st: 2009

sleepy 2009 rant

 think of how phil, this man who seems to be the silliest, happiest, cutest man ever, lost his best friend in 2009. just think. and he was hurting, as you would. people say phil saved dan, dan wouldn’t be here if not for phil. that’s pretty much true, i guess. then people say phil wouldn’t be here without dan. u might get pissed, but think about it. now before you start shitting on me, hear me out. phil met dan in 2009, and he needed someone to talk to, i guess. dan needed someone to talk to, too. and they became best friends. they made each other happy. they both brought sunshine into each others lives. they both were a bit down in some way or another, but they brought each other up without even knowing it. ship phan or not, but they were meant to be. Meant to be besties, BFFLs, husbands, whatever. but in one way or another, the universe knew someone needed help. and so it did something about it. Just like you. If you’re hurt, you’re not the only one. you will be found, you will be loved, you will get your sunshine it doesn’t matter who or what you may be don’t give up. they didn’t. neither should you.