stab everything

Talks Machina stuff:

  • Matt had to make up Cenokier on the spot because he wasn’t expecting the group to travel to the City of Brass after they spent several episodes talking at length about how they had no intention of going to the City of Brass.
  • Matt sadly takes a picture of each of his unused maps.
  • Brian jokes about making Sam improvise a Lootcrate spot if Matt ever has to make a map on the fly: “You’ll probably get a three-act play.”
  • Matt expected the final Briarwoods encounter to be a bit grander and more dangerous, but he doesn’t want to punish the players for doing well. It’s difficult to engineer encounters that are consistently difficult but not too difficult; he doesn’t want every encounter to be a steamroller. (Brian: “Yeah, all we need is for Travis Willingham to feel more powerful than he already is.”)
  • Matt doesn’t want to say too much about specific consequences, but Percy stabbing Raishan “put everything at Defcon 2″.
  • Laura: “I feel like we’re gonna die all the time.” Travis: “I do not.”
  • Travis did his own makeup/contouring for the Briarwood costume. Theatre background, he knows his stuff.
  • How to get tickets to Hamilton? Brian: “There’s these things called the Vestiges of Divergence.”
  • Laura: “We actually got to see the show with the original Washington.” Brian: “Wow, he must have been really old.”
  • Laura asks Matt whether Kamaljiori offered to help them if they found the Vestiges, and Matt confirms that he didn’t offer to help, he just provided them with the information they needed.
  • Mathematical debate over how much Grog can bench. The batsignal goes up for Crit Role Stats.
  • Grog and Vex don’t consider themselves heroes.
  • Laura: “I feel like everybody except maybe Scanlan has such low self-esteem that they wouldn’t [call themselves heroes].”
  • Laura re: Broomgate: “but here’s the thing.”
  • Matt sticks up for Laura: you don’t steal from other players just for the sake of stealing, but it’s a different thing when it’s a close-knit group and it’s going to have RP consequences.
  • According to Matt, the alignment shift was partly due to “a series of needlessly aggressive intimidation tactics.” Laura: “That wasn’t me, that was everyone else!” Matt: “…and then you stole a broom.”
  • Someone on twitter asks how many dice Laura brings to each game. In response, Travis just puts his face in his hands.
  • Travis mostly has all the same dice he started with.
  • Matt wants to accrue a Scrooge McDuck-style moneybin full of D20s.
  • Travis figures Grog probably won’t keep trying to learn to read because he is “a prideful beast” and won’t admit it didn’t stick.
  • Matt spends on average 6-8 hours a week on prep for the game.
  • Travis thinks Cenokier is attracted to Vax. “I don’t really have anything to base that on, I’m just trying to start shit.”
  • Laura and Travis want answers about the hag’s favor that hasn’t been cashed in yet. In response, Matt shrugs a lot.
  • Matt’s really excited that the campaign’s getting to these high levels. This is the first time he’s ever had a campaign get to a level where he could use a pit fiend on them. Laura and Travis get visibly nervous when he says this.
  • The group tries to only strategize for battles during the week between episodes when it makes sense in-universe for them to have had time to talk about it. Given what Matt has just been saying, Travis is getting very nervous and really wants to strategize right now.
  • Brian gives a little speech at the end about how the last week’s made it a lot harder to indulge in escapism, and how he doesn’t want to erase how difficult things are going to be, but he does hope the community continues to stand up for and defend those in need.

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>infiltrating a Dukes palace to assassinate him as our first action in our new campaign >i go in as an ambassador >3 hours later Templar and Plauge Doctor go in disguised as plauge doctors to see the Duke >everything going great >Rouge tries to climb 40 foot tower on the wall around the palace >falls and breaks leg >tries again >makes it and kills 2 guards at top >everyone sees him >i get tranquilized >the others get tied up >this all went to sh** quickly >stab everything that moves and leave

Tried to do be stealthy > failed > stabbed everyone, yup pretty much every stealth game ever :p

First Power Rangers with its angsty teenagers and dark mood lighting, then Lightning McQueen getting totaled on the track and dying, let him Rest In Peace, and now Optimus Prime is stabbing Bumblebee?

Why is everything so goddamn edgy?

2017 is the year of EDGES, it’s the dodecahedron of years.

me on guild wars 2: oh hey small children wait why are they hiding?

me: *remember who their character is*


Wiliam Afton was last seen intimidating small children into cleaning up the local circus/funfair

me: O H N O N O N O


n. a violent confrontation.

word count: 839

warnings: swearing

Tucking the last packet of medicine into your satchel, you made your way over to the car to wait for the others. It was quiet and the soft breeze was a welcome change from the usual sweltering heat. The groaning sound you’d become far too accustomed too echoed from inside the building, and you hesitated whether to go back in or not. You heard a yell and the sound of glass smashing. Running to the door, you saw the last walker being stabbed by Daryl.

“Everything okay in here?” Nobody answered you, instead turning their attention on one of the new arrivals that had come along for the run. Daryl walked up to him, shoving him harshly against the wall.

“What the fuck was that? You tryin’ to get us all killed or somethin’?!” The new guy looked away from Daryl, dropping his bag. It was then you noticed a bottle of vodka poking through the top.

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Hey, guys

((I know this is off topic, but this is awesome. I was going through, doing my typical late-night, non-SCP creepypasta browsing, when I came across this video. It was all typical stuff, focusing around the Herobrine Minecraft creepypasta… until it got to 8:41.))

((I am absolutely stricken with this guy’s amazing response to Creepypasta as a whole, and I loved it so much, I decided to transcribe it for you guys. It carries a really powerful message about this style of writing and the community surrounding it, and… I don’t know, but with the Slenderman stabbings still fresh in the minds of the community, this really hits close to home and is just incredible. Please read this, this is so important for everyone who is in this sort of activity online to read and understand if they are continuously in it…especially if they’re young. Really, honestly awesomely important parts are bolded.))

“Is Herobrine real?

        I usually like to end these stories on an open note; that said, I hate to break it to you, but no. He’s not. For every claim I’ve suggested in this video, waiting on standby there is either a logical explanation, or another staged hoax. First, nowhere in the source code is the random map generator made to build structures such as two-by-two tunnels, Redstone torches, groves of leafless trees, or anything else the original creepypasta hints around to. We’re left to assume those were all just placed by another player that happened to be in the same game.  On top of that, there are two things wrong with the stream theory: the first is obvious, being that the streamer after being questioned for a year admittedly broke down, and stated that he faked the stream. Breaking the validity of the story and leading to an outrage amongst his followers. Another stream was uploaded on the same channel, where another streamer tried to emulate pretty much the same thing, but people caught onto it really fast, and claimed that the entire stream was being faked. A few minutes later, the host also faked a game crash, not to add to his own story, but just because the hate being displayed in the chatroom was so overwhelming.

      Now, we here at the channel have been hit with some pretty morbidly bad news regarding Creepypastas lately; a few weeks ago a kid was actually brutally assaulted and stabbed because someone else believed that, to appease a tall man in the forest that doesn’t even exist, they were to give him a sacrifice, and so that’s what the girl was.

     What I’m saying is, as intense and horrific as these stories are… guys, we have to be able to separate reality from fiction and realize… they’re just stories. They’re made to scare you. Ben, Slenderman, Jeff the Killer, Smile.jpg, uh, Herobrine… All of them, they’re written for the fictional horror regime, and are made for your enjoyment and I enjoy reading them! And so does my brother. I wanted to end this episode on a positive note specifically just for the sake of acknowledging that there are people out there that cannot distinguish between fact and fiction. And… I just want to say to those people… y’know, it’s okay to be scared by these stories, it’s okay to have a sleepless night or two because you thought you saw the closet door open just a little bit. Do you honestly think when I got to the end of Smile.jpg, I didn’t absolutely shit myself and stay up for another 36 hours looking out my bedroom window? Heh, heh, No! No! Hell no, dude, I was terrified! But a couple nights past and I was back in my room sleeping like nothing ever happened!

     So, no. I’m sorry, but Herobrine is not real. And we have to accept as a community that these stories are only for entertainment purposes. When people start getting legitimately hurt over these? That’s when we let them become real. And then, they’re scarier then any other Creepypasta in the world because of that.  So, if you get anything out of this…enjoy scary stories, but don’t take them to heart.