What we gonna know about MAMA stage from BTS based on the set list

- BTS will be around 11th performer. At 21:27 HST (22:27 KST)

- The length of performance expected to last about 8 minutes (from  21:27 to 21:35), the maximum length is about 12 minutes.

- The order of perform:

Boy Meets Evil pt. 1 - Jungkook, ST2 (Extended Stage) Hologram / Giant lift / Wire up and wire down (?)
Boy Meets Evil pt. 2 - J-Hope, Jimin (Jimin will be on the right of the stage & Hobi on the left then they’ll follow the rest of the members, who will be on the lift up on stage 1)
Blood, Sweat & Tears - ST1 
Boy Meets Evil BRIDGE - Jin & V stage!
Fire - ST2 (Extended Stage) There will be 100 backup dancers (in other stages at the same time)!

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hello friends!! i’m a distance learning student, meaning i take classes strictly online. online classes are super different from regular classes so i wanted to share some tips that really help me excel in them

1. have a dedicated space for doing school work – ok this one is #1 because it’s the most important. unless you decide to drive somewhere every single day to do school work (which you do have to do every single day), it’s likely you’ll be studying at home, a place where you’re comfy & used to relaxing. if you set a space aside for studying only, your brain recognizes it’s time to get down to business whenever you sit down there & you’re likely to be more productive than if you study in your bed or whatever. 

2. have a reliable planning system – let me tell you right now, if you are not careful you will forget when you have a quiz or discussion questions or a lecture. that’s the down side of online classes – the convenience of doing everything at your own pace has a downside if you don’t plan your pace. you should have a planner anyway but it’s essential for online classes. as soon as the semester starts, write down all the dates your professors provide in your syllabi & check!! your!! planner!! daily!! please, take it from me – things will creep up on you if you’re not careful.  if anyone is interested i can make a post on how i schedule my study time.

3. treat studying like a full time job – here’s an easy way to calculate your course load: for every credit you have, plan on spending three hours/week studying. so if you have 12 credits, that’s 48 hours/week. when you put it like that, it seems like a lot of time but it’s roughly 6 hours/day (give or take). now here’s a caveat: that’s a general guide. i study about 4 hours/day (with a full time job that requires i work all seven days a week) and i’m making a’s in all of my classes. still, 4 hours/day is still 28 hours/week and i may study more, never less. the point is, taking classes online requires the same amount of time & dedication as on-campus classes, the only thing that changes is the location. if you want to excel, you have to take it just as seriously & dedicate the same amount of time. 

4. communicate with your profs – without face-to-face time several days a week, it’s possible to go through a whole semester & only speak to your professors like twice. however if you’re aiming for anything that would require lor’s or your professor knowing who you are, i advise you to email your professors at the least once every two weeks. ask a question, tell them you really liked their lecture, expound on a point they made in a recent discussion board, reach out for guidance for a term paper. just make sure they know who you are.

5. find a study buddy/accountability partner – you can do this one of two ways: you can either reach out to a student you notice in your class that’s really engaged or you can find someone on reddit/tumblr/wherever. (or, i mean, you could find someone in real life too). i personally found my accountability partner on reddit & having someone there to kick my butt & make sure i’m studying is really helpful. it’s especially nice in distance learning where you don’t get that motivation by competing in a traditional classroom setting.

6. identify & utilize your school’s distance learning resources – this is easiest for people who are distant learners with a school that has a physical campus. before the semester starts i like to go on my school’s website & see where i can get tutoring services, what the contact info for the help desk is, etc. any decent college or university that provides distance learning opportunities will provide resources to help those students. reach out to your academic adviser if you need help locating them, that’s what they’re there for.

i hope these tips were helpful!! you can find more tips here & ask me anything you want here. good luck studying!

“Adore should have stayed, she quitted to get attention, she is wasting a golden opportunity and she’s gonna regret it”
  • who gives a shit if she’s wasting an opportunity 
  • fuck you
  • if she doesn’t feel comfortable being there then she made the right choice
  • period
  • literally, Danny’s mental health > This fucking show 
  • i st2 you people