holyhandjob  asked:

Why has Stanley used bodyparts from everyone but Ethel?

Ethel’s “freak” attribute was her beard, and she couldn’t be displayed because of the giant gash in her eye. It would be obvious to the American Morbidity Museum that she was murdered and they wouldn’t accept her. Ma Petite and Salty died of “natural causes”, there was no visible sign of how they died, so their bodies remained pristine for display.

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what if each freakshow episode is like a murderhouse episode that shows the past of each freak? that would work out nicely

It would be nice if before the episodes we get a flashback that tells us something more about the characters. For instance in an episode we will see a bit of  Elsa Mars’s past.

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ahs isnt ahs withought a big reveal at SOME point in the season. i wont be happy if we dont get one in season 4.

I’m sure we’ll get one. It doesn’t necessarily have to be the villain, as Coven has shown… the Minotaur and the Axeman were the two main villains but the mystery of that season was the Supreme. I’m sure there will be some other mystery that needs to be solved.

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if peper is in freakshow it will really ruin the whole show thing for me tbh . i hope naomi grossman has a new character bc they cant just destroy the anthology thing man

I personally wouldn’t mind, so long as it doesn’t change anything. They could totally get away with having Pepper as a member of the freak show and then later she gets blamed for slicing her sister’s baby’s ears off and gets shipped off to Briarcliff before 1964. Normally I would be against having a character appear in more than one season, but Pepper would be such a perfect opportunity. She’s not a major character, and it wouldn’t alter anything previously established in Asylum. If they were going to do it, this would probably be one of the few times it could work, so I wouldn’t blame them for trying.

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handsome, blisteringly intelligent, and unexpectedly kind. you like to think you're so much worse than you are, but your tough outer shell is only an inch deep.

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