Okay my dudes if you’ve been wondering why I haven’t filled out many requests yet it’s because

A)I have a dorky puppy who EATS MY ART SUPPLIES AND SKETCHBOOKS- so I’ve had to keep all my stuff out away

B) I got a real life commission from a real life lady who’s gonna pay me real life money for a painting of St. Elizabeth of Hungary (she liked my Clapton Jesus candle)

C) all my friends are back home from college so we will be getting up to shenanigans and that will take up some free ArtiNg time

Now that B is done I’ll be able to focus my ArtiNg efforts on requests. But A and C are still problems- so bear with me 💛
Thanks guys
They WILL get done
It gust will take me a while 😅


80s movie kisses (part 3)

The Moment They Waited For

klaineallons-y prompted: Could you write about Kurt and Blaine holding their child for the first time? By the way I love your writing so much!!

From the first moment that they had even discussed having children, Kurt and Blaine had been waiting for the moment that their child was placed into their arms.  And that moment had finally arrived.

1010 words. Rated: G

A/N: It’s great to be back writing, especially with such a sweet prompt.  :)

Kurt and Blaine had been waiting for this moment for months, if not years.  Since the day Rachel had marched into their apartment and announced that she would proudly be their surrogate, they had longed for the moment that the nurse or doctor laid their sweet little baby in their arms.

They had been awakened in the middle of the night by a phone call from Jesse saying that Rachel had gone into labor and to meet them at the hospital.  They panicked, got dressed, and panicked some more before they finally made their way to the street and into a cab.  They car ride seemed as though it would never end and the infamous New York traffic seemed to always get in their way between them and their soon-to-be-born child.

Once they had arrived at the hospital, it was an agonizing wait that lasted for hours.  The nervous excitement had Kurt and Blaine bouncing with anticipation of their huge life change that would occur at any moment.  

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The Duke & Duchess of Cambridge and Prince George & Princess Charlotte | Christmas Day 2016

Dana, Labrador Retriever (10 y/o), Kenmare & Elizabeth St., New York, NY • “She loves mangos. She’s from Colombia and grew up around them.”