Sometimes it's when we are tested in conversations about faith we realise just how much of it we have.


As a young Catholic there will be many times you faith will be tested. And sometimes a hurtful thing is when it is tested by those that you love.

Friends or family whom you care about a lot but who don’t always understand or relate to the choices that you make.

The words of St.Bernadette (my confirmation Saint btw <3 ) are truly inspirational in cases such as these, and I have learnt from experience that the best way to show people what we believe if we cannot convince is to show them the true happiness that it gives to you. Inform them on your personal relationship with God and explain that not everyone’s relationship will be the same but at least one thing is garunteed with having faith in him-happiness

…and happiness is only part of the whole story, there is so much more God provides and teaches us which is why we search him to the best of out abilities despite the temptations of the world that might try to sway us.

We can’t always convince people about the promises of the Bible. God gave humans free-will to decide whether we should follow him or not, but another trait God added unto humans was emotional intelligence, so think about it-

If you saw someone who was truly happy all the time and felt an abundance of love constantly from this ‘so-called God’, wouldn’t you be curious as to what the source of that was? Wouldn’t you try and seek a way to have some of that happiness?

love, peace and blessings