Elizabeth Henstridge, Chloe Bennet & Ming-Na Wen talking about Elizabeth falling into the pool at the EW Party.

so i actually really liked krall’s storyline, not because it was it was particularly revolutionary or had great depth (in fact, i kind of agree with a lot of reviews that are saying that he’s the weakest of the reboot villains so far), but because it feels like a direct response to the previous two movies. for years fans have talked about how the reboot universe starfleet is a lot more militarized than that of the prime universe, and krall is a direct result of a militarized starfleet. making a soldier who became a starfleet captain the villain, and showing how his original status as a soldier is his downfall because he feels revenge is the proper response to what happened to him, shows the negative effects the starfleet of the previous movies could have, despite being shown in a relatively positive light in said movies. and having kirk tell him ‘i want to save people rather than fight them’ before rejecting a promotion in order to continue exploring the stars feels like a rejection of the militarized starfleet of into darkness and, to an extent, the ‘09 movie. it’s another way in which i feel the writers are saying ‘no, this isn’t what we want our star trek to be. we want to go back to the original messages that made star trek great in the first place’

jeangreiy  asked:

if you have fitzdaisy headcanons you should share them with the rest of the class

fitzdaisy is my fave thing 

  • they love to watch netflix together
  • fitz hangs around in her room while she’s doing her makeup and stuff
  • makes fun of each others accents 24/7
  • they always play UNO in the living room area and different members of the team join in every night
  • every time they meet another british person daisy leans in and whispers “is that your brother”
  • ok so imagine the team doing laser tag, fitz and daisy are convinced their team is gonna win cause they are the most into it, but somehow misinterpret every single direction they give each other and end up last after jemma & coulson and may & mack.