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The Perfect Picture

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Pairings: Bucky Barnes x Reader

Warnings: Mild Language, a tad bit of smut, CW spoilers (as it is post CW) and a major Star Wars spoiler but everyone knows what it is anyway. It’s pretty much the most famous spoiler of all time.  

Request: Hi! I loved the Sweetest Devotion so so much! I’ve read it like 50 times! And Hold On, We’re Going Home is my favorite Sebastian Stan imagine ever! I was wondering if you could write a Bucky request where the reader is Tony Stark’s daughter and she has this thing for sending funny pictures to the Avengers, but mostly to Bucky. And one time, she accidentally sends a really pretty selfie of herself and Bucky saves it because he loves the reader, even tho she tells him to delete it. 

A/N: So, after many, MANY drafts, I finally settled on this one. I changed it slightly, from a ‘pretty’ selfie to a not-so-pretty selfie, simply because I think Bucky would love you no matter what you looked like. This was also inspired by Seb’s adorable attempt at pronouncing ‘Memes’. Bless his beautiful soul. I encourage you to click on the link, it is the light of my life. Also, this is unbeta’d, sorry babe. I hope you enjoy it <3

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S.T.A.B. Electronics - “Born For Righteous Abuse”

Those vocals <3