A bittersweet news

SKA is heading to the Gagarin Cup Final! They are tearing up the league (in the playoffs they’re 4-0, 4-1 and 4-0). Unfortunately Pasha’s been missing some games (according to google translate it’s  because he needs surgery, I’m not sure what happened), but the news also said he could be back for the final push for the Cup, not sure at this point. So I’m asking all of you to send some good vibes to our beloved Magic Man! I really hope he can win the Cup in his motherland!


This is one of my favorite Bob Marley interviews. Many people acknowledge Bob Marley only because he smoked weed and was an advocate for it, but not for his passionate music and his passion for life and freedom for all people. He was humble. He didn’t care about riches or fame; he cared about his soul and living life to bring light. I can’t say I’m a huge reggae fan, but Bob Marley is in my top 3 favorite artists of all time. Today is his birthday and I am so thankful that he was sent to this world to make it a brighter place for the 36 years that he was here. Happy birthday to the icon, the legend, the humanitarian, the “Father of Reggae” and the Rasta, Bob Marley ❤️

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