Already going to see two games this season!!!

First will be the preseason Opener against the Lightning(BREWWW!!!) with Shannon. I have a voucher for preseason tickets from the Joplin Drive.

Then I will be going to see the Blues v Blackhawks game on Nov. 8th =]=] I won those tickets in a bet against my mom’s work spouse on the Detroit V Blues game where we won 10-3 =D. 

I’ll prolly go to like a million more, but those two are forsure.


So went to watch the boys practice this morning. No big deal. They all come out and warm up, then this kid in a red jersey comes out and im like red???? what the fuck who wears red, and then he turned around and i saw that goofy ass tinted visor and i knew. I fucking KNEW!!! 

David Perron was skating with the boys. 


Amazing Video.


NHL - Together We Can - Janne Makkonen 
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