Already going to see two games this season!!!

First will be the preseason Opener against the Lightning(BREWWW!!!) with Shannon. I have a voucher for preseason tickets from the Joplin Drive.

Then I will be going to see the Blues v Blackhawks game on Nov. 8th =]=] I won those tickets in a bet against my mom’s work spouse on the Detroit V Blues game where we won 10-3 =D. 

I’ll prolly go to like a million more, but those two are forsure.

My best friend

Is taking me to a preseason game and the week before so is my bf OMFG I miss hockey so much and I’m totally fangirling I’ve loved hockey for awhile but never have been to a Blues game…mostly high school games so I’m super excited

Got to see Sobe at practice today =]=] He signed my Sobe Jersey too.

Me: Will you sign my jersey?

Sobe: Sure. 

I turn around

Sobe: Oh I like this Jersey. =]=]

He signs.

Me: Can i get a picture with you too?

Sobe: Well since your wearing my jersey i guess thats okay.

AHhhh!! He makes me smile.


So went to watch the boys practice this morning. No big deal. They all come out and warm up, then this kid in a red jersey comes out and im like red???? what the fuck who wears red, and then he turned around and i saw that goofy ass tinted visor and i knew. I fucking KNEW!!! 

David Perron was skating with the boys. 


Amazing Video.


NHL - Together We Can - Janne Makkonen 
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