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Reboot: Raccoon Hat SongGod, I loved this show. XD


If you think about it, the new Star Trek movies are actually a pretty good representation of The Original Series. Hear me out;

First, you have Star Trek (2009) which represents your average TOS episode. They are loved by many, but very rarely chosen as the favorite. (TOS “The Omega Glory”, “I, Mudd”)

Then, you have Into Darkness which is the downright confusing episodes that left you wondering what the writers are on to come up with this shit. (TOS “Spock’s Brain”, “The Savage Curtain”)

Finally, you have Beyond which is the ‘golden episodes’. The ones that are treasured and beloved by everyone, and received acclaims and recognition worldwide. The episodes that define the essence of Star Trek, and the message it sends. (TOS “City On the Edge of Forever”, “Journey to Babel”, “Mirror, Mirror”)

Kirk: You’re a dad, right? I could seriously use some advice!

Sulu: Well, my daughter is about 30% less lethal so I’m not sure my advice would be useful to you.

Kirk: Yeah, I guess that’s– Wait. How is she only 30% less lethal??

Sulu: I’ve been teaching her fencing. And her Baachan is a judo instructor, so… *shrugs*

Which eventually leads to the daughters’ tea time: