stab electronics


10.4.2015 Private Show #2, Turku, Finland.

was easily best set what I have seen from him. Not seen many, but out of those this is my favorite. Simple structure of tracks usually involve: Heavy and solid throbbing synth background. Phaser warped vocals yelling on top. Additional live synth noise and feedback added in. Most songs rely on one synth loop what goes on entire track. It gives each track its recognizeable form, as does the lyrics what STAB yells clearly. But also makes songs very linear. With stage filled with loud amplifier noise, everything blended together very very nicely and also added nice level of rawness to overall sound. It’s like difference you listen on STAB old CDR’s vs. tape versions of F&V. Same material, but the raw and rugged just penetrates harder, without mercy. Good video screening and stage presence, interacting with both video projection and audience!Photos by: Mikko A.


S.T.A.B. Electronics - “Born For Righteous Abuse”

Those vocals <3