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You know he SHOT THE COP right? He used a firearm FIRST. The media coverage of this is so 1/2assed. They recovered the 3 bullets he shot at the cop w and the gun. Do u want law enforcement to give up? Stl is not a safe place already and now people like u are crippling cops making it even worse. Get the facts before "reporting" on emotion

Right now, the cops are the only ones saying this. It is in their interest to lie. I prefer to take the word of the witnesses, who say that VonDerrit did not have a gun and did not shoot at the officer. 

And if there’s one thing that we’ve learned from Ferguson and St. Louis these past two months, it’s that the police are the ones who are making these neighborhoods violent and unsafe. 


i premiered this song at Popfest Vienna back in july but did not have time to record it. so here it is in a minimalistic premiere, straight from the backyard of Paul Artspace in St.Louis, Missouri. An acoustic session for an abandoned car. Being a Person.

being a person

i’m sweaty and i’m hopeful on a summer night
i read the news and shouldn’t think things will be alright
the chequers on your shirt remind me of something long ago
maybe the pattern of the carpet of an airport floor
or…i don’t know.

in the future our shoes will no longer give us blisters
and everyone will know the correct anatomy of the clitoris
and whether or not we should get a new phony gadget
and whether or not we will be forgiven for our sins

and you know, being a person,
it really fucks you up.
but something here feels right
i think we might both be alive.

i refuse to believe that big plans will work out
so i knock on every single wooden surface in town
it’s the anxiety percussion symphony
it’s a highly abstract piece of music.
I gotta gotta get to the bottom of this
find the prize in the cereal box, it’s hit or bliss
i’ll fix this world and make it right for us
make nice people out of all those assholes

you get a special kind of scar when you grow up in a zoo
where there’s a different kind of elephant in every single room
we fed the holy spirit with bread crumbs
and watched it shit on all our things
sometimes i imagine the westboro baptist church picketing our funeral
and i hope no one else will

i am sitting on the corner of church and state avenue
balancing five cents on the tip of my shoe
there’s a sign out in the yard with a clumsily painted dove
saying something heartfelt and generic about love.
you know, being a person,
it really fucks you up.
but something here feels right
i think we might both be alive.

I entered a local contest to create a billboard for the radio station. The prize is $5,000 AND the design all around St. Louis. Both of which would be AMAZING to win! If you have a moment, please check out the entry and if you are feeling generous maybe leave a kind word in the comment section below it? <3