I love the fact that Sombra can’t hack Junkrat’s RIP-Tire, because I can just see a very blown up and smoking Reaper stalking about Sombra and yelling at her about not stopping it, isn’t that what they have her for? To keep the technology from literally blowing up in their faces??

And Sombra’s just as annoyed and she’s yelling back about how the thing is not “technology”, it’s basically made out of gunpowder, paperclips, and rubber bands.  “I can’t hack paperclips, Gabe!  I’m pretty sure it’s held together with dirt and snot!  You think that thing has a wifi connection???”  Honestly, I imagine that about 90% of Junkrat and his arsenal annoy Sombra because “this isn’t a weapon this is the physical manifestation of a mistake” but it’s so low-tech it’s not even a mistake she can exploit.

Like Junkrat finding out that Sombra got herself implanted “upgrades” and Rat’s just like “yeah, yeah, same”.  And Sombra staaares at Junkrat’s crude arm and peg-fucking-leg in comparison to her sleek cybernetics and is mortally offended.

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Since you headcanon Red 'accidentally' walking around shirtless when his crush is around, imagine this. His crush just staaares at him before grinning and snapping their fingers, saying "Wait right there, I'll be back!" before running off. Are they wanting to get into the bonezone? Nope! They come back with a sketch pad or blank canvas and say that he just gave them the perfect idea for their next art class project and could you please pose for an hour or so? Pretty please?

(*The HC referenced in the prompt comes from the Confession: Start! imagine.)

UF!Sans: Artistic Nudity

The way that his crush is staring at his ribs makes Red smirk, assuming that they’re at least intrigued by his skeletal body.  He saunters closer, stopping just out of their reach, and casually leans an arm against the doorframe.  "like what ya see, doll~?“ he queries, manifesting a bright red tongue to run across his fangs suggestively, his bony brows wagging.  When they grin and tell him to wait right there, Red’s smile stretches all the way across his features, and he stares after them wide-eyed.  Did he just hit the jackpot?  Were they going to run back, sans-clothes, and jump his bones?  The possibilities ran rampant through his mind vividly enough to incite the build-up of saliva between his fangs, and a little bit of drool dribbled down his chin.  

When his crush returns, he’s posing as seductively against the doorframe as he can, his basketball shorts sagged low on his hips to expose half of his pelvic wings.  Grinning, he hooks his thumb in the elastic waistband, tugging it away from his hip.  "ya rea…dy..?”  His voice trails as his eyelights settle upon the sketchpad, and he blinks.  "uh.. what'cha got there, sweetheart?“

Oh.  They just want him to pose while they sketch him.  Disappointment makes him stand up straight and sigh.  He should’ve known better than to think a human would be turned on by the sight of ribs, but hey.. at least they find his body artistic.  

"yeah, sure, whatever,” he mutters, moving into his room and waving them inside.  Then, he suddenly grins again and lies down on his bed perfectly straight, while folding his arms across his chest and closing his eyes.  "welp, go on,“ he urges, opening an eye to make sure they start sketching.  

"who says art is dead?”    

Lazy Morning

Guardians of the Galaxy (movie), Peter “Star Lord” Quill x Reader, Fluff oneshot

Rating: T, implied sexual situations

Word Count: 739

  im-an-octopus suggested some fluffy Peter Quill and this is what I came up with. Written in the last 3 hours with no beta, so pardon any errors.  Let me know what you think! Please!

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Starco for the ship thing? :D

{send me a ship & i’ll tell you—}

1. Who plans a romantic getaway? They both have very different definitions of ‘romantic getaway’, buuut don’t try to convince me Marco didn’t surprise Star with a week or two in Mexico.
2. Who asks the other’s father/father figure to marry their son/daughter? Star totally took the Diazes by surprise when she asked permission to marry Marco. (I HC that the women propose on Mewni, so yeah.)
3. Who buys a goat because the goat loves them? Marco: “Staaar, we already have the laser puppies, do we really need a goat too?!” Star just couldn’t help herself, IT WAS SO CUTE. She named it Marco Jr.
4. Who has a vast knowledge about random facts? Both of them. They’re dorks.
5. Who likes to clean? Lol, canon has proved many times it’s Marco.
6. Who sleeps on which side of the bed? Marco sleeps facing the window, Star to the wall. She’s not a morning person, so getting woken up by the sun would not be a good thing.
7. How do they celebrate Valentine’s Day? Star’s probably never understood the whole concept of Valentine’s Day so she’s content with just flowers and chocolate. Marco likes to spoil her, just a little.
8. Do they like to go on double dates? Once in a while, yeah, but only if it’s with people they know. (And @lawchan89​ gave me the hilarious idea of Star and Marco going on a double-date with Moon and River.)
9. Who likes to stay up really late? Eh, I don’t really see either of them as night owls.
10. Who would be lovely dovey drunk? Both of them. They probably have to drink at home because of how frisky they can get after a few drinks.
11. Who do they ask to be their bridesmaid(s)/best man/men? Star had a hoard of bridesmaids — with Pony Head as the maid of honor, of course — with Kelly, Janna and Starfan13 as the main bridesmaids. Tom was probably Marco’s best man, along with Ferguson and Alfonso.
12. What would their baby room look like? Marco was probably the one who went all out, pulling his hair out trying to build the IKEA crib and everything. Star tried to help him paint the nursery too (it was pink, yellow, blue and green, she couldn’t choose), but they got in a paint war.
13. Who can’t stop laughing at their own jokes? Star. The dork.
14. Who distracts the driver by being a bit too provocative in the car? …Star.
15. Who is the competitive one? Honestly? I’m pretty sure it’s been proven to be both of them.

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*Hugs you* There, there. It’s just an amazing song about the lost of a loved one *starts to choke back sobs of his own* There, there. *pats your back*

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“Oh geez-” He just staaares at the drawing Fennel did, he was in aWE. “I mmmmean, I can do better than this of course. I justtt didn't know we were taking it seriouslY.” Ara wasss kinda embarrassed noW. (-yura, yES SOMEONE OMg, hecK, i do nOt wanna see sweet lil fennie boi all hdosjdr sad and stuff like ozzy mAN)

“Oh nah it’s just how I draw stuff. Coloring is for fun!” Fennel sets his drawing down. “But I like your flower too. I believe you when you say you can do better, but it’s still cool.”

(( But alas no one has stepped up to show such a person to love Fennie exists. ))

Vandead Carnival Kou Chapter 1 Translation

Prologue   Chapter 1   Sub Scenario w/Ruki   Sub Scenario w/Reiji   Sub Scenario w/Yuma   Chapter 2   Sub Scenario w/Ayato   Sub Scenario w/Subaru   Sub Scenario w/Azusa   Chapter 3   Sub Scenario w/Kanato  

-Scene: Carnival Gates-

Yui: (So this is the demon world… …)

(I thought it was going to be a scary place, but… … it turns out that it’s pretty decent here… …)

Kou: M Neko-chan! You’re staaaring off again.

Yui: Ah, sorry Kou-kun. I didn’t mean to, it’s just that I’ve never been here before… …

Kou: I understand. But, if you lose me in the crowd, won’t you be all alone?

Are you oookay with that? Even if the scaaary demon world monsters eat ya up?

Yui: I-I’m not!

Kou: Heheh, really? Then don’t keep your eyes away from me. ‘Kay?

Yui: Yeah, okay. Sorry.

Kou: Well, I don’t think there’s any monsters here actually. But if there were, I’d crush ‘em ♪

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