st.trinian's 2

See them rolling

Part of the Snow Swift series (apologies, I was watching a particular movie while writing this…so yeah…you’ll see)

Idea thanks to srosestyle on Wattpad


“Helllo? Is anyone home?” I called out as I opened Adam’s front door. It was unlocked, which only happens if he’d home, but there weren’t any lights on or any sounds so I thought he might be sleeping. But he would’ve locked the front door if he had gone to bed… and it was only 7pm.

I lowered the two cat carriers to the ground, having brought Olivia and Meredith over from my house where they had been with me over the weekend while Adam was out of town. They both scampered off towards the den at the back of the house and I followed them through, checking the other rooms as I passed by.

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