ you text “Ben” and you hastily go where you know they are, hoping they’re not asleep.

Keep reading