staal brother


I asked my friend who knows nothing about hockey what she thinks of these hockey players. (Part 2) Part 1: Part 3:

Imagine Staal family dinners
  • Jordan to Marc: YOU STOLE MY BROTHER!!
  • Marc: Calm down Jordy, I didn't steal him. He came for his own reasons. Plus he's also my brother and I have a right to have him in my team. It's my turn anyways
  • Eric: Yeah Jordan calm down. I came for my own reasons. Marc you don't have a right to "have" me. It's nobody's turn.
  • Jared: Ummmm, guys I'm still here. You know your youngest brother, the little one. *Sigh* never mind
Things that hockey tumblr needs to stop doing

-supporting p*****k k**e
-supporting other problematic people (Doughty, E. Kane, etc)
-shipping siblings (Jamie & Jordie Benn, Staal brothers, etc)
-accepting how racist the NHL is
-accepting how sexist the NHL is
-slutshaming player’s wives/girlfriends/friends/family