st: spock

Bonded - Spock Imagine

Words: 2137 (I broke my own rules for the sake of this. Now be quiet Spock and let me write other people)

Prompts: none! 

Inspiration: T’Pol and Trips Bond 

The day you step onto the Enterprise is the day you begin a new life, you tell yourself. A life where you make friends and keep them, where you work hard to not lose yourself in work anymore. You strive to be a better person.

But then the Lieutenant in front of you steps aside to shake the Captain’s hand and you come eye to eye with the first officer, a vulcan, male, about your age.

You’ve seen more than one vulcan in your lifetime, even though you had hardly time to get to know any of them, but never has the sight of one of them made your brain and heart and body react in the way it does now.

Your heart jumps in your chest, your hands curl into fists and your brain manages barely more than one coherent thought. He’s gorgeous.

You do, what you’d always do when you find someone attractive.

You step away.

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