2016-17 NHL Point Leaders per Team

Erik Karlsson, Jakub Voracek, Sidney Crosby, Brent Burns, Vladimir Tarasenko, Nikita Kucherov, Auston Matthews, Bo Horvat, Nicklas Backstrom, & Mark Scheifele


Youngjae and Jaebum turned into bunnies 👀🐰


“Hello, Jane,” he said, and his voice was as bright and intense as his eyes. It was hard not to be captured by this Gansey; he was both powerful and worrisome in his tension.

Don’t stare – too late.

After everything, Blue’s St. Mark’s Eve tradition changes.

She does not go out to any churches. She stays away from the ley line.

She insists on a night in, and they end up having a picnic on the floor of Monmouth, amidst the cardboard miniature of the town that brought them together.

Ronan grumbles but shows up with a bunch of vegetables and fruit from the Barns (out of season and sometimes strange colours, but delicious) and Adam actually books it off work. Opal goes to spend the night at 300 Fox Way (and maybe dances with Gwenllian on the corpse road). Henry presents her with a book of maps, a subtle nod to the future, to making plans.

Gansey is unusually quiet, and so is Blue, and they hold hands most of the night. No one makes fun of them for it.

In their heads they’re both replaying prices of the same conversation, but that’s something they’ll discuss later, when the sun is out, when there’s no soaked shoulders in sight.

They spend the night with the people they love and they finally, finally start letting themselves believe that they get to continue to live. Blue starts to let go of the little nagging belief that it was her fault. Gansey traces Blue’s palm and wonders at what they’re all going to discover together.

As a group, they really start to understand that they’ve won themselves a lifetime of this, of these people and these feelings.

And without really talking about it, they set an extra plate for the friend they lost along the way.


Gotham Mysteries: Harley Quinn is supposed to show up at the end of the season, and she’s supposed to be someone we already know. But who? Here are a few possibilities:

1. Dr. Leslie Thompkins -Pro: She’s interacted with Jerome, and they have chemistry. She’s a practicing therapist, who’s worked at Arkham, and has a history of being a risk taker who gets involved with violent men. Con: She’s quite a bit older than Jerome.
2. Barbara Kean- Pro: She’s worked with Jerome, she’s a criminal, and she’s unstable. Con: She’s also older than Jerome.
3.Silver St. Cloud- She comes from a family of criminals, she’s tough as nails, and Jerome worked for her Uncle. She’s the right age. Con: None as yet, but would she strike sparks with Jerome?
4. Jeri-Pro: An important figure in the Jerome Cult. Con: Again, a major age difference.
5. The Bank Teller-Pro: Admires criminals. Appeared in “Red Hood” episode. She’s the right age. Con: A peripheral character with one brief appearance.
6. Back from the dead- Pro: Anyone who’s dead is fair game; Kristen/Isabella is one example. Since Jerome is reanimated, why shouldn’t Harley be? Con: Depends on who they reanimate.
7. Dr. Marks- Pro: A psychiatrist who hates the wealthy elite, she sent her patients out to kill the rich and create chaos. Con: Another peripheral character, and another age difference.
8. Random Cheerleader- Pro: She would be the right age. Con: She, or any other random “background” character, doesn’t qualify as someone we already know-unless they stretch that definition.

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