Got tagged to do one of these so why not pff here goes my dignity and any credibility my blog may have held

Tagged by: giant-space-nerd
Name: Fraser
Average amount of sleep: spongebob
Last thing I googled: Taylor expansion 
Nickname: stupid tit
Birthday: November 26th 1714
Gender: E-Mail
Sexual Orientation: confusion 
Height: 5”x’, 5<x<10
Favorite Color: it changes weekly, right now it’s dark red
One place that makes me happy: Fortree City in the Hoenn region
How many blankets do I sleep under: one billion nanoblankets
Favorite movie: probably Shawshank but maybe Pokémon 2000 (emotional attachment and nostalgia ok leave me alone)
What am I wearing right now: bees
Last Book I read: Le the petit prince little prince
Most used phrase: staaaaaaaaaars
First word that comes to mind: ducks 
What I last said to a family member: ‘because they are bum trolls’
Favorite beverage: that changes daily, right now it’s the hot chocolate I just made
Favorite Food: that changes hourly, right now it’s the sushi I just made 
Last movie I watched: Babadook
Dream Vacation: Perth, Scotland. Here’s a photo
Dream wedding: I can’t marry cats or space
Dream pet: catscatscatscatscatscats and dogs and parrots and ants
Dream Job: stellar physicist or something I dunno I will be an apple instead that takes less effort
People I tag: please feel free to not do this astrowhat immortalpict I just need to tag people I know