staaaap it

D4Y5 being a sap.
  • Roxas: Eat your fucking veggies.
  • Axel: Never. -Tosses plate-
  • Roxas: You son of a bitch. There are people all over the world who'd chew off a hand for that asparagus.
  • Axel: And is me eating them going to help resolve that?
  • Roxas: It's a matter of being grateful.
  • Axel: ... I'm grateful for you.
  • Roxas: Don't even start that.
  • Axel: I love you, babes.
  • Roxas: No.
  • Axel: I'm gonna marry you one day.
  • Roxas: You can't just go and say that.
  • Axel: I already did.
  • Roxas: But you don't mean it.
  • Axel: I do mean it. You know deep down I do.

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