Des Trappistes monastery, St.Norbert. Side note: for any who have read my tale ‘The Soldier and the Songstress’ this is the site where they marry at the end…


westeroswolf said: Is that Stranger?! Your weather is much nicer than here : (

*GGG* Yes that’s Stranger! Sadly he’s not been painted black yet but stupid house renos got in the way…This was taken a few weeks back for while there it was raining non-stop I wonder if we passed that your way =/

weshallflyaway said: This is so cool!bgona said: Beautiful!

Thank you!! I thought it was about time to post some of these up. It used to be haunts of my younger days.

The outhouse you see above has a story to it…Back when I was 15 a friend and I used to faithfully watch X-Files and then hang out here to scare ourselves. So after watching the ep with the sewer monster we went out here and dared each other to use the lou in the dark…Neither of us could do it, so we wound up riding back to Winnipeg on our bicycles to the nearest gas station hahah