stab 3


The rain will let up
‘Cause our journey as a team has only just begun
There’s no quick and easy way
Our effort will grow into trust

disability au’s: ocd!

  • “everyday in class I see you contain your anger whenever this girl complains about how’s she’s so ‘ocd’ bc she keeps her bookbag organized and one day u finally blew up and shoved your bloody chewed off nails in her face saying “ARE U SURE YOU HAVE OCD SHARON? ARE YOU REALLY SURE?”
  • “I always catch you when you’re stuck flickering the lights on and off and just to lighten the mood I sneak up on you and mimic nightclub music just so you laugh really hard”
  • “I make all my soap by hand and it’s the only kind you allow to wash your hands with so ur kinda my best and most frequent customer and also I kinda like you so I give you bars for free sometimes”
  • “people always think I’m super mannerly when we’re together but really you just can’t stand to touch doorknobs so I always get it for you and fuckoff im not ‘mushy’ inside get away from us”
  • “you’re severe germaphobia has you very knowledgeable about the topic and even though I know I shouldn’t condone the fear, hearing you go off in a rant about how many germs certain items carry and get all happy about the ways to kill them is incredibly adorable to me, pls tell me more”
  • “I own a flower shop and you stop by every day to count the petals on the bouquets outside and you get all embarrassed about it and I can’t help but wait for you to show up through the window”
    • one day it was really pouring down and saw you still out there so I just brought the whole cart inside and joked about whether he “loves you” or “loves you not” 
  • “as you know sometimes when I say things they never sound right and I have to say them over and over again until they do, and just my luck I’ve been practicing saying “you’re cute” all day and it didn’t sound right when it finally came out so now I’m stuck repeating it over and over and pls just kill me now
    • *cue me walking away now muttering “you’re cute” all the way down the hall*
  • “there’s a legend about me where if I find you, I’ll kill you by 29 stab wounds and count each one down to the last. and most people just find this sadistic, which I understand, but really I’m just really stuck on that number—like if I could kill you in like 3 stabs I would but my mind just goes "ahhhH” and idk :/”
    • “sorry—being a spy is hard with ocd man, it’s really time consuming”
      • “but also i dont leave shitt behind so ;)”

anonymous asked:

Why do you ship asgoriel? Ive seen the tags and its only filled with toxic ship wars with soriel shippers. (I know your not toxic im just saying). How do you feel about soriel?

Hmmm heres the thing tho, Any where you look theres always gonna be a toxic side of something man :\ Like most of the time that i mention undertale to one of my friends that dont even play the game they just go like “Oh, idk, apperently i heard the game is good but the fandom is super toxic.” which is kinda sad tbh lmao.

But you know. theres always the good people around it. I feel like those toxic people is like a small percentage of any fandom. Most of the time people will see and remember the negatives rather than the positives of others. And it feels like thats a fact in life that i hold on to lmao (cheezy as fuck)

But enough ranting about toxic peeps and stuff lmao but uh. I ship asgoriel maybe its because of the pity i have on Asgore? (idk maybe) I feel like people are Giving asgore a harder time than he deserve lmao.  Sure he’s done bad things but Toriel isnt like innocent either in a way lol.

The idea of Toriel being mad at asgore for a long long time just doesnt sit with me well after the whole undertale thing and i think she’s mature enough to forgive him. or yet atleast be friends lmao. or tl:dr  = they pretty cute.

I dont mind Soriel at all :O I can see why people would ship it, also i think im the only torigorey shipper in my friend group =w=a Like honestly any ship is fine. its fictional and stuff so its up to anyones interpretation xD Who i am to tell you what to or not to ship lmao. But yeah i just see them as hella good friends and shit. Like best buds AF im totally down with that.

wow this turned to be a long rant, i should study for tomorrow lmao.

Two Liars in an Impala: Deconstructing The Brologue from 11x23

I know there must be meta about this particular exchange up the tumblr wazoo, but not on this particular wazoo blog and not written by me and - honestly - I need to get these impressions out of my head or my poor melon is set to explode. And soon. Thusly, I ask you, please, to bear with me and I thank you most sincerely. And here goes.

Let’s begin straight off with a transcript of the dialogue in question, taking place between Dean and Cas in the Impala as they go for a beer run after they’ve had their last confrontation with Amara in 11x22. That confrontation resulted in Amara exorcising Lucifer from Cas’ body before she, you know, mortally wounded God. Anyway, overarching plot aside, this is all about the Destiel subplot and how it’s been built into a crescendo with every single season. They came so close here and it’s pretty damn glorious to read how cleverly simplistic they are about it. It’s also painful and rather heartbreaking to read between the lines and see how fucking in love these two guys are with each other and neither believes the other feels the same. But more of that in a moment.

Here’s the exchange:

Dean: How you doin’? You good? I mean, you know, the whole Lucifer thing.
Cas: That was just so stupid.
Dean: No, no, no, it wasn’t stupid. You were right. You were right to let Lucifer ride shotgun. Me and Sam wouldn’t ‘ve done that.
Cas: Well, it didn’t work.
Dean: No, but it was our best shot. And you stepped up.
Cas: I was just trying to help.
Dean: Yeah, and you do help, Cas, you know, I… Sometimes, me and Sam, we’ve got so much going on that we forget about everyone else.
Cas: Well, you do live exciting lives.
Dean: Yeah, that’s one word for it. …But you’re always there, you know. You’re the best friend we’ve ever had. You’re our brother, Cas, and I want you to know that.
Cas: Thank you.

If you surface-read this quickly it’s very basic dialogue between two friends, one reassuring the other that his choice was a good choice, that he does help and that he’s appreciated for it. If this was the only scene you ever watched with these two characters, perhaps this is all you’d take from it. You wouldn’t notice that first glance of affection from Dean before he even starts speaking, and you wouldn’t notice the quiet devastation on Cas’ face at being called a “brother”. You wouldn’t feel the pauses Dean takes and you wouldn’t think there’s any more to Cas’ rather short, but at-first-glance earnest, statements. Truth is, I don’t think I could even blame you for not noticing, because you’re not aware of their backstory, you don’t know what those looks and pauses actually signal or where they have their root. So, let’s go root-digging, shall we?

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uahhgshg with gabriel i put a lot of survival point and low med points so him eating stuff healed him way faster and better then stimpacks but with this legion courier im doing the exact opposite. but im still used to using food for healing items, and also stimpacks are harder to come by… so basically my legion courier has become some sort of cryptid gremlin that goes around stealing and eating every food item he can get his grubby hands on