You know what I really like at the 2x18 sneak peek? (apart form the suit+glasses+scruff combo) 

The way Fitz points at his head when he can’t say the word “brain damage/hypoxia/aphasia” and smoothly goes with the conversation like it’s not a big deal. Like it’s just a statement and nothing important. 

Because finally, finally it’s not a big deal for him. Finally he’s not letting it bring him down, he’s not feeling like it’s making him less worthy.
Finally it’s just a part of him that he accepted and it’s not stopping him from being awesome. 

When people defend HYDRA/HYDRA characters by saying they’re not Nazis

I mean you know they’re still wannabee fascistic dictators though right? Maybe the Red Skull didn’t like Hitler but that wasn’t because of his policies, his racism or any of the terrible, awful things he did. The Red Skull wanted to be the one in charge. That was literally it.  Pierce and Garrett want to control the world and don’t care about hurting people to do it. Anyone who stepped outside their narrow, controllable perimeters was unacceptable. That is fascism.  That is what the Nazis were. 

During their time together on the team, Hellfire and Daisy start a relationship with each other and eventually fall in love. However, after a mission in destroying Hydra, Fury learns Hellfire is the team member that betrayed the team to Hydra and reveals that he knew that he was meeting with Hydra agents. Hellfire explained that HYDRA … had backed him into a corner, and he was doing all he could to make sure that at least Quake survived.

This all sounds very familiar. Could Ward be Hellfire? Has this already been discussed? Am I late to the party? Is there a party? Ok. Stopping now. 

Dear anti-skyeward shippers and anti-Ward people whose posts I see in the skyeward tag bec tumblr mobile still hasn’t learnt the ability to properly distinguish between tags;


You spent 95% of your blog answering msgs and writing posts on anti-skyeward and anti-Ward and writing literally essays with the same thing over and over again; don’t you have anything better to do?

You claim to hate skyeward and ward but all you do is TALK ABOUT THEM CONSTANTLY, just a suggestion why don’t you actually talk about things you like and not fill your life and blog with so much hatred over a fictional character and a fictional ship.

basically we’re emotional about these precious lil cinnamon rolls and people should come and cry with us

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You know what makes me think that the ‘real’ shield is bad news?

The fact that jemma simmons doesnt even side with them.

The real shield is terrified of powered people, and so is jemma. That has been clearly shown throughout the last few episodes.

But even then jemma still hasnt sided with them, if someone as scared of powered people as jemma cant even agree with them, there has to be something wrong