More baby birds!
This nest of dunnock chicks was brought into the centre recently after being found abandoned on the ground. Other than being cold and hungry, all three were completely uninjured.
After being given the all clear by our vets, they were moved into our intensive care unit for round the clock care. They will be fed every thirty minutes by our volunteer teams until they are old enough for release!

intro post

this is waay overdue. (guess I’m preparing for school)

about me

- my name is Zoe.


- genderfluid (they/them) and pansexual

- class of 2021

- basically just started tumblr (would love any tips)

languages learning: 

Ukrainian, Spanish, ASL, Russian, Mandarin Chinese, French, Swahili, Danish, Tagalog, Finnish, etc.


- quilling

- youtube

- good books

- artsy stuff

studyblrs/langblrs I like: @rivkahstudies @myworldoflanguages @lovelybluepanda @languageoclock @emmastudies @studyblr @languuuuee @language-amante @blackgirlmagicstudyblr @studypool @russiangrammar @assiqns @kindofapolyglot @languagesandme @languagesenrose @iuliaolmeda @hystorically @historyandlanguages


Action Bronson - The Chairman’s Intent (Official Video) (New)

Hello! I’m Alice and I’m 19 and going into my third year at University in September. This is my studyblr and here’s a little about me. 

- I’m currently studying Biomedical Science at University 

- I hope to research new antibiotics one day

- I’m a Ravenclaw but have a lot of Hufflepuff traits too! 

- My favourite colours are yellow and blue

- I really like musical theatre and singing as a hobby

- I wish i had pretty and aesthetic notes but i don’t and that’s ok. 

Blogs that inspire me: 

@chrissiestudies @strawberriesstudies @studywithamelia @sprouht-studies @studyign @serenitystudies love u guys 


The Roots FT Bilal - It Ain’t Fair (New)


Your brown eyes like the universe a door into your soul

Hair like the dark of a black hole

Personality like a supernova

Exploding in every direction

Feelings of orange and yellow

Immersive and free

You are the sun to my solar system

When you speak life is given as your words dance in my eardrums


Hi! I’m Angel :) I’m a college student. And I’m really new to this community and of course to bullet journaling (just look at these super blank pages…!!)  I was really fascinated with bullet journals, and the creativity, and the neat, organized study desks.. So I deleted the contents of my tumblr account and turned it to a studyblr! I hope that studyblr and bullet journaling will help me with my studying (a.k.a. being productive and fighting procrastination).

To all veteran studyblrs, I am just hoping to learn tips and techniques for my studyblr and bullet journal from you. Can you give me some advice? :) And also a list of other good studyblrs to follow :))

Thank you very much!!! :D

@academiix @sensiblestudy @studywithamelia @pampamstudies @acadehmic@obsidianstudy @educatier @sprouht-studies @studyingmood @athenastudying @studyidiom @smoketexture @emmastudies @pianoandstudy @revisoin @studyblr @strive-for-da-best @studydiaryofamedstudent @bluelahe @warmhealer @my-little-studyblr @jennyandcuterooms @coffeeforcollege @cuppa-studies @allcutified @studyquill @studyplants @studyign @tbhstudying @apricot-studies @maddistudies @gudestudying @infectionofperfection


New Star Trek Discovery Trailer!!


The Cathedral… by Craig Drezek Photography
Via Flickr:
St. Patricks Cathedral, New York City.